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From Brags To Riches (404)


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Horn Drill, another OHKO move, has been seen in the anime many times before, and it doesn't have the OHKO effect either. Fissure has also been seen once or twice (one of Ash's Tauros even knows it), so what's the big deal?

It's safe to say that OHKO moves as they are in the games don't exist in the anime.

And yes, Gligar took several hits from Machamp, but it had the type advantage.
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People, just think of Gligar as Morrison's Grovyle or Metagross equivalent.


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Watching Morrison's Pokemon win against Gavin's Pokemon reminded me of the Pokemon Contest when Skitty clobbered Dusclops. A bit unbelievable. But I guess it can happen.

It may have been the last episode with Meowth-in-Boots' fight, but it was weird how it got hit by a Shadow Ball. o_O Another anime-game difference, I guess.

TR's boss was hilarious. Not Giovanni, but the food and drink boss guy in this episode. First he breaks through a wall to find TR slacking off, then when TR has Ash in another hole he still comes breaking through a wall so that Ash never even realized what was going on, and finally he comes unexpectedly through the door. XD

Corphish should really evolve. [SPOIL]I know it doesn't, in Hoenn, or maybe it hasn't even in the Battle Frontier, but it really should.[/SPOIL]

I saw that episode

...because It's the coolest episode so far. Morrison's Gilgar defeated the muscle man's Machamp and Marowak. I also think Ash's pokemon and getting cooler and cooler every episode and I think Tyson is very cool even when he is not battling in this episode.


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One thing.

"Dominic"? o____0;; Didn't see that one coming. Still like the name Tomono better tho. Oh, but his voice was adorable. Hopefully they dub Hyuuga just as well.

Tomono = Sexy. :>


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Watching Morrison's Pokemon win against Gavin's Pokemon reminded me of the Pokemon Contest when Skitty clobbered Dusclops. A bit unbelievable. But I guess it can happen.

Theres a difference.

Skitty- piece of decayed sh*t

Gligar- one of the coolest pokemon ever.

Besides that Gligar had much more experience even if it did take alot of hits. Reminds me more like May's Combusken.


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HoennMaster said:
There's nothing wrong with Skitty
That was exactly the problem... it was too perfect in its battle with Dusclops. It didn't make any sense, since Dusclops seemed so well trained, and little Skitty did not. :/

Not that I cared that much, though. May had to get her ribbons sooner or later.

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WaterDragon trainer said:
THis episode was good. TR's boss punching through the wall was hilarious, especially when they were in the middle of stealing Pikachu. The TC was cool. I thought it was interesting when Corphish used Bubblebeam INTO Swalot's mouth. Also, Tropius never sounded like it did back in the 6th pokemon movie or the TC about 2 episodes back. It's supposed to sound like something being sucked up, but this one sounded like a Lapras.
From what I've heard Tropius's voice has changed several times in the Japanese version.

In movie: Slurping sound

In this episode: Lapras-like whine/moan/cry.

In a future episode: It will change again, though not much, I think it just gets lower, which can be equated with it being a male or something.

Really, I'm glad it can do more than just make that slurping sound.


And I agree with others that Morrison's match was the more exciting of the two. Corphish blocking that Shockwave with his claw was cool though.

Gligar did take quite a beating, but along with type advantage against Machamp game Gligars have fairly high Defense as I recall. It was probably at a higher level too. Plus the Ice Beam was not a direct hit. And anyway, like in the games it doesn't matter if one Pokemon even has just one health point left, if the other loses them all it still wins.

Lastly, in the anime OHKO moves simply become fairly powerful attacks. After all, it wouldn't make much sense for there to be certain attacks that always knocked out pokemon when they hit, when all the attacks in the anime have variable amounts of potential damage depending on a variety of internal and external factors. Even the games made it so pokemon of a higher level were immune to them.


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Ah yes, more Morrison/Tyson goodness with this episode. I also have to add Team Rocket's temp boss, who was both frightening and amusing. I really enjoyed his character, especially in his final scene where he gives Team Rocket their meal. I loved when he kept pounding through walls too. LOL

I think my favorite part of this episode, besides the parts with Team Rocket and their boss, had to be Morrison's fight with Gavin. I LOL'd when May got worried that Gavin would squash Morrison, and Max reminded her that this isn't Olympic wrestling. :) I forget if this was the episode with May and Tyson eating the cheeseburgers, which was also pretty funny. I loved getting to see Corphish battle too, he always entertains me. :)

Overall, 8/10. At least I'm enjoying the league battles so far.


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Aw, Machamp really flexed his Fighting MUSCLE here!! *Kneeling biceps pose*

Which was awesome.


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A good episode I really enjoyed both battles they featured in the episode. I liked May's reaction and look when she was commenting on Morrison's opponent. And TR boss is pretty strong he's definitely keeping them in line and making them sell stuff, and then to reward them with a nice meal at the end of the day i'm surprised they still want to stick to their old ways.


Great league battle.

i loved Morrison's battle. his Gligar was so brave.

And Corphish was strong vs Dominic.



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Good episode. I really liked Ash's battle. Corphish blowing up Swalot was epic, but seeing Torkoal faint so early was sad, it doesn't get much battle time. Just two more double battles for everybody.



Yay, the first round of the Evergrande Conference! I loved the idea of incorporating Hoenn's famous double battle strategy into the League itself. Morrison's Growlithe and Gligar versus Machamp and Marowak was an unlikely combination though. I didn't think two unevolved Pokemon would somehow out-maneuver two fully evolved Pokemon like that :3

I thought the idea of having Team Rocket once again working in the concession stands was getting a little old though. They always seem to get the short end of the stick during League competitions. Well at least they caught Ash, sort of, before their boss walked in an ordered them to get back to work lol.

Ash's battle divine! Using the Fire type Torkoal and the Water type Corphish together was brilliant. His opponent's Swalot and Tropius didn't stand a chance. Seeing Torkoal and Tropius tie was disappointing though, since Torkoal had the obvious type advantage. At least Ash made it through to the next round. 8/10


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This episode was good. It was cool to see Tropius for the 1st time. The Corphish and Torkoal vs Tropius and Swalot battle was cool and funny. It was hilarious when Corphish used Bubblebeam inside of Swalot's mouth and it blew up like a balloon. Gligar and Growlithe vs Marowak and Machamp was a great battle as well.