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Friend Safari Thread V2 ~*READ THE RULES OR DIE!*~


New Member
Friend code:3351-4314-0417
Pokemon I have:Fighting, unkown names
Pokemon seeking: Any. Lookinh to shiny hunt.

Will add anyone who adds me, should have plenty of room for now.
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Friend code: 1048-8720-3793
My pokemon: klefki, metang, ferroseed
Looking for: charmeleon, ivysaur.

Will add all safaries so pm me if you are interested
Friend Code 0705 6813 5865

My Safari : Unknown

Pokemon im looking for : elekid/electabuzz and magby/magmar

Also just willing to trade for those pokemon


New Member
Old school Pokémon player recently back to the franchise. I'm looking for friends to begin completing my pokedex!

My Friend Code: 0147 3357 7198

Electric Safari - Dedene, Stunfisk and Zebstriker
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OG Dorito

New Member
Friend Code: 2380-2813-5317 (name is Jeff)
Pokemon in My Safari: Swalot, Cascoon, unknown third
Pokemon I am Looking For: Aipom, Ditto, Eevee


Competitive Battler
Friend Code: 1779-3667-3049
Pokemon in My Safari:Unknown
Pokemon I am Looking For: Fletchlinder, Frogadeer, Pachirusu

PM me if you add me


Friend Codes - Friend Safaris

Hi! I have 2 Friend Codes, I prefer sharing them as a pair (use both), but I won't force the issue. And, I kind of like keeping "Friends" once they're made... Very eccentric of me, I know. Those folks who used to have my code(s), well, some of you I could still use some more time to get the 3rd Pokemon...

Pokemon Y: 4914-3703-7303, GameID: Elf-Friend, TrainerID: Rowan --> Safari: Grass (Swadloon, Quilladin, Oddish)
Pokemon X: 4613-7237-6490, GameID: Ryoverde, TrainerID: Riley --> Safari: Bug (Butterfree, Masquerain, Vivillon)

I will accept / swap for ANY Safari; eventually, I'm hoping to be able to access all the Pokemon via F.S. that are available.

I am missing, so am Seeking the most:
Normal -> Teddiursa, Mincinno
Bug -> Paras, Pinsir, Heracross,Illumise
Dark -> Mightyena, Liepard
Electric -> Electrabuzz, Manetric
Fairy -> Kirlia, Snubbull, Spritzee, Jigglypuff, Clefairy
Fighting -> Riolu
Fire -> Growlithe
Ghost -> Lampent, Golurk, Drifblim, Spiritomb
Flying -> Hawlucha, Pidgey, Hoothoot, Woobat
Grass -> Gogoat
Ground -> Trapinch
Ice -> Cloyster
Poison -> Seviper, Swalot, Garbodor, Muk, Drapion, Toxicroak
Psychic -> ANY/ALL
Rock -> Dwebble, Corsola, Pupitar
Steel -> Magneton, Metang, Klefki
Water -> Krabby

Thank you!

Cara B aka ryoverde, USA->TX-> San Antonio
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Premiere Ball Enthusiast
Friend Code: 3179-6073-0326
Pokemon in My Safari:ROCK: Onix, Boldore, Rhydon
Pokemon I am Looking For: Muk, Electabuzz, Hawlucha, Swirlix, will add anyone who wants my Safari for the most part.

Looking for active players who are online a lot. If you add me please try and come onlilne in order to unlock the 3rd slot. I am currently playing quite frequently for the next month or two as I try and prep for Sun & Moon. This is probably the most important aspect of adding me.

PM me if you add me


New Member
Friend Code: 1306 - 5332 - 1441
Pokemon in My Safari: Snover, Bergmite, and Piloswine
Pokemon I am Looking For: Fairy: Swirlix, Kirlia (both preferably in the same safari)
Ground: Trapinch

PM me if you add me
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Magus lover
I would *really* like an aipom safari, and spearow among others I cannot think of I am missing.
I can offer -
Child 1607 4031 7310 Piloswine, Sneasel, Snorunt
Child 5172 3567 1206 Red 3DS Fraxure, Noibat, Druddigon

I will not take just any safari.
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New Member
I'm looking for Fairy Safari with Swirlix.

My Friend Code: 2423-3110-4256
I have Ghost Safari with: Shuppet, Phantump, Dusclops.


New Member
looking for a bug safari with paras
3DS friend code 0044-2825-8532
Pokemon in safari magmar, slugma and fletchinder
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New Member
Friend code: 1865 1509 6409
Pokemon in my safari (Fairy): Togepi, Slurpuff and Flabebe
Pokemon I,m looking for: Chansey, Larvesta, Swadloon and Snover


New Member
Hey all! Here is my info

FC: 2638 0090 8558

MY Safari: I have Kirlia, Mawile and Floette

I will update late with what pokemon I am missing from the safari. But please feel free to send me a PM or add me. Thank you.


New Member
Friend Code: 4914 3904 8486

Pokemon in My Safari: Unknown ( will update once I find out )

Pokemon I am Looking For: Any

If You add me let me know in pm Ill add back. Thx


New Member
Friend Code: 0774-4514-0398
What I Have: Unknown
What I Want: Any


Since Red version'98
3DS FC: 5086-1917-7632
Pokémon Y
Safari: Electrode, Stunfisk, Manectric

I will add everyone who asks, I mean EVERYONE!!
Thank you!


I am looking for people who want my Water Safari. My 3DS FC is 2981 9377 4651, and consists of Octillery, Poliwhirl and Gyarados.

The key Pokémons I am looking for are:

Floette (I love variety of colours for this Pokémon)

I am fine with other Safaris since I have many empty friend list slots, or you wish to register my Ghost Safari instead. Please send me a message if you want my safaris!