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FT: Apricorn Balls, Fossils and HA Pokémon

Discussion in '8th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by TeamSnagemWes, Jan 4, 2020.

  1. TeamSnagemWes

    TeamSnagemWes Well-Known Member

    Hey there everyone! I finally have a collection of stuff I think would nice to trade, so I'm making a thread with everything I have and am willing to trade. I'm not picky with offers, but I am mainly searching for HA Pokémon I don't have, Egg Moves and Apricorn Ball Pokémon.

    Here's what I have:

    Dream Ball:
    Eevee (HA Available)
    Hatenna (HA Available)

    Beast Ball:
    Charmander (HA Available)
    Lapras (HA Available, Sparkling Aria)
    Eevee (HA Available)
    Dreepy (HA Available)
    Magikarp (HA Available)
    Duraludon (HA Available)

    Love Ball:
    Farfetch'd (HA Available)
    Minccino (HA Available)
    Spritzee (HA Available)
    Bounsweet (HA Available)
    Eevee (HA Available)
    Mawile (HA Available)
    Corsola (HA Available)
    Hatenna (HA Available)
    Toxel (HA Available)
    Delibird (HA Available)
    Swirlix (HA Available)

    Friend Ball:
    Farfetch'd (HA Available)
    Snom (HA Available)
    Applin (HA Available)

    Moon Ball:
    Snom (HA Available)
    Dreepy (HA Available)
    Ralts (HA Available)
    Hatenna (Not HA)
    Vulpix (HA Available)
    Eevee (HA Available)
    Darumaka (HA Available)

    Level Ball:
    Farfetch'd (HA Available)
    Scraggy (HA Available)
    Pincurchin (HA Available)
    Darumaka (HA Available)

    Heavy Ball:
    Duraludon (HA Available)
    Rookidee (HA Available)
    Dreepy (HA Available)
    Arrokuda (HA Available)
    Drilbur (HA Available)

    Fast Ball:
    Clobbopus (HA Available)

    Lure Ball:
    Zigzagoon (HA Available)
    Sizzlipede (HA Available)

    Other HA Pokémon:
    Mr. Mime

    My current wants are HA Larvitar, HA Seedot and HA Klink, I also accept items and trade fossils.
    Thank you for taking a look at my Pokémon and I look forward to trading!
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2020 at 4:08 PM
  2. Dragohammer227

    Dragohammer227 VGC Trainer

    Hello again @TeamSnagemWes I have a Moon Ball Purrloin and I'm interested in your HA Arrokuda. If this trade interest you let me know.
  3. TeamSnagemWes

    TeamSnagemWes Well-Known Member

    Sounds good to me! I'll breed it as soon as I get home. Heavy Ball or Lure ball?
  4. Dragohammer227

    Dragohammer227 VGC Trainer

    We'll go full circle and put it in a Lure Ball!
  5. TeamSnagemWes

    TeamSnagemWes Well-Known Member

    Alright! I'll PM you when I can :)
  6. Dragohammer227

    Dragohammer227 VGC Trainer

    Sounds good.
  7. PsychoIncarnate

    PsychoIncarnate Well-Known Member

    I got:

    Applin - Friend Ball
    Bronzor - Heavy Ball
    Cherim - Love Ball
    Chewtle - Lure Ball
    Corsola - Moon Ball/ Love Ball
    Cottonee - Love Ball/ Friend Ball/ Dream Ball
    Croagunk - Dream Ball
    Darumaka - Lure Ball
    Deino - Moon Ball/ Beast Ball/ Love Ball
    Dreepy - Dream Ball/ Beast Ball/ Moon Ball/ Level Ball/ Lure Ball
    Eevee - Love Ball/ Fast Ball/ Dream Ball
    Eiscue - Dream Ball/ Lure Ball
    Falinks - Beast Ball
    Farfetch'd - Friend Ball
    Feebas - Lure Ball
    Ferroseed - Heavy Ball
    G. Meowth - Heavy Ball
    Growlithe - Level Ball
    Hattenna - Love Ball
    Impidimp - Beast Ball
    Karrablast - Heavy Ball
    Mareanie - Love Ball/ Lure Ball
    Milcery - Love Ball
    Mimikyu - Love Ball
    Morpeko - Dream Ball/ Love Ball
    Ponyta - Friend Ball/ Dream Ball
    Rookidee - Heavy Ball
    Rotom - Beast Ball/ Fast Ball
    Sinistea - Dream Ball
    Snom - Moon Ball/ Love Ball
    Solosis - Dream Ball
    Trapinch - Heavy Ball
    Yanper - Love Ball
  8. TeamSnagemWes

    TeamSnagemWes Well-Known Member

    Hi! I'm interested in your Love Ball Deino, Dream Ball Sinistea and Love Ball Milcery ^^ Would you like anything for them?
  9. PsychoIncarnate

    PsychoIncarnate Well-Known Member

    I'm interested in ha pinurchin and ha lapras

    Edit: and I guess heavy ball duraludon
  10. TeamSnagemWes

    TeamSnagemWes Well-Known Member

    Ok! I'll start breeding them, will DM you when I'm done ^q^
  11. PsychoIncarnate

    PsychoIncarnate Well-Known Member

    I won't be off work for 6 hours so take your time
  12. Amethyste

    Amethyste The Breeding Whiz

    Could you breed me a HA heavy ball Arrokuda?
    If you can't find anything in my shop (also check the random IV aprimon list) I'll check back later :)
  13. TeamSnagemWes

    TeamSnagemWes Well-Known Member

    Hey again! I'll trade one for an HA Love Ball Vulpix if that's okay!
  14. PsychoIncarnate

    PsychoIncarnate Well-Known Member

    I'm off work and starting the breed the pokemon
  15. TeamSnagemWes

    TeamSnagemWes Well-Known Member

    Bump! Lots of new stuff added, and new wants too. ^^
  16. Jinxmidnight

    Jinxmidnight Member

    Hello there! I saw you were trading HA Farfetch'd on this thread and was wondering if you would like to trade for any of the HA/Apricorn Ball Pokemon I have:

    Rookidee (HA Available)- Moon Ball, Heavy Ball
    Eevee (HA Available)- Love Ball, Dream Ball
    Applin (HA Available)- Friend Ball
    Corsola (HA Available)- Love Ball
    Hatenna (HA Available)- Moon Ball, Love Ball
    Duraludon (HA Available)- Love Ball
    Snom (HA Available)- Love Ball
    Charmander (HA Available)- Dream Ball
    Dreepy (HA Available)- Friend Ball
    Magikarp (HA Available)- Lure Ball
    Wimpod- Level Ball
    Rotom- Dream Ball
    Mimikyu- Love Ball
    Feebas- Lure Ball
    Zigzagoon- Love Ball

    I see we have some of the same, so I tried to omit those, let me know if you're interested! Thank you
  17. TeamSnagemWes

    TeamSnagemWes Well-Known Member

    Hi! I'm interested in the Dream Ball Charmander and Lure Ball Feebas, is there anything else you'd be interested in for the Feebas?
  18. Jinxmidnight

    Jinxmidnight Member

    HA Drilbur would be great! I will get to breeding both Feebas and Charmander. I can DM you when they're ready if you like.
  19. Kittypotts

    Kittypotts Well-Known Member

    Hi, I have a shiny rookidee with egg moves, may I have the ha moonball snom, pm me please, if you can help
  20. WhiteBlair

    WhiteBlair Reporting on-duty in Galar.


    I have Heal Ball Super Luck Togepi, if you're interested. I'm looking for Heavy Ball HA Rookidee.

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