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Funniest anime scene you've ever seen


So far, School Rumble is the funniest I've seen.


pain in the ***
From Golden Brave Goldran, when Dran realizes he's about to become a father XD


Thou enraged?
I think One Piece is one heck of a funny animé. A lot of characters and their silly antics always makes me crack.


Silence is Purple
Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka and Soul Eater.

Both for their absolutely weird comedy that never fails to amuse me.


Dungeon Master
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Mew The Gato

Loads and loads from Digimon Adventure 02. I can only give a few examples, though, because there are simply TOO MANY!

Tentomon: "Welcome to my treehouse! Actually, it's not much of a treehouse anymore, since SkullGreymon disintegrated it. Now it's more of a twig house. That's okay. I was planning on redecorating anyway."
Davis: "We don't care about your stupid tree, Tentomon!"
Veemon: "Now that Tentomon is out of his tree, maybe we can climb it and have a look around."
Davis: "You bet!"
Tentomon: "And stay out of my tree!"
Tentomon: "And don't touch my tree! I know exactly how many pieces of bark are on it."
Tentomon: "And tell them to stay out of my tree!"
Izzy: "Uh... you bet."

Woodmon: "I am Woodmon! I cannot be defeated!"
Flamedramon: "Flame Shield!"
Woodmon: "Hey! I'm being defeated!"

Tai: "I’m sorry we attacked you Agumon"
Agumon: "I’m sorry too!"
Tai: "I'm sorry that you’re sorry!"
Agumon: "I’m sorry that you’re sorry that I’m sorry!"
Tai: "Tell you what, I won’t be sorry anymore, and you don’t be sorry either, okay?"
Agumon: "Sorry."

Ken: "You will bow down before me!"
T.K.: "Sorry, the floor's kinda dirty."

"I haven't been here in a while. It's... the same. Including the smell of your socks."
—T.K. visits his father and brother's apartment.

Izzy: "Come on, Davis. Give it a try."
Davis: "Wha—! Who, me?"
Kari: "No, silly, he means the other boy with goggles." *Sarcasm*
Davis: "Oh, where is he?"

“What do you want to do, walk up there and say, ‘excuse me, do you mind if we take a couple of minutes and tear down this building?’”
— T.K. thinks that Davis' plan is a little easier said than done.

Digimon Emperor: "Hey, Digi-fools. Do you honestly think that your new Digimon can beat me? He couldn't even be my flashlight!"
Davis: "Oh yeah?! Well sticks and stones may break my bones, but when Magnamon gets a hold of you, he'll kick your-!"
Digimon Emperor: "But! You didn't let me finish. He would make a good nightlight."

"Today's entry will be Tuna Surprise. Unfortunately, we didn't have any tuna. That's the surprise!"

^ I personally found these hilarious!
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