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Full Restore - 96 hour Poke-binge in aid of British Red Cross


(Received permission from Joe (Serebii) to post this. Thanks Joe! ^o^ <3)

Hello Poképeeps!

Last year a group of gaming enthusiasts played Pokémon for 96 hours solid for the Japanese Tsunami Fund run by British Red Cross. They managed to raise £4000. The idea was that people would donate for various things such as naming a Pokémon they caught, for other actions they carried out in the game and things for them to do in real life (ie eating fish fingers and custard). This was a really popular format which meant that they'd constantly be interacting with their viewers and above all, was a lot of fun.

This year they're doing the event again, operating under the official fundraising name 'Full Restore'. This time round they're trying to raise £8000 for The British Red Cross Disaster Fund. This is where you can help. Have a look at the event trailer here:


Please, if you can get the time, share this trailer with as many people as you know. The more people who see it, the more people watch their stream, the more people who watch their stream, the more money we can make for a really good cause.

Their main website is http://fullrestore.co.uk/. Here you can find out more info about them, watch the feed when it goes live from 3rd April and donate any money you can spare. If you can't donate or if you're just not that interested, please just pass on the website link to anyone you think will be.

Hopefully see you in the chat when they go live. :)


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I'll definitely be donating. I think it's wonderful when people do things like this; no matter what it is, raising money for charity is a wonderful thing.

I've been looking around their website, and they seem like awesome people too. I'll so be watching the stream when they go live; and my friends will definitely know about this :p

Thank you very much for sharing this!


Second Sage of Water
Ugh, I wish I could do things like that.

It would be fun to play Pokemon to help people, and I would love to see what me and the other volunteers did to help everyone.

...When I get back home, though, I would love to see the random things that I did on my save and play through with the file. :D

And I don't have money to donate anything, either. D:
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Well guys, if you are like me and can't donate, make sure to promote the hell out of this thing! :D


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Everybody should definitely promote this and donate if possible!

Marbi Z

So this is why this became a sticky ;) Anyway that's pretty cool! I may have put over 700 hours in my Platinum but I NEVER played for 96 hours straight! I assume they got food to eat?


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I'd love to donate, but I'm too young. =,( Now to promote on Facebook and twitter...


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I can't donate, but i will tell people about it.


Back in Blue
Since I have a card now, I donated! I'm the one who said to catch Voltorb and name it after the Electrode I used in my recent FireRed playthrough.

I was thinking of promoting it through my sig, but maybe linking to this thread would be a better idea.


Thanks to everyone who has donated/ spread the word so far =D They have raised £1300 in aid of the British Red Cross so far. They are playing for another 2 days straight so please check them out ^_^