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Friend Safari Thread V2 ~*READ THE RULES OR DIE!*~

Discussion in '6th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by Hydrohs, Nov 16, 2013.

  1. melhouse_06

    melhouse_06 New Member

    My Safari: Fairy - Dedenne, Mawile, Clefairy
    Pokemon I am Looking For: Anything
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2017
  2. Tloyue

    Tloyue New Member

    Friend Code: 5387-2230-4132

    Pokemon in My Safari:FIRE Pansear/Pyroar/Ninetales
    Pokemon I am Looking For: Charmeleon and any
  3. SoulRithm

    SoulRithm New Member

    Friend Code: 2251-9367-8590

    Pokémon in my Safari: Unknown
    Pokémon I am looking for: Charmeleon / Frogadier / Hawlucha
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2017
  4. Tloyue

    Tloyue New Member

    I had add you.please add me. FC:5387-2230-4132.Thanks a lot
  5. Tloyue

    Tloyue New Member

    Please add me.
  6. Moonlyte

    Moonlyte New Member

    Friend Code: 2939-1096-8047
    Pokemon in my Safari: Unknown (would like to find out if anyone could let me know)
    Pokemon I am Looking for: Any
  7. DoctorWV

    DoctorWV New Member

    Friend Code: 3755 1464 2875
    Pokémon in my Safari: Unknown(would like to find out if anyone could let me know)
    Pokémon I am looking for: Any

    Add away
  8. waweiker

    waweiker New Member

    FC: 0989 1920 1584
    Pokémon in my safari: unknown
  9. Mega Typhlosion

    Mega Typhlosion Well-Known Member

    FC: 3866-8099-9870
    Pokémon in my Safari: Dragonair, Sliggoo and Shelgon (please confirm, I haven't played for a while)
    Pokémon I am looking for: Braixen
  10. 134

    134 Sad and angry.

    FC: 0104 0248 0722
    Pokémon in my Safari: Unknown.
    Pokémon I am looking for: Ivysaur, Charmeleon, Wartortle, all Gen I Pokémon.
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2017
  11. Earendil

    Earendil Well-Known Member

    Friend Code: 2809-8504-5239
    Pokemon in My Safari: Normal- Ditto, ?, ? (I forgot what the last 2 Pokemon are)
    Pokemon I am Looking For: Any
    Notes: 10 Friend Code spots open as of 3/10/17.
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2017
  12. Lyncoln

    Lyncoln New Member

    Looking For Additions to my Safari

    Hey guys im looking to diversify with hidden ability Pokemon so friend codes are much appreciated.
    My Safari is Dark type with Vullaby Sandile and Sableye
    My friend code is 1779 4924 2842
  13. Akitch12

    Akitch12 New Member

    Friend code- 2793-0932-3359
    Pokemon in my safari- unknown (would like to find out)
    Pokemon I'm after- any (am on most nights and looking to fill up polders so all add would be useful

  14. Haken22

    Haken22 New Member

    Name: Haken
    Friend Code: 5344-0520-6390
    My Safari: Rock [Dwebble / Pupitar / Barbaracle]
    Looking For: Charmeleon / Braixen / Shuckle

    Many thanks in advance. I'm basically completing the FS collection now but if I can secure the above that I'm looking for, they will certainly be a bonus. :)
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2017
  15. Tloyue

    Tloyue New Member

    please add me.
  16. utlhmsus

    utlhmsus Well-Known Member

    FC: 2552-5852-1468
    Safari: Unknown

    Looking for: Quilladin, Ditto, Sableye, Noibat, Shelgon, Fraxure, Pikachu, Mawile, Kirlia, Riolu, Fletchinder, Pumpkaboo, Marowak, Nincada, Sandshrew, Trapinch, Whirlipede, Pupitar, Metang, Pinsir, Heracross
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2017
  17. SewnOnLetters

    SewnOnLetters New Member

    Friend Code: 3625-9499-5262
    Pokemon in My Safari: Delibird,Lapras, Beartic
    Pokemon I am Looking For: Dragonair, Sliggoo, Noibat, Minccino, Eeevee, and Golurk.
  18. Vroomer

    Vroomer Well-Known Member

    3DSXL FC: 0920-3253-1545
    My safari is Ferroseed, Skarmory, and Bronzong

    3DS FC: 4012-8421-4235
    My safari is Sawsbuck (Spring), Pansage, and Maractus

    Looking for: Palpitoad

    I try to stay online all the time. Thanks!
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2017
  19. Concora

    Concora New Member

    Friend Code:5473-1746-8177
    Pokemon in my Safari: Unknown
    Pokemon I'm looking for: Any
  20. UnravelingAL

    UnravelingAL New Member

    Friend Code: 4313-4258-9102

    Pokemon in my Safari: Cleafairy, Kirlia, Mawile.

    Pokemon I'm looking for: Any

    Friend Code: 3282-3737-5333

    Pokemon in my Safari: Pupitar, Dwebble, and Barbaracle

    Pokemon I'm looking for: Any

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