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Friend Safari Thread V2 ~*READ THE RULES OR DIE!*~

Looking for the following Friend Safaris:
Normal: containing Ditto;
Fighting: containing Breloom or Machoke;
Grass: containing Petilil;
Steel: containing Klang

Name: Benjamin
Friend code: 3196 - 4052 - 6500
Friend Safari Fighting: Sawk, Meditite & Hariyama


New Member
Friend Code: 0705-2213-6307
Pokemon in My Safari: Emolga, Pikachu, Luxio
Pokemon I am Looking For:

Rock: Corsola

This is the last Pokemon I need, and then I'll have every Friend Safari/Pokemon available on my game. I'm so close, so if anyone can help me out, I would really appreciate it! Thanks to everyone else who has helped me get this far!


Hunter Of Sparkles
LF: Ghost Safari with Dusclops. PM if you can help. Thanks in advance X3


New Member
Friend Code: 2578-4208-4190
Pokemon in My Safari: Larvesta, Magmar and Ninetails
Pokemon I am Looking For: too many to list.

hi I hope you will accept me as a friend, I find the pokemon you have in your Safari zone really interesting
I've registered your friend code, this is mine:

friend code: 4484-9971-1648
Name: yenk
Safari: Water

thanks for your help


New Member
I hope you can register my Friend code, I will register your and then I will tell you back what your Safari is and which pokemon you have

my friend code: 4484-9971-1648
Name: yenk
my Safari: water

My friend code: 4098-4501-2485
My safari: Fairy - Kirlia, Swirlix, Floette (yellow)

Safaris I'm looking for:

DARK: Mightyena, Inkay (must have both)

FLYING: Farfetch'd

PSYCHIC: Grumpig

key: 1st is safari- normal text, 2nd in safari- underlined, 3rd in safari- bold

I must see the third Pokemon in your safari, to unlock the Hidden Abilities. If I don't, then I can't remove your safari Pokemon from this list.
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New Member
My friend code: 0877-2184-0720
Safari: i don't know what my safari is...
I'm looking for different safaris
Plz add and I'll add back provide your friend code
Thank you all

hi, I hope you can register my Friend code, I will register yours and then I will tell you back what your Safari is

Friend code: 4484-9971-1648
Name: yenk
Safari: water (I think)



New Member

my friend code is 1693-1502-3967

I have NO idea what is in my safari...

I'd be more than glad to add some people, and if someone could let me know what is in mine, that would be AWESOME!!

Just send me a PM please, so I know to add you :)

Hi I'm adding you and I will tell you back what your Safari is and which Pokemon contains

My friend code: 4484-9971-1648
Name: yenk
Safari: water



New Member
My friend code: 0748-2165-5969
Looking for: Normal Safari with Ditto
Offering: Flying Safari with Fletchinder and I don't know what else (would really appriciate it if someone told me!)

You don't have to keep me as a friend if you don't want to, as long as we're both online the Ditto will appear in your Safari for me. Thank you very much and please PM me to arrange a time to go online with your friend code!
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Normal: The abnormal
My FC 4098-4557-7957
My Safari- Unknown
Pokmeon I am looking for- Magneton, Ditto


New Member
I have a ghost type safari with phantump, lampent, and drifblim. My FC is 5026-5618-2863. IGN: Franklin

and I'm looking for:
Dark: Cacturne
Normal: Teddiursa
Electric: Zebstrika, Luxio
Fighting: Breloom, Hariyama
Fire Growlithe
Flying: Spearow, Tranquil, Tropius, Rufflet
Ghost: Spiritomb
Ground: Camerupt, Gastrodon
Ice: Dewgong
Poison: Cascoon, Garbodor, Muk
Psychic: Drowzee, Munna, Xatu, Duosion
Steel: Forretress, Metang, Klang, Excadrill
Bug: Beautifly

PM me if you wanna be friends
fc: 3497-1015-9173
my friend safari has tangela, ivysaur, and gogoat

i'm looking for:
normal with dunsparce,anything but kecleon as a second, and chansey
bug with ladyba, illumise, and anything but venemoth as the third
fire with ponyta and larvesta
grass with petilil and maractus
psychic with girafarig and no grumping
rock with dwebble corsola and shuckle
steel with mawile, skarmory, and klefki
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New Member
Friend Code: (Electric) 0963-0270-5669 / (Ice) 2449-4630-0449
Pokemon in My Safari: Electrode, Pikachu, Zebstrika / Snover, Bergmite, Dewgong
Pokemon I am Looking For: Wartortle, Muk, Drowzee, Krabby, Tangela, Chansey, Cacturne, Dusclops, Snorunt, Excadrill, Palpitoad, Swadloon, Klang; I am also looking to fill up my Friend Roster so feel free if you need one of the Pokemon in my Safari!
Be sure to add whether you want to add the Electric, Ice Safari or both in the PM.


Arcanine Master
My Safari:

Fighting - Meditite,Throh and Hariyama

FC: 3711-9128-0153

Please only add me if you've beaten the Elite Four, I'm hunting for Hidden Abilities and they only show up in your Safaris if you've entered the hall of fame.

Looking for: (25 to go)

Normal - Aipom, Ditto

Dark - Nuzleaf, Sandile, Absol, Liepard

Electric - Electrode, Zebstrika

Fighting - Machoke

Flying - Pidgey, Hoothoot, Rufflet

Ghost - Shuppet, Drifblim

Grass - Sunkern

Ice - Delibird, Snorunt, Cloyster

Poison - Swalot

Steel - Skarmory, Metang, Bronzong

Water - Octillery, Bibarel, Poliwhirl


New Member
Friend Code:4699-5815-2886
Pokemon in My Safari: Psychic: Abra, Wobbuffet and Girafarig
Pokemon I am Looking For: Sableye, Dusclops, combee, beautifly, cacturne, inkay, fraxure, dedenne,tyrogue, breloom, charmeleon,
shuppet, spiritbomb, ivysaur, maractus, sandshrew, camerupt, gastrodon, sneasel, dewgong, drapion, muk, abra, munna, duosion,
pupitar, skarmory, bronzong, warturtle, gyrados, poliwhirl, Aipom


New Member
Friend Code: 2294-3972-7367

Pokemon in My Safari: Abra, Sigilyph, Xatu

Ok down to the last few and very little room left. You must have everything on the list for me to accept you

Pokemon I am Looking For:
Poison: Cascoon, Garbodor, Toxicroak
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New Member
Friend Code: 1521-3241-6563
Safari type: Fighting
Pokemon in My Safari: Mankey, Pancham, Breloom

Pokemon I am Looking For:
Dark - Mightyena, Vullaby
Electric - Electabuzz, Electrode
Fairy - Mawile
Fighting - Mankey
Flying - Rufflet
Grass - Maractus
Ground - Phanpy, Sandshrew
Ice - Lapras
Psychic - Xatu
Steel - Klang, Mawile, Magneton, Forretress
Water - Krabby, Poliwhirl, Gyarados, Azumarill

PM me if you add me please :)


Ghost Maniac
Safari Type: Poison
Pokemon: Ariados, Gloom, and Muk

Looking For: Rufflet, Goldeen, Ghost type Safaris, Electric type Safaris

Really need the Rufflet and Goldeen, but will accept anyone.


Well-Known Member
FC: 5258-0468-7354
Safari Type: Fairy
Pokemon: Snubbull, Mawile, and Floette

Looking For: Togepi, Noibat, Tropius, Vullaby, Maractus, Xatu, Barbacle, Metang, but will befriend ANYONE :)

Trying to complete pokedex!