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Funny quotes you've heard in video games.

Has there been a certain quote, or scene in a game that made you laugh? if so, post it here!


"Thrown? Looks to me like you plain old lost the battle."

-Axel, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (GBA)


The Lost Mareep
Aah I have plenty, plenty. One which I still use to this day though is Dhoulmagus' famous line:

"Such a pity. The fragility of human life."

Not funny, but the way he says it, it always makes me laugh!

There are loads actually, most tend to come from point and click adventures, but if I see any I'll be sure to post them here! :D


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I know many from TTYD - Paper Mario 2 - for example, a detective penguin says along these lines (to Mario):
"Hmm, you look familar. No need to tell me who you are, I'M a DETECTIVE. Let's see, Moustache, red cap with Big M on it... ah-ha! You're LUIGI!
*cue mario facefalling*
A very funny game


The Lost Mareep
I completely forgot about those! And we also have Mario and Luigi with Fawful! "I have fury!"

I also remember playing Harry Potter 3 for the PS2.. Peeves, oh how that fight made me laugh. "Oh Potter you rotter you come from a zoo" and so forth.

*SIGH* I need to remember more!!


Awaiting October.
the scene in GTA: SA where CJ gets in the car and some dude with a gun comes from behind and is like "Shut up" the way CJ says "What da Helll" is just so funny...

And in Bully beatin those nerd is so fun..
"But NOBODY can defeat RIKU!!!"
-Donald Duck, Kingdom Hearts 2

The tone of voice just cracks me up.

Ben Kenobi

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Just remembered this one from Tales of Symphonia. In a skit outside Ozette, Zelos says to Sheena: "Oh brother, is your chest the only part of you that's well-endowed?"

Hyper Chibi Absol

The Dark Goddess
"Don't screw up..." -Amarant from FF9


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Paper Mario 2:
Frankly: You there, infront of the T.V you listen too!
Koops: What T.V?
Frankly: It's a saying!


Kingdom Hearts 2:

"Erm... Zola! Some assistance, if you please!"
"That's SORA, Donald, and Goofy!"
"Will ye leave a mate to perish?"
"Aye, aye."

EmberStar the Blaziken

Kung-Pow Chicken
"That Oldbag has balls"- Phoenix Wright 1
I cracked up when I played Guilty Gear X2 and Bridget said, "Oooh, a policeman!"
Also, when he realises that Robo-Ky(who has a green metal plate for a face with yellow windows for eyes, a grill for a mouth and a winder key sticking out of his head) isn't a real policeman, and Robo-Ky responds that he can't believe Bridget discovered his secret.


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Funny quotes? Well, in the English version of KH2 Xemnas sounds very suggestive when he says, "Riku, are you SURE you can trust Sora?" Go look for a clip on youtube, listen, and you'll get why it's funny. 8D