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Friend Safari Thread V2 ~*READ THE RULES OR DIE!*~


Well-Known Member
My fc is: 3136-6575-8714
My safari: Flying; Doduo, Tropius and Woobat
What I want: Ditto, Frogadier, Eevee and Loudred


Send me a VM if you add me.


Master Pokéwitch
Friend Code: 3823-9029-3721
Pokemon in my Safari: Water: Krabby, Floatzel and Frogadier
Pokemon I'm Looking for *ONLY* :

STEEL: Magneton, Klang, Excadrill and Bronzong (seriously prefer at least 2 of these in one, but just one is fine at this point)

Sorry, but I'm out of spare room and cannot accept any other safaris at this time. Thank you!


Active Member
FC: 3136-7747-4882.
Water safari, with Octillery, Floatzel, and Poliwhirl.
Looking for safaris with Venomoth, Eevee, Sigilyph, Oddish, and Vivillon. (But mainly need Venomoth) Won't accept any but those for now, please.


Friend Code: 5343-7700-4993
Pokemon in my Safari: Dodou, Tranquill, and Braviary's pre evolution
Pokemon I'm looking for: Pyroar, Quiladin, Ditto, Dragons


New Member
FC: 0834-1961-7468

Psychic Safari: Drowzee, Espurr, Gothorita

These are what I still need:

Bug: Paras
Dark: Nuzleaf
Ghost: Dusclops
Poison: Garbodor
Psychic: Girafarig
Steel: Klang, Excadrill

If you have any of these, but I haven't gotten anything you need, I'd appreciate it if you'd add me for just a day or two. :)
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Friend Code: 4484 8994 6340
Friend Safari: [Psychic] : drowzee, wobbufett and duosion

Pokemon I need:

NORMAL: teddiursa, audino
BUG: combee, masquerain,
DARK: all of them!
ELECTRIC: pachirisu, dedenne, Pikachu, helioptile, manectric, luxio,
FAIRY: mawile, swirlix, kirlia, dedenne
FIGHTING: tyrogue, hariyama, sawk, machoke
FIRE: ponyta
FLYING: farfetch’d, woobat, tranquill, troppius
GHOST: drifblim
GRASS: oddish, sawsbuck,
GROUND: gastrodon, trapinch, dugtrio
ICE: snover, delibird, lapras
POISON: cascoon, toxicroak
PSYCHIC: grumpig, sigilyph, duosion, girafrig, gothorita
ROCK: nosepass
STEEL: metang, skarmory, bronzong
WATER: bibarel, wartortie, floatzel, poliwhirl, lapras


What do I do now?
FC: 5343-7839-9453

Pokémon in safari: Spheal, Bergmite, Cloyster

Pokémon I'm looking for: Do to limited space, for now, I'm going to ask that only those with the pokemon listed PM. I'm super sorry b/c it makes me feel like a huge jerk to do that, but I promise once I get everything in and have more room, I will open it to everyone. Which means this If you do not have these pokemon, I ask that you not message me until this message is gone. then I'll accept anyone who sends me a PM

Normal: Minccino(obtained!), Ditto, Eevee
Dragon: Gabite (obtained!), Shelgon, Sliggoo(pending), Noibat (obtained!)
Electric: Pachirisu, Emolga, Pikachu (obtained!), Helioptile(obtained!)
Fire: Growlithe (pending), Larvesta (pending), Pyroar, Ninetales
Grass: Ivysaur, Quilladin(pending)
Steel: Metang, Excadrill
Water: Wartortle, Frogadier


I. Like. Cereal.
FC: 3883-5664-1748
Type of Pokemon: Psychic: Sigyliph, Munna, Girafarig
Pokemon I'm looking for:
Normal: Loudred
Dark: Nuzleaf, Vullaby
Dragon: Shelgon
Fairy: Clefairy, Kirlia
Psychic: Munna, Grumpig, Xatu
Steel: Klang, Excadrill, Bronzong
Only these right now, sorry!
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Happy Holidays!
Friend Code: 0302-1168-6212
Pokemon in My Safari: Electrode, Pikachu, & Manectric
Pokemon I am Looking For: Charmeleon and Wartortle. Sorry. I don't have much space left.


Active Member
Friend Code: 4167 5084 5892
Pokemon in My Safari: Rufflet ,spearow and woobat
Pokemon I am Looking For: Metang shelgon dragonair larvesta bronzong poliwhirl electabuzz
those safari's only at the moment please - i'm running low ^^^^^^


Friend Code:0645-6947-9076
Pokemon in My Safari: Ferroseed,Fortress, and Klefki
Pokemon I am Looking For:
Dark: Inkay*Got it*
Grass: Ivysaur
NO MORE FIGHTING,ELECTRIC, FIRE, & WATER SAFARIS. Im sorry that I have the stuff you want, but I can't accept anymore of those types at the moment.
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Friend code: 0044-2853-9292
Pokemon in my Safari:
Meditite, Sawk and Hariyama
Pokemon I am looking for:
Mightyena, Vullaby, Cacturne, Absol, Inkay
Dragonite, Sliggoo
Snubbull, Jiggylpuff, Swirlix, Clefairy
Farfetch'd, Hoothoot
Dusclops, Drifblim
Marowak, Gastrodon, Palpitoad
Spheal, Lapras*
Ariados, Drapion
Magneton, Forretress, Klang, Bronzong
Krabby, Wartortle, Panpour, Lapras*, Azumarill


New Member
Friend Code: 0259 - 0341 - 7414
Pokemon in My Safari: Tangula, Sawsbuck and quilladin

Pokemon I am Looking For: Ditto mainly but anything will do
Friend Code: 0731-5224-5171
Pokemon in My Safari: Aipom, Kecleon and Smeargle
Pokemon I am Looking For: Poliwhirl, Forretress, Shelgon, Lillipup, Vullaby, Liepard, and Excadrill
I'm sorry if I sound like a jerk but I won't add anyone who has a Rock, Ghost, Ice or Bug type Safari (I have plenty of these Safaris right now) and anyone who just says "Add my FC".
Other than that I'll accept anyone at the moment. I'll try and get back to you as soon as possible.


New Member
Friend Code: 4940-5470-0731
Pokemons in my Safari: Azumarill, Gyarados and Krabby
Pokemon I am looking for: Ditto
Thanks for the help! ;407;
Friend Code: 2578-4088-6707

My Safari: Rock w/ Magcargo, Dwebble, and Barbaracle

Looking For: Togepi, Clefairy, Bronzong, Snorunt, and Chancey

I'll add anyone right now; I'm at a loss of Safaris.


New Member
At this time I have limited spaces so I am only after the above Pikemon.Once I have them I will restart and add everyone/trade you the Pokemon you need.Please PM if you add ^.^
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FC: 4527-7246-7706
My Safari: Machoke, Throh, Riolu
Looking for: Any 6th gen pokemon, but anything else is fine as well

PM/VM me~


New Member
Friend code: 5214-9162-2238
Safari: I don't know yet
Looking for: ditto and any others I like friends