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Funny Coincedences

Arena Tycoon Slaking

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This is Where You can Talk About Funny Coincedences Heres an Example:
I Was Once In the Battle Palace And I Was About To Battle a Trainer. I Just Randomly Said Crustacean And The Trainers First Pokemon Was a Kingler I Thought That was Pretty Funny.

What Are Some of Yours?


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While playing my Gold version during recess back in grade 7, I was struggling with a running Raikou. My friend said "It would be funny if you came across Entei instead", and a second later, a wild battle starts, and guess what? Entei appeared.
Here's one:

Me and 3 of my classmates were off to catch Rayquaza. The one who bets the right amount of balls needed to catch Rayquaza would win (Master Balls of course are not allowed). My classmates betted 15, 10 and 20 respectively, while I betted 5. My classmates laughed and we then battled Quaza together. I knew that I wouldn't win when I chucked in 3 ultra balls, 1 great ball, and then a last poke-ball.

Guess who won? Me...

I caught Rayquaza in exactly FIVE BALLS. 3 ultra balls, 1 great ball, then 1 poke-ball.
I've been able to predict critical hits in link battles.


Raiden Maximus
In emerald:
"Fighter Hitomi send out hitmonlee!"
Does that count? Otherwise, I predicted that I can use my net ball to catch suicune only once, and I did, using my charmander. (Of course, with gyrados'' ice beam to freeze it)
In Ruby, every time I got tired of searching for Latios, he immediatly appeared on the next wild encounter.


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I made a bet if my wurmple was gonna evolve into silcoon or cascoon,1 dollar(good money isnt it)i bet itd be silcoon,it turned into a silcoon(good for me but not good for my friend who alrdy has a beutifly)


Johto Champion
My friend had Ruby i had Sapphire about 3 years ago. Coming back off Holiday together, just before getting on the plane i was looking for latias, i had not seen her once yet and my friend says "go to the desert", i wen't and the first pokemon that came up was latias. It was a shame i didn';t catch her at that point though, lol. We are still amazed by this freakish coincidence even today.


AJ Flibble said:
I've been able to predict me missing - it happens all the time. :(
Me too. :<

I've also beaten Roxanne using only a level 5 Shroomish, and it only got hit once by Nosepass. :)


Born This Way
I think my friend has psychic abilities, not joking. One time he came over and i was playing Emerald. He told me that on his way over he had a picture of me in his head, and a picture of the word 'LUCK'. So after he left, i thought about it... Luck, LuCk, LUCK! Battle Pike! First time, silver Luck symbol!


It's electric!
On my Ruby, I was furious searching for a Latios. I was searching the route in between Mauville and Verdanturf. Then I paused and left for a little bit. I came back and was about to move to a new location. I thought "I'll just look once more in this route". BOOM! Found it. I hurt it a little, then let it run. I then tracked it down to Route 119, somehow found it again, and caught it.


Make It Sinful
When im thinking about a certain song i want to hear and turn on the radio, its always the song thats currently playing >.< It creeps me out.
On Pokemon, whenever i say "Agh! I wish <insert Pokemon name> would stop appearing" the next pokemon i battle is always a different one...


Emperor Coordinator
I was looking for a plusle in emerald, and I got annoyed. I said "plusle, show up now!" I found a wild plusle.


Hasty Ho Oh
Ive always been able to predict the very tile ill get a rare pokemon. I randomly choose a spot to Fish for Feebas, random tile. no seqeuncing. First tile, first attempt first catch, Feebas. Pot luck! And i did it on every ledgendary Dog.

"Hmmm one more square, ill gte him this time" what happens? He appeared! I did it all 3 times on my bros Silver (he couldnt catch them) but havent strted the hunt for lati@s yet.


Try to understand.
One time, I was in Pattern Bush, and I was just thinking how funny it would be if I ran into a shiny.
All of a sudden, bling, shiny Ledyba, and I caught it as you can see in my sig.


Once while my brother was playing his first pokemon game, he beat winona and I told him to get a flying type to use fly on, He asked me what flying types he could find aroud the city, so I told him to look for a tropius. After asking me what it looked like I got my players guide to show him a picture and guess who decided to appear then? Kudos if you guessed Tropius.

WaterDragon trainer

Freak Like Me
In my Crystal game, I had just captured Entei and was headed back to Goldenrod when I ran into a wild pokemon. It was Raikou...

I never caught RIGHT there and then, but I did catch it in the same exact field I first encountered it in.
Well, the legendary dogs seem to fit into "funny coincidences", so:
It turns outt hat, on my Crystal, on the route between New Bark+Cherrygrove, I was searching for Raikou. The pkdex said it was at my route. Then, I found a shiny Hoothoot. Never did find Raikou there...