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From Brags To Riches (404)


Corphish taking Swellow's role of tanking electric attacks for this episode. Morrison's battle was enjoyable I suppose but Ash's battle wasn't anything too impressive.


Misty Come Back!
Hrrmm. So far the Hoenn league episodes are far less exciting than previous leagues. I feel like there was less heart and thought out into the advanced series. I hope the leagues don't just get more and more typical from here on!
Glad that both Ash and Morrison make it past the first round the conference. :)


The Morrison vs Muscleman battle was awesome, as I can't remember the last time I saw a Marowak battle.
I have a fan-theory that OHKO moves would indeed hit in the game, but the pokemon would need to put enough power behind the hit to KO the opponent.
The way Corphish tanked through that shockwave and filled Swalot with bubblebeam was pure grade-A awesome.
PS: I'm not to much a fan of Tropius's voice either.

Mrs. Oreo

Wow Morrison's Gligar impressed me when it defeated his opponent's Machamp and Marowak on his own. Ash's Corphish and Torkoal did well too against Swalot and Tropius, whose owner looked like Bill to me. :3


Morrison's weak, unevolved Growlithe and Gligar beating Machamp and Marowak was such bs. Thank god that Ash's match wasn't as contrived...
I liked May's reaction when she was commenting on Morrison's opponent. And TR's shop manager was pretty strong and he was definitely keeping them in line and making them sell stuff.


I've gotta admit, it was hilarious how Boss Man interrupted Team Rocket and they didn't get to do anything else to Ash. And I was surprised that both Tropius and Torkoal fainted from those 2 attacks colliding like that. That was interesting. Oh, and also, it seemed hopeless at first how Ash was left with only Corphish, and then its attacks didn't seem to do anything at all against that Swalot. Although, that was a great strategy Ash came up with.


First off, Morrison's double battle was very good. Anyway, after his battle was over and Ash was running to have his match, I wasn't expecting him to fall in a hole right then. I loved Ash's line after he fell, "Ow ow ow ow ow, right on my head."


So the Houen League's Double Battle segment began, and given Masamune's choices of Pokemon, I was mildly surprised to see him defeat Garon's Garagara and Kairiky. Satoshi versus Tomono was much better since we saw Satoshi battle Marunoom and Tropius, two Pokemon he had never faced before. The Rocket-dan's scenes were engaging, too.


I call you honey
That one guy's Tropius was really strong and I was surprised when Tropius and Torkoal fainted from their attacks impacting each other. Torkoal should have won with no problems.


Given Heigani and Cotoise's general inexperience with double battling, I was somewhat surprised that Satoshi did well using them, even if Cotoise did eventually lose. Heigani really showed his toughness here.
We got some darn good battles but what is even the purpose of the clocks on the status screens if they don't count down properly in real time. The battles themselves were okay I guess. Most of the interesting stuff was with Ash's match since him having to defeat a tough defensive wall Pokemon like Swalot especially with a defensive equivalent in Torkoal taken out was tough even for him.
We dont need TRio scenes wasting the battles cmon
Last episode Shadow Ball was hitting Meowth, this episode Gulliotine doesn't OHKO.
Torkoal got a tie, yay. It should have won though and then lost to Swalot.
The way Corphish won wtf
Morrison's battle was better than Ash's imo also his team is kind of weak. Also Tyson shouldn't have a Metagross since having a Metang and Metagross in the same league is repetitive.