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Friends Til The End! (082)

My man Ash seemed to have injured his pride when Richie beat him but it was cool to see him mature and get over it. I liked how Ash got a special plaque at the end too.


I hadn't realized this before, but it seems as if Shigeru wasn't at the Sekiei League's closing ceremony. I do remember watching him drive away earlier in the tournament when he lost, but I had assumed that he simply returned to the local village.


I call you honey
Loved the end of the episode where it shows Ash's matches in the league with the full theme song playing in the background.

It was such a cool thing when I saw this episode when I was nine but now his little flashback seems like a taunt since he came nowhere close to fulfilling his dream.
What a letdown this Pokemon League was. I didn't expect Ash to win but I didn't like how he lost in the previous episode and spent half of this one feeling sorry for himself since Ash isn't usually that immature. Ritchie's match not even being shown completely was messed up too since he defeated Ash by default last time, so the best we could've seen is how strong Ritchie really was.
It's a shame how Ritchie lost to some faceless opponent who was never developed meanwhile Ash was left sitting in the stands watching that battle which we only got a quick montage of. It was good how Ash was feeling bad for Ritchie after that loss because it showed that he wasn't just concerned about his own dreams. I thought that the team up battle against Team Rocket was cool and my favorite scene was the fireworks scene at the ceremony. 7/10


On a quest to be the best...
This episode feels like an epilogue to Ash’s adventures in the Indigo league. The next episode references the league, but it doesn’t tie up any loose ends; it just introduces the next adventure.

Team Rocket didn’t need to appear, but without them the episode would’ve been too short to broadcast. I suppose they could’ve made Ritchie’s battle longer, but he wasn’t the main character; what we saw was probably more than what was needed for the story, & seeing Ash & his new friend work together was fun.

I like the closing ceremony, tho the fireworks aren’t as impressive as I remember. All in all, I’d say this is a fitting conclusion to the Indigo Saga, with a decent call to further adventures.
Aww the Pikachus playing together. The montage at the end is iconic.