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Frozen Waters

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The Autumn Gust.

Welcome to Icy Aqua land which is, Frozen Waters.


Team Rocket is back and better than ever! They now destroy the homes of innocent Pokemon! So far they have turn a large lake, home to Water Types, into solid ice. They have also set fire to the frosty land for Ice Types. The Ice's have been forced to move to the lake and the Water Types will not have it! Them and the Ice Types have teamed up and plan to get their revenge on Team Rocket. Will you join them?


1. Follow all SPPf and Clan rules.
Duh, everyone would want to follow them but just in case...
2. No Trolling/Spamming/Flamming.
Seriously!? No one likes these kind of people.
3. No bullying!
Do I even have to explain this?
4. Don't participate in another clan.
Easy to avoid people.
5. Respect all Leaders/Members.
6. Be active.
We don't really need members who aren't gonna join clan activities.
7. Don't lie about winning if you lost.
Suck it up and admit you lost.
8. Put the words in the following spoiler in your application to prove you read the rules:
Lady Gaga PWNS!
9. Enjoy your time here! :D


SPPf Name:
Nickname (Optional):
Favorite Pokemon:
Pokemon Online Name:
BW Friend Code:
Water or Ice Team?:

And here is the example (Note: The Water Team Leader, SparkBolt, is the one I use in this example. You can tell we're sisters right?)

SPPf Name: SparkBolt
Nickname (Optional): Sparky
Favorite Pokemon: Pikachu
Pokemon Online Name: [FW]SparkBolt
BW Friend Code: No wifi
Water or Ice Team?: Water (Duh)
Referrer?: N/A

Use the following form when you win.

Who did you PWN!?:

Main Banner- Skiyomi
Rank User Bars- Mew_ / -Sarah
Headers & Division Banners- Me and Sparky

DO NOT POST ANYTHING YET! We need to reserve some posts. We will tell you when the clan is officialy open!
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FW Water Leader

After their beloved lake becoming a new home for Ice Types, thanks to Team Rocket, the Water Types, and of course the Ice Types, are starting a war against Team Rocket. Join us?


This person (Me) runs over this division and is highly responsibly for the happenings in the clan.



*For hiring!*

These people watch over the clan (or more likely the division) when the main leader isn't around. These people must be people we can really trust. Or else they get the boot.
We need 2 Co-Leaders. I will PM you if we find you suitable.



This person has the responsibility to test new members and see what rank they should start at.


Congrats! You have achieved the highest rank in the clan. Everyone looks up to you now and you have gained the trust of all members. Be proud!



Almost there. You have come far, but you have one more challenge ahead of you. But still well done.



You're half way through your challenge. You start to earn the respect for everyone in the clan.




You have done well, but there's still a long way to go. Keep going.

Male members get the Blue Jellicent while Female members get the Pink.



You're new to the clan (or since this is a water division, lake), and you're scared, shaken. Work hard and get over that fear.


*More Ranks coming Soon*

*Still do not post*
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The Autumn Gust.

Welcome to the Ice Team!

As you know, we have teamed up with the Water Types to take our home from Team Rocket. We need YOU to help us win our battle.

This is sparta war!

*NOTE: we are behind on this division, it might take a while.*


Me da big boss! This is the rank that gets all of the clan privaliges (which is nothing really except the Leadership :p).




These are one of the most trusted members of the clan. These people do their best to maintain the clan. With these by your side, you won't be lonely.



Newb. I mean, you're still new in clan activities, but you're starting to show yourself.



You're new in this war, and the others are looking down on you.


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FW Water Leader
*Reserved for Jobs*
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FW Water Leader
All posts have been reserved and you can begin posting. But the clan still hasn't officialy opened.
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FW Water Leader
Thanks chello! :D

EDIT: and maz too.


take a byte
GL peeps, you probably have no effing idea who I am but whatevs :p
Consider getting a good luck from me special, since this IS a Water-type clan *cough*isafirelover*cough*

Anyway, jokes aside, GL again
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