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Frozen Hero


Lover of underrated characters
(Rated- 13/4 for language)

Nate and N both got frozen alive. Ghetsis has taken control of the Unova region and the Shadow Triad captured Hugh. Unova looks doomed but a new hero is about to emerge from the ice.

Nate glared at the green haired man who stood next to a big gray and blue dragon with yellow eyes and ice covered wings. "Ghetsis you are going down!" he shouted in anger. "Go Serperior! Use Dragon Tail!"

A pale green snake came out and smacked Kyurem with its tail. Kyurem flinched as the attack hit.

Ghetsis smirked. "A kid like you will never defeat my Kyurem. Kyurem use Blizzard!"

Kyurem shifted its wings then roared. Snow started to fall rapidly on top of Serperior. Serperior tried to slither out of its range but fainted.

"Serperior return!" said Nate, Serperior got absorbed back into its poke ball. He wondered what to do next. Camerupt, Unfezant, Jellicent, Electross, and Beartic were already defeated on his way to Ghetsis. He began to hear a noise like something big was flying above them.

Ghetsis smiled. "Out of Pokemon? Oh well. Kyurem use Blizzard!"

"Reshiram use Fushion Flare!" said a third voice.

Kyurem was hit by a big ball of fire. It looked severely damaged.

"So my son returns. Saves me the trouble of hunting you down." said Ghetsis.

A white dragon landed on the ground. Nate noticed a teen with long green hair on its back. That must be N

"Father! I demand you stop this at once!" said N.

"I'm afraid you already lost." said Ghetsis, laughing. He held up an item that looked like the end of a drill. "Kyurem absorb Reshiram!"

Kyurem roared and Reshiram turned into a small white stone. The stone flew towards Kyurem's stomach and was absorbed. Kyurem started to change form. It started to grow a tail which was a mix of Kyurem and Reshiram's colors. Its head started to combine form with Reshiram's as well. Then finally one of its wings turned into Reshiram's.

"It's hideous!" said N. "Pokemon aren't supposed to do that!"

"Well they have. Good-bye N and Nate forever!" said Ghetsis, snapping his fingers and the White Kyurem used Blizzard.
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hey i happen to like Ghetsis and Team Plasma, especially Ghetsis, so here i am lol

I know this is a prolouge but you do need to do some more discriptions. Like when Ghetsis uses Kyurem to freeze Nate, it feels like N just came out of nowhere. One moment, kid's frozen then N appears. One way to do this is that make N try to attack and then mention him coming to the rescue. Other than that it seems like all dialouge to me, not enough action.

However, this seems like a good story and I do want to know what it'd be like when Ghetsis rules Unova? Will he name it... GhetsisVille? lol


Lover of underrated characters
I'll edit it up a bit but in Chapter 1 you'll see Ghetsis's rule of Unova start


~ ♥ ~
Constructive criticism, ahoy! Please don't take this review as any sort of insult.

Even if this is a prologue, there's little to nothing described here. For example, "a big gray dragon with yellow eyes" can look wildly different in each person's imagination, even if you intended for it to be Kyurem. I dunno about you, but when someone says a "big grey dragon", my first though is a generic medieval dragon with lots of grey - not Kyurem. Kyurem is in fact a very complex creature with a lot of parts to him, so a complex description may be in order. Generic adjectives alone won't be enough to convey its pure-ice talons, armor-like face plating, or the chilling fear one might get when standing in its presence. I know it's probably one of the more difficult pokémon to explain, but you'll have to try if you want to get any better. Same thing applies to you character descriptions. Ghetsis being described as a "plump green haired man" does not do his character justice at all. :p

You dialogue also seems cheesy, and I'm not feeling any sense of purpose to it. When characters talk to one another, they do so because they have something to say about the situation, but your characters feel like they're just going through the motions of "evil bad guy trying to take over the world". Nate does the typical good guy "you are going down" line, then get frozen. N arrives shortly thereafter, tells his father to stop, has another short exchange and then he himself gets frozen. Neither one of them truly *did* anything in this prologue other than talk, and what they did say was pretty typical for heroes.

Consequently, you have no suspense here. This could actually be a really tense situation if you describe it well, and give N and Nate a shot at stopping Ghetsis before he curbstomps them. And by "giving them a shot", I mean allowing their characters to do something to stop Ghetsis, whether it's sending their whole team all at once against him or physically going in to punch him. Either way, this showcases that Kyurem is more powerful than either of the heroes, and makes the reader wonder whether the older hero, Herbert, can actually match him. As it is now, Kyurem does nothing but turn N and Nate into ice blocks, so we don't know if Ghetsis simply got a cheap shot in or if he really does have the power to take over Unova.

Kyurem lifted down his wings
I think "lowered" is the appropriate term here, not "lifted down". I don't think you can "lift" anything down since when you're lifting something, you're either picking it up or raising it.

Overall, really consider going back and going into the detail. The rest of your grammar looks stellar, and despite the shaky beginning this could set up to be a decent plot. Good luck~


Lover of underrated characters
Edited. I will begin work on Chapter 1 later.
Also I might be adding a PM list if anyone is interested
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Lover of underrated characters
Chapter 1-
"Oshawott!" cried the light blue and white otter.

"Oshawott! Are you okay?" asked a blonde haired teen.

Oshawott came running out of some bushes nearby and hid behind its trainer. A small blue Pokemon with similar features to a dog came out after him.

"Rio!" it said.

"Awesome! I've been looking for one of you for months!" said the trainer. "Oshawott use water gun!"

Oshawott opened his mouth and sprayed Riolu with a stream of water. The Riolu smacked Oshawott in the face in return. Oshawott fell down, he looked like he was about to be defeated.

"Oshawott don't give up yet! Please!" said his trainer.

Oshawott got up, determined not to let his trainer down. He picked up the shell off of his stomach and threw it at Riolu. Riolu tried to dodge but the blow hit him hard. Riolu fell down and closed its eyes as it fainted from exhaustion.

"Yes!" said the trainer. "Poke ball!"

He threw a poke ball at the Riolu and it was absorbed inside. He looked at the ball as it was shaking then dinged as the capture was confirmed.

"We did it!" he said.

Oshawott nodded and fell down again.

"Here Oshawott!" he said, and gave Oshawott a potion.

Oshawott drank it and got back up. "Osha!"

"Hey Zach!" said a girl's voice. He turned around and noticed the girl he obtained Oshawott from two months ago.

"Hi Bianca!" he said, smiling.

"I got some bad news." she said. "We just found out Nate has been frozen and Hugh hasn't been seen since they went onto Team Plasma's ship. We need you to go to Giant Chasm and rescue Nate."

"I can't. I don't got strong Pokemon." said Zach. "All the ones I have are Oshawott and Riolu."

Bianca smiled slightly and started to blush severely. "I know how you like Zorua so I got you one." she said.

"Really!?" he asked, smiling. Besides catching a Riolu his lifelong dream was to catch a Zorua.

Bianca nodded. "Here. If you go to Poke Star Studios you can find some people who will be willing to help you."

"Thanks." said Zach, putting Zorua's ball in his bag next to Riolu's and Oshawott's. "Are you coming?"

"Nope. I have to get back to Juniper's. Team Plasma is starting to attack cities and towns. They are stealing the strongest pokemon." she said.

"See ya." said Zach, walking northeast towards Virbank City. He wondered what kind of trainers were in Poke Star Studios who weren't spoiled and lazy enough to help him.


Lover of underrated characters
Chapter 2-
"Give us your Tyranitar and nobody gets hurt!" said a black hooded man.

"I won't let you take our Tyranitar. Curtis! Yancy! Help!" said a yellow haired man. His head was bald in the center from aging.

"Coming Mr. Director!" said a long pink haired girl, running towards them. A boy was following her. He had short blonde hair.

The black hooded man laughed. "You insist on hiding behind two kids? Fine! Fraxure, Metang!" he said.

A bipedal pokemon with two long tusks coming out of both sides of his mouth came out. "Fraxure!" it roared.

A blue disc-like pokemon with two legs came out beside Fraxure. "Metang!"

"Growlithe!" said Yancy, a orange canine with a small fluffy tail came out.

"Snorunt!" said Curtis, a pokemon with a yellow triangular body and circular hands and feet came out.

"Metang use Rock Slide!" said the black hooded man.

Rocks started to fall on top of Growlithe and Snorunt. After it stopped, Snorunt and Growlithe came out of the rock pile. Growlithe looked like he was about to faint.

"Growlithe use Ember!" said Yancy.

Growlithe launched a small piece of fire onto Metang. Metang shook it off.

"Fraxure use Dragon Claw!" said the black hooded man.

Fraxure clawed at Growlithe and Growlithe fainted.

"Growlithe return!" said Yancy, Growlithe was absorbed back into its ball.

"Snorunt use Ice Beam!" said Curtis.

Snorunt shot a beam of ice at Fraxure and froze him solid.

"Fraxure return!" said the man, Fraxure was absorbed back into its ball. "Metan use psychic!"

Metang focused its attention on Snorunt and then attacked with a telekinetic force. Snorunt fainted and returned to its ball.

"I'll take your Tyranitar now!" said the man.

Yancy and Curtis tried to call out more of their pokemon but they wouldn't come out.

He noticed and laughed. "Ghetsis made me a device that can prevent you from calling out your pokemon. You guys are doomed unless you give me that Tyranitar. Metang grab that girl."

Metang used Psychic to drag Yancy towards him.

"I'll have Metang kill her unless you give me Tyranitar right now!" he said.

"Oshawott use Aqua Jet!"

A Oshawott blasted towards Metang in a stream of water. It hit Metang head on and made Metang faint.

"Why you little!" said the man, turning off his device temporaily. "Fraxure go!"

Fraxure came out but was still in its block of ice.

"Crap. Ghetsis is going to kill me." he said.

Riolu used Force Palm on the man and knocked him out.

"Wow! That was amazing! Nicely done!" said Mr. Director.

"very nice!" said Yancy, her face shining with admiration.

Curtis noticed Yancy and glared at the boy walking towards them. They looked around the same age.

"Thank you!" said Zach. "I've come here to get some help on defeating Ghetsis."

"Excellent!" said Mr. Director. "I can do just that. You deserve it after all. I'd give you Tyranitar but he refuses to listen to anyone even me."

"Mr. Director how about we go with him? We're strong and we can help him free Unova." said Yancy.

Curtis's heart leapt. We? That meant I still have a chance

Mr. Director looked at Yancy. "Very well. You two may go."

Yancy smiled. "Come on guys! We need to hurry. I think the desert is the best place to train but we need to catch the boat that leaves tonight." She dashed off.

"Bye Mr. Director." said Curtis.

"Bye!" said Mr. Director, he looked down at the black hooded man. "Now to call the police to take you away."


Lover of underrated characters
Chapter 3-
Zach woke up. The boat had finally landed at Castelia city. He got up and started to look for Yancy and Curtis.

"Hey Zach!" said Yancy. "We're going to the Desert Ruins to train our pokemon. Let's go."

"Okay." said Zach.

They walked through the crowded streets of the city and got to the city gate.

"We'd like to go through please" said Curtis to the gatekeeper.

"You three be careful out there. A Braviary is stealing Pokemon from people and taking them deep into the ruins. Nobody has ever gotten their Pokemon back from him." said the gatekeeper.

"We can handle him." said Curtis, confidently even though he secretly wished they could stay far away from there.

The gatekeeper shook his head and opened the gate. Zach lead the way into the desert. After awhile of walking through miles of sand they came across a ancient passageway.

"These are the ruins." said Yancy. "Call out your pokemon Zach."

"Okay. Oshawott, Riolu, and Zorua!" he said, and his three pokemon popped out next to him.

"Brav!" said a eagle-like pokemon. It was swooping down towards Zorua. Zorua yelped and hid behind Riolu.

Riolu used force palm at the Braviary but missed. Braviary grabbed Zorua and flew through the passageway.

Zach was angry. "Let's go." he said, and walked through the passageway. Oshawott and Riolu followed.

"I don't know. What if there are more Braviary down there?" asked Curtis.

"Okay fine you stay but i'm going." said Yancy, following them.

Curtis glared. "Fine i'll go too."

Oshawott ran ahead of his trainer and tripped over a vine. A green snake-like Pokemon was holding onto the end of it.

"Snivy!" it said.

Riolu used force palm but Snivy dodged. Riolu hit the wall behind Snivy and the wall crumbled on top of Riolu.

"Riolu return!" said Zach, Riolu returned to its ball. "Oshawott use Ice Beam."

Oshawott shot a icey beam at Snivy. Snivy was critically hit and got frozen.

Zach smiled. "Go poke ball." He threw a poke ball at the Snivy and Snivy was absorbed inside it. The ball dinged announcing the capture.

"Nice capture Zach!" said Yancy.

Curtis glared. "Come on! Are we going to save your Zorua or not?"


A man was sitting in his office at Undella Town. He hated how Ghetsis made all his workers collecting stuff from the ruins when they could be fixing the path to Victory Road. He jumped as the door suddenly banged open. A man was running into the room, he was carrying a large rock with symbols on it.

"Sir! Look what we found." he said, handing his boss the rock.

The man looked at it. "Its a prophecy!" he said in surprise.

His worker nodded. "But look at the picture. The guy looks familiar."

The man looked at the picture and his eyes widened. He began to read the words above it. "The hero of thunder will destroy the villain of ice and Unova will be free once more."

"But that is my son! He has a Samurott or it is still a Oshawott. It must mean him they look exactly alike." he said.

"Sir! Do you want me to warn him?" asked the worker.

"Yes, go warn him." said his boss. "Don't let Ghetsis or Team Plasma see you though."

The worker picked up the prophecy and ran off.


Lover of underrated characters
Chapter 4-
Zach and Yancy continued through the ruins looking for Braviary. Curtis was behind them, ever since he came along he is all she talks about he thought.

They entered a big room containing a nest with lots of poke balls inside it.

Zach looked around. "I don't see Zorua."

"Zo!" barked Zorua, the voice was coming from above.

Zach looked up. "Zorua! How did you get up there?"

Zorua whimpered and tried to find a way down from the big rock he was on.

"I'll save him." said Yancy. "Go Unfezant!"

A big bird resembling a pigeon came out and flew towards Zorua.

"Brav!" Braviary flew towards Unfezant and hit her with his wings. Unfezant fell to the ground and fainted.

"Unfezant return!" said Yancy.

Braviary knocked down some rocks which fell on top of Curtis making him unconscious. Braviary laughed.

"Oshawott use Ice Beam!" said Zach.

Oshawott shot a beam of ice at Braviary and git its wing. The wing froze solid and Braviary fell down towards the ground.

"Snivy use Tackle!" said Zach.

Snivy hopped into the air and tackled Braviary. Braviary landed on the ground hard and fainted.

Zach threw a poke ball at Braviary and Braviary was absorbed inside. The ball dinged announcing the capture.

"I see you defeated the Braviary I was controlling with my machine" said a voice.

Zach and Yancy turned around. A yellow haired man with glasses was looking at them.

"My name is Colress. I wanted to get your attention." he said.

"Why?" asked Zach, he didn't trust this man.

"Because i'm part of the rebellion against Ghetsis. We call ourselves Team Purity." said Colress.

"I've heard of you guys." said Yancy. "Me and Colress were thinking about joining."

"We need more recruits." said Colress. "I thought you three looked strong enough. I was obviously right. Will you three join?"

"I will." said Yancy. "I'm sure Curtis will join too once he wakes up. What about you Zach?"

"I guess." said Zach.

Colress smiled. "Great. You need at least six Pokemon to become a member. I'll see you three at our headquarters in Driftveil."


"We're finally out of that stupid desert." said Curtis. "I'm going to go sleep in a nice hotel tonight."

Yancy glared at Curtis. "We need to find a sixth pokemon for Zach. He only has five!"

"Fine!" said Curtis. "But if we don't find one by night we're giving up for the day."

"Okay." said Yancy.

Zach walked towards the west exit to the city. He hoped he would find a dragon type pokemon.

"Hey you!" a man with red hair visible under his hood walked towards him. "I need to see your Pokemon."

"No way! I know you are a Team Plasma member." said Zach.

The man glared. "Fine. I'll fight you for them. Tepig!"

A orange and black pig Pokemon came out.

"Oshawott!" said Zach.

Oshawott came out and used aqua jet. Tepig fainted once it hit.

"Stupid Tepig. I always get weak Pokemon. Timburr!" he said.

A small humanoid Pokemon carrying a big piece of wood came out. It smacked Oshawott with the piece of wood. Oshawott flew backwards and landed on its back/

The man laughed. "Your Oshawott is defeated already."

Oshawott flashed white. It grew taller and now it was light blue on the top half of his body and dark blue on the bottom part of his body.

"Dewott!" he said.

Dewott smacked Timburr with its hand and Timburr fainted.

"No! That is it! I will force Ghetsis to give me a Pokemon you can fight!" said the man. He pressed a button on his poke ball and Tepig and Timburr glowed blue for a second then remaned lying on the ground. The man ran off.

"He released them! He has no heart!" said Yancy.

Zach looked at the Tepig for a moment then threw a poke ball at it. Tepig was absorbed inside and then captured.

"Now I got six pokemon." he said.

Yancy smiled at him. "Great!"

Curtis glared and caught Timburr in a poke ball. "What about me? I got twenty pokemon!"

Yancy glared at him. "Shut up Curtis!"


Lover of underrated characters
Chapter 5-
"I can't see why we can't just ride my Zebstrika across this bridge." complained Curtis.

"We all can't fit on Zebstrika!" said Yancy, glaring at him.

Curtis looked at his feet. "I just don't feel safe standing out in the open like this. What if some Plasma member pulls the bridge up while we're on it?"

"Curtis you worry too much! There is no way Team Plasma would know we're enemies." said Zach, confidently.

Curtis looked at the sky. "Look something is up there!"

Zach looked up. "It is an Unfezant."

Curtis started to run. "I don't like this."

"We'd better hurry after him." sighed Yancy.

When they got to the other side they noticed a gate blocking the way into town. "Who's there?" said a voice on the other side.

Curtis jumped. "Oh no! Team Plasma! Let's get out of here!"

He turned around but the bridge was going up.

"You ain't leaving!" said the voice.

"Clay it's okay." said a familiar voice. "I know these people."

Clay sounded furious. "How are you sure they arn't spies?"

"They arn't." said the voice.

The gate slid open revealing Colress and a man in a cowboy outfit who had to be Clay.

"Sorry about this but we blocked all entrances to this town. It is the headquarters of our rebellion." said Colress. "Come on i'll show you the other members."

Colress led them to the Pokemon Center.

"Our Nurse Joy was captured along with some other members so Anthea and Concordia can heal your Pokemon for you." said Colress, pointing at a long pink haired girl and a long blonde haired girl. "And over here are the people I have assigned to train the less experienced of you three. Zach, meet Skyla, Drayden, Chili, and Elesa."

Zach met a red haired girls gaze and smiled. She turned red and smiled back. Curtis noticed and smiled. Yancy will have to choose me if those two get married.

An old man approached Zach. "I see you met Skyla. She will be training your Pokemon who can use Flying moves. I will be training your Dragon types. I'm Drayden by the way."

"I don't have any Dragons yet." said Zach.

"Your Riolu can use Dragon Pulse when he evolves. I will help you. We will battle after you meet Chili and Elesa." said Drayden. "Meet me outside."

A red haired man approached next and Zach glared thinking it was the Plasma member from earlier then noticed he looked too friendly to be the same guy. "My name is Chili. Me and Elesa will be helping out with your training." He pointed at a short blonde haired girl who looked like a movie star.

"Okay." said Zach. "I'll look forward to it."

He left Yancy and Curtis inside and went towards Drayden.

Drayden looked at him. "Call out Riolu." he commanded.

Zach called out Riolu and Riolu popped out next to him.

"Haxorus!" said Drayden.

A bipedal dragon-like pokemon with yellow scales on its belly and black scales on its belly came out. It roared.

Riolu didn't flinch. It looked tiny compared to Haxorus.

"Riolu use Force Palm!" said Zach.

Riolu smacked Haxorus in the face but Haxorus was still standing.

"Dragon Breath!" said Drayden.

Haxorus shot a blue-green fire on Riolu. Riolu was hit by it and flew backwards on impact.

"No!" said Zach.

Riolu slowly got up then flashed white. He grew taller and white fur replaced the blue fur on his belly. Riolu now had the looks of a powerful Pokemon.

"Lucario use Dragon Pulse!" said Zach.

Lucario put his hand together and shot a big blue-green beam at Haxorus. Haxorus shook it off.

Drayden smiled. "I think that is enough for today."

"But nobody has won yet." said Zach.

Drayden shook his head. "We can't afford to lose strength." He walked off.

"Hey Zach!" said Curtis. "I know how you and Skyla have feelings for each other and I would like to help."

"Really?" asked Zach.

Curtis nodded. "Yes! But you must promise to tell Yancy that you don't have feeling for her."

"Okay." said Zach.

Curtis smiled. "Great. Now let's get ready for our battle against Chili and Elesa. I recommend you use Snivy."

Zach smiled. "Okay. I think they're coming now."

Chili and Elesa were approaching them.

"You two ready?" asked Chili. A small red monkey stood next to him.

Zach and Curtis nodded.

"I'm using Pansear." said Chili.

"I'm using Zebstrika." said Elesa, calling out a zebra Pokemon.

"Snivy." said Zach.

"Timburr" said Curtis.

"Pansear use Flamethrower!" said Chili.

Pansear shot a blast of fire out of his mouth at Snivy but Timburr took the hit. Timburr whacked Pansear on the head with his piece of wood and Pansear fainted.

Snivy smiled and flashed white. He grew a little taller and leafy spikes were on his back. "Servine!"

"Told you to use Snivy." said Curtis, winking.

Zebstrika charged at Timburr and Servine knocking both out.

"You should never look away from your opponent." said Elesa.

"Hydra!" A three-headed dragon flew through the air carrying a unconscious person.

"Team Plasma's attacked!" said Chili, his eyes widening.

"Who was that the Hydreigon was carrying?" asked Zach.

"I'm afraid it was your girlfriend." said Clay, looking at Curtis.

"Yancy?" asked Curtis, he called out a Unfezant wearing a mask. It was the male version. "I'll save her!" He took off.

Zach called out Braviary and followed.


Lover of underrated characters
Chapter 6-
Braviary and Unfezant flew through the air while carrying their trainers. A flying ship was visible in the distance. Hydreigon landed on the ship.

"We're going to have to fight through lots of Team Plasma members. We'll use all the Pokemon we got with us right when we land." said Curtis.

Zach nodded.

Braviary and Unfezant landed on the ship and their trainers got off.

"Zebstrka, Timburr, Growlithe, Seismitoad, and Onix." said Curtis. A big blue toad and a big rocky snake appeared next to it. Then Zebstrika, Timburr, and Growlithe came out.

"Dewott, Lucario, Servine, Zorua, and Tepig!" said Zach. His Pokemon popped out next to Curtis's.

"You two again?" asked the red haired grunt from a few days ago,

"What did you guys do with Yancy?" asked Curtis.

"Lord Ghetsis took her to the dungeon of the ship. We wanted to lure him." he said, pointing at Zach.

"Why me?" asked Zach.

"You are the one who can defeat Ghetsis." said the grunt. "It is all on a prophecy I obtained from your dad."

"My Dad?" asked Zach. "Where is he?"

"Safe. He wanted me to warn you but I was really a spy this whole time." said the grunt. "They call me Agent Joey."

"Enough of this!" said Curtis, and grabbed Joey and hung him over the edge of the flying boat. "Take us to her or I will drop you?"

"Bye all means drop him." said Ghetsis, climbing up onto the deck. "It'll be the last thing you ever do. Kyurem!"

Kyurem popped out of its ball and glared down at Zach and Curtis.

Joey's eyes widened. "Boss you wouldn't!"

"I would." said Ghetsis. "Kyurem use Blizzard!"

Kyurem roared and icy wind began to fly around the trio then it began to snow on them.

Curtis called back his Pokemon with a beam of red light. Zach did the same.

"We'll have to jump!" said Curtis, and he jumped over the side.

Zach jumped after him and Joey was pushed by a gust of wind.

They fell for awhile then a flash of white light occurred and they safely on the ground.

"What happened?" asked Curtis.

"I don't know. Where are we?" asked Zach.

"Twist Mountain." said Joey.

"How do you know?" asked Curtis.

"The snow that is all around us." said Joey, shrugging.

"Bear!" growled a polar bear and charged at them.

"A Beartic!" said Zach. "Tepig use Flame Wheel."

Tepig sun around in a ball of fire and hit Beartic. Beartic flew backwards a bit and slid down the mountain. Tepig smiled and flashed white. He was now standing on his hind legs and had muscular arms and legs. He was now a Pignite.

"Great! Now we can get down from this mountain easier." said Curtis, holding out his Xtransceiver. "I'm getting a signal from over there. We might be near Icirrus City."

"Let's go!" said Zach.

"Guys i'd like to help you defeat Ghetsis. He probably thinks we're all dead so we must not use our real names and should probably find a Pokemon or two they know we don't have to make us look more convincing." said Joey.

"Great! Let's go to Dragonspiral Tower." said Zach, smiling. He led the way through the snow with Pignite who was burning a trail through the snow.

They were all unaware they were being watched by a cloaked figure.


Lover of underrated characters
Chapter 7-
Zach looked at a tower visible from the distance. Joey and Curtis slowed down behind him.

"We're being watched." said Joey, pointing to the cloaked figure a fair distance away from them.

Zach looked at the cloaked figure. "He doesn't look like he would be with Team Plasma."

Curtis shrugged. "Looks can be misleading. Let's hurry."

They started to walk at a faster rate and reached Dragonspiral Tower. Zach noticed a yellow dragon flying near the top.

"See you guys at the top!" he said, calling out Braviary. He got onto Braviary's back and Braviary flew to the top of the tower.

"Drago!" said the dragon, shooting a yellow beam at Braviary. Zach quickly jumped off of Braviary, who fell down towards the ground. Zach got out Braviary's ball and returned him.

"Dewott!" said Zach.

Dewott came out and glared at the Dragonite.

"Use Ice Beam while it is recovering!" said Zach.

Dewott shot an icy beam at Dragonite's wings and froze them together. Dragonite roared in pain. Dewott used Hydro Pump at Dragonite and Dragonite fell backwards.

Zach threw an ultra ball at Dragonite, who was sucked into the ball. The ball shook a few times then Dragonite burst out and shot another Hyper Beam at Dewott.

Dewott hit a nearby pillar and it collapsed on him.

"Ser-" said Zach, ready to call out Servine but a white light flashed and a horn poked out of the rubble. A blue sea-lion pokemon with a long horn came out. Dewott had evolved into Samurott.

Samurott glared at Dragonite and used Blizzard. Dragonite was hit by piles of snow then he was frozen solid. Samurott kept glaring at the frozen Dragonite. Zach threw another ultra ball at the Dragonite and he was sucked back inside. The ball shook a few times then dinged. Zach smiled and put Dragonite's ball in his pocket.

"Nicely done." said a voice.

"Whose there?" asked Zach.

The cloaked figure came out of the shadows. Now that he was closer some brown hair was visible from under his hood. "I've been watching you since you fell from the sky. Great Arceus must approve of you as the new hero of Unova since he saved you from that deadly and stupid jump."

"How do you know that?" asked Zach.

"Because i'm the hero of truth." said the figure, and removed his hood. "I'm Hilbert the hero who saved Unova three years ago. I am here to test your skill to see if Zekrom is worthy of being your new partner. You ready?"

"I was born ready to fight!" said Zach.

"Excellent. Don't think that i'll go easy on you." said Hilbert.

"Don't worry i'll beat you anyways." said Zach. "Samurott!"

"Zekrom!" said Hilbert. A big black dragon with red eyes came out. Its tail glowed blue every few seconds. "Use Fusion Bolt!"

Zekrom shot a big blue ball of electricity at Samurott and Samurott was out.

"Samurott return!" said Zach, Samurott was absorbed back into its ball. "Lucario use Aura Sphere!"

Lucario came out and shot a blue light at Zekrom. Zekrom flinched.

"Use Zen Headbutt!" said Hilbert. Zekrom focused then hit Lucario with its head. Lucario fainted.

"Zorua!" said Zach. Zorua came out and barked at Zekrom bravely and Zekrom laughed.

"Your Zorua needs to be more fierce." said Hilbert, snickering.

Zorua growled and jumped onto Zekrom's back. Zekrom started to glow yellow and lightning surrounded his body. Zorua yelped and let go. He hid behind his trainer.

"Pignite!" said Zach. Pignite came out and smacked rapidly Zekrom right away with his arm. Zekrom started to look tired out and used Fusion Bolt. Pignite took the blow but was still standing. He tried to move but his legs were stuck together.

"Pignite return!" said Zach. "Servine use Vine Whip!"

Servine came out and smacked Zekrom with its vines. Zekrom fell down but got back up after awhile. It used Zen Headbutt and Servine was knocked out.

Zach started to worry. Braviary was knocked out from earlier and Dragonite was still tired from its capture. He needed to use a sixth Pokemon though and fast.

"Dragonite use any attack you can manage!" said Zach.

Dragonite panted then tackled Zekrom. Zekrom used a Fusion Bolt at the exact same moment and both Pokemon were knocked out.

"Well looks like we're both evenly strong." said Hilbert. "Guess i'll travel with you guys until you are strong enough."

Curtis and Joey finally caught up. "Zach! What happened?"

Zach explained everything that happened to his two friends.

"Wow! Arceus saved our lives?" asked Joey.

"Looks like we need to train you up some." said Curtis. "Lets find the musketeers or Victini. They could help us win against Ghetsis if we manage to beat them."

"Okay!" said Zach.

The four of them began to climb down the tower and off towards Opelucid City.


Lover of underrated characters
Chapter 8-
Zach looked around at Opelucid City in shock. The whole town was covered with snow and ice.

"Looks like Team Plasma was here again." said Joey.

Curtis looked at the sky. "Why would they come here? Drayden is gone and they stole the DNA splicers weeks ago."

"Maybe it was something in Drayden's house." said Joey. "I heard Ghetsis wanted our dragons to learn Draco Meteor."

Zach sighed. "Let's leave we need to find out where Cobalion is hiding."

They left the town and continued east. They passed through towns and villages ready to call out Dragonite or Zekrom if they got attacked. They eventually reached a small beach near Lacunosa Town.

"Let's sleep hear tonight." said Curtis.

"You three sleep. I'm going to look around." said Zach, walking up the stairs to a cliff. Once he reached the top he looked around. He noticed some water pokemon surfing across the water. He sat down and sighed. He missed the times before Team Plasma took over. He missed not having to worry about being found and murdered by Team Plasma and missed most of all Bianca. He didn't know how much he felt for her before.

He noticed something running along the shore. It was a blue goat-like pokemon with yellow lightning bolt shaped horns. It was Cobalion.

He ran down the stairs to the cliff and called out Samurott to wake up his friends. Samurott used Hydro Pump and they all woke up.

"Why did you do that?" asked Hilbert.

"Yeah." said Curtis.

"I saw Cobalion. He's coming this way." said Zach.

"Why didn't you say so?" asked Curtis. "I've been wanting a challenge. Druddigon!"

A blue dragon pokemon with red scales on its face came out.

Druddigon roared and stomped at the ground.

Cobalion charged at Druddigon but Druddigon dodged and Flamethrower. It did a big amount of damage to Cobalion. Cobalion growled and used Iron Head. Druddigon flew backwards onto a boulder and fainted.

"Growlithe! Fetch!" said Curtis, throwing a yellow stone into the air. Growlithe jumped into the air and caught it. Growlithe flashed white and grew taller. its tail and neck area grew very fluffy looking hair.

"Arcanine!" Arcanine used Incinerate and Cobalion got covered with fire.

Cobalion panted from the heat then he fainted.

Curtis smiled and threw an ultra ball at Cobalion. Cobalion was absorbed into the ball, it shook for a few seconds then dinged announcing the capture.

Curtis smiled. "We got another legendary on our side."

Zach nodded. "Now let's go find another quickly. I'd like to defeat Team Plasma and kill Ghetsis."

"Whoa! Since when was this about killing?" asked Joey, his eyes widening.

"Since the last few days." said Zach, his eyes were burning with hatred.

"If you killed him it would make you just as awful as he is!" said Hilbert. "Now come on let's get to Black City. I want to be able to sleep at a hotel for once."

A small pony pokemo with a red mane, blue tail, and a long cream horn came out of some nearby bushes.

"Keldeo!" said Zach, excitedly. "Samurott get it!"

Samurott used Hydro Pump which blasted Keldeo at a nearby boulder. Keldeo fell down with a thud.

Zach smiled and threw an ultra ball at it. Keldeo was absorbed inside then the ball dinged.

"Great. Now I am the only one without a legendary." said Joey. "Or even a strong pokemon."

"It's because we don't trust you completely." said Curtis.


Lover of underrated characters
Chapter 9-
Ghetsis walked down a corridor on the ship and into a room with computers and the wheel to the ship. "Prepare to attack Black City our spy has informed us the black stone is there. If I get the stone I will be unstoppable."

"Aye-aye sir!" said the captain, turning the ship wheel. He pressed a big red button and the ship blasted through the air towards Black City.


Zach looked at a big skyscraper. "Wow! That is huge."

Curtis nodded. "It is one of Unova's strongest places besides White Forest's tree, and the Pokemon League."

Hilbert glared. "Enough of this lets look at the museum. There is supposed to be a new exhibit today."

"You three go ahead." said Joey. "I got to call someone." He ran off.

Zach, Curtis, and Hilbert walked towards the museum and followed the 'new exhibit' signs.

Hilbert smiled. "Aha! I knew it! This could be our only hope. It says that when the evilest man of Unova gets control of the three dragons.the frozen hero must unite the kami trio then then Unova will be saved once more."

"But how can we get the kami trio to show themselves?" asked Zach.

"It says there is a sacred shrine near hear that worships Landorus-the bringer of crops. It doesn't show anything about the other two." said Hilbert.

Zach looked at it. "So if Zekrom fails. We have to get the kami trio?"

Hilbert nodded."But I doubt we'l have to do that. Ghetsis will never find me."

Screams sounded from outside. Hilbert looked out a nearby window. "Oh no! They're here! You two hide!" He ran outside and called out Zekrom.

White-Kyurem flew down at Zekrom and used Blizzard. Zekrom fell down into the ground leaving a crater. Zekrom turned into the black stone

"Zekrom!" said Hilbert.

Ghetsis laughed and hit his cane on the ground twice. The black stone flew into his hands. "You have failed. Kyurem use Blizzard!"

Kyurem used Blizzard and Hilbert was frozen solid.

"Another trophy for my collection. Hydreigon take that to my ship." he said.

Hydreigon picked up Hilbert's frozen body and took it up to the ship.

"Nobody can stop us now. The only ones are frozen or dead. Thanks to our spy who shouldn't have survived that fall." said Ghetsis.

Joey, thought Zach.

"I'm going to kill that stupid lier!" said Curtis, angrily.

"We can feed him to a Snorlax later. Let's go." said Zach.


They had been traveling for two days when they came across a big farmland.

"This must be it." said Curtis.

Zach nodded. "Let's hurry! I want to defeat Ghetsis."

They spotted a shrine and looked at it closely.

"What do we do?" asked Zach.

Curtis touched it but nothing happened. "Why don't you try it? You might be the frozen hero. Only we know the three dragons are in Ghetsis's hands."

Zach nodded and touched the shrine. It glowed white and a pokemon appeared. An orange humanoid pokemon with a cloud coverind the bottom half of it appeared.

"I am Landorus. Who has summoned me?" asked Landorus.

"I did." said Zach.

"You must be the one who can save us from the approaching end of Unova if you could do that." said Landorus.

"What?" asked Zach.

"If Ghetsis combines White-Kyurem with Zekrom Unova will be destroyed!" said Landorus.

Curtis gasped. "He might be doing that right now!"

Landorus shook his head. "We have time. We must summon my brothers but first i'd like to test your skills. Frozen hero call out two of your pokemon."

Zach called out Servine and Pignite.

Landorus used Outrage but Servine and Pignite dodged.

"Pignite use Fire Pledge! Servine use Grass Pledge!" said Zach.

Servine and Pignite obeyed. A shower of leaf and fire soared through the air around Landorus. Landorus was burned badly.

"Enough!" said Landorus. "I admit defeat!"

Servine and Pignite both flashed white. Pignite grew taller and more muscular while Servine lost his arms and legs but grew longer and more snakelike.



Both pokemon smiled at their trainer. Zach smiled. "We're almost strong enough for Ghetsis. Zorua needs some proper training first."

"Leave him here. He'll get stronger battling the Vulpix." said Landorus. "Follow me! My brothers are not far."