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Funny quotes you've heard in video games.


Funny quotes? Well, in the English version of KH2 Xemnas sounds very suggestive when he says, "Riku, are you SURE you can trust Sora?" Go look for a clip on youtube, listen, and you'll get why it's funny. 8D

Actually, that quote goes the other way around.

"Sora, are you sure you can trust Riku?"
"Riku, are you sure you're not jealous of Sora?"

Think of the storyline, it really makes more sense that way.

Dragon Trainer EX

The Wanderer
Tales of Symphonia:

Lloyd: What's a philanderer?
Presea: Philanderer...an insincere man who plays around with many women.
Lloyd: Oh, so in other words...Zelos.
Zelos:...It's not fun at all when you put it like that.

There's a lot of hilarious moments in Tales of the Abyss too. Not to mention Paper Mario: TtYD. Then there's the Pokemon games:
(the Name Rater when you've changed your Pokemon's name but left it the same): It looks no different from before, but is somehow vastly superior!



Anything said in Final Fantasy X, because it's so funny that Square-Enix calls that a game.


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"Ahh, I see an itty bitty turtle, boss, can I blow up? please pretty please?"

-Ratchet Gladiator

The fact he's surposed to be a very masculine robot, but when he said in the voice he did it in, I was laughing my head off.


Warning: Jokes!
from Driver 76:You drive like my grandma, my senile alchoholic grandma!
i never played the game, but i saw the review on X-play, and it was a really funny quote.


"Wahaha! Well put, my son! The Royal Koopa line is as strong as ever!"

-Bowser, Super Mario Sunshine

My thoughts when i heard this: "WTF Koopalings!?"
Xemnas: Tell me this...why do you hate the darkness...?
Mickey: Aw, we don't hate it, It's just...kinda scary.


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NHL 2002 (I think it was 2002):

Jim Hughson: "(Insert goalie name) can handle slapshots like that any day! They say he stops them in his sleep!
Don Taylor: "He needs a better place to sleep."

Don: "I don't need my Spidey senses to tell me that hit had too much estrogen."
Jim: "Don't you mean testosterone?"
Don: "Eh, whatever."

Don: "Oh, they felt that hit in the rafters! Which begs the question...why are there people in the rafters?"


be your own guru
Female Pokemon Breeder (in battle tower): "Look! Look! Look at my cute Pokemon!"

~sends out ;369;Relicanth;369;, ;299;Nosepass;299;, & ;141;Kabutops;141;


Screaming Narwhal
I'm surprised no one mention Cid's in FF VII

"Shut Up! Sit your *** down in that chair and drink your goddamn TEA!"

Aw... every time I read pretty much anything Cid says, I crack up.


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"I'm so happy, I could just tear out your intestines, and skip rope with them!"

"Come back and see me again -Or I'll pluck out your eyes!"

-Sheogorath : TESIV: Oblivion // Shivering Isles Expansion

My god I love his character so much. >>; I think I'll put a quote in my sig...

Thor's Beard

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"I only wanted to be loved" says R-110 before dying in Timesplitters Future Perfect


alias:: Allure XI
Back on Zelda:OOT for Nintendo 64, I thought it was hilarious to name your character "Zelda" and then hear the Princess say this when you first meet her and tell her your name:

"Zelda... strange... it sounds somehow... familiar"


1st of da month
Kyle: "I think I'd better bring some protection."
Jessica: "Kyle, that's disgusting!"
Kyle: "What's wrong with bringing my best shield?"


"BUSTY BABE!!!" -Issun, Okami

"Have you heard of a game called Fire Emblem? It´s awesome dude! IT´S SO FREAKING AWESOME!" -Villager Toad, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

"Sounds like an alien invasion to me...!" -Leon S. Kennedy, Resident Evil 4

"blah blah HEARTS blah FRIENDSHIP blah LOVE blah I CAN´T BELIEVE OUR PAIRING ISN´T CANON, RIKU." -Sora, Kingdom Hearts I/CoM/II
Mario and Luigi: Superstar saga. That game is a freaking classic.

* Toad rushes into Mario's house* Toad: MARIOOOOO!!!
Toad: I must find Mario immedatly!
*Toad goes near Mario's bathroom* Toad thinking: hmmm...I hear humming...
*Toad rushes in Mario's bathroom and sees Mario taking a shower*
*Toad runs out highly embarresed, and slams into a wall*
*Mario comes out of bathroom* Mario: hm?
*Mario jumps on Toads head 3 times* Toad: P-P-Princess P-P-Peach...
*Mario franticly runs out of his house and slams into Luigi, who is hanging up Mario's clouthes outside.*
*Mario dragges Luigi behind him on a rope as they run toward Peach's castle*


The Grand Draconian
Max Payne stares in amazement at Vinne Gogniti's apartment which is full of comic books, video games and posters of a kiddy superhero called Captain Baseball Bat Boy. Vinne tries to justify himself--> "Hey Hey! What's wrong with it? I'm a collector.. not some kid. I'm a tough guy... lot'sa tough guys are into this stuff! Frankie was into this stuff and he was a tough guy!!!I'm a COLLECTOR!!"

From Max Payne 2: The Fall Of Max Payne

Lambert: Fisher you'll have to run the course though I know you have been taking care of yourself
Sam Fisher: (sarcasticly) I'm wearing high heels...
Lambert: Easy Fisher, the NSA is hearing everything you say.

From Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell
Kefka has zillions of great quotes. Like this one:
"I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate you!"