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Friend Safari Thread V2 ~*READ THE RULES OR DIE!*~

Name: JJ
Friend Code: 2750-2011-3394
Friend Safari Type: Unknown (Please help!)
Looking for: Ditto! Please

Looking to add anyone though
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New Member
Looking for charmeleon Safari

Have a flying safari


Vivillon Trader
Had a mishap with my 3DS so have a new 2DS with a flying safari: Pidgey, Swanna and Rufflet.
My friend code: 3411-5037-8518.

Looking for a fairy with Jiggleypuff.

Will add any.
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Looking for: ditto safari
I have: Rock with dwebble, corsola, and rhydon
I can give pokerus and a master ball as thanks for helping me out
Fc: 2122-6643-3100


I have changed my preferences. Now I am searching for Spiritomb, though I accept other safaris as well.

It would be great if you can register my Water Safari for this.

Send me a private message for this. Thanks!
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Pokèmon Master
Friend code: 2552-3853-4012

Friend safari: Steel (Ferroseed, Skarmory, Klefki)

Pokémon I Am Looking For: Vivillion (Bug Safari)

As a friendly reminder; please remember to VM or PM me if you are interested and do not assume I will add you. Most likely I will, but I will not if I feel like it's being demanded. I am interested in a few other safaris. Vivillion is my main priority as of now though.
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pokemon breeder
Friend Code: 1135 - 1775 - 7723
Pokemon in My Safari: rock type with dwebble, onix, and rhydon
Pokemon I am Looking For: any

looking to add more safaris
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Well-Known Member

I just finshed my first elite 4 run.

And i'm looking to get my dex going.

I'm looking for some friend safari's. Plz add me. 4828-5734-4634

Just p.m. me and il add u back.


It's Lit
Friend code is in my sig.

Looking for: Dragonair, Eevee, Aipom, and Helioptile safari's, but I'll add anyone who wants me to. If you add me, PM me your friend code please so I can add back :)
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Friend code: 2681-1969-9900
My safari: Water/Panpour, Gyarados, Poliwhirl
Looking for: Specifically Ditto, Vivillon and most starters, but I'll take any


New Member
Friend Code: 4828-5071-9224
Pokemon in My Safari: Magmar, Larvesta, Braixen
Pokemon I am Looking For: Any

just let me know when you add me


New Member
Hi! I am new to the game so i havent reached friend safaris yet. Ive just reached Route 12. But please feel free to add me! I can always use friends :) Please pm me if you add so i can return the favor :) thanks!

fc: 3883-9328-6713


New Member
Friend Code: 3368-4204-9949
Pokemon in my safari: Marowak, Phanpy, and Diggersby
Pokemon I am looking for: any


New Member
Friend code 3196-4036-8231

Pokemon in my safari: fighting, I think it's pancham and mienfoo for sure

Looking for: any
Thank you!