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Full Metal Alchemist

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This is my first RP

Full Metal Alchemist​

Alchemy is the science of breaking down the matter of an object and reconfiguring it into another object. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost, this is the first rule of Alchemy. Alchemy is obtained by using a transmutation circle, each person having their own transmutation that does something different from another. State Alchemists are “dogs of the military”, called into finish a war quickly, to kill anyone in the way of the military. The military and government are controlled by the Fuhrer King; he is the most powerful figure in power. The main city where the military is centered is Central.

There is one person who opposes the alchemists, Scar. Scar is an Ishbalan (Ishbalans are from Ishbar, a county involved in the Ishbal rebellion, that ended with state alchemists coming to finish the job. They believe alchemy is a sin because it changes the way their god made things) who’s right arm has been branded with by his brother with a transmutation circle, and the knowledge that he is supposed to kill all sate alchemists.

There is another faction called Homunculi, artificial humans that have powers granted to them from the alchemy circle that made them. There are three homunculi that have shown their abilities Lust, the leader, has blade-like fingers; Gluttony, eats people; and Envy, can change his features to look like other people.

The Full Metal alchemist and his brother have been looking for the Philosopher’s Stone, a stone that is rumored to grant great alchemic power to the one who wields it. They want to find it and try and restore their body back to normal after their bodies were changed from trying to bring their mother back to life. The Homunculi want the Philosopher’s stone supposedly to become completely human. The Homunculi are also in conflict with not only the military, but with Scar as well.

The country is on the edge of rebellion and the state alchemists are starting to be called into try and find the stone and some are being called in to try and settle the country from the excitement caused by the Full Metal alchemist and his travels, and Scar.

You are either a state alchemist going to find the stone or a state alchemist trying to settle the country. You can be an alchemist trying out for a chance at a state alchemist, or a vigilante alchemist. If you are going to be an alchemist trying out, I will only accept one or two.

Main characters

Edward Elric- the Full Metal alchemist, can do alchemy without a transmutation circle, has an automale arm and leg.
Alphonse Elric- he is Ed’s younger brother whose spirit is sealed to a suit of armor, he can do alchemy, but still uses circles.
Col. Roy Mustang- the Flame alchemist, has gloves with transmutation circles on them so that when he snaps, a spark is made and uses alchemy to make an explostion.
Fuhrer King Bradley- the most respected person in the military.
Armstrong- an alchemist who protected Ed and Al, uses strength and alchemy together

Sign Up

Name (1st and last)
Age (be reasonable 20+)
Gender (male or Female)
Side (State, Vigilante)
Nickname (the name given to you by the Fuhrer if you are a state alchemist)
Transmutation Circle (describe what your circle looks like)
Alchemic Powers (what you do with your alchemy)
Alchemy item (item you use to help with you alchemy, ex. Mustang’s gloves)
Personality (what your character is like)
Appearance (can be the military outfit, but include other features)
History (self-explanatory)

Please, with all characters, be creative and original. Don’t say, “He can clap and then use alchemy without a circle.” NO, that is copying… I will accept someone using a similar idea to an existing character, like Mustang’s gloves, but don’t do the same exact thing.

State Alchemists
Summer Wolf

Tiana M

Name: Mag. Andrea Regult

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Side: State alchemist

Nickname: Thunder alchemist

Transmutation Circle: Circle with another circle inside, close to the first, an upside down triangle with its points slightly out side the circle and another triangle with its points touching the inner circle, and a a smaller circle inside the smaller triangle. On his right hand as a tattoo.

Alchemic Powers: Changes the density of the air when there is static electricity present to create lightning. He will put an item that cunducts electricity on the person of his opponent to direct the electricity from his hand. He can also channel electricity through the ground.

Alchemy item: His gloves are made of fleece to cuduct static elecrticity

Personality: Andrea always takes his job to the utmost seriousness, and will only hesitate in what he is doing if it includes taking the life of someone else. If he is not doing anything with the military, he likes to laze around and play sports. He is a very competitive person when it comes to normal activities. He also hates to prolong something that could easily take a very short time. He is not quick to anger, and will only become angry is someone tries his patience. Andrea is always trying to look on the broght side, but he usually either can't find the right words or says something completely wrong. Even though he can come on as erogant and rash, he is actually a thoughtful person, always thinking of what his actions might do to someone else. Andrea surpresses his anger, and once someone angers him, all of the anger that has been surpressed comes out, and he sometimes injures the person who made him angery.

Appearance: Andrea wears the normal military outfit. He has short brown hair that goes ¼ of the way down his forehead and the top of his head is bleached. Andrea has deep green eyes and has a fairly muscular build. He wears sunglasses at all times durring the day, even on a completly cloudy day, and stands five foot eleven. Andrea wears two small ring earrings in his right ear and wears fingerless gloves on both of his hands. Andrea carries his state alchemist watch in his right pocket, always connected to his belt loop. He also wears a necklace with a metal cross on it. Andrea carries a double-edged sword with him at his hip. He also keeps an assortment of metal objects with him to put on his opponent, so that they are easyer to hit.

History: Andrea was raised in a family of alchemists, he learned all about alchemy from them. He learned from them until he was 15 when he went out to see the world where he honed his skills and gave himself his alchemy circle. When he came back to his parents when he was 20, he found his house ransacked and his parents gone. He looked all over for evidence of where they went. When Andrea could not find any evidence of his parents, he went to become a state alchemist to give him more access to where they might be. Andrea had always enjoyed watching lightning storms and developed his skills around lightning and thunder. When Andrea went to take the alchemy exam, he failed to become a state alchemist the first time. After fine tuning his abilities, he went back the next year and passed. Andrea always tries to get in a fight during a storm, when he dosent have to worry about making static himself, and he is at his greatest power then. He has been in the military for three years and has atained the rank of Major. Andrea has been helping keep the peace, while looking for clues of his parent's wearabouts. All the leads he has fallowed have ended up as nothing but wild goose chases, but he has not lost the determination for finding his parents

I will not be accepting a certain number of people so I will start depending on the flow of people. I will accept and denie on both length and quallity, if it is a little short, but really good, then yes. If it takes a long time to describe something, then thats okay too.

Please put somewhere in your sign-up , weather they are keeping the peace or helping look for the Pilosopher's Stone.

Edit: thank you for that Hells_Trainer, I had put the wrong alchemic power and name, I hadmany thought up and forgot which one was supposed to be in the RP.
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I know i'm not a mod but in FMA, you have to explain your alchemic powers through science it doesn't just happen..


Name: Jason Barktree
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Side: Vigilante
Name: Wind Alchemist
Transmutation Circle: A star in the middle with wave symbols touching the star's stips and the lining of the circle.
Alchemic Powers: He can control the air when he taps his boots or his fists to turn it on or off.
Alchemy Item: Under his boots, on his palms, and on his forehead.

Personality: He loves black and cats and to hang out in the best places in his town.

He knows that the military was up to no good, because they were the ones who caused the Ishbal rebellion, so he's very cautious.

When one is at stake, he gives his life to keep it alive, which makes him very selfless and nice.

When a state alchemist or anyone from the military is in sight, he hides somewhere far from them.

When everything is peaceful, he tells some funny stories, which makes him uhhh...funny.

All he wanted was to keep his town, Sharon, peaceful.

Appearance: Butch is 6 feet, 1 inch, weighing 137 pounds.

He isn't as strong as the others, but he is fast, flexable, and stealthy.

He wears a black sleeveless shirt and a metal vest under it, and black boots.

He has short brown hair, and green eyes.

History: Jason learned alchemy at age 9, when he created wind with the circles he used today. He was amazed of what he can do and tried out other things.

At age 13, he learned how to give his bald cat fur. He had to give all of his hair and it was a success. That's when he thought about his first time with alchemy. So he put the wind circles under his boots, on his palms, and on his forehead, and protected Sharon for years from whatever came their way.

Ever since then Sharon wasn't in any real danger at all when Butch was on patrol. So he uses alchemy to save people from impact from falling off tall objects and places.

At age 19, he heard about Edward being a State Alchemist and his brother Alphonse being his partner by rumor. He wondered if he's truly on the military's sign. He might know really soon.
I'll make it better if ya want me to.

P.S. Envy is a he.
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Fair enough... accpted, if you want you can be a co GM since you seem to have knowlage of FMA and its workings. To keep me in check on info I give out.
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I'll take the job!

If ya need to know something about FMA, go to Official Fullmetal Alchemist Discussion in the Alternative Anime Forum.
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I tried something like this once before but it fell through so can I reserve a spot after a few more people join?

Masa Mune

Thunder Trainer
Name: Hitsu Moriyama
Age: 40
Gender: Male
Side: Vigilante
Nickname: Human Alchemist (he used to be State)
Alchemic Powers: He is capable of alchemizing his, and other bodies through the various transmutation circles he has grafted to him.
Alchemy item: His own body
Personality: Very quiet and starting to border on paranoid, he thinks just about everyone is a potential assassin and it takes a lot togain even a small fraction of trust from him.
Appearance: he still wears his uniform though it is torn and dirty. His blonde hair is simply a mess and his face always shows signs of fatigue, including his brown eyes which are almost always bloodshot.
History: Back during the war Hitsu was in charge of interogations. Since he could alter body structure and even liquify organs, he could put others in a type of pain that was unthinkable to most. Before that though he headed hisown little division within the state, training alchemists who worked with the body itself, including a certain alchemist known for his crescent moon mark (a cookie to anyone who remembers his name). He stood by the state without fault in every endeavor it undertook... until one fateful day. While delivering a report seven years ago, he overheard a conversation King was having; a conversation no man should ever hear. Becoming frightened he dropped his report and ran. Two days later a nervous Hitsu was brought before King and questioned. King said that Hitsu would do the intelligent thing and keep it their little secret. However Hitsu no longer believed his life to be safe and escaped from the insitute that night before anything could happen.


FlygonFirefly: no need to reserve a spot, you can join up any time you want, I will not limit my RP to a certain number of people.

Masa Mune: 1. Human Alchemy is considered the worst thing an alchemist can try. 2. Your history and appearance are 2 lines long, which is to short, add to those and, corrrect me if I'm wrong Butch, I think that human alchemy is almost impossible to.
For now Declined, but I will not stop you from trying again.


I cannot read anymore of the manga after chapter 41, but I hope it's enough.

Name: Amnis Coeur
Gender: Female
Side: State
Nickname: Exploding One
Transmutation Circle: Generally, it was a circle with an eight-sided star in the middle. In the middle of the star, was a flame symbol, and outside the star in-between points were zig-zag lines.
Alchemic Powers: Amnis is capable of exploding objects with a slap of her head or a pat. This is done by manipulating, forcing the molecues out in different directions and unstabalize the molecues or atoms whether its air, alchohol, or a desk. Power depends on how much she puts into slapping and what is she slapping on (e.g. a giant tank of alchohol), but creating huge explosions out of a smaller object will require more than a mere slap. She drew the alchemy circle on her left hand with a marker that cannot be washed away by water, but instead could be easily removed by rubbing it out. This way, the chance of casualties would be decreased.

Personality: Overall generous yet soft-spoken and "weak", Amnis was not the type to be working with other people as a team or face rough situations as an alchemist. She might be knowledgeable and clever, but her lack of self-confidence made her a failure in certain situations. Timid, Amnis is also the type to worry alot and in harsh environments, may panic and starts self-doubting herself even though she would know what to do when difficulties arised. Not a risk-taker, thus could easily put a person into more danger than one is already is. She could even be abit eccentric, sometimes mumbling herself to calm herself down. She was a gentle person, while she would want to die for other people, she couldn't because she hesitates too much. Amnis, however, knew the dewey decimal system inside out and was an excellent researcher. She has an amazing memory from reading so much.

When she passed her state alchemist test, the reason why she was called 'Exploding One' was not only because of her ablities, but if she was pushed towards her limits, could receive a "panic attack".

Loves the smell of old books.

She tended to have her head down alot, which was why she was an easy target for being picked on.

Appearance:Alchosis's pale soft face gave her a soft, gentle look, and looked always content. She wore her dark-brown hair in a loose braid and she wore thick, brown-framed, lenses. The outer parts of her bangs were very long, and she pinned them to the back of her head. She never wore make-up nor jewellary, because she believed that one's natural beauty and inner self were the most beautiful part of one's self of all. There was a scar across her nose which stretched to the inner part of her blue eyes, a souvenir from her dark past. Her nails were cut, unlike other women who prefered it long. When not wearing her state uniform, she wore a simple red dress with white short sleeves, and a red vest over it. She also wore black soft shoes, which was simple and pleasing, though good enough to run with. Her waist was narrow, and had a small bust.

History: Orphaned, Amnis was adopted by a lonely librarian and spent the large majority of her childhood in a library. She was a lonely soul, only to be accompanied by books. Her mother, a novalist, died in the hands of an alchemist before she even get to know her, therefore she had never a mother, and neither had a father approved of alchemy ever since. Her father disaproved of the school system, so home-taught her daughter instead. She had a difficult social life, as she never any knowledge of alchemy (which was 'in') nor had she known her real parents so she was shunned. Children her age mocked her, saying she was dull even though she was a bright girl. Yet, she tried to make the best of her life because she knew that the librarian had a good heart and because she was very lucky to not waste her life sulking in the streets. Her step-father wanted her to be a good child, not like the other 'rats' he knew that were picking on her. Yet, his method was wrong. Beating a child whenever she did something wrong was not the right way to teach, and it contributed to the way she acted today.

Because she does not know how to act, she only read books to pass her time. Other's see it as self-pity for her lonliness and the fact that she had difficulties socializing with people, as her father was a very busy man writing novals and handling visiters.

Eventually, her father died when she was twenty-years-old, which made her the new librarian. During a sort-out of the new books that came in, she discovered a book on alchemy....(Okay, it was cliche but ah, what the frick.)

Being so intrigued with alchemy, she furthured her studies even more, spending several over-nights studying. She was an expert on explosions and if anything happened, the ability to make objects explode is a good self-defense. Later, when she came across the forbidden topic of 'human alchemy', she decided to feed her curiousty, by being a state alcemist.....

She handed the library for her neice to take care of, in exchange for extra income to add to her neice's collection.

Currently, she was of the second-lowest rank in the millitary.
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Masa Mune

Thunder Trainer
actually it's not.

During the war there was one alchemist in particular (eventually arrested because he was seen as too cruel and insane) that actually turned people into bombs. He worked with the state alchemists until the end of the war. Creating life with alchemy, not possible (unless you call homonculi living). However it is VERY possible to alter those things already alive.

Oh, I almost forgot, there was the one who created "chimera's".

and as for certain lengths of various parts, I am trying to keep from ruining things for those who may have not seen the entire series.
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Kidodi-sempai: Very nice job, accepted

Masa Mune: Yes, the crimson alchemist and the sewwing life alchemist. I know about these alchemists, I would suggest you explain more about his powers and add one or two line to your apearance and personallity.


Espeon Hybrid
I have never heard of the anime until now so if you need me to change anything in my sign-up sheet to fit with the world of Full Metal Alchemy you let me know ok?

Name: Tiana Medalin

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Side: Vigilante

Nickname: Aquarian Alchemist

Transmutation Circle: Three concentric circles (one circle inside another for those that don't know what concentric means) a crested wave design in between the two larger circles. Inscribed over the outer circles is a four-point star with its points at the cardinal directions. The third and smallest inside circle is in the center of the star and is made to look like a waxing or waning moon by a curved line on it’s left hand side.

Alchemic Powers: Tiana can make small streams of water flow from her fingertips. If she flips her wrists so that abalone shells are on the inside of her wrists and then brings her wrists together so that the abalone shells touch, she can create a small water cannon. She can also control a small amount of the weather around her. (eg: if it’s raining, she could make it so that no water touched her or someone near her, if it’s really sunny out she can make a small cloud for shade.)

Alchemy Item: Two abalone shell bracelets with her circle on the back of them.

Personality: Tiana is patient, kind, and a follower. She is not quickly angered, is always willing to compromise, and generally the first to forgive a wrong. Tiana is fairly self-reliant and resourceful but she knows when she needs help and isn’t afraid to ask for it. Despite her overall personality of being a follower she does have her own opinion and will generally speak her mind unless she feels that her opinion is not needed.

Appearance: Tiana is 5ft. 9in. tall and lean. Her eyes are hazel-green; her hair is strawberry blonde and falls just past her shoulder blades. Tiana’s clothes consist of a blue long-sleeve shirt with a water-droplet design on it, a white hooded vest that is usually open so the design on her shirt can be seen, blue-jeans, a white headband, and white flip-flops. She wears a turquoise bathing-suit underneath her regular clothes at all times. She also wears a silver necklace with a sapphire stone set into a fairy amulet(the amulet looks like the fairy is trying to evade a water droplet).

History: Tiana was an orphan on the streets and it was a hard life until one night, at the age of five, when she fell asleep on the doorstep of a fairly rich, but elderly man. That night a thief tried to steal something of unimaginable value to the man but, the thief had not planned for someone to be sleeping on the front porch and so he tripped over Tiana. Tiana who had always slept lightly had awoken instantly and hearing the man yelling from just inside, grabbed the thief and since it was a boy a year younger than her, she was able to hamper him long enough that the man was able to come out and grab hold of him. The old man did not hit the boy, instead he took back the object that belonged to him and brought both the boy and Tiana inside. The man took Tiana through the house to the kitchen and told his cook to make her some food. Then the man led the boy away to another room. What happened to the boy Tiana never found out, but the man was so grateful that when he asked Tiana what she wanted and she told him she wanted a family, the man, named Sir William Medalin adopted her and from then on she had a father. Sir William, although rich, did not like the way the king used alchemists. When Tiana began to learn alchemy William, who had come to truly love Tiana, asked that she keep her powers secret and she obeyed him. Unfortunately William died when Tiana was nineteen. Tiana inherited both the Medalin house and the family fortune, since William had never had any children of his own. Since Sir William had died of cancer, his affairs had been in order for some time before the disease actually took him. Tiana felt that the large family house that had been William's was too full of memories and was too big for just herself. She did not sell the place instead, she gave it to an older lady who had wanted a place to turn into an orphanage. Tiana then left most of her inheritance in a bank and decided that it would be nice to travel for a time and so she has spent the last three years of her life traveling from place to place. The one thing that Tiana always carries with her now is the thing that the theif from long ago almost took all those years ago, a beautiful necklace with a sapphire stone, fairy amulet that had belonged to Sir William's deceased wife. She wears it always, even when she's swimming.


Nicely done Tiana, and the power is fine because the creating water is easy because it's just rearangeing hydrogen and oxygen molecules, so it works... accepted


Name: Remi Hetero

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Side: State Alchemist

Nickname: The Chemical Alchemist

Transmutation Circle: It is a Circle with a large square in the middle and semi-circles in each corner with a straight line that meets with the other lines in the middle where there is a triangle that has two very small circles above it and one in the middle of the triangle. Throughout the major circle random triangles are spread evenly throughout.

Alchemy Power: Overall he can manipulate the power of chemistry through alchemy to use in self defense. He can use the air to manipulate the molecules a small blast of chlorine gas at the opponent. This gas explodes on contact and can poison the opponent but can also intoxicate the user. The poison infiltrates your system and slowly takes away some energy. This skill has not been mastered by Remi. He also uses a skill that uses a small bottle of sulfuric acid that he caries with him and he dips it in the highly dangerous acid and then when the acid wraps around his arm it mixes with a water solute to create a large pylon of steaming, black, poisonous, and very dangerous carbon that hopefully hits the opponent and causes them a continuous burning pain. This move disables the use of the arm the user uses in the attack. His last move is his most simple that includes forming a rusty penny using almost anything such as sand, rocks, coal, cloth, etc. and making it chemically react with nitric acid which usually helps give tetanus but in this case will just make it poisonous and explosive and is meant to be thrown at the opponent. The big problem with these types of skills it that it is very energy consuming and that Remi gets drained very quickly. These alchemic powers cannot be used in areas with low amounts of elements found in the air ex. Space.

Alchemy Items: Gloves with transmutation circles on them to protect his hands and to help him with creating the specific acids. He sometimes caries spare pennies with him for his technique if he has a lack of necessary items.

Personality: Remi is very intrapersonal, and will almost never show emotions other than anger. Remi will never speak unless he is spoken to, and will always think things through. Remi does not like people, even his own parents; but he knows that if he needs a task to be accomplished then he will help his team. In a team situation Remi will give very helpful insight on the situation and would listen to orders, but not talking throughout the entire mission. Though Remi can be a follower he prefers leading and being first. Remi has a very strong admiration for strong alchemist such as Mustang, and the Full Metal Alchemist. Though being intrapersonal Remi respects people and usually puts himself down.

Appearance: Remi stands at about 5’11” and weighs about 175 lbs. He has long black hair and brown eyes. He has a small soul patch that he has been growing out for the past few years and a small moustache. He wears the military uniform but if covered in different color stains from the chemicals he uses in his experiments and alchemy. He wears a gold chain around his neck and 3 silver earrings on his left ear. He has a tattoo of a dragon on his right arm that stretches from his shoulder and reaches down to his wrist. He wears a shirt below his uniform that has red and green stripes through it. Thought it is not visible through the uniform. He also wears two silver bracelets and a pinky ring on his left and right hand. The pinky ring is 12 karat gold and has a small red ruby in it. Some say that it helps Remi channel his alchemic power. He wears long grey slacks and a varied array of shoes from sneakers to dress, to cowboy boots. He also wears one ankle bracelet on his right leg. He is fairly toned up on the degree of muscle. He usually wears an iron coated belt to help in speed training, and sometimes ties a flask of beer or wine or other alcoholic beverages.

History: Remi was raised by his grandfather who was a teacher of alchemy to young children. When he was young he was a blacksmith and during the process of smithing he discovered alchemy and made it his new passion trying to learn everything about it. Tough Remi’s grandfather didn’t get far he knew that he would need to leave it up to Remi’s father or at least Remi. Remi admired his grandfather though after his murder he started to disrespect most people. His grandfather passed away when he was six and he had to live alone of about 10 years until he decided to go to Central City to try to make a living somewhere other than the dirt hole of a town that he supposedly said that he was stuck in. When he moved to central he could not get a well paying job because of his lack of social skills. By this point he had begun to try to master some skills and had heard about Edward Elric. When he heard these stories he returned to his hometown and began to train again. For another 5 years. In these 5 years there was no site of him, but then he took the test to become a state alchemist and passed. He decided that he would go back to training and even though he was a state alchemist for a few years he had not wanted to take on the challenges yet and wanted to train more for another three years. When he returned he was immediately assigned to search for the philosophers stone, and so he did. By this point he had become a much stronger alchemist than he was a few years ago, and he wanted to prove it to the other state alchemists by completing what some would say is the hardest of all possible tasks.

OOC: Sorry if the history or something is abit short because its just late and I'm not really focussing to much... thanks... Please don't judge my rping skill completley on this sign up...


I can't seem to point out any flaws in the power, and the history, appearance personality are both very good in length. Also, I don't do much judging on sung-ups, it's only a sample for RPing... accepted

I will also update the first post with members who have been accepted.


Espeon Hybrid
So... when is this RP gonna start? are you just waiting for one more person? I was just wondering because all of the RP's I signed up for so far never really got started, and if they did they died down real fast, so I was just wondering.

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Ok That's cool.
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I will start the RP either later today or durring the week, another person would be nice though, I know of one perosn I hope to sign up, but i will start when I hae tim this week.


can i join? i have read the first 4 volumes of FMA

Name: Jelly Rochina

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Side: State Alchemist

Nickname: Green Horror

Transmutation Circle: it contains: An "I", An "O" and a "R" around the edges, and a set of spikes in the middle

Alchemic Powers: Uses it to Metamorphesises his scythe

Alchemy item: Scythe

Personality: Jelly is a chilled out, calm person... but can get on the aggressive side. He can be blinded in rage if insulting, taunting ETC is said to him. Jelly also has a tactical personality, meaning that he plans his attacks/ ways of doing stuff repeatedly.

Appearance: Jelly has green hair, which is styled with dreadlocks. He wears the standard uniform, but modified it so it can carry other useful weapons. Jelly always carry's his scythe with: "IOR" enscribed on it. When he is battling, he equips Metal Gloves to carry his scythe.

History: Jelly lived in an island called: chronos Isle. On that island, he lived with his girlfriend Icecream, his sister Orica and his brother Regret. Jelly always got side-tracked when he was at school, and started reading books, by the age of 16, he found out about alchemy. By 23 Jelly grasped most of the Alchemy skills: Transmutation Circles, Basic Alchemy, Corverting Elements and non-Elements ETC. he got so side-tracked, that Icecream left him, his sister, orica, moved out. As for Regret, he stayed on Chronus Isle for farming reasons. Jelly read in one of the books about becoming a state alchemist. Before he went to become a state alchemist, he built a scythe, and inscrited IOR on it... and the rest, is up for the present

Summer Wolf

This looks interesting. Do you think I could join?

Name: Akito Hayama

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Side: State

Nickname: Land Alchemist

Transmutation Circle: One circle inside another with very thin distance from one another. A square's edge barely overlaps the inner circle and there are two slashes that form an 'x' from the edges of the square. Cutting through the entire geometrical shapes and through the center point of the 'x' are '+' slashes.

Alchemic Powers: Has the ability to manipulate land forms (make a mountain, cause a slip-strike fault, etc.) and he can reform the shapes of rocks.

Alchemy item: A gloves with transmutation circles on the palms of the gloves.

Personality: When Akito's off-duty, he often irritates his higher ups with his constant non-caring attitude and the way he always tripped on something, not giving much care to watch where he was going. He's easy enough to get a long with if the person isn't too serious.

When on duty, Akito's personality shifts. His face suddenly turns into a hard line and his eyes become emotionless. He is silent unless his opponent asks him a question he is willing to answer. In this mood, people don't tend to try to talk to him.

Appearance: Akito stands at 5'10 with a lean body. Usually, strands of golden hair falls upon his azure eyes. He despises the military uniform so instead wears his own clothes. Akito's indigo jeans are always stained with dried mud for some reason and his silver chain watch that proves he's an official state alchemist barely shows from the bottom of Akito's white shirt. His dark jacket reaches his wrist, where they meet up with his white gloves (with a transmutation circle on both palms) and, if his right glove were ever removed, people would see his scar of a transmutation circle left to him from his past. There’s a loose bag of rocks hanging onto Akito’s black belt, just in case he finds himself in a place without rocks.

History: Akito’s interest in alchemy was frowned by his father, who was doctors in Central. Akito’s mother had died giving birth to him and for that, his father had always hated Akito. Either way, Akito would sneak alchemy books and practice the art at an old abandoned house, away from his dad. When Akito was 13, his father had discovered his secret practice of alchemy, he beat the boy with a belt until Akito grabbed a knife and hastily cut a transmutation circle on his right hand.

He slammed his palm onto the kitchen floor and trapped his father in a corner with mountains, than ran fast, trying to get away from his father.

Akito ran until he was far away from Central, in a dessert like city called Lintal (Made-up…) When he was in Lintal, an old woman who acted like a mother to Akito took him into her house and fed him. In Lintal, the motherly woman agreed to help Akito with whatever he wanted to do.

“I want to be a strong alchemist, maybe because my father doesn't want me to do it.” Akito told the woman, staring at his scar, which was a transmutation circle.

“I can help.” The elderly woman said. It had been Akito’s lucky day, the woman, whose name was Catherine, was a part of a family of alchemist. There, he learned to manipulate rocks with ease from Catherine’s family and practically became a part of the family until Catherine died, 7 years later.

Parting was hard, but Akito decided to return to Central to try to become a State Alchemist he had heard so much about when he was living there. Akito took the test and passed the inspection with an even level of skill. Two years have passed and Akito has remained on his level because of his easy-going attitude which majors usually found unsettling for leaders.

Akito never did see his dad again, but that suited him just fine. He had a scar to bitterly remind him of his dad and that was enough.

History was sorta rushed... So sorry, it's really poor quality... *shrug* I think the slip-strike fault thing might be a little unfair ^^;;; If you don't like it, than I'll take it out.
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