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Friend Safari Thread V2 ~*READ THE RULES OR DIE!*~

Discussion in '6th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by Hydrohs, Nov 16, 2013.

  1. Serbia

    Serbia New Member

    Friend Code: 3669-2690-9296
    Pokemon in my Safari: Octillery, Floatzel, Azumarill
    Pokemon I am Looking For: Any
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2019
  2. Nikomas

    Nikomas New Member

    So glad you guys have this thread, I've been getting more into shiny hunting lately and while XY is 'passe' it's still a great way to hunt Pokemon!

    Friend Code:
    Pokemon in My Safari: Rock Type - Nosepass, Magcargo, Shuckle
    Pokemon I am Looking For:
    Normal - Keckleon, Chansey
    Bug - Illumise, Combee, Vivillon
    Dark - Any
    Dragon - Noibat, Druddigon
    Electric - Dedenne
    Fairy - Dedenne, Togepi, Swirlix, Spritzee
    Ghost - Spiritomb
    Ground - Trapinch, Nincada
    Ice - Snover, Snorunt, Bergmite
    Psychic - Munna, Girafarig
  3. DuquÊ?

    DuquÊ? Too lazy to pick a pic

    New Friend Code.

    Friend Code: Friend Code: 3411-6977-0072
    Pokemon in My Safari:
    Ghost Type - phantump, drifblim, lampent
    Pokemon I am Looking For: Hawlucha

    EDIT.: Done
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2019
  4. Nikomas

    Nikomas New Member

    I hope I'm not overstepping, but would anyone mind a GoogleDocs Spreadsheet or something similar to compile and sort everyone's information from here? I think that'd make it easier to find people with the Friend Safari pokemon you're looking for, and easy to add new posters' info.
  5. Arcamenel

    Arcamenel Shiny Hunter

    My Friend Code: 1693 - 1069 -1732
    Pokemon in my Safari: Grass with Oddish, Swadloon, and Gogoat
    Pokemon I am Looking For:
    Crawdaunt, Sableye (In the same safari preferably)
    Electric: Manectric (Electrode and Helioptile as 1st and 2nd slot preferably)
    Fighting: Meditite (Throh in 2nd Slot preferably)
    Fire: Pansear (Pyroar and Braixen as 2nd and 3rd Slot preferably)
    Grass: Sunkern, Petilil (In the same safari preferably)
    Ground: Palpitoad (Wooper in 1st Slot and Camerupt/Marowak in 2nd preferably)
    Poison: Kakuna, Seviper, Muk, Toxicroak (Two in the same safari preferably)
    Rock: Corsola (Boldore and Shuckle as 1st and 3rd Slot preferably)
    Steel: Magneton, Forretres (1st and 2nd Slot)
    Water: Octillery, Poliwhirl (In the same safari preferably)
  6. worhinlolrod

    worhinlolrod New Member

    Friend code: 2122 6287 0915
    Pokémon in my safari: Pansear, Larvesta, Braixen
    Pokémon I am looking for: Any
    Last edited: May 6, 2019
  7. Dova369

    Dova369 New Member

    Friend Code:5172~6262~6600
    Pokemon in My Safari: Kirlia Mawile Floette
    Pokemon I am Looking For: Any dragon type.
  8. WishIhadaManafi5

    WishIhadaManafi5 Don't mess with the bull. You'll get the horns. Staff Member Moderator

    Friend Code: 0318-7078-4221
    Pokemon in my safari: Boldore, Magcargo, Shuckle
    Pokemon I am looking for: a Chansey safari, Duosion one
  9. PokeLiano

    PokeLiano New Member

    Hi Guys, I'm trying to expand my Friend Safari, so far I have just Minccino and Lillipup... Im looking for Togepi mainly but any Pokemon would be fine! could you help me? :) my friend code is: 1478 - 9792 - 2103
  10. Wartortle666

    Wartortle666 New Member

    Friend code: 3969-8101-5167
    Pokémon have: snover, sneasel, cloyster
    Pokémon want : any
    (Name in game is Liz)
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2019
  11. Diegofr3377

    Diegofr3377 Well-Known Member

    Added. Yoy have snover sneasel and cloyster
    Wartortle666 likes this.
  12. mastero2101@yahoo.com

    mastero2101@yahoo.com keeper of elements

    Looking for friend safaris my friend code is 1822-5301-2093
  13. Atratus

    Atratus Antimatter Trainer

    Friend Code: 2294.4340.8428
    Pokemon in My Safari: I have no idea.
    Pokemon I am Looking For: Sableye, Snorunt (feel free to PM if you have those please!)
  14. Acherhar

    Acherhar Holon Cartographer

    Friend Code: 0748 - 2877 - 8988
    Pokemon in My Safari: Ground - Wooper, Camerupt, Diggersby
    Pokemon I am Looking For: Psychic - Kirlia

    Please PM if you can help out, many thanks!
  15. FireflyJay

    FireflyJay New Member

    Friend Code: 1504 - 6189 - 3700

    Pokemon in My Safari: Magmar, Larvesta, Braixen
    Pokemon I am Looking For: Steel Types.

    IGN: Jesse

    Send a PM if you added me and I'll reply as soon as I can! I'll add anyone who needs my safari.
  16. RealRedPotato

    RealRedPotato Member

    FC: 4699-7209-3224
    My Safari: Meditite, Sawk, Breloom
    Looking for: As many different Safaris as possible!

    My 3DS name is Hobbes, but you'll likely see either Max or Serena as my IGN.

    If you add me, please PM me so I can add you back.
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2019
  17. DJW94

    DJW94 Member

    Can you add me and pm when online so i can get the 3rd not sure what my safari is
  18. RileyXY1

    RileyXY1 Young Battle Trainer

    Pokemon in my safari: I don't know
    Looking for: Any Pokemon
  19. SubtleVVeirdoh

    SubtleVVeirdoh Unova Enthusiast

    FC: 1521-8304-6484
    Safari: Unknown
    LF: Any and every kind

    Let me know if you add me, so I can add you back. Will let anyone know if I had them first, as well.

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