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Frozen on their Tracks (598)


Since there's basically nothing going on here that's of much importance, I'm going to save my precious lead for those parts that are important.

- Ash & co. are on a train heading to Lake Acuity, which I would like to mention that they're basically the only passengers inside.
- Hey!! Looker is here, & he's giving away free meals! Now all the beggars in the streets will no longer starve to death.
- When I say beggars in this, I mean TR, as they're the only other people on this train, because these guys are %$@#ing stalkers.
- This train is powered by an Ampharos. Whyyyy can't this train be powered by conventional means? They always have to rely on Pokemon for propulsion of certain vehicles.
- The railroad light up ahead is red. uh-oh!!! Something has come up, so Looker & the engineer go out to look.
- By this time, it all goes downhill from here, because everything we see here, from the TR Appearance, to them snagging everyone's Pokemon, to a few of them ending up in the middle of nowhere, are all so cliche. So... it's nap-nap time.
- Looker!! He's instigating an abandoned mine with his ultraviolet goggles, & he finds some fresh footprints.
- Vas ist das?? He's found a piece of evidence hidden underneath something! He's earned my respect after all.
- & then we get back to our original snoresville... bleh...
- Before we know it, the train can continue on. Yay! We can finally get out of this boring place.
- So, it seems that TG was inside that mine. Why? We shall see...

As it stands, this episode was "supposed" to be an introduction of Looker. Fact is, he took a backseat for all the other stuff that was happening that we've all seen before. He hasn't gotten nearly enough screen time, so as a character intro ep., I give this two big thumbs down.


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Lmao Looker said he was really taken by the scenery or w/e he said he was really taken by. I didn't watch this in Japanese but I thought Ash and co. knew who he was. I can't wait to see him in the next episode with TG(Both the 1 coming Thursday and the 1 with Shellos).


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okish episode. It was good to see looker though and it is also intresting to find out hes an undercover detective. It was also good to see Pikachu, piplup and Happiny working together as well. Apart from the Looker bits and the exploraraton it was just really a filler episode for the next episode with Paul and Ashs match


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I wasn't too fond of this episode, it didn't do much besides pass time between Ash battling Paul and introducing the creepy policeman Looker (who has a name like that in real life, anyway?). Plus, it was another episode, one of many, with the twerps and their pokemon being separated. It could have been better.


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Borderline-filler. Only interesting part was the 10 seconds at the end with Looker. Galactic stole Uxie?



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This episode looked really nice, I loved the setting and the glossiness of it. I thought it was funny how Happiny lifted that huge boulder with no problem and I'm glad Sudowoodo learned Hammer Arm, although he'll never really get to use it since Brock hardly battles. This was an alright episode.


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Good episode. The Pokemon were working well together in this one, and Looker is quite amusing. Though he did something else rather than introducing.
Nothing too interesting really happened in this episode.

The only awesome thing about this episode was finally seeing an Ampharos!

Yeah. Not too much to write home about, was there?

Oh, wait! That's right! That last part with Looker investigating in the blocked tunnel and finding that Team Galactic Emblem and then putting it into an evidence bag! I can see it now: CSI: Sinnoh!

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Team Galactic is going to appear regularly from now on....they must be close to completion of their plans
This episode was terrible. Its like Looker was thrown into a generic filler episode.

Lookers scenes were literally the only good part of the episode, and his scenes come out to about 2-3 minutes in total.


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This episode was alright. It was great to finally see Looker for the 1st time. It was great to see Sudowoodo learn the powerful Hammer Arm attack. It was funny when Piplup tried many times to break a boulder, and failed, but then Happiny lifted and threw the boulder. It was great to find out Looker's backstory. It was cool to see Ampharos for the 1st time in awhile, interesting how it knows Signal Beam. The ending was really an interesting cliffhanger. Looker started his investigating, and they found Team Galactic in the tunnel.



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i lol when happiny picked up and spun the giant rock, and the said "ha-ppinyyyyyy"

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this episode was one of the lamest with a predicatable scene of Team Rocket capturing Ash & Co's pokemon (or most of them) and getting all cocky about it which is made even worse in the dub version.


I liked seeing Ash and friends on a train for the first time in a long time and Pikachu's little adventure with Piplup, Happiny and Ampharos was cute; Pikachu's always getting babysitter roles. Anyway, Looker going off on his own when the train stopped and finding clues about Team Galactic was great detective work and good foreshadowing as well.

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I liked that Looker appeared in this episode and that he was investigating things about Team Galactic, setting up some good foreshadowing. Didn't really like Team Rocket in this episode much, and they used up way too much screentime imo. 7/10