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Friend Safari Thread V2 ~*READ THE RULES OR DIE!*~


Loose Cannon Cop
Friend Code: 1950-8136-0088
Pokemon in My Safari: [Water] Octillery, Wartortle, Frogadier
Pokemon I am Looking For:

Normal: Smeargle,
Water: Krabby, Wartortle, Poliwhirl
Ice: Delibird, Snorunt, Lapras
Grass: Oddish
Psychic: Wobbuffet
Rock: Corsola
Ghost: Spiritomb
Dark: Crawdaunt, Inkay, Sandile
Steel: Magneton, Bronzong
Fairy: Togepi, Mawile, Clefairy

PM me to let me know if you have added me.
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Well-Known Member
Friend code: 0877-1963-5568
Pokémon in my Safari: Machoke, Pancham, Riolu
Looking for: The pokémon in the list below:

Normal: Anything without Ditto
Fire: Anything
Fighting: Anything
Water: Anything without Octillery, Gyarados and Poliwhirl
Flying: Anything without Doduo
Grass: Anything without Pansage
Poison: Anything
Electric: Anything without Manectric
Ground: Anything without Gastrodon and Marowak
Psychic: Anything
Rock: Anything without Corsola
Ice: Anything without Cloyster and Lapras
Bug: Anything
Dragon: Anything
Ghost: Anything without Pumpkaboo
Dark: Anything without Liepard and Crawdaunt
Steel: Anything
Fairy: Anything


New Member

Friend code is 4468-1243-5717
Friend Safari Pinsir butter free and beautifly
Looking for ponyta ninetales pyroar braixen charmeleon


New Member
Friend Code: 1263-6956-6600

Pokemon in My Safari: Krabby, Poliwhirl, Floatzle

Pokemon I am Looking For: Klefki, flechinder, mienfoo, eevee, hawlucha, honedge/doublade (is there such thing?) or any FS honestly.


I am looking for a Ditto friend safari please!
My safari is Ground: Sandshrew, Nincada and Diggersby

My FC and IGN is below in my sig Add me and message me your FC please

Thank you!


Im a Tamer

My friend Code: 4914-4541-0544

Pyschic Safari:Sigilyph ,Duosion , Munna ,

PM with your Friends Code

looking for any


New Member
Friend Code: 4570-6896-4003
Safari: Wooper, Marowak, and Gastrodon.
Pokemon I'm looking for: Pikachu.


New Member
Friend Code: 0877-1552-9114
Pokemon in My Safari: Ground Type, Wooper , Camerupt, Diggersby
Pokemon I am Looking For: Dragon Type mainly, but will add any


<----Newest Shiny
Friend Code: 2406-5350-1882
Pokemon in my safari: Munna, Wobbuffet, and I think Gothorita.
Safaris I am searching for (I would like the safari to have at least two of the listed pokemon):

Ice: Snorunt, Beartic/Bergmite, Lapras/Piloswine.

Grass: Oddish/Sunkern, Petilil, Maractus


New Member
FC: 500-3836-0209

My Safari: Aipom, Minccino, Smeargle

Normal: Ditto, Loudred, Eevee
Bug: Heracross, Pinsir
Dragon: Gabite, Dragonair, Noibat, Sliggo
Electric: Helioptile, Luxray
Fairy: Mawhile, Klefki
Fighting: Breloom
Fire: Pyroar, Ninetails, Braxien, Flechinder
Ghost: Spiritomb
Grass: Quilladin, Ivysaur
Ground: Diggersby
Poison: Whirlipede, Seviper
Psychic: Xatu
Rock: Pupitar, Shuckle
Steel: Metang, Skarmory
Water: Octillery, Wartortle, Gyarados

I realize this is a lot, I really just want the fire ones.


Friend code: 0189-9578-3514
Pokemon in my safari: ponyta, charmeleon, ninetails

Normal: evee,audino


Shiny Hunter
Friend Code: 4227-2881-7628
Pokemon in My Safari: Oddish, Sawsbuck (Spring form), and Quilladin
Pokemon I am Looking For: Any but FSs with Ninetails, Lapras, Ditto and charmeleon would be awesome. ^^


New Member
Friend code: 1263-6750-8299
Pokemon in my safari: not sure I think rock type though
Looking for: clefairy lunatone or viviliion


Cool Boy

Be fearless
Completed, thanks for the help.
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New Member
FC: 0662 3091 0410
Pokémon in Safari: Druddigon, Noibat, Fraxure

Looking for:
Flying: Doduo, Farfetch'd, Tranquill, Hoothoot, Swanna, Tropius, Rufflet (3 of these in one Safari!!)
Water: Bibarel, Panpour, Gyarados, Quagsire, Poliwhirl, Lapras (2 or more in one Safari!!)
Poison: Cascoon, Seviper, Garbodor, (Venomoth), Muk, Drapion (2 or more in one Safari!!)
Dark: Vullaby, Pawniard, Sneasel, Sandile, Absol, Liepard (3 of these in one Safari!!)
Psychic: Drowzee, Munna, Wobbuffet, Sigiliph, Duosion, Gothorita (2 or more in one Safari!!)
Ground: Trapinch, Wooper, Marowak, Dugtrio, Diggersby (2 or more in one Safari!!)

Ice: Delibird, Sneasel, Dewgong, (all 3 in one Safari!!)
Grass: Sunkern, Sawsbuck, Gogoat (all 3 in one Safari!!)
Normal: Dunsparce, Minccino, Smeargle (all 3 in one Safari!!)
Fire: Magmar, Larvesta, Fletchinder (all 3 in one Safari!!)
Steel: Magneton, Bronzong, Klang (all 3 in one Safari!!)
Fairy: Spritzee, Kirlia, Floette red (all 3 in one Safari!!)
Electric: Emolga, Helioptile, Galvantula (all 3 in one Safari)
Bug: Paras, Illumise, Heracross (all in one Safari!!)
Rock: Boldore, Onix (in one Safari!!)
Fighting: Mankey, Hariyama (in one Safari!!)
Dragon: Shelgon

!!Also it'd be nice if we can manage to get online at the same time for 3rd Pokemon and HA!!


Friend Code: 3308-4627-2162
Pokemon in My Safari: Togepi, Jigglypuff, Clefairy
Pokemon I am Looking For: Fletchinder


New Member
FC: 1392-4394-2072
Elec- Pachirisu, Electrabuzz, Manectric

looking for (bold- looking for the most)

Normal- aipom, lillipup, loudred, minccino, eevee
bug- butterfree, paras, ledyba, beautifly, volbeat, illumise, venomoth, pinsir, heracross
dark- mightyena, pawniard, sneasel, cacturne, sandile, sableye, absol, liepard, inkay
dragon- dragonair
elecric- emolga, stunfisk, helioplite, luxio, zebstrika
fairy- togepi, kirlia, dedenne, jigglypuff, mawile, spritzee, clefairy
fighting- mankey, meditite, meinfoo, throh, sawk, breloom, hariyama, riolu
fire- ponyta, magmar, charmeleon, slugma, ninetales, fletchinder
flying- all
ghost- golurk
grass- oddish, sunkern, swadloon, petilil, maractus, gogoat
ground- all
ice- delibird, snorunt, snover, beartic, bergmite, dewgong, cloyster, piloswine
poison- cascoon, swalot, muk, toxicroak
rock- nosepass, boldore, onix, magcargo, pupitar, rhydon, barbaracle
steel- magneton, mawile, forretress, skarmory, metang, bronzong, excadrill
water- octillery, bebarel, panpour, wortortle gyarados, quagsire, azumarill, frogadier

would prefer safari's with atleast 2 needed
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pokemon collector
Friend Code: 4811-6968-6968
Pokemon in My Safari: Doduo, Swanna, Hawlucha
Pokemon I am Looking For:

Dark: Mightyena, Nuzleaf, Cacturne, Liepard, Inkay

Electric: Galvantula, Pikachu and Dedenne (in one safari)

Fighting: Throh, Mienfoo, Hariyama (in one safari)

Fire: Magmar, Larvesta (in one safari)

Flying: Tropius

Grass: Pansage, Petilil, Gogoat (in one safari)

Ground: Camerupt, Palpitoad, wooper (one safari)

Ice: Delibird, Beartic, Piloswine (one safari)

Poison: Venomoth

Steel: Forretress, Bronzong, Metang

Psychic: Grumpig, Girafarig (one safari)

Water: Panpour, Quagsire (one safari)

No longer taking normal safari's

please be on at some point so I can get your third pokemon
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Lucario Trainer
IGN: Taichi
FC: 2020 0317 9662
Safari: (ground) Trapinch, Dugtrio, Diggersby
Looking for
Electric: Pikachu
Grass: Ivysaur
Dark: Any

I'm mostly looking for Pikachu!
(But if you want my safari and don't have those pokes I'll probs accept just send me a message)


Shiny Hunter
Friend Code: 4227-2881-7628
Pokemon in My Safari: Oddish, Sawsbuck (Spring form), and Quilladin
Pokemon I am Looking For: Any but FSs with Ninetails, Lapras, Ditto and charmeleon would be awesome. ^^