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Funny pokemon nicknames during wifi battles


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How is that possible? I thought nicknames were blocked on WiFi battles. All Pokemon in WiFi battles show their species names, IIRC.


Epic & Electric
i think they mean wifi CLUB battles articuno.

my friend named his regigigas regibigass

i named my weezing big balls

and my kingler mr.krabs


Shiny hunter :)
my friend always wanted to name his pidgey butts. you know how pidgey learns gust.. xDD


The PO ubers fanboy
I always name my arceus "gramps."

(damn, son... Gramps got game!)


Sentimental Fool ;)
On a more tasteful note, I once fought a guy on PBR who named his team after the FF13 crew. He had to have hacked, since nicknames don't show up in PBR Wi-Fi, but at least it was something resembling clever.

Jolteon = Lightning
Feralgatr = Snow
Togetic = Hope
Cherrim = Vanille

... I forgot the other two.


Steel-Clad Wonder
A Muk nicnamed muk.. backwards


Steel-Clad Wonder
Yeah... It was funny though


What do I do now?
Someone had a female haxorus named Xion


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There was a Weezing I saw on YouTube called "I miss James" - a definate nod to the anime there.

Flame Mistress

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On Random Matchup, this guy's Pokémon had the nicknames "Yo", "Mama", "Is", "A", "F***in" (without the asterisks), and "N*ggar" (again, without the asterisk), in that order.



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I named my chatot Omegle. :) It feels nice to talk to it.


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Someone had a female haxorus named Xion

I'm surprised you remembered that. I have a male Haxorus named Axel, though I've never taken it on Wifi.

I'll also admit to having considered using a team of six Unown to spell out "W A N K E R", though if random WiFi has species clause that won't work.


Fire breathing moth
Used to name my Machamp "Mah Champ". That was back on Emerald before I knew what natures did though. Poor thing was Gentle.
A shiny Electrode named "Great Ball".
And a Lapras named "Nessie" (Loch Ness Monster).