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Fun/weird things that the Missingno glitch did to your game?

What are some completely weird, insane, and nearly paranormal things that happened in your Red/Blue/Yellow because of the Missingno glitch?

The Missingno concept was so mysterious and cosmic at times! Just listening to that creepy surf music, riding up and down and waiting for something insane to happen...It stills creeps me out.

I got my Mewtwo to level 255 once, with a bunch of Rare Candies.

Another weird thing that happened, is that I saw the old man from Cinnabar Island standing on top of the Gym! It was creeepy...

But the weirdest thing that has ever happened to my game because of Missingno....I once saw the old guy's head on the ground in front of the gym.....Creeped me out so freaking much!

You guys?


Omg Shiny Scrafty!!!
Dude same **** happened to me man that old man gave me pokemares!