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Friend Safari Thread V2 ~*READ THE RULES OR DIE!*~

Discussion in '6th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by Hydrohs, Nov 16, 2013.

  1. masterbreeder42

    masterbreeder42 Beast Ball-catching Legend Wiz

    My Friend Code: 3823-8529-0790
    Pokemon in my Safari: Pikachu, Zebstrika, Dedenne

    Please PM me if you add me, so that I can add you back.

    All I really need is a Golurk Safari. Please don't bother adding me if your Friend Safari does not contain Golurk.
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2014
  2. soloNWUK

    soloNWUK Shiny Hunter

    Friend Code for X 0559-7738-4575
    Safari Type Fighting. Mankey , Throh , Riolu

    Friend Code for Y 2122-6192-5997.
    Safari Type Fighting. Meditite , Pancham, Hariyama

    Looking for any as my safari quest is complete on both X & Y although would love a Floette safari in White or Orange

    Message me If you want my either of my safari's. If you don't know what you have got add me and I will find out for you.

  3. Bolt the Cat

    Bolt the Cat Bringing the Thunder

    Almost done, just need a few more Friend Safaris to finish things off.

    Friend Code: 4725-8075-8961
    Pokemon in My Safari: Phanpy, Marowak, Diggersby
    Pokemon I am Looking For:

    Snover and Piloswine (must have both)


    PM me if you have these and are interested in trading FCs.
  4. Deamon

    Deamon New Member

    Friend Code: 1161-1012-3205
    Pokemon in My Safari: *Rock with Dwebble, Pupitar, and Rhydon
    Pokemon I am Looking For: Inkay, Evee, Ditto, Steel, Electric,Fire,Dragon

    PM if you add me so I can add you. I will add people if they really need my safari.
  5. faerie-fallen

    faerie-fallen Banned

    My friend code: 4098-4501-2485
    My safari: Fairy - Kirlia, Swirlix, Floette (yellow)

    Safaris I'm looking for:

    NORMAL: Lillipup, Chancey

    BUG: Butterfree, Volbeat (CANNOT have Venomoth)

    DARK: Nuzleaf, Vullaby, Cacturne, Sandile, Absol, Liepard

    DRAGON: Shelgon, Druddigon

    ELECTRIC: Emolga, Luxio

    FAIRY: Togepi, Mawile, Floette (red, blue, orange, white)

    FIGHTING: Machoke, Tyrogue, Breloom

    FIRE: Magmar, Charmeleon

    FLYING: Spearow, Doduo, Hoothoot, Rufflet


    GRASS: Petilil


    ICE: Spheal, Snover, Sneasel, Cloyster, Lapras, Piloswine

    POISON: Swalot (CANNOT have Venomoth)

    PSYCHIC: Abra, Grumpig, Wobbuffet, Girafarig, Gothorita

    ROCK: Dwebble, Magcargo, Pupitar (CANNOT have Barbaracle)

    STEEL: Magneton, Mawile, Forretress, Skarmory, Klang, Excadrill, Klefki


    Do NOT add me unless you have at least 2 of the Pokémon listed above in your Safari. Well, except for the Grass and Poison safaris, in which case you MUST have the one Pokémon listed there in the Safari.

    DO NOT ADD ME OR ASK ME TO ADD YOU IF YOUR SAFARI DOES NOT MEET THESE REQUIREMENTS!!! If you do, I will simply remind you to re-read these simple rules. If you do it a second time, I will simply ignore you.
    I am NOT currently accepting any more requests for my Water safari. The friend list is full on that one.
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2014
  6. FavouriteWorstNightmare

    FavouriteWorstNightmare Pokemon Ranger

    Friend Code: 5026 4896 0057 (Name: Molli)
    Pokemon in My Safari: Electric- Pachirisu, Helioptile, and Manectric
    Pokemon I am Looking For:

    (Please PM if you add me with your own FC so I can add you back, I'll happily add anyone who needs my Safari, wants to let me use theirs or simply wants another friend! :3)
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2014
  7. PMG

    PMG Pokemon Master Gaz

    Friend Safari: Ground - Wooper, Nincada and Palpitoad
    Pokémon X Friend Code - 3411-1341-5371

    Looking for Swirlix and Tropius
  8. Kuvario

    Kuvario I am who I am...because of them.

    Friend Code: 0259-0404-1479
    Pokemon in My Safari: Swadloon, Tangela, and Quilladin
    Pokemon I am Looking For: Ditto, Charmeleon, Wartortle, Ivysaur, and Eevee.

    Contact me by VMs and we can work something out if you don't have any of these Pokémon and are asking for my Safari.
  9. xvenbus73

    xvenbus73 New Member

    Friend Code: 3153-5094-6032
    Pokemon in My Safari: Doduo, Hoothoot, and Flechlinder
    Pokemon I am Looking For: Absol, Togepi, Dragonair, Braixen, Espurr
    I will add anyone So feel free add me :3
  10. Michael2.0

    Michael2.0 Eeveelutionist

    Friend Code: 4725-8067-8964
    Pokemon in My Safari: ???
    Pokemon I am Looking For: Shuppet, Cascoon
  11. WindyShishi

    WindyShishi New Member

    Friend Code:3540-0966-6710
    Pokemon in My Safari:Gloom, Venomoth, Toxicroak
    Pokemon I am Looking For: Ditto, Nuzleaf, Chansey, Beautifly, Cacturne, Sawsbuck, Palpitoad, Girafarig, Forretress
  12. Slendy

    Slendy New Member

    I am mainly looking for a ditto safari but I will add anyone :)
    Friend safari type: poison
    Pokemon: Seviper, I think venomoth, Drapion
    Friend code is in my signature
  13. AceTrainerBen

    AceTrainerBen Well-Known Member

    Hello eveyone ;)

    My Safari is GROUND with PHANPY & NINCADA & something else that i'd to find.

    Friend Code: 1246-9924-8434

    I'm looking for any ha pokes, you can add me or I can add you.

    please PM me if you've added me. I'll PM you if I've added you.

    yours sincerely Ben
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2014
  14. Dr@gunov

    Dr@gunov New Member

    Friend Code: 2509 2898 6167
    Pokemon in My Safari: Frogadier, Quagsire, and Bibarel
    Pokemon I am Looking For: Any
  15. Zeb

    Zeb _____________

    Friend code: 0834-2428-7190
    Pokemon in my safari: Panpour, Frogadier & Wartortle.
    Pokemon I'm looking for: Sableye, Ralts, Ditto, Eevee, Nincada, will add most that I don't have already though!
  16. Dresden

    Dresden Pokémon Master

    Friend Code: 2981-7440-4003
    Safari: Panpour, Quagsire, Frogadier

    I want:
    Helioptile, Luxio - Must have both!
    Sawk/Pancham, Tyrogue/Breloom/Hariyama Must have one from each set in same Safari.
    Woobat, Hawlucha Must have both!
    Snorunt, Beartic, Lapras/Piloswine Must have all 3 (with either/or on last, obviously)
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2014
  17. kira66

    kira66 New Member

    friend code is 2423-2516-5589
    friend safari type is Water: Bibarel, Gyrados and Azumarill

    friend code: 3823-9397-8884
    friend safari is electric: pachirisu, stunfisk, and zebstrika

    If you add me, PM me so I can add you back and let me know what safari you want

    I'm looking for:
    Normal- Ditto (for my electric safari)
    Fire- Charmeleon
    Psychic- Xatu
    Flyimg- Farfetch'd
    Dark- Cacturne, Absol, and Sableye
    Fairy- Clefairy, and Mawile
    I'll add almost anyone however my 3DS with the water safari is getting full
  18. CuteSylveon

    CuteSylveon Well-Known Member

    Friend Code: 0104-1211-2819
    Pokemon in My Safari: Sandshrew, Marowak and Gastrodon (pink form)
    Pokemon I am Looking For: I no longer need Eevee, so now i just need any electric/fire types. But i'll accept any safari's at all-thank you. Also if you don't know what's in your Safari, let me know and i'll find out for you :3

    NOTE: I always stay online (even when i'm not at my 3DS) so you'll be able to get all three of my Pokemon ^^
  19. crabsteak

    crabsteak New Member

    Friend Code: 4613-7985-9664
    Pokemon in my safari: Teddiursa, Loudred, Eevee
    Pokemon I'm looking for: Mawile, Sneasel, Absol, Pawniard, Sandshrew, Trapinch, Duosion, Metang, Pumpkaboo, Petilil, Snorunt, Riolu, Mienfoo, Mankey, Boldore, and any dragons or starters but will accept others
  20. Aguadiablo

    Aguadiablo New Member

    Friend Code: 2423-3140-2003
    Pokemon in My Safari: Unknown
    Pokemon I am Looking For: Any

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