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Friend Safari Thread V2 ~*READ THE RULES OR DIE!*~


New Member
Friend Code: 1993-8808-9377
Pokemon in My Safari: I think my safariu is POISON type. Unknown pokémon.
Pokemon I am Looking For: Ditto/Gastly/Haunter

PM me if added please.

The desert spirit

Dragon Empress
FC: 4914-4598-7130
Safari: Bug with Illumise, Combee and Venomoth

Looking for-
Dark: Mightyena, Inkay, Vullaby, Absol
Electric: Pachirisu, Electabuzz, Stunfisk, Manectric, Luxio
Fairy: Mawile, Swirlix, Clefairy
Fighting: Mienfoo
Flying: Rufflet
Poison: Cascoon, Muk
Rock: Pupitar
Steel: Magneton, Forretress, Klang, Bronzong, Klefki

Only accepting safaris if you have at least one of the 'mon I'm looking for.
Friend Code:3952-7378-3731
Pokemon in My Safari: Magmar, Fletchinder, Pyroar
Pokemon I am Looking For: Any starter, Eevee, Venomoth, Sneasel, Liepard, Kirlia, Larvesta, Tropius, Sawsbuck, Gogoat, Espurr, and/or Girafarig


New Member
Friend Code: 0447-5023-0872
Pokemon in My Safari: Phanpy, Marowak, Diggersby (Ground)

Friend Code 2: 3840-7760-8524
Pokemon in my Safari: Snover, Bergmite, Lapras (Ice)

Pokemon I am Looking For: Eevee, Ditto, Lampent, Cloyster, Dragonair, Fraxure, Sigilyph


New Member
Friend Code: 2294-3972-7367

Pokemon in My Safari: Abra, Sigilyph, Xatu

Ok down to the last few and very little room left. You must have everything on the list for me to accept you

Pokemon I am Looking For:
Fairy: Spritzee, Clefariy
Ground: Phanpy, Camerupt, Palpitoad
Poison: Cascoon, Garbodor, Toxicroak


Well-Known Member
Friend Code: 1891-1694-6992
Pokemon in My Safari: Fire (pansear, pyroar, ninetails)
Pokemon I am Looking For:
mightyena, nuzleaf, vullaby,cacturne,absol,inkay
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New Member
Friend Code: 0705-2213-6307
Pokemon in My Safari: Emolga, Pikachu, Luxio
Pokemon I am Looking For:

Dragon: Noibat
Fire: Pyroar
Ice: Dewgong
Psychic: Wobbuffet
Rock: Magcargo, Corsola

Only looking for people who have their 3rd Pokemon available, and unless you're online frequently, then I think it would be best to try and set up a time when we can both be online via the PSS so that we can get each other's 3rd Pokemon and hidden abilities. I'm only looking for the Pokemon listed above, and will not add anyone else. I'm trying to get every safari Pokemon, so sorry if that's an inconvenience.


New Member
Friend Safari

Friend Code: My main 3DS: 3625 - 8627 - 9859. my other 3DS: 0477 - 5562 - 8200.
Pokemon in My Safari: My main 3DS: Snorunt, Beartic and Dewgong. My other 3DS: Fraxure, Noibat and Sliggoo. If you want me to stay online just say..
Pokemon I am Looking For: Aipom, Mankey, Muk, Nuzleaf, Klang and Togepi. Adding others though.
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Well-Known Member
mi safari Type psychic
Pokemon: Drowzee, Sigilyph y Xatu.

pokemon safari i am looking for:

Fairy: Snubbull, Dedenne, Jigglypuff, Spritzee, Floette roja, Floette azul.
Dark: Mightyena, Pawniard, Cacturne, Crawdaunt, Sableye, Inkay.
Ice: Snorunt, Sneasel, Beartic, Lapras.
Rock: Boldore, Onix, Magcargo, Rhydon.
Steel: Magneton, Metang, Excadrill.
Eléctric: Pachirisu, Stunfisk, Zebstrika.
Psychic: Munna, Sigilyph, Girafarig.
Poison: Kakuna, Ariados, Muk.
Fire: Slugma.
Normal: Loudred.


New Member
My Friend Code :229442123465
Pokemon in Mysafari : Drowzee, Gothorita & Sigilyph .
Pokemon Iam looking for : Any .
I will add you so pm me with your FC .
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New Member
Friend Code: 4425-1578-6387
Pokemon in My Safari: Grass: Pansage, Sawsbuck, Quilladin
Pokemon I am Looking For: ANY, but specifically: Fighting: Mankey Fairy: Togepi, Mawile, Clefairy Bug: Heracross

I will add anyone so feel free to add me. PM me your friend code if you do.


New Member
Friend Code: 1134-7865-6476
Pokemon in my safari: Woobat, Spearow, and Tropius
Pokemon I am looking for: Ditto, Eevee, Helioptile, Sableye, and any Psychic, Rock, Steel, or Water safaris


New Member
Friend Code:4699-5815-2886
Pokemon in My Safari: Psychic: Abra, Wobbuffet and ???
Pokemon I am Looking For: Normal safarai with Ditto


New Member
I have revisited all my friend safaris and found some 3rd pokemon surprises (those that beaten the game after awhile) and some that still does not have a 3rd pokemon. My information is in the signature.

Bold are the ones I am really looking for in my ROCK giving Safari system. Underlined are the ones I would like to have. And I am looking for those that give all 3 pokemons in safari.

Dragon: Druddigon
Dark: Sableye
water: Wartortle, Octillery/Panpour
Steel: Metang/Forretress
Rock: Corsola, Rhydon
Ground: Nincada
Grass: Oddish, Swadloon
Ghost: Golurk
fly: Doduo, Tropius
fairy: Snubbull/Kirlia, Jigglypuff/Swirlix, Blue/Red Floette
Electric: Emolga, Electabuzz
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Friend Code: 0662-2977-0556
Pokemon in My Safari: Dark: Vullaby, Crawdaunt and ??? (Still don't know, please PM me if you find out).
I'll take just about any safari type!
Pokemon I am Looking For: Galvantula, Trapinch, Larvesta, Draipon, Heracross, Pinsir

Ace M

New Member
Friend Code: 3711-9259-5685
Pokemon Safari Dark: Nuzleaf, Sandile, Liepard

Need: Any Safari but especially:

Dragon: Dragonair, Shelgon
Water: Krabby, Wartortle/Gyarados
Fire: Magmar, Charmeleon, Braixen
Grass: Ivysaur, Quilladin
Electric: Electabuzz
Flying: Fletchinder
Normal: Loudred, Eevee


Shiny Hunter
Friend Code for X 0559-7738-4575
Safari Type Fighting. Mankey , Throh , Riolu

Friend Code for Y 2122-6192-5997.
Safari Type Fighting. Meditite , Pancham, Hariyama

Looking for any as my safari quest is complete on both X & Y although would love a Floette safari in White or Orange

Message me If you want my either of my safari's. If you don't know what you have got add me and I will find out for you.