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Friend Safari Thread V2 ~*READ THE RULES OR DIE!*~


New Member
Details are in the signature, looking for ditto, fletchinder and snorunt. PM me if you wanna add me.

Meowth City

Staff member
Friend Code: 3738-0653-3802
Pokemon in My Safari: Snover, Bergmite and Lapras

I am just trying to fill up my friend list, so I'm adding anyone. If you need help figuring out what is in your safari, I can find that out for you. Just ask. Please PM me if you add me, so I can add you back. Thanks.


New Member
Friend Code: 4742-6402-6850
Pokemon in My Safari: Delibird/ Bergmite/ Dewgong

Friend Code: 2036-8504-8114
Pokemon in My Safari: Pachirisu/ Electabuzz/ Manectric

Pokemon I am Looking For: Kirlia or Togepi


New Member
Friend Code: 3153-5094-6032 (Jordan)
Pokemon in My Safari: Doduo, Hoothoot, and Flechlinder
Pokemon I am Looking For: Dragonair, any
I will add anyone So feel free add me :3
I kinda would like more fire and fairy safaris


~*~The Sky Tamer~*~
I'm looking for a fairy and bug type safari, please PM me if you have one!~

My safari is the fairy type! -pokes siggy-


X Friend Code: 0946 3362 6498
Friend safari: Fairy type with Swirlix and Dedenne and Floette (yellow)
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New Member
I have one of the least sought out safari's but if anyone needs what i have please pm so i can make sure i'm on for you to get what you need

Friend code : 4871-3596-8018
My safari : poison with seviper drapion and swalot

I'm currently seeking : Golruk, Maractus, Tangela, Bronzong, Wartortle, Octillery, Chansey, Vullaby, Clefairy, Kirlia and tyrogue.

If anyone needs help finding out what safari they have add me and pm me to tell me, always willing to help people find out who they have.


New Member
Friend Code: 1521-3241-6563
Safari type: Fighting
Pokemon in My Safari: Mankey, Pancham, Breloom

Pokemon I am Looking For:
Dark - Mightyena, Vullaby
Electric - Electabuzz, Electrode
Flying - Rufflet
Grass - Sawsbuck, Maractus, Quilladin
Ground - Phanpy, Sandshrew
Ice - Lapras
Psychic - Xatu
Steel - Magneton, Forretress
Water - Krabby, Poliwhirl, Gyarados, Azumarill

PM me if you add me please


Well-Known Member
Friend Code: 1891-1694-6992
Pokemon in My Safari: Fire (pansear, pyroar, ninetails)
Pokemon I am Looking For:
mightyena, nuzleaf, vullaby,cacturne,absol,inkay
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New Member
Friend Code: 4425-1578-6387
Pokemon in My Safari: Grass: Pansage, Sawsbuck, Quilladin
Pokemon I am Looking For: ANY, but specifically Galvantula

I will add anyone so feel free to add me. PM me your friend code if you do :)


New Member
Friend Code: 5429-8117-5125
Pokemon in My Safari: Emolga, Galvantula a Helioptile
Pokemon I am Looking For: Any safari with Smeargle, Eevee or Absol


Looking for anyone with Safaris with these pokemon:

NORMAL - Eevee
GRASS - Gogoat, Maractus
ICE - Cloyster
STEEL - Klefki

If anyone has any of these pokemon, especially Eevee, please pm me. Info in the signature.


New Member
Hello, everyone! ^^

My Friend Code: 3926-6033-9859
My Safari has: Noibat, Gabite, Druddigon

Pokemon I am Looking For:




My friend list is getting a little crowded. However, if you need my safari to complete your collection, I think I can make room!

Please PM if you add! ^^


New Member
Friend Code: 4699-7254-6349
Safari: Flying - Tranquill, Duduo, Fletchinder
Pokemon I am Looking For: Ditto, Eevee (primarily) -- anything else since just got to the Safari!!!

Divine Retribution

See who you are, where from, what of
FC: 0060 - 9799 - 1543Type: Unknown, can someone help me find out?Looking for: Dratini, Froakie family, Ditto.
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Pokemon Y FC: 0619-5356-5315
Ghost Friend Safari w/ Lampent, Phantump, and Driftblim

PM me if you add my FC. I'll add anyone!


Well-Known Member
Friend code: 0877-1963-5568
Pokémon in my Safari: Machoke, Pancham, Riolu
Looking for: All starter Pokémon, Eevee, Nincada and the pokémon in the list below:

Normal: Anything without Audino and Ditto
Fire: Anything without Ninetales
Fighting: Anything without Mienfoo
Water: Anything without Octillery, Gyarados and Poliwhirl
Flying: Anything without Doduo
Grass: Anything without Pansage
Poison: Anything
Electric: Anything without Manectric and Galvantula
Ground: Anything without Gastrodon, Marowak and Dugtrio
Psychic: Anything
Rock: Anything without Corsola
Ice: Anything
Bug: Anything
Dragon: Anything
Ghost: Anything without Pumpkaboo
Dark: Anything without Liepard
Steel: Anything without Skarmory
Fairy: Anything

Fossil Man

Friend Code: 0130-1798-0677
Safari Type: Psychic
Safari Pokemon: Abra, Espurr, Xatu
Pokemon I'm Looking For: Loudred, Ditto, and pretty much everything else.

By all means give me a shout!

Mega Gobli

The Best
Friend Code: 3196 5378 3975
Safari Type: Unknown
Safari Pokemon: Unknown
Pokemon I'm Looking For: Any right now


New Member
Friend Safari: 2020-0737-2362 Water(Frogadier, krabby, floatzel) Looking for: Pyroar, Swirlix
Safari type: Dark
Safari Pokemon: Cacturne, Vullaby, Absol
Pokemon I'm looking for: Currently only looking for a safari with Eevee
EDIT: Forgot to add my friend code 2122-6864-3491