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Friend Safari Thread V2 ~*READ THE RULES OR DIE!*~


Xtreme Pokefan
Friend Code: 2896-1038-9305
Pokemon in my Safari: Unknown
Pokemon i'm looking for: Ditto
Will add anyone with a ditto safari.


Active Member
I'm looking to add someone with the following EXACT safari:
Normal Teddiursa, audino & smeargle.

X & Omega Ruby FC 0559-6781-6264
Flying Safari, Spearow, Fletchinder & Hoothoot
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Shiny Hunter
Friend Code: 1907-8139-7333
Pokemon in My Safari: Boldore, Onix, Rhydon
Pokemon I am Looking For:
Normal: Chansey
Fighting: Tyrogue
Fire: Growlith
Grass: Ivysaur
Ground: Trapinch
Ice: Lapras
Those are the specifics but I'll take any.

Please pm me if you have any of these or if you want my FS pokemon i'll add anyone that needs them


New Member
Friend Code: 3539 - 9172 - 9833
Type: Fire
Pokemon: Slugma, Pansear, and Braixen
Looking for: Ditto mainly but will accept any requests XD

pm me if interested

My sisters Friend Code: 1805 - 3017 - 1797
Type: Flying
Pokemon: Farfetch'd, Hoothoot, and Rufflet
Looking for: Any

pm me if interested tell me if you added me or my sister

Have a blessed day!
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Erron Black

The Outlaw
Frend Code: 3067-5552-6311
Type: Grass
Pokemon: Sawsbuck, Gogoat, Tangela
Looking for: Mostly Sliggoo(Specifically Gabite/Noibat/Sliggoo) and Dark Safaris, but I'll accept any. :)

Friend Code: 0662-3499-1788
Type: Rock
Pokemon: Onix, Dwebble, Barbaracle (I believe)
Looking for: Mightyena Safari. Gabite/Noibat/Sliggoo Safari. Luxio Safari. Swirlix/Kirlia Safari. Tyrogue Safari. Charmeleon/Fletchinder Safari. Pidgey/Rufflet Safari. Spiritomb Safari. Quilladin/Ivysaur Safari. Piloswine Safari. Duosion and Xatu Safari. Pupitar/Boldore Safari. Wartortle/Frogadier Safari(NO Bibarel Safaris). Will accept any safari that doesn't have Bibarel. (My brother HATES Bibarel lol)

razor fire

Well-Known Member
Friend Code: 2793-1034-0429
Pokemon: Bug type with Pinsir, Masquerain and Butterfree.
Looking for: Anything and everything as I am currently working on a shiny living dex :D

PM me if you added me!
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Friend Code: 1736-1030-9286
Pokemon: Unknown, but you can tell me if you add me :)
Looking for: Magmar and Electabuzz, but I might add people with other pokemon too


New Member
Friend Code: 5343-8080-2525
Pokemon in my Safari: (Fighting) Meditite, Sawk, and Tyrogue
Pokemon I am looking for: Any! However, I am prioritizing Larvesta
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New Member
Friend code: 2767-1107-2973
Safari: Normal, DITTO, dunsparce, loudred
Looking for: water frogadier, greyninja

Pm if added and let me know what's in there lol
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I am looking for people who want my Water Safari. My 3DS FC is 2981 9377 4651, and consists of Octillery, Poliwhirl and Gyarados.

The key Pokémons I am looking for are:


I am fine with other Safaris since I have many empty friend list slots, or you wish to register my Ghost Safari instead. Please send me a message if you want my safaris!
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New Member
friend code:3196-6996-5971
safari type electric: dedenne, helioptile, galvantula

pokemon im looking for
Fire: charmeleon
Fairy: spritze/ jigglypuff, clefairy
Dark: nuzleaf, sabeleye
fighting: throh (no machoke)
flying: pidgey,
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Bellsprout King
My friend code: 4227 5283 8444 travis

Pokemon in my safari: butterfree, beautifly, vivillon

Pokemon im looking for: ledyba, vivillon, chansey, eevee, vullaby, cacturne, druddigon, shelgon, luxio, emolga, togepi, snubbull, clefairy, magmar, ponyta, charmeleon, tropius, woobat, farfetchd, dusclops, drifblim, spiritomb, lampent, phantump, dewgong, garbodor, toxicroak, whirlipede, munna, shuckle, klang, klefki, wartortle
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Hey. I don't know which pokes my safari has, and I accept any safari, really. If someone could tell me I'd apreciate. =:O
My FC.: 1951 2197 5521... PM me if you add me.
Friend code: 4484-7902-2156
Safari: Abra, espurr, duosion
Looking for: Chaney, blissey, audino