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Friend Safari Thread V2 ~*READ THE RULES OR DIE!*~


New Member
Friend Code: 3153-4187-5023
Pokemon I'm looking for: Frogadier but will accept any. Please add me and send me an message and I'll reply ASAP
In my Safari: I'm not sure but you can let me know

Also have legends for trade if you want it. Just ask me in the message. Thanks again
Hey there everyone! I'm looking for a few safaris again.

FLYING with Rufflet, Tropius, or Taillow/Swellow
NORMAL with Chansey, Eevee, and/or Ditto
GRASS with Cottonee and Petilil (mostly cottonee)
ANY safari with starters that are not 1st or 6th gen (if that's even possible)


My FC is 4484-8620-9976
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New Member
Hello, everyone! I'm looking for active players & any safaris.

Friend Code: 1220-7510-4045

Pokemon in My Safari: Shuppet, Pumpkaboo, & Golurk.

Pokemon I am Looking For: Any.

IGN: Andrew
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Magus lover
I still need more FS's lol big time xD Mine is ice with piloswine sneasel and snorunt. I don't need dusclops, shuppet, phantup, frogadier but need practically everything else. 1607 4031 7310
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Gengar FTW
Friend code: 1719-3177-4317
Pokemon in safari: combee, beautifly, and vivillion
Pokemon im looking for:
NORMAL: Dunsparce
DARK: Vullaby, Nuzleaf, Crawdaunt, Sableye
ELECTRIC: Emolga, Electabuzz, Manectric
FAIRY: Togepi
FIGHTING: Riolu, tyrogue
FIRE: Magmar, Ninetails
GHOST: Spiritomb
GRASS: Tangela, Quilladin
GROUND: Phanpy, Camerupt, Gastrodon, Palpitoad
ICE: Spheal, Cloyster, Piloswine
POISON: Whirlipede
PSYCHIC: Gothorita, Duosion
ROCK: Nosepass, Pupitar, Rhydon, Barbacle
STEEL: Metang, Excadrill, Forretress, Klefki
WATER: Krabby, Azumarill, Quagsire


Normal: The abnormal
Hi everyone!
My Friend code is: 4098-4557-7957
My Friend Safari is Poison safari, with muk, garbodor, and gloom
I am Looking for-

Fire:Growlithe, Magmar, Charmeleon, Larvesta, Ninetales
Fighting:Meditite, Mienfoo, Breloom
Water:Wartortle, poliwhirl
Grass:Ivysaur, Quilladin, Swadloon, Petlil
Poison: Whirlipede, Toxicroak
Ground:Trapinch, Nincada, Camerupt, Gastrodon, Palpitoad
Psychic:Abra, Duosion
Rock:Pupitar, Shuckle, Rhydon
Ice:Snover, Cloyster, Piloswine
Bug:Volbeat, Pinsir, Heracross, Vivillon
Dragon:Dragonair, Shelgon, Sliggo
Ghost:Phantump, Pumpkaboo, Dusclops, Spiritonb, Golurk
Dark:Vullaby, Absol, Inkay
Steel:Magneton, Ferroseed, Forretress, Skarmory, Metang, Klefki, Excadrill
Fairy:Togepi, Kirlia, Spritzee, Swirlix, Floette(any colour)

I will also be glad to take in any other safaris with pokemon except these and also will gladly help discover your safari!

BOLD indicates i need it urgently and can trade pokemon for it( rares, 3-4IV's, HA if i have )


New Member
Friend Code: 3153-5094-6032 (Jordan)
Pokemon in My Safari: Doduo, Hoothoot, and Flechlinder
Pokemon I am Looking For: any
I will add anyone So feel free add me :3
if you want a battle feel free to ask, my pokemon aren't op
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Ice Lock

Friend Code: 1435-4378-9935
Pokemon in My Safari: Dark Type: Sableye, Pawniad, Caturne
Pokemon I am looking for:

- Grass types: Ivysaur

- Ice types: Piloswine, Snorunt, Cloyster

- Fariy types: Clefairy

- Electric types: Manectric

- Ground types: Gastrodon

- Dark types: Vullaby

- Ghost types: Golurk

My friends list is starting to get full now, so I can no longer take any random FC requests. If you have at least one pokemon on the list please do PM me. Pokemon in bold are badly needed at the moment.

Ice Lock

Sorry for double post. Please delete.


Keeper of Slurpuffs
Still looking for a Ditto safari. A fairy safari with Swirlix or a ghost safari with Spiritomb would be great also!

My friend code: 3437-3423-6333
My safari: Bibarel, Gyarados, Frogadier


Friend code: 3282-4387-1030
Pokemon in my safari: (Fire) Magmar, Braixen and Slugma
Pokemon I'm looking for: Any
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Shiny Hunter
I have a psychic safari with drowzee and wobuffet!

Add me! My 3DS Friendcode 4398-8919-2161 pm me if you add me!

I'm looking for a Fighting safari with Riolu in it!!

Last one I need before I can complete my shiny team!!
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Dr. Eeviil

Well-Known Member
Friend Code: 2552 2930 8097
My safari Flying: Pidgey, Tranquil, Hawlucha
Looking for: Eevee, Ditto
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Beast Ball-catching Legend Wiz
My Friend Code: 3823-8529-0790
Pokemon in my Safari: Pikachu, Zebstrika, Dedenne

Please PM me if you add me, so that I can add you back.

I need the following Safaris; please do not bother if you don't have what I'm looking for.
Ghost Safari with Golurk

I am also willing to trade one of the following Pokemon in exchange for a Friend Safari:

5 IV XY hatched Pokemon (4 IV 31, 1 IV 0 for Trick Room spreads) (all are lvl 1 and untrained):
-Chespin, Bulletproof, Impish/Adamant, Spikes, Curse, Synthesis
-Pinsir, Mold Breaker/ Hyper Cutter, Jolly/Adamant, Quick Attack, Close Combat, Feint, Bug Bite
-Chansey, Serene Grace, Modest, Seismic Toss Helping Hand, Heal Bell, Counter
-Honedge, Brave/Quiet
-Binacle, Tough Claws, Adamant
-Teddiursa, Pickup, Jolly, Play Rough, Crunch, Close Combat, Cross Chop
-Rotom, Modest
-Kangaskhan, Scrappy, Jolly
-Foongus, Regenerator, Bold
-Aerodactyl, Pressure/Unnerve, Jolly
-Scyther, Technician, Jolly
-Mareep, Static, Quiet
-Snover, Brave, Snow Warning, Seed Bomb, Leech Seed, Avalanche
-Inkay, Contrary, Careful
-Gible, Sand Veil, Jolly, Iron Head, Outrage
-Spritzee, Aroma Veil, Sassy, one with Wish, one without
-Aromatisse, Aroma Veil, Sassy (accident; forgot to breed Wish onto it, but evolved before realizing)
-Porygon, Analytic, Quiet
-Fletchling, Gale Wings, Adamant, Snatch, Quick Guard, Tailwind
-Aron, Rock Head, Adamant, Superpower, Stealth Rock, Curse, Head Smash
-Ferroseed, Brave, Seed Bomb, Leech Seed, Stealth Rock, Spikes
-Joltik, Compound Eyes, Timid
-Klefki, Prankster , Modest
-Deino, Modest/Timid, Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Earth Power, Dark Pulse
-Cleffa, Magic Guard, Bold
-Wooper, Unaware, Relaxed/Bold, Acud Spray, Recover, Stockpile, Eerie Impulse
-Bagon, Rock Head, Jolly, Dragon Rush, Dragon Dance
-Buneary, Run Away, Jolly, Fake Out, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Sky Uppercut


Well-Known Member
Friend Code: 1435-4030-9969
Safari: Poison - Cascoon, Venomoth, & Drapion
Looking For
Dark: Absol & Vullaby
Dragon: Shelgon
Electric: Emolga & Electabuzz
Fairy: Clefairy
Fighting: Hariyama
Ice: Spheal
Psychic: Gothorita
Rock: Magcargo, Pupitar, & Barbaracle
Steel: Skarmory & Bronzong

PM me if you have any of these and want to exchange friend codes.


New Member
I have one of the least sought out safari's but if anyone needs what i have please pm so i can make sure i'm on for you to get what you need

Friend code : 4871-3596-8018
My safari : poison with seviper drapion and swalot

I'm currently seeking : Golruk, Maractus, Tangela, Bronzong, Wartortle, Chansey, Vullaby, Clefairy, Kirlia and tyrogue.

If anyone needs help finding out what safari they have add me and pm me to tell me, always willing to help people find out who they have


Pokemon in my Safari: Kakuna, Swalot, and Toxicroak (POISON)
3DS Friend Code: 4785-5130-3720 (IGN is Tom)
Pokemon I am Looking For: Pikachu, Floette, Wartortle, Pancham, Swalot, Toxicroak, and many others.
PM me please