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Friends Til The End! (082)


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Friends Til The End!

After losing to Richie, Ash is mopeing around annoyed that he lost. Convinced by Misty that he should support Richie who is now in the Quarter Finals. However when Richie loses, they both have to look inside themselves to see if they are any good

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First time I've seen this episode, and I love the ending... the title song playing in the background as they reshowed part of Ash's triumphs and that sad loss to Richie, very magical.

I know Ash was upset with his loss to Richie and he was 'sulking'... although I don't actually believe that's what he was doing, he was bitterly disappointed with his loss, but he was upset because Charizard didn't listen to him.


The closing ceremony was great, even though Ash's mom cried when she saw her son out there because she was proud of him. Also, I liked the ending of this episode. TWO THUMBS UP!!!!!!!!!

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I like imagining Ash going, "Charizard return!" to Charizard after the Johto League even though he didn't disobey Ash then.

"Do you wanna go for a walk?"
"Go by yourself"


I liked the ending ceremony too.



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I'm SO bitter we never saw the no. 1 trainer. But that would kinda label that character as the best trainer in the world, which the anime doesn't like to do.


If you ask me Ash had every right to be upset about losing his battle. His team had been weakened trying to help him get away from Team Rocket and Charizard was just being an *** to him. If it had been an even fight I'm sure he would have been a better sport about it. I loved how he burned Misty with his "Go by yourself." XD

I didn't quite understand why Prof. Oak ragged on him about "training his Charizard properly". He can't really train something that's either sleeping, doing as it wishes or attacking him can he?

I did enjoy that bit where they flashbacked to his battles during the league with the main theme song playing in the background. That was great. ^_^

I give a 5/10.


Team Awesome
Even though not a lot happens in this episode, I really liked the way they wrapped things up with the Kanto championships (the Silver Conference wrapup was also great). I liked the final montage of all Ash's major events of the championship to the full-length season one theme song. I'm sure people thought they could have chosen better music, but I think it just set the right mood (and even though I'm not a Pokeshipper, I can't ignore the fact that they played "A heart so true" right after Misty called to Ash). Too bad Gary didn't appear, but I guess he'd left town and decided not to return for the closing ceremonies. It would have been good to see him.


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Ash got over being depressed really quickly which was pretty dumb. The way they wrapped the season up was good.


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A very heartwarming episode, I like how Ash learns a lesson in this episode and makes a promise with Richie to do their best and achieve their goals. The ending was very nicely done showing Ashes triumphs and loses. It's really to bad they had the top 3 Pokemon trainers at the end shadowed and no names given to them, it would have been nice to see who won, also would've liked to at least see some reference for the top 3 going onto challenge the Elite 4 if they even get that chance. Anyways grats to Richie for making the top 8 and to Ash for making the top 16 of the Kanto league.


I agree with everyone that this was a good wrap up episode for the Kanto League. i loved the feeling of nolstalgia when Im listening to the season 1 theme song playing over Ash's battles of the Indigo League.


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I thought this was a really good closing to the Pokemon League, but I just wish I could've seen the champion.


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At the time, when I saw this, it came as a shock to me that Ash would lose. He's the main character, and we all thought he was going to win it. The fact that he lost made it more believable for me. If he did it again with the skills he has now, I think that he would have won it.


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I liked this episode... Ash and Richie work together, and that scene at the end when Richie left... and the music playing... wow. I loved it, I loved it so much ^_^ Nice way to bring the Pokémon League to a close.


ash got awdfully fast depressed which was a stupid sight to behold but for the rest it was a good episode.


ash got awfully fast depressed which was a stupid sight to behold but for the rest it was a good episode.

Blue Snover

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I think it should have been Ash there instead of Ritchie, the only reason Ash lost in the first place was because Team Rocket had interfered.

Ritchie did try though, but he obviously just wasn't good enough.