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Funniest Game Moments


Good boy.
What moment in a game made you LOL?
Pretty straightforward, right?! :D
Just simply post and tell us what video game moment you found you and your friends/family mocking on a daily basis.

For me, I constantly laugh at the Resident Evil 4 scene when Louis dies.


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I got one:

1) The very first scene of the many Sae Scenes of Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly. I was laughing along with Sae in the middle of dead bodies. Dead bodies were funny.


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"I should've been the one to fill your dark soul with LIIIIIIIIIGHT!"
"You spoony Bard!"


Oh, and every line from 'Bad Dudes'.

"The president has been kidnapped by Ninjas. Are you a bad enough dude to save him?"
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From Tales of Symphonia 2:

'It's just that... *sniffs* I didn't think that women could cook!' -Emil
'It's because you've had bad luck with women so far.' - Sheena

Or from Baten Kaitos Origins:

'I don't think anyone would be happy if I'd explode like hot magma...' -Sagi

Both those games had funny lines. I'll probaby think more later :/


I can see the future

"I am the great Cackletta's most best pupil, who is named Fawful! I am here, laughing at you! If you are giving us the chase, just to get your silly princess's voice, then you are idiots of foolishness! Princess Peach's sweet voice will soon be the bread that makes the sandwich of Cackletta's desires! And this battle shall be the delicious mustard on that bread! The mustard of your doom!"

"Your lives that I spit on are now but a caricature of a cartoon drawn by a kid who is stupid!"

"Soon Princess Peach's voice will be Cackletta's snack cake!"

"May we flee?"

"Preparations have completion!"

And then...

"I have fury! At last, my entrance with drama! Finally! Now is the time where my true might shines, like many angry sunbeams of rage! St-standing in the spotlight at such a gala of spectacularity... My nerves are nervous! But... Now that I am thinking... Cakletta's revival was all thanks to my quite nasty efforts! Which means that all this time, I am Fawful, who is just a toady! Such working, all for others! And THAT means... The true meaning of our battle gives me fear and confusion!! I need no long speech before this battle, which will now be mighty! Snack on my wrath, fink-rats!"

But let's not forget...

Fawful: I have boredom...Guests? Now I have...FURY! I say to you WELCOME! Welcome to Fawful's Bean 'n' Badge! In this place beans are like precious treasure milked from a famous cow made of jewels! All who come with beans leave with badges so rare they make mustaches droop with disbelief!
Babies: (cheer)
Fawful: What? The story of Fawful? Your words are not beans. I am not wanting them.
Baby Mario: (jumps)
Fawful: You are like brainless cats that are too dumb to know they are stupid! You have curiosity...but my tale is long, so long it makes babies old and hairy lips grow gray with aging. Do you dare hear?
Babies: Um, OK.
Fawful: Then now you listen! I am here, merchant of badges, only sometimes with fury, but once I had fury at all times. I drizzled rage dressing on the country next door. Rage dressing on a salad of evil! And then the bad men came. Red and green bad men. I had the punishment. Bad punishment with hammers and jumping on my head and the overheat of my ship. I have a little fury even with my remembering...Red! And green! A pair of jumping hammers in red and green who are looking just like you!
Those brothers of badness! My brain aches at their overalls! I have fury AND headache now! Fawful would be here, reigning over all and laughing at you! ...But no.
Stupid mustaches! Hairs like the dirty tail of a horse in a barn built by a farmer who is crazy!
(Fawful throws off his red cloak, revealing a white Elvis-like suit)
I am waiting like an elevator. I have the commerce. I run Fawful's Bean 'n' Badge, but...the day comes soon when Fawful rises again, and then no baby's candy has safety! I am counting chickens before they are even eggs, before the chickens are even chickens!
Hooof... Heffff...D-Did I...have insanity?
Babies: (surprise)
Fawful: Did I...have evil? I suppress the fury, but sometimes... The fury has me. Red and green puts the fog of rage in my eyes, and my mind goes crazy.
Babies: (surprise)
Fawful: P-Please... I will be fine. No worrying for Fawful. We talk of beans. Beans and badges... We begin trading! What are you wanting?

All these moments from Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga and Partners in Time were brought to you by Fawful.


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GTA IV: The Lost and Damned

Roman's Holiday. Funniest. Mission. I've played. Kidnapping Roman was so fun. Along the way to the warehouse (where Niko rescues him eventually), he starts repenting to God for sleeping with some twins, crapping himself, and laughing at Brucie's balls.

Gears of War 2


Fallout 3

Andy. Sawing off Beatrice's right leg to treat a sprain in the left big toe, killing her in the process, and then being bathed in blood.
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All glory to Helix!!
"I hear it's amazing when the famous purple stuffed worm in flap-jaw space with the tuning fork does a raw blink on Hara-kiri rock. I need scissors! 61!"

best line in Metal Gear Solid 2.


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Just before your about to get the Gauss Gun in Half-Life, you hear two guys up ahead apparently in the midst of "testing it". One of them mentions that you should over-charge it. They get killed as a result.

I like the one skit in Tales of Symphonia one when the group is going up the Tower of Mana the second time, and Lloyd complains that it takes too long... and he breaks the fourth wall saying 'There should be a Quick Jump option.'

I always laugh at that when I see it.


Ship Computer: Hyperspace Booster Online. Engaging Cryosleep.
Ratchet: Cryosleep? Huh, there's no way I'm gonna...Zzzzzzzzzzzz....
Clank: It is fortunate that Cryosleep does not work on robots. Hehehe-
WACK! (Boxing glove comes out and punches Clank out cold)
So Funny. From Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction


Forest Mage
Here's a great one

Remember the Cargo ship in FF9. When Dagger and Zidane start climbing it, Zidane 'accidently' grabs one of Dagger's legs, thinking it's a step. He says "ooh, soft" while Dagger complains.

And lets not forget the Moogle in the Ice cavern that calls you (Forgive me) ******* when you thaw him. And after the first Black Waltz fight, Steiner accuses Zidane of 'touching' Dagger. I got a kick out of that, and thought to myself, Now we know why games these days aren't as full of inuendo as they were in the past. I miss the swearing in the old FF games, they added a sense of character. Barret...Cid...WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. ;_;. The closest I came to the old days was Zelos...for obvious reasons.

Also in ToS, when you get the Peeping Tom title after getting accused of looking at the four girls from your team in the hot spring. Zelos got off easy...and why didn't it occur to them that Lloyd wouldn't do that anyway. Sure, he likes Colette, but he wouldn't peep at her. Hell, I doubt that he would stay in the same room...never mind...

Rant complete.

K Train

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Gears 2: When Cols is shouting down the Mic to all the Locusts in the Locust Palace so class


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Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door - When Bowser sees Peach in a house in Petalburg, he heads towards it and a Koopa comes by to get it because "he'd rather die than to have Bowser take his life-sized Princess Peach poster." That's not an exact quote, by the way.

Also the commentary of MadWorld.