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Frost Valley Trade Shop

Discussion in '6th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by Frost Valley, Aug 9, 2016.

  1. Frost Valley

    Frost Valley Frost Valley

    I Welcome You My Visitors to Frost Valley :)

    Frost Valley.jpg

    Rules To My Shop

    1.All SPPf and Trade Forum Rules apply.
    2.In accordance with the rules above, and my own morals, I neither offer nor accept hacks. RNG'd Pokemon are welcome. Clones are also fine so long as the original was not hacked.
    3. I highly prefer any event pokemon to come with some form of proof, prefer self obtained events, self caught legends
    4. Most of my Pokemon are obtained via trading
    5. I take trading seriously and try to make it a habit to check pokemon that have been traded to me for hacks, if one does get by that's what re-checking is for and if you notice anything just let me know, and I'll switch it for something else.
    6. I do need to collect BB/DBHA pokemon, so will be open to offers on these pokemon that I don't already have, would really like them to have some egg moves also. Preferably 3-4 egg moves and female of-course(would prefer these to be self-bred).
    7. Pokemon I'm offering are cloned Pokemon. ( hunting down some Pikachu & Eevee Events, Nicknameable shiny eevee/ eeveelutions, starters and fossils in shop balls with egg moves :) )
    1 Event Pokemon = 1 Event Pokemon/ 1 RNG/ 3 Shiny Pokemon
    1 RNG / Shiny Nicknameable Legendary = 1 RNG/Legendary/2 Shiny Pokemon.
    1 DBHA/BB/Shiny Pokemon = 1 Shiny/BB/DBHA Pokemon
    8. Don't Pm me Prior to reading everything written here and posting for a trade and waiting at-least 1 day and getting no response.
    9.when posting a trade offer for Pokemon that I own I would like it to be formatted like this

    For DBHA/BB Pokemon/Legendaries
    EM: (legends don't need this)

    For Events
    Event: (OT/TID)
    IVs: (If you know them, if not just leave it blank if you can't check it)
    Proof: ( If there is proof put it, if not put N/A I might deny no proof offer)
    Self-Obtained: (Y/N)

    10. I'm open to offers as long as it's something I don't already have.

    Any DB/BB Pokemon I don't have, mostly looking to complete DBHA collection.

    ///List of DBHA Pokemon I have///

    307 Meditite Bullet Punch Drain Punch Fake Out Psycho Cut
    561 Sigilyph Ancient Power Stored Power Future Sight Psycho Shift
    198 Murkrow Perish Song Psycho Shift Brave Bird Whirlwind
    16 Pidgey
    588 Karrablast No Guard Knock off Pursuit Megahorn Drill Run
    441 Chatot Big Pecks Chatter Confide Taunt
    345 Lileep Fake Out Forsight Sky Uppercut Ice Punch
    559 Scraggy Careful Intimidate Quick Guard Drain Punch Ice Punch Fake Out
    261 Poochyena Rattled Fire Fang
    175 Togepi Super Luck Growl Charm Nasty Plot Stored Power
    123 Scyther Reversal Counter Defog Baton Pall
    276 Taillow Mirror Move Defog Brave Bird Boomburst
    408 Cranidos Crunch Iron Head Hammer Arm Whirlwind
    138 Omanyte Constrict Withdraw
    142 Aerodactyl Wide Guard Pursuit Whirlwind Tailwind
    369 Relicanth Magnitude Amnesia Zen Headbutt Water Gun
    557 Dwebble Counter Night Slash Spikes Wide Guard
    335 Zangoose Feint Counter Night Slash Final Gambit
    37 Vulpix Extrasensory
    113 Chansey Seismic Toss Aromatherapy Counter Heal bell
    98 Krabby Ancient Power Bide Slam Tickle
    280 Ralts
    425 Drifloon Defog Memento Disable Destiny Bond
    223 Remoraid Rock Blast Aurora Beam Bubble Beam
    556 Maractus Bounce Spikes Leech Seed Worry Seed
    577 Solosis Acid Armor Trick Confuse Ray Helping Hand
    41 Zubat Brave Bird Whirlwind Defog Hypnosis
    363 Spheal Curse Sleep Talk Signal Beam Yawn
    363 Spheal Stockpile Spit Up Signal Beam Water Gun
    417 pachirisu Follow Me Charge Fake Tears Ion Deluge
    56 Mankey Night Slash Encore Counter Close Combat
    133 Eevee Yawn Wish Synchronoise Charm
    314 Illumise Confuse Ray Bug Buzz Baton Pass Encore
    207 Gligar
    35 Clefairy
    302 Sableye
    371 Bagon
    79 slowbro Me First Belly Drum Future Sight Belch
    209 Snubbull Feint Attack Heal Bell Close Combat Double-Edge
    361 Snorunt Spikes Weather Ball Disable Switcheroo
    546 Cottonee Fairy Wind
    183 Marill Amnesia Aqua Jet Belly Drum
    190 Aipom Quick Guard Double Slap Fake Out Pursuit
    63 Abra Magic Guard Barrier Encore Guard Split Skill Swap
    27 Sandshrew
    327 Spinda Baton Pass Encore Rapid Spin Smellin g Salts
    214 Heracross Rock Blast Focus Punch Pursuit Seismic Toss
    564 Tirtouga Bide Withdraw
    213 Shuckle Accupressure Knock Off Helping Hand Sand Tomb
    176 Togetic Fairy Wind Yawn Encore Follow Me
    200 Misdreavus
    347 Anorith Cross Poison Aqua Jet Knock Off Rapid Spin
    410 Shieldon Fissure
    194 Wooper Ancient Power Acid Spray Double Kick Eerie Impulse
    582 Vanillite Ice Shard Magnet Rise Natural Gift Water Pulse

    ///Some of the many events I'm looking for///

    World16 Starters Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle
    World Sharpedo
    World Aegislash
    World13 Smeargle
    World12 Pikachu
    World11 Scrafty
    World Weavile
    World Lucario

    Pikachu KOR SPA Pikachu Event
    Birthday Events

    Pokémon with You - Donation Gift Pikachu
    PC Ho-oh
    Pokémon Center Hiroshima

    PGL Amuara
    PGL Delibird
    PGL Pikachu
    PGL Miltank
    PGL Landorus

    Gamestop Dragonite
    PCTB Inkay

    Pokémon Center - Boss Pokémon Distribution
    Lysandre's Pyroar
    Ghetsis' Hydreigon
    Cyrus' Weavile
    Archie's Sharpedo
    Maxie's Camerupt
    Giovanni's Nidoqueen

    N's Darmitan

    Pokemon Game Show
    Golgo's Sableye
    Iris' Haxorus
    Alder's Volcarona
    Cynthia's Spiritomb
    Wallace's Milotic
    Steven's Metagross
    Lance's Dragonite
    Blue's Pidgeot

    PC Tokyo Pikachu

    SUM-2013 trio

    TRU Arceus
    TRU Regigigas
    TRU Shaymin
    VGC Milotic
    VGC Eevee
    VGC Larvitar
    Extremespeed Genesect: Mewtwo Awakens - Event
    Shiny Genesect

    Draco Meteor Jirachi
    10 anniv Pikachu
    FAL2010 Mew

    Some Pokemon I currently have up for trade

    Poke Ball Serperior ★ Contrary Timid 31 30 31 30 31 30 3 Leaf Storm Substitute Hidden Power Glare 4 ♀ FIRE
    Poke Ball Florges ★ Flower Veil Bold 31 x 31 31 31 31 5 Calm Mind Synthesis Moonblast Aromatherapy 4 ♀
    Nest Ball Beedrill ★ Swarm Jolly 31 31 31 31 x 31 5 U-turn Poison Jab Protect Drill Run 4 ♀
    Poke Ball Ferrothorn ★ Iron Barbs Relaxed 31 31 31 31 31 0 5 Stealth Rock Leech Seed Gyro Ball Power Whip 4 ♀ ICE
    Poke Ball Bidoof ★ Moody Modest 31 x 31 31 31 31 5 Tackle Shadow Ball Thunderbolt Ice Beam 4 ♂
    Heal Ball Abra ★ Magic Guard Timid 31 x 31 31 31 31 5 Teleport 1 ♂ Synchronize
    Dream Ball Clefable ★ Magic Guard Modest 31 x 31 31 31 31 5 Calm Mind Moonlight Moonblast Flamethrower 4 ♀ 252 Hp/252 Spa
    Dream Ball Scraggy ★ Intimidate Careful 31 31 31 x 31 31 5 Quick Guard Fake Out Ice Punch Drain Punch 4 ♀
    Level Ball Arcanine ★ Intimidate Jolly 31 31 31 x 31 31 5 Flare Blitz Extreme Speed Morning Sun Close Combat 4 ♀ 252 Att/252 Spe
    Dream Ball Espeon ★ Magic Bounce Timid 31 x 31 31 31 31 5 Grass Knot Wish Psyshock Dazzling Gleam 4 ♀ 252 Spa/252 Spe
    Poke Ball Gardevoir ★ Trace Timid 31 x 31 31 31 31 5 Psyshock Calm Mind Focus Blast Hyper Voice 4 ♂ 252 Spa/252 Spe
    Poke Ball Garchomp ★ Rough Skin Jolly 31 31 31 x 31 31 5 Sword Dance Dragon Claw Earthquake Stone Edge 4 ♀ 252 Att/252 Spe
    Poke Ball Hawlucha ★ Unburden Adamant 31 31 31 31 31 31 6 High Jump Kick Acrobatics Hone Claws Roost 4 ♂ 252 HP/252 Att
    Poke Ball Honedge ★ No Guard Adamant 31 31 31 x 31 31 5 Aerial Ace Sword Dance Shadow Sneak ♀
    Poke Ball Weavile ★ Pickpocket Jolly 31 31 31 20 31 31 5 Knock Off Icicle Crash Ice Shard Low Kick 4 ♂ ELECTRIC 252 Att/252 Spe Lng:SPA
    Luxury Ball Umbreon ★ Synchronize Careful 31 31 31 31 31 x 5 Toxic Payback Curse Moonlight 4 ♂ 252 Hp/252 SpD Nicknamed:Blacky
    Dusk Ball Noivern ★ Infiltrator Timid 31 21 31 31 31 31 5 Dragon Pulse U-turn Air Slash Flamethrower 4 ♂ DARK 252 SpA/252 Spe
    Poke Ball Gliscor ★ Poison Heal Impish 31 31 31 22 31 31 5 Knock Off Toxic Ice Punch Earthquake 4 ♂ 252 Hp/252 Def
    Dusk Ball Gardevoir ★ Trace Modest Psyshock Focus Blast Hyper Voice Calm Mind ♀
    Poke Ball Charmander ★ Solar Power Timid ♂ 5iv - SpA
    Poke Ball Nidoking ★ Sheer Force Timid
    Friend Ball Kingdra ★ Swift Swim Icy Wind Outrage Muddy Water Dragon Pulse
    Fast Ball Ponyta ★ flash fire 31 31 31 31 31 22 Double-Edge Hypnosis Low kick Morning Sun
    Eelektross ★ Levitate Quiet Thunderbolt Flamethrower Aqua Tail Drain Punch
    Empoleon ★ Torrent Calm Stealth Rock Scald Ice Beam Defog
    Dream Ball Weezing ★ Levitate Bold "Will-O-Wisp Sludge Bomb Stockpile Pain Split
    Net Ball Drapion ★ Sniper Adamant Cross Poison Toxic Spikes Night Slash Earthquake
    Poke Ball Heliolisk ★ Solar Power Timid 31 31 31 31 31 31 6 Hyper Voice Grass Knot Thunder Bolt Dark Pulse
    Dream Ball Gliscor ★ Poison Heal Impish 31 31 31 x 31 31 5 Earthquake Knock Off Hyper Cutter Sand Veil Poison Heal
    Eevee Modest Adamant Careful

    Zapdos w Defog
    Mewtwo (friend ball)
    Mew ★ Defog Sucker Punch
    Suicune ★
    Girantina w Defog
    Regigigas w Avalanche
    Tyranitar w Avalanche
    Infernape ★
    Ditto 6iv
    Zapdos hp ice

    Jirachi Serene Grace Jolly 31 31 31 31 31 31 OT GF 04016
    Xerneas ★ Fairy Aura Modest 31 5 31 30 31 31
    Yveltal ★ Dark Aura Timid 31 21 31 29 31 31
    Celebi Natural Cure Timid Idr the ivs
    Yveltal ★ Dark Aura Rash 31 31 29 31 31 31
    Entei ★ Pressure Adamant
    Diancie Naive OT:OCT2014 10274
    Manaphy Bold Hydration 5iv ofc
    Darkrai 20th
    Mew GF 20th
    Cynthia Garchomp
    Arceus GF 20th
    Harry Hoopa
    JPN Movie Volcanion 5iv Modest
    Play Mewtwo
    Guide Book Keldeo
    Ageto Celebi
    TRU Manaphy
    Alamos Darkrai
    2007 Poketopia Elecktrivire
    GameStop Deoxys
    Baba Flygon
    ASH Pikachu
    Gamestop Trio Dog Shiny
    Movie14 Victini
    SMR2012 Keldeo
    2012 JPN Genesect
    Scrap Eevee
    Scrap Mewtwo
    Pokémon Sun/Moon Pre-Order Mew
    Pokémon Center Online Opening Pikachu
    Pokemon Movie 16
    Pokemon Scrap

    7 spot Lugia
    7-11 Seven Spot Movie Tie-in: Serena's Pancham
    Sly Zoroak
    Spring 2015 Charizard
    Galileo Rayquaza
    Pokémon Center - Mega Evolution Promotion Diancie
    Pokémon Expo Gym Smeargle
    Pokémon - Archjinni of the Rings Hoopa Distribution Prebook
    Pokémon Center Hiroshima Distribution Gyrados
    Pokémon Center - Masuda's Psyduck
    Pokémon Scrap 2016 Campaign
    VGC Machamp
    Pokémon Center Tohoku - Tanbata Festival Jirachi
    Pokemon Scrap Victini
    Guidebook Mareep
    Pokemon with you Fukushima Pikachu
    VGC Mamoswine
    PGL Tyrunt
    Pikachu Outbreakchu - Minato Mirai Event
    SPR2010/Gamestop Pichu
    World Aegislash
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2016
  2. Goku24826

    Goku24826 Champion-to-be

    Interested in the Jolly jirachi. I have the SUM2013 trio, BUT they're crappy. Also have Diancie
  3. Frost Valley

    Frost Valley Frost Valley

    Hi, would you be able to give more info on the event pokemon you're offering me? I posted a way to format it, so I'd know everything instead of asking questions about it repeatedly ;s it's #9
  4. MrHoopa

    MrHoopa Hoopa is OP

    Interested in jolly garchomp. I have a rayquaza, not event though. I also have a dialga, not from event. I have many other legends and starters if you want those. And a hoopa
  5. MrHoopa

    MrHoopa Hoopa is OP

    My cressilia.
    IV: Can't tell since not lol 100
    LVL: 50
    Ball: Preminer ball
    Self obtained?: Yes

    Nature: Modest
    Ability: Air lock
    IV: Can't tell, not lvl100
    Lvl: 75
    Self obtained?: Yes

    Nature: Quiet
    Ability Justifies
    IV: can't tell, not lvl
    Lvl: 50
    Ball: Ultra ball
    Self obtained?: No

    IV: Can't tell, not lvl 100
    Lvl: 83
    Ball: Ultra ball

    Nature: sassy
    Ability: pressure
    IV: can't tell not lvl100
    Lvl: 95
    Ball: Dusk ball
    Self obtained: no

    Event poke

    Nature: timid
    Ability: magician
    IV: can't tell, not lvl 100
    Lvl: 53
    Self obtained: no
    Year: 2016
    Proof: only obtainable through event

    Nature: modest
    Ability: bad dreams
    IV: Don't know
    Self obtained: no

    Want a the jolly garchomp. Getting the Lvl 100 arceus event later today.
  6. stonerocker

    stonerocker New Member

    I have the WIN2011 dog trio, I also have the SUM2013 Giratina, Palkia, and Dialga trio.

    LF: Xerneas (regular caught) Hoopa, and Diancie. Don't care which event just so long as their legit.

    PM me if that interests you. Thanks!

    Edit: They were all obtained by me, not traded.
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2016
  7. Frost Valley

    Frost Valley Frost Valley

    Hey I only have Event Xerneas, I don't have one Caught through the Playthrough. I have Diancie, I don't have a Hoopa that's for trade. Do any of them come with proof?
  8. Xenomata

    Xenomata MS Paint Sableye

    Okay, so I do have a few of the events you listed, I am willing to trade them, and I am interested in the Contrary HP Fire Serperior. However, I am hung up on what you are listing as "Proof".

    What does that mean? I assure you I have obtained every one of the event pokemon I am about to list myself, but I just don't know what proof could possibly mean.

    Year: 2015
    Event: PGL Tyrunt
    Nature: Quirky
    IVs: 23, 24, 25 / 13 - 17 / 4 - 7 / 20 - 24 / 25 / 0 - 3
    Proof: N/A (???)
    Self-Obtained: Yes

    Year: 2014
    Event: Summer 2014 Pinsir
    Nature: Adamant
    IVs: 24, 25 / 25 / 20, 21 / 10, 11 / 18, 19 / 10, 11
    Proof: NA
    Self-Obtained: Yes

    Year: 2014
    Event: Steven's Beldun
    Nature: Serious
    IVs: 0 - 3 / 14, 15, 16 / 24, 25, 26 / 24, 25, 26 / 30 / 17, 18, 19
    Proof: NA
    Self-Obtained: Yes

    Year: 2013
    Event: Summer 2013 Giratina
    Nature: Bold
    IVs: 22 / 10 / 24 / 1 / 20 / 15
    Proof: NA
    Self-Obtained: Yes

    And while we're at it with questions, you list Birthday events. What I have is a Dream World Birthday Togekiss, but when I go to the Bulbpaedia page it lists this Togekiss as separate from the Pokemon Center Birthday Event pokemon. Do you have any judgement on such?

    In case you couldn't tell, I didn't really bother to soft reset for competitive battling back then.

    Again, I am only interested in the Contrary HP Fire Shiny Serperior. I still don't know what "proof" means, but I assure you all 4 of these pokemon are legitimate and I obtained them from my own games. Also I don't know what happened to my SUM2013 Dialga and Palkia but they are gone.
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2016
  9. Frost Valley

    Frost Valley Frost Valley

    Proof would be you taking Picture/video of you redeeming the event, like when you go to claim it through mystery gift. Some people take Wonder card proof, where you go to your card album that you received the event on, since when you claim a event it a picture of it goes into your album in the mystery gift menu, it does have limited space and take a picture of the event there that you're trying to trade. I'll probably trade for the Tyrunt, let me know if you still have access to the wonder card etc :)

    Edit: Word of mouth doesn't really slide for some traders so it will limit who I can trade it to, I can still trade for it. Just pm me when you're available to trade.
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2016
  10. Xenomata

    Xenomata MS Paint Sableye

    Ah darn.

    The save files that I received all these events on have all since been deleted, wonder cards included.

    Basically, the proof died with the save files and all you have is my word of mouth (which I insist is true, but hey I understand if you wish to deny)
  11. stressbuild

    stressbuild New Member

    Hi there. I have a tru arcues and tru shaymin cloned looking for hoopa and volcanion.thank you
  12. Frost Valley

    Frost Valley Frost Valley

    Hello, were they self obtained? have any sort of proof?
  13. stressbuild

    stressbuild New Member

    sorry i dont have since i was already way back and it was not self obtain i got it from one of the shop here. Thanks for reply
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2016

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