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From the demented mind of TBA

The Big Al

I just keeping Octo
Before you view these pictures I warn you they may be insulting to fans of certain popular Pokemon. If you like Luvdisc, Munchlax, or Skitty, don't view. You've been warned.

Bye, bye Luvdisc

End of Munchlax

Hot Wailord on Skitty Action

These are pencil drawings and aren't as dark as I hoped. You should still be able to make them out.


Thunder Trainer
These are so delightfully twisted...disturbing...but I laughed out loud at these...I absolutely ADORE how the Magnemite is holding the sword in The End of Munchlax pic...even though the weight being up there is not physically possible...but it doesn't have to be, dammit! The Luvdisc's expression is priceless, but I'm curious to know...what exactly is the Magnemite holding in that pic...

Overall, the art lacks some refinement, but it really looks like you had a lot of fun with these!

EDIT: Dear God...I had no idea that Wailord and Skitty could really...
Poor Skitty...
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The Big Al

I just keeping Octo
Magnemite is holding a Zap Cannon shot. At least, that's whay I think they look like.

I've been thinking of more picture ideas.


*chuckles*...I love your sense of humor TBA! I swear it! Good job!


Maybe if you traced your pictures over with your pencil harder it'll show up better. Or you can ink it.

Evanji Axu

*giggles* You've got some wonderful messed-up humor there. Poor, poor Skitty...


Zapdos Breeder said:
To hilarius.(dies out of laughter) Keep it up and I might be laughing in my grave.
^^said what i was gonna say


lol the first three was really good *laugh so hard she hits her head* ouch xX

Good work