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frinkys comics inc.



hi and welcome to firnkys comics, this is a thread made by liljinky55 and frazzler, we are both great at ,makin pokemon sprites,this is out 1st attempt, itz a prototype but itz gr8 for a beginner! (itz name is pirachi)


we beklive that it wasn't tht gd but we wanna c how this workz, plz reply to this one


we have successfully created the origin of pirachi comic and it took us a whole 30 mins! here you go! ENJOY!

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Eww... Just... Eww.

This comic is bad. I hate comics with mutations (Other than duskypuff and rhopip) and the backgrounds are bad. It's too random, the text is hard to see, the speech bubbles are bad and you can't tell who's saying what. BAD.


Well i have to progress on my pertners post. A. it was a prototype! which means set to change. And jinkies first comic. B. liking mutations is opinion and cant be classed as an error.

This comic was not made for a set story line or location just a test of characters ect.

Comics in the future will be more clear in text. But still. Thank you P-man for your respected input.

P.s we noticed the text eror ourselves. Background shown may not be the background used in the upcoming strips.

Nick Mckenzie

I don't care if it's your first comic, I'll criticise it like I always do.
1. Jirachis can fly, y'know.
2.What the heck is the thing with popcorn on its head? It does nothing.
3. The weird thing with one eye just magically appears out of nowhere.
4. No plot. (I can't believe I didn't leave this one until no. 4.)
5. Some lines separate the bridge in the last panel, and the one-eye thing disappears. WTF?
6. I don't know who's talking. Fix the speech bubbles.
7. Teh joke is teh cliche.
Jirachi: I'm stupid.
One-eye: I can magically appear and disappear.
Popcorn on head thing: I do nothing. W00t, randomness!
Kay, I'm done.


Elect./water master
This comic needs alot of improvement. Also Nick Mckenzie, not all comics need a plot.


the wierd thing with one eye is a sword/mace fing and the pop corn pokemon is the beasuty of comedy comics, if you dont like the cartoon, dont come on the thread, itz as simple as tht

but wew respect your opinions and we will work on them in the future, but not everyone is perfect! lol

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thanks for that soz about the sizes that was my department so sorry. Well sorry if you dont like our humor. Maybe this comic aint for you.


a rip of from loony tunes is scooby doo and pinky and the brain, this aint a rip off from anythin and if it is its probs the beano


First, could you at least TYPE with proper english? Or type actually words?
Second, if you want people to just come here and say, "LOL! TH15 COMIC IS DA BAST!" then you came to the wrong place. By posting your comics here, you are asking for help on your comic. If you don't want help, then don't post you shitty comic here. We got too much of that.

As for your comic, let me brake it down.
Plot: There is none, and but not having a plot is not the problem. It would be a problem if you were going for a on going story but I don't you think you are. The problem is that you have no goddamn punchline. And the want-to-be jokes are as old as my grandmother. Get better jokes. And avoid the "We know were in a comic thing" it's stupid, old, and cliched.
Sprites: I'm going to skip this part since I hate fuisons but have no reason to. Except maybe the fact you tried to pass off a bulbasaur with two legs with a rock. That's just stupid. Try Edits, or Scratch sprites (Good scratch sprites), they first will look better and second will have more poses then just standing here. In battle Pokemon Sprites are not a good use in sprite comics. There are so many game sprites out there, use on with more then one pose.
Textboxes: Actual textboxes would be better, but no problems here.
Grammer and Spelling: You spelled (Dam + n) wrong. You also don't know how to use capitilization apparently. After a "." or "?" or "!", the next letter is capitilzed. "I" is special because if you saying "I" or "I'm" the "I" is capitalized. (There is an " ' " in I'm.) Also, you seem to not have a good grasp on commas. A comma is put there in a sentence to take a breather in a sentence but not to end it. What you said in the comic, "DAM, I FORGOT, ARRRGH!" is take a comma and destroying it. What it should have said is, "DAMN, I FORGOT! ARRRGH!"
Taking that sentence but changing the subject. Has ANYONE ever said "Wtf" in real life? I haven't heard anyone say that, unless they are mimicing chat speak on purpose. If you sent on a volcano with explaination, would you say, "wtf?" Anyway, on what I was saying about that sentence. Why do all your character say extra things then what people would actually say out load? "Oh no! I have fallen down a well head first and I'm going to bre-CRACK!" no would ever said that if they fell in a well. They would say, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" No one would say, "I'm going to cut the rope when you bungie jump." They may say it in there heads but not out load. Another reason to use textboxes, can switch from talk to thought.
Effect: Bad. Lines to show he fell, cheap. Show him falling in air, better.
When the guy gets hit by the bungie jumper coming back up is also cheap and bad. If you got hurt, one you would show yourself being hurt and two, you would not get flatter.


we have now decided to change some cartoon ideas, therfore there shall be different cartoons featuring random sprites. Not always pokemon!