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Friend Safari Thread V2 ~*READ THE RULES OR DIE!*~


Too lazy to pick a pic
New Friend Code.

Friend Code: Friend Code: 3411-6977-0072
Pokemon in My Safari:
Ghost Type - phantump, drifblim, lampent
Pokemon I am Looking For: Hawlucha

EDIT.: Done
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New Member
I hope I'm not overstepping, but would anyone mind a GoogleDocs Spreadsheet or something similar to compile and sort everyone's information from here? I think that'd make it easier to find people with the Friend Safari pokemon you're looking for, and easy to add new posters' info.


Shiny Hunter
My Friend Code: 1693 - 1069 -1732
Pokemon in my Safari: Grass with Oddish, Swadloon, and Gogoat
Pokemon I am Looking For:
Crawdaunt, Sableye (In the same safari preferably)
Electric: Manectric (Electrode and Helioptile as 1st and 2nd slot preferably)
Fighting: Meditite (Throh in 2nd Slot preferably)
Fire: Pansear (Pyroar and Braixen as 2nd and 3rd Slot preferably)
Grass: Sunkern, Petilil (In the same safari preferably)
Ground: Palpitoad (Wooper in 1st Slot and Camerupt/Marowak in 2nd preferably)
Poison: Kakuna, Seviper, Muk, Toxicroak (Two in the same safari preferably)
Rock: Corsola (Boldore and Shuckle as 1st and 3rd Slot preferably)
Steel: Magneton, Forretres (1st and 2nd Slot)
Water: Octillery, Poliwhirl (In the same safari preferably)


New Member
Friend code: 2122 6287 0915
Pokémon in my safari: Pansear, Larvesta, Braixen
Pokémon I am looking for: None. Add me if you really want, but I don't come on here often so I probably won't see the message.
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New Member
Friend Code:5172~6262~6600
Pokemon in My Safari: Kirlia Mawile Floette
Pokemon I am Looking For: Any dragon type.


To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before.
Staff member
Friend Code: 0318-7078-4221
Pokemon in my safari: Boldore, Magcargo, Shuckle
Pokemon I am looking for: a Chansey safari, Duosion one


New Member
Hi Guys, I'm trying to expand my Friend Safari, so far I have just Minccino and Lillipup... Im looking for Togepi mainly but any Pokemon would be fine! could you help me? :) my friend code is: 1478 - 9792 - 2103


New Member
Friend code: 3969-8101-5167
Pokémon have: snover, sneasel, cloyster
Pokémon want : any
(Name in game is Liz)
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keeper of elements
Looking for friend safaris my friend code is 1822-5301-2093


Antimatter Trainer
Friend Code: 2294.4340.8428
Pokemon in My Safari: I have no idea.
Pokemon I am Looking For: Sableye, Snorunt (feel free to PM if you have those please!)


Holon Cartographer
Friend Code: 0748 - 2877 - 8988
Pokemon in My Safari: Ground - Wooper, Camerupt, Diggersby
Pokemon I am Looking For: Psychic - Kirlia

Please PM if you can help out, many thanks!


New Member
Friend Code: 1504 - 6189 - 3700

Pokemon in My Safari: Magmar, Larvesta, Braixen
Pokemon I am Looking For: Steel Types.

IGN: Jesse

Send a PM if you added me and I'll reply as soon as I can! I'll add anyone who needs my safari.
FC: 4699-7209-3224
My Safari: Meditite, Sawk, Breloom
Looking for: As many different Safaris as possible!

My 3DS name is Hobbes, but you'll likely see either Max or Serena as my IGN.

If you add me, please PM me so I can add you back.
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Friend Code: 1504 - 6189 - 3700

Pokemon in My Safari: Magmar, Larvesta, Braixen
Pokemon I am Looking For: Steel Types.

I´m added you,
Friend Code: 3153-9745-0262
Pokemon in my Safari: Fairy Safari - Kirlia, Spritzee and Floette

IGN: Jesse

Send a PM if you added me and I'll reply as soon as I can! I'll add anyone who needs my safari.
FC: 3454 1193 6009
My Safari: Dragon: Gabite Noibat Sliggoo
Looking for: barbarcle
Can you add me and pm when online so i can get the 3rd not sure what my safari is


Young Battle Trainer
Pokemon in my safari: I don't know
Looking for: Any Pokemon


Unova Enthusiast
FC: 1521-8304-6484
Safari: Unknown
LF: Any and every kind

Let me know if you add me, so I can add you back. Will let anyone know if I had them first, as well.


Well-Known Member
Friend Code: 0662-9482-3542
Pokemon in My Safari: Dunsparce, Loudred, Ditto
Pokemon I am Looking For: Grass - Ivysaur

PM me whenever!


Friend Code:4313-0163-8358
Pokémon in my Safari: Unknown(Trying to find out what they are)
Pokémon I am Looking For: Bronzong, Barbaracle

discord: DreaMerClouDe#3592
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