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Friend Safari Thread V2 ~*READ THE RULES OR DIE!*~

Discussion in '6th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by Hydrohs, Nov 16, 2013.

  1. Regiultima

    Regiultima Rises with Magnetism

    Friend Code: 2406-5615-6214
    Pokemon in My Safari: Gloom, Ariados, and Whirlipede
    Pokemon I am Looking For: Azumarill, Wartortle, Eevee, Loudred, Klefki

    PM with your FC when you add me
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2013
  2. Shouting

    Shouting New Member

    Friend Code: 2251-5426-0768
    Pokemon in my Safari: Unknown (if someone could tell me, that would be great) I have Tangela, Ivysaur, Quilladin
    Pokemon I'm searching for: Any, starting my list fresh.

    Please PM/VM me!
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2013
  3. Moodbeam

    Moodbeam Member

    Friend Code: 0989-1790-6921
    Pokemon in My Safari: Shuppet, Phantump, Spiritomb
    Pokemon I am Looking For: Aipom, Paras, Pinsir, Heracross, Mightyena, Nuzleaf, Togepi, Mawile, Clefairy, Rufflet, Spiritomb, Dusclops, Sawsbuck, Maractus, Gastrodon, Spheal, Snorunt, Dewgong, Muk, Girafarig, Barbacle, Bronzong.
  4. Corrosion

    Corrosion Hello Kitty =/= Cat

    Friend Code: 0018-1095-7707
    Pokemon in My Safari: Pancham, (I forget, possibly Mankey), and Breloom
    Pokemon I am Looking For: Ditto, Venomoth, Fletchinder, Whirlipede, Abra, and Duosion. (I am accepting all but Electric at this point, though.)
  5. pokedigijedi

    pokedigijedi Saiyan Jedi

    Friend Code: 4382-2152-1254
    Pokemon in My Safari: ariados, kakuna, muk
    Pokemon I am Looking For: steel and fairy and eevee
  6. outburs

    outburs Member

    My FC: 5343-7700-4993

    Looking for: Fletchinder also ANY dragon safari
  7. Solo95

    Solo95 Shiny Hunter

    Friend code: 5198 2949 0455
    pokemon in my safari: doduo, tranquil and fletchinder
    pokemon I'm looking for: eevee, pikachu, wartortle, excadrill, gabite, galvantula, mightyena, palpitoad, klang and pinsir.

    pleases don't add if you don't have any of these pokemon, also please don't add my code if you don't know your type.
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2013
  8. TheCabbage

    TheCabbage Member

    friend code: 2981 6245 7107
    pokemon in my safari: seviper, swalot, unknown (would like to find out)
    looking for: duosion, kirlia and abra

    please only message me if you have these pokemon, thanks
  9. DoctorBlaine

    DoctorBlaine New Member

    Friend Code - 0834-2022-4573
    My safari: Frogadier, Wartortle and Bibarel
    Looking for : Spiritomb, Metang, Eevee, Ditto, Frogadier, Zebstrika

    Message or else I won't know you added, and I can't add you

    Also accepting any Fairy or if you don't know what your safari is
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2013
  10. pcstampede

    pcstampede WeaGarSal

    Friend Code: 0877-0524-1198
    Pokemon in My Safari: Fairy: Snubull; Swirlix; and blue flower Floette
    Pokemon I am Looking For: Several but right now i only want Mienfoo(need badly) someone help me out lol its serious xD, but i have loads of fc room so pm if your interested.
  11. Vuallum

    Vuallum Well-Known Member

    Friend Code: 3024-6241-6897
    Pokemon in my safari Rock with Boldore, Onix, Barbaracle
    Pokemon I'm looking for: Ditto, Smeargle, Breloom would be fantastic but will add anybody :)

    Please PM if you want to swap safari codes :)
  12. EQWashu

    EQWashu Master Pokéwitch

    Friend Code: 3823-9029-3721
    Pokemon in my Safari: Water: Krabby, Floatzel and Frogadier
    Pokemon I'm Looking for *ONLY* :

    STEEL: Magneton, Klang, Excadrill and Bronzong (seriously prefer at least 2 of these in one, but just one is fine at this point)

    Sorry, but I'm out of spare room and cannot accept any other safaris at this time. Thank you!
  13. BubbleSteel

    BubbleSteel Keyboard Blazer

    Friend Code: 2363-5631-0238
    Pokemon in My Safari: Smeargle / Cinccino / Teddiursa
    Pokemon I am Looking For: Bronzong
  14. Rikkie1991

    Rikkie1991 New Member

    FC: 3969-4605-5055
    My Safari: Fighting: Mankey, Pancham, Breloom
    Looking for:

    Dark: Mightyena, Inkay, Sableye
    Elec: Manectric
    Fairy: Topegi
    Flying: Hoothoot, Rufflet
    Ghost: B]Dusclops[/B]
    Ground: Gastrodon
    Ice: Dewgong,
    Poison: Gloom
    Normal: Chansey
    Psychic: Drowsee
    Steel: Skarmory, Metang, Excadrill
    Water: Wartortle

    Bolded are most wanted
  15. LiquidSidious

    LiquidSidious Member

    Friend Code: 0731-5224-5171
    Pokemon in My Safari: Aipom, Kecleon and Smeargle
    Pokemon I am Looking For: Poliwhirl, Forretress, Shelgon, Lillipup, Vullaby, Liepard, and Excadrill
    I'm sorry if I sound like a jerk but I won't add anyone who has a Rock, Ghost, Ice or Bug type Safari (I have plenty of these Safaris right now) and anyone who just says "Add my FC".
    Other than that I'll accept anyone at the moment.
  16. JoshRJV77

    JoshRJV77 Active Member

    Friend Code: 4527-7778-0673
    Pokemon in My Safari: Bibarel / Frogadier / Gyardos
    Pokemon I am Looking For: kirlia
  17. Rsr57

    Rsr57 Well-Known Member

    FC: 4355-9469-8034. PM please if you are interested in my safari. Tell me what you have or i´ll ignore you.

    Friend Safari (Psychic): Abra, Espurr, Duosion.

    Looking for: Lillipup, Xatu, Cacturne, Tranquill, Klang, Bronzong, Metang, Swadloon. Not accepting aything else, sorry.
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2013
  18. Aipomdude

    Aipomdude New Member

    Friend Code: 0920-0809-6262
    Pokemon in My Safari: teddiursa, audino And Eevee
    Pokemon I am Looking For: Fighting Bug and Water safari's and funny story i also need eevee! :)
  19. BugCatcher6

    BugCatcher6 Active Member


    Friend Code: 1349 - 4674 - 3085
    Pokemon in My Safari: Mankey, Throh, Tyrogue

    Pokemon I am Looking For: Poliwhirl
    Dragon: Gabite, Shelgon
    Fire: Growlith, Slugma
    Fighting: Sawk
    Normal: Lillipup
    Dark: Nuzleaf, Sandile, Crawdaunt
    Steel: Magneton, Ferroseed, Klang, Forretress, Bronzong
  20. KyuremFreeze

    KyuremFreeze Hello, b0ss

    My fc: 0344 9985 1386
    Pokemon in my safari: Pansage Sawsbuck Gogoat
    Pokemon im looking for:
    Dragon: Any dragon safari
    Ground: Gastrodon
    Starters: Anything that ISNT a safari with wartortle, frogaidier, braxien.
    And ditto

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