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Friend Safari Thread V2 ~*READ THE RULES OR DIE!*~

King Wulfharth

Divine Wonder...
Friend Code: 1719-4249-5926

My Safari: Dark-Type: Pawniard, Cacturne, and Sableye.

Looking for: Teddiursa, Lilipup, Loudred, Eevee, Pinsir, Gabite, Fraxure, Dragonair, Shelgon, Druddigon [no Noibat or Sliggoo plz], Electabuzz, Dedenne, Luxio, Togepi, Clefairy, Growlithe, Fletchinder, Whirlipede, Magneton, Metang, Excradrill, Poliwhirl.


Also accepting more Steel, Flying, Water, Grass, Dragon, and Fairy type safaris, only condition is no Sliggoo or Hoothoot or Snubbull. Also if you have Floette I'd like to have White, Orange, and Yellow flowers.


Frozen in time...
Hello all!

Friend code: 4098-2898-5899
My Safari: flying I believe
Looking for: any! Especially ditto!


No need to worry!
Friend Code: 5086-2864-8234
Pokemon in my Safari: Dwebble, Pupitar
Pokemon I am looking for: Metang, Dusclops, Togepi
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New Member
FC: 3497 1042 0415
Pokemon in my safari: trapinch, nincada, & diggersby.
Pokemon I'm looking for:
Lilpup, aipom, eevee, inkay, electrode, pachirisu, helipotile, breloom, pansear, charmeleon, slugma, phanpy, nincada, gastrodon, girafarig, dewgong, metang, krabby, & wartortle. Pm me if you add me. Please
I will add pretty much any one, just please no more poison, grass, liepard, or pawniard.
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FC: Hellys 4828 3975 1417
In-Game Name: Archimedes for Y, Gwenavier for X
Safari Pokemon: Onix Boldore Shuckle

I have plenty of room so I'll accept pretty much any FC requests (just PM me) but specifically looking for:

Pikachu, Pachirisu, Manectric, Luxio, Galvantula
Growlithe, Charmeleon, Fletchincder
Tropius, Fletchinder
KakunaMetang, Excadrill
Dragonair, Shelgon, Gabite


Faint Strategist
Friend Code: 5472-7014-8957
Pokemon in My Safari: Ice: snorunt, bergmite, piloswine
Pokemon I am Looking For: Any
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deep sea master

Active Member

Looking for:

Normal: Minccino

Dark: Vullaby, Cacturne

Fighting: Breloom

Flying: Tropius

Grass: Maractus

Ground: Camerupt

Psychic: Girafarig

Steel: Excadrill

FC and friend safari type in signature, but pm me so I know you've add me
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Temp V1

New Member
Looking for: Ditto, Fletchinder, & Shelgon
In my safari: Poison - Kakuna, Ariados, Toxicroak
FC: 1693-1710-5796

PM if you've added :)
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Bolt the Cat

Bringing the Thunder
Almost done, just need a few more Friend Safaris to finish things off.

Friend Code: 4725-8075-8961
Pokemon in My Safari: Phanpy, Marowak, Diggersby
Pokemon I am Looking For: Snover, Sableye

PM me if you have these and are interested in trading FCs.
My friend code: 4098-4501-2485
My safari: Fairy - Kirlia, Swirlix, Floette (yellow)

Safaris I'm looking for:

GROUND: Trapinch, Camerupt (must have both)

ICE: Spheal, Sneasel, Piloswine (must have at least 2)

key: 1st is safari- normal text, 2nd in safari- underlined, 3rd in safari- bold

Please do not add my Water safari at this time.


New Member
hi all I still missing friends for my safari.

My friend code is 0190-0378-8444 it is a poison type seviper, venomoth and toxicroack.

If you add just let me know by PM. i will add you.



FC: 3480-2625-1675.
My safari: Fraxure, Dragonair, Sliggoo.
Pokemon I'm looking for: Frogadier
P.S. Please add me and go online ASAP.


Friend Code: 3196-4809-3214
(IGN is "Leorise.")
Pokemon in My Safari: Drowzee, Espurr, Duosion
Pokemon I am Looking For: Ditto, Chansey, Audino, Togepi, Smeargle, Inkay, Magneton, Sableye, Swirlix, Spritzee, Blue/Red Floette, Kirlia. Bold is priority.
Please do NOT offer safaris with Klefki, Skarmory or Ferroseed unless your safari also has a Pokemon listed above. I've 2 safaris of this exact composition, thus do not want more.
I'm willing to take others that're not listed, but I am at least somewhat picky, so please PM me first before you add me with your safari contents, because I don't check the forums regularly and this thread moves quick.
I'm easiest to find online in evening hours, 6 PM-12 AM (or 1800-0000) EST/GMT-5.


New Member
My safari is Dragon:
Gabite Noibat and Sliggoo
I'm looking for water or dragon type safaris but I'll take any that aren't fire ghost or steel.
Friend Code: 3196-4166-9858

I'm especially interested in a female dive ball wartortle blastoise or squirtle, if any one has a friend safari with it or could catch me one I have a few 5 IV modest ralts.
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The desert spirit

Dragon Empress
FC: 4914-4598-7130
Safari: Bug with Illumise, Combee and Venomoth

Looking for-
Dark: Mightyena, Nuzleaf, Crawdaunt, Sableye, Inkay
Electric: Electrode, Pachirisu, Electabuzz, Stunfisk, Manectric, Luxio
Fairy: Mawile, Swirlix, Clefairy
Fighting:Mienfoo, Sawk
Fire: Growlithe
Flying: Spearow, Rufflet
Poison: Cascoon, Muk
Rock: Pupitar
Steel: Magneton, Forretress, Klang, Bronzong, Klefki

Please only add if you have at least one of the 'mon I'm looking for in your safari


New Member
FC: 0877-1737-8413
Name: Phaaze (FC/Safari), Scott (in-game)

Safari Type: Poison
Pokemon in My Safari: Cascoon, Ariados, Whirlipede
Looking for safaris with any of the following types & Pokemon (I have a lot of space & will add others if you want my safari, just ask!), bold is most wanted:

Normal: Chansey, Eevee

Fire: Growlithe

Water: Wartortle, Frogadier

Ice: Piloswine

Fighting: Breloom

Ground: Gastrodon, Palpitoad

Rock: Corsola

Ghost: Shuppet, Phantump, Dusclops

Dark: Cacturne

Steel: Forretress, Bronzong


New Member
FC: 4184 - 2442 - 5864
Safari Type: Water
Pokemon: Bibarel, Floatzel, Poliwhirl
Looking for: Poliwhirl, Xatu, Floette (Preferrably the Blue Flower form)

Will take others. I have some extra space.


New Member
Friend Code: 3153-5094-6032
Pokemon in My Safari: Doduo, Hoothoot, and Flechlinder
Pokemon I am Looking For: Absol, Dragonair, Braixen, any
I will add anyone So feel free add me :3
I kinda would like more fire safaris