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FT: 6IV English Ditto, LF: 6IV non-English Ditto


I can offer you a German ditto -- but it only has five perfect IVs (special def is missing).
If that's not good enough, you can of course reject my offer. I undestand that farming six IVs is quite grindy.
However, it seems also very grindy to find a trading partner :D


Pokédex Completionist
Yeah I’t’s hard to find a 6IV. If I didn’t already have a 5IV foreign Ditto I would accept it. I also use it to breed other 6IV pokemon right now, so unless I can replace it with another six iv I can’t trade it.


Pokédex Completionist
Please do. If you ever manage to get one just message me, I doubt I’ll be trading mine anytime soon ;-;