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Friend Safari Thread V2 ~*READ THE RULES OR DIE!*~


3DS Friend Code: Doobius - 1607-2505-9784
Safari: Electric - Pikachu - Dedenne - Luxio

only looking for safaris with the following pokes. send me a message and add me if you have any of these and i will add you as well.



New Member
3DS Friend Code: 1263-8538-6950
My Friend Safari: Flying - Pidgey, Swanna, Rufflet
I'm looking for Steel Friend Safari - Metang

Add me, i'll accept anyone, thanks in advance! :)


Mega Blastoise
Friend Code: 2277-6776-7710
My Safari: Ground; Sandshrew, Nincada, and Diggersby
Looking for:
Dark: Sandile
Fairy: White and Orange Floette (Although I guess they don't exist but leaving it up just in case.)
Ice: Delibird, Sneasel, Piloswine

I have everything else but these, so if you have a Friend Safari with these Pokémon, and you'd like HA Pokémon from a different Safari, just let me know, and I'll be happy to help out. If you need help finding your Safari Pokémon, just VM/PM me and I'll be glad to help out with that too.

I also have another Ground Safari with Wooper, Dugtrio, and Palpitoad, but you'll have to PM me about adding that FC. Because I switched my game between systems I lost a couple of third mons and HA's in some Safaris, so I'd rather not have them on two different systems. If you want me to add you on this one in exchange for adding my other one, I'd be more than happy to, just let me know.

I'm also looking for safaris to help consolidate. As such, they must have every Pokémon in them.
Normal: Aipom, Kecleon, and Eevee AND Dunsparce, Loudred, and Ditto
Bug: Butterfree, Volbeat, and Heracross OR Paras, Masqerain, and Heracross,
Dark: Mightyena, Sandile, and Sableye OR Pawindard, Sandile, and Sableye
Fairy: Dedenne, Mawile, Floette (Blue)
Flying: Spearow OR Doduo, Tranquil OR Swanna, and Fletchinder OR Hawlucha
Ground: Camerupt and Palpitoad OR Phanphy, Nincada, and Gastrodon OR Phanphy, Nincada, and Palpitoad OR Sandshrew, Camerupt, and Gastrodon
Psychic: Abra and Xatu
Rock: Nosepass and Onix OR Nosepass and Corsola
Water: Octillery, Floatzel, and Poliwhirl, OR Krabby, Quagsire, and Poliwhirl OR Krabby, Wartortle, and Azumarill OR Panpour, Gyarados, and Poliwhirl

If you would like a bred or Gen IV-V Event Pokémon in return for these safaris, let me know and I'll see what I can do about your request.
add me please

Friend Code:1693-0967-0900
Pokemon in My Safari: Unknown
Pokemon I am Looking For: ditto or any

you can pm me to let me know you added me so i can add you too.
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New Member
Looking for anything and everything.
If anyone wants to add me, please feel free.
Name: Jordy
FC: 1049-0920-5335
Friend Safari Pkmn: Fraxure, Noibat, Sligoo
Looking for: All
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Dragon Master
Friend Code: 2380 - 2586 - 2824
Pokemon in my Safari: Farfetch'd, Woobat, and Tropius
Pokemon I am looking for:
Dark, Electric, Fire, Flying, Grass, Ground, Ice, Poison, Steel, Water - Almost anything
Normal - Ditto
Bug - Heracross
Dragon - Fraxure, Shelgon, Dragonair, Sliggoo
Fighting - Breloom, Riolu
Fairy - Togepi, Spritzee, and Floette

I really want Whirilpede


New Member
Friend Code: 2552-1824-9033
Pokemon in My Safari: (Water) - Panpour, Quagsire, Frogadier
Pokemon I am Looking For:
(Fairy / Steel) - Mawile
(Fighting) - Riolu
(Fire) - Braixen
(Ghost) - Spiritomb
(Grass) - Quilladin
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New Member
Friend Code: 2148 - 8667 - 7227
Pokemon in My Safari: Unsure (I believe Normal)
Pokemon I am Looking For: Dragonair, Shelgon, Noibat

Please PM if you are interested. Thank you.
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3DS Friend Code: Doobius - 1607-2505-9784
Safari: Electric - Pikachu - Dedenne - Luxio

looking for safaris with the following pokes. send me a message and add me if you have any of these and i will add you as well.

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New Member
hey guys i am looking for a normal type friend safari with Ditto in it, can anybody help me out. It would really be appreciated. Here's my FC 5342 - 8750 - 7661 . leave your Fc so i can add you back. Thank you to whoever responds to me. =]


Shiny hunter
Hello im looking for any Friend safari I have fraxure noibat and sliggoo

My fc is 0147-1509-3695, if anyone wants to add me , PM me an
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Lazy Time Traveler
Friend Code: 2234-7663-6791
Pokemon in My Safari: Normal: Dunsparce, Kecleon, Ditto
Pokemon I am Looking For: Any, but mostly Ghost-Type.
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Friend Code: 3652-1117-3680
Pokemon in My Safari: Ferroseed, Klefki, Metang
Pokemon I am Looking For: Ditto, Sableye, Cloyster, Frogadier & Fletchinder [Any Dragon,Fairy Safaris or Ghost Safaris as well]


I'm baaaack. >:]
Friend Code: 5429-9755-2753
Pokemon in My Safari: Fairy with Mawile, Kirlia, Clefairy
Pokemon I am Looking For: Gabite, Charmeleon, Breloom, Dragonair, Helioptile, Liepard, Pupitar, Ditto in particular.

Please PM if you add me, so I can add you back.
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I am looking for someone to help me find what pokemon are in my friend safari.
My friend told me its steel but any time I ask him to tell what pokemon I have he always forgets and says he'll look it up but never does.
If someone can help me I'll really appreciate it.
Friend code 2595-1282-6233