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FT: Eiscue, G Ponyta, G Corsola, 4IV adamant Dreepy +

Discussion in '8th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by ohjeezitskim, Nov 25, 2019.

  1. ohjeezitskim

    ohjeezitskim Well-Known Member

    What I currently have ready to trade:
    3 Eiscue
    5 G Ponyta
    6 G Corsola
    4 Deino (VE Sword)
    12+ 4IV Dreepy
    2 5IV Dreepy (NOT perfect 5iv)

    What I can trade if I have some time to breed/find them

    Can breed now:
    G Darumaka(VE-Sword)
    Jangmo-o (VE-Sword)
    Lotad (VE-Shield)
    G- Farfetch'd (VE-Sword)

    All other Sword exclusives I can also go out and find given time:
    Seedot, Mawile, Solrock, Basculin Red, Scraggy, Gothita,
    Swirlix, Passimian, Turtonator, Stonjourner, Male Indeedee

    Non-US Ditto
    Goomy/Larvitar 2IV+
    Mints (Adamant/Modest/Jolly/Timid/Impish)
    Dynamax pokemon - ANY
    Breedjects from only 8th gen w/ 3+IVs

    IGN is Kimmy​
  2. Leftsyndrome

    Leftsyndrome Well-Known Member

    Do any of those Corsolas have their hidden ability by chance?
  3. ohjeezitskim

    ohjeezitskim Well-Known Member

    I unfortunately do not, I'm sorry.
  4. ohjeezitskim

    ohjeezitskim Well-Known Member

    OK! I'll be online until my toddler wakes up! About an hour.. So around 3pm EST time (it's 2:08 as i am posting.)
  5. Pokemon Power

    Pokemon Power Well-Known Member

    You have a Galarain Corsola? Wanna trade for a Galarian Farfetch'd? My link code is 1301.

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