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FullMetal Alchemist Club

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by xEryChan, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. xEryChan

    xEryChan The Navigatior Staff Member Moderator

    I’ve recently went back and rewatched several episodes of 03 (Ery is a bad girl, she is supposed to be watching Monster now but instead, she is planning to watch 03 again) and I have to give credit where credit is due.

    The beginning of 03 was really good and very well done, much better than the early episodes of Brotherhood, if I’m being honest, well all except for episodes 4 and 10, which were just a waste of time. They did an excellent job of building Ed and Al up as characters and the events of the past, which led into them attempting human transmutation and we all know what happened after that.

    Episode 5 is easily one of my favorite episodes from the series, which is the fight on the train. It is so good and super intense from beginning to end. I have never been able to understand why Brotherhood skipped such an important episode and I really wish they didn’t.
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  2. Genaller

    Genaller May 16th 2016 - October 12th 2019

    My ideal FMA viewing experience goes: Bro 3 -> 03 3 -> 03 5 - 9 -> 03 13 -> Bro 4 scene where Scar kills Grande -> scene in ep 5 where Ed and Al are mourning over Nina right before Scar attacks them and watch the rest of the episode -> Bro 6 - 64. This way I get the excellent characterization in the the early 03 episodes + the superior long term plot of Brotherhood.
    Last edited: May 17, 2019
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  3. Victorian Rush

    Victorian Rush Everything is Bright

    I honestly cannot even put it into words what the FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood series has done for me or why Edward Elric is so important to me.

    I first got introduced to the series when the user @345ash-greninja recommended it to me. I never expected to get so emotionally invested into a character but I did. Edward is a character I felt like I could relate to because I honestly saw myself in him. I was raised by a single parent for pretty much my entire life. In this case, my mother.

    When I first started watching the series, my mother fell ill. Don’t worry, she’s doing much better now but at the time, it was very rough for me because I was in a very dark place. My mother was sick and it seemed as though one thing after another were thrown at us and it was very overwhelming to me, I honestly considered ending my own life a few times, not gonna lie. I watched this series as a means to escape my home life and everything I was dealing with. I never in a million years to get as invested into a show or a fictional character as much as I did with Edward, he’s just so important to me and both the show and Edward himself really helped out of that hard time in my life.

    Of course, he has a lot quality traits about him that I also found very appealing. I really loved his characters and how selfless he is. He was constantly putting other people’s needs above his own. I always admired how he was willing to do whatever it took to get Alphonse back into his original body. He never once thought of himself or getting back his lost limbs, which is something I admired.

    Basically, FMA:B helped me out of some tough times and Edward Elric who I hold in a very near and dear place to my heart.
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  4. gwen-watson

    gwen-watson A Marvel Baby

    I feel this. While I wasn't in the same boat as you in terms of your mom, I was being mercilessly bullied and my mom didn't seem to get me. It was always "stop watching those kids shows! You aren't a kid anymore!" Plus being teased for being thin and quiet and developing an eating disorder.

    FMA got me through the bad times, and it will always hold a special place in my heart for that.

    I admit I bonded more with Alphonse, however. I wished Aaron Dismuke returned to voice Adult!Al at the end of Brotherhood (he would have came full circle!!). But Al is always my favorite.

    I'm glad your mom is doing okay now. And I'm glad you're here today. :3
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  5. Victorian Rush

    Victorian Rush Everything is Bright

    @gwen-watson truly sorry to hear about that. I never really was teased for watching anime. You’re allowed to watch what you want and I don’t understand why some people can’t understand that. My friends are the direct opposite, they aren’t exactly the biggest fans of anime but they don’t give me a hard time over the fact that I do.

    I definitely do love Alphonse, he is a great character but I always preferred Edward in both series because I felt like I could relate to him more than Alphonse. Ed was shown to have resentment towards his father for abandoning them and their mother, which is the case for me. I never even met my father. But as far as I’m concerned, I don’t need him in my life and I’m better off without him. I also hope he doesn’t try to get to know me. If he didn’t want me back then, he sure as heck doesn’t deserve me now.

    Thank you, I’m glad too. I hope things are getting better for you as well :)
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