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Funny stories

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post a funny story that happened to you while playing gold, silver, or crystal!

when i was playing my crystal version several years ago, i was playing on Route 45. i saw a shiny dragonair, and ofc, i wanted to capture it, so, i weaken it too much and defeat it. i got so p---ed off that i took out the cartridge, and BIT it! then, when i loaded it, i was a GIRL!!!!!
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My friend also turned into a girl when playing his game. We were 6 I think, so this was a huge deal. He traded me all his pokemon so that he could restart as a boy. Fortunately for me, one of these was a raikou, the last of the three beasts I needed to unlock Ho-oh in my crystal.


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O.O wow, luckly, i was named Max (no thats not my given name), so it really didn't matter.

also, when i caught the red gyarados, i looked at it and it wasnt shiny anymore!


I remember releasing Pokemon in Gold because I thought they'd appear again in the wild. I had never played Red or Blue so I didn't know that they were gone for good lol. I also remember fainting the Red Gyarados because I thought it was a glitch that the game had caused and I thought it would break the game. I was so naive back then :p


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I remember releasing Pokemon in Gold because I thought they'd appear again in the wild. I had never played Red or Blue so I didn't know that they were gone for good lol. I also remember fainting the Red Gyarados because I thought it was a glitch that the game had caused and I thought it would break the game. I was so naive back then :p
lol, I always thought Red Gyarados was a different Pokemon species with powered up everything. So I wanted to catch it obviously!


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Here's my funny story: I was battling Red on Mt. Silver, and I was on his last Pokemon - Charizard. I had my Luigia out and was rocking him with Hydro Pump. He was almost dead - one more hit of Hydro Pump should do it, I thought. His Charizard used Flamethrower. Seeing as though I was well over half of my total HP, I would've normally been fine. I laughed to myself and thought, "What if Charizard got a critical hit? Man, that would su-"

Critical Hit!

Lugia fainted! Tsuki is out of usable Pokemon! Tsuki whited out!



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I have one... I caught an Entei in either my Silver or my Crystal version, using only a Pokéball (no kidding either). I didn't even weaken it, paralyze it, put it to sleep or poison it... it just went right into the ball XD.

It definitely threw me for a loop there :p.
I KO'ed the red Gyarados because I thought my blue one was better.


I did lots of stupid stuff:
-I used to hate Gold because I didn't know how to leave the house at the start. I walked into all the walls in the hope I'd find the door but I didn't walk into the wall with the door mat because I thought that was the one place the door wouldn't be.
-I got really annoyed with my sister because I was convinced that breeding a Lv. 30 Abra and Ditto (that hadn't been in the Day Care before) would get me a Celebi but she put them in when Abra was Lv. 27. (I read it off a cheat website), however when you can check on your Pokemon's condition it said Abra was 'brimming with energy' :S
-It took me weeks to figure out Morty's Gym (but it was hard though XD)
-I initially started my new game because my Pokemon got Pokerus, and because of the Soul House in Lavender Town I thought Pokemon could die, and I didn't want to see my beloved Typhlosion die :'(

My friend did these:
-Used his Masterball on a Weepinbell
-Don't know if this is normal but in his Crystal he actually found a Chikorita in the wild (no kidding)

I love my fond memories


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The game had a sense of humor- Shiny Delibird!

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My brother spilt juice on one of our Silver games and later it got all glitched up. Here's some of the weird things that happened:

- I remember this very fondly, he was training his Quilava against a level 15 Abra and went up a level.. and another and another and the EXP bar just kept rising and rising! It got up into the 300's then back at 0, and then went back up to the previous level he was at, and the game asked him if he wanted to learn old moves too. He actually didn't end up leveling up at all that time. Oh it was so hilarious.. xD

- Went into the Pokemon Center once and it turned all blocky and maze-like. And the music from where you first enter Kanto started playing.

- When he battled his rival in Olivine, the name was changed to some gibberish (I think the name was originally 'Tyler' but somehow it changed)

- Once I saw a Meowth in Kanto that glittered like the Red Gyrados but I couldn't tell that it was shiny so I defeated it.

- My brother needed to use Waterfall so he caught a Seaking (cuz we knew it knew Waterfall in Stadium) so he caught it with a Master Ball.


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I was wandering around Route 34 looking for a Ditto (so I could breed it with my Eevee and get all of Eevee's evolutions) and was starting to get pretty annoyed by the tons of pokemon I didn't need. After a few more battles I hear the familiar noise of a wild battle and see, to my surprise, Raikou. Unfortunately for me I had a level 16 Pidgey out at the time and couldn't stop it from fleeing.

But that's not where the fun ends. I managed to find 3 Ditto during my long hunt, all of which gave me trouble.

1. Its health was so low that a speck of dust would cause it to faint and it was sleeping. So I toss a great ball at it, only for it to escape. Repeat this 9 more times. Then it broke free of my ultra ball. Then it broke free of the 7 poke balls I had (at this point it had taken me more tries than it did to catch almost every legendary I didn't use a Master Ball on). I was out of balls and was forced to defeat it.

The next day (after I left to restock my poke balls and do other stuff):

2. "Jynx Sweet Kiss" Ditto fell asleep" "Jynx used Double Slap" "Critical Hit" "It hit 5 times" "Ditto fainted"

3. I brought Jynx out to put it to sleep, then switched to Pidgey. One tackle brought it down to almost 1 hp. I tired more great balls and watched them all fail. Then I remembered I had a Level Ball. So I brought out my level 41 Kadabra and tossed the Level Ball at the level 10 Ditto (if your pokemon is 4x higher than the opponent the ball is 8x effective, 2nd highest rate below the Master Ball). Obviously the game realized what I'd do to it if the pink blob managed to escape because I finally got it.


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I'd released the legendary dogs, but didn't really know anything about them. Much later I was trying to catch new pokemon in a low level area right after the first gym's city and happened to come across Raikou. I was really confused about why he was a level 40 in such an early area, plus he was big and scary-looking. Fortunately, I since I was catching pokemon anyway, my first pokemon knew hypnosis, so I put it to sleep and caught it on my first try!

When I got the ticket for the ship to Vermillion, I was like "haha, yeah right." But when I got there I was like "...no way, it's too good to be true." I figured they'd only let me explore a small area of Kanto, I REFUSED to believe they'd let me explore the whole thing!

Ahh, I got stuck on the Elite 4 for a bit when my friend spoiled who the Champion was. Then when I was in Kanto my friend also spoiled for me who the final battle was against... :(


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I didn't realise that I had a shiny Spinarak for ages because I was playing on a Game Boy Pocket, so I couldn't see the colours, and I was new to the games so I didn't really pay attention to the sparkles. It was an Ariados by the time I got a GBC, and I was quite pleased to see that it was in fact a different colour :3

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A silver Ponyta ran away from me :/.

But in all honesty, I don't know any funny stories. I was a n00b back then, so I had someone else help me in most places. I guess the closest thing to a funny story was when my brother "accidentally" started over my game because he wanted to see what it was like. And I had a Celebi.

Well actually... I found out by myself that the "GS" in "GS Ball" meant "Gold Silver" LONG after the Orange Islands series ended and I was playing my Silver and was in a cave. I think I laughed.

Oh, and I believed this one kid's story that the Unown had a leader. Yeah, I was so naive back in the day.

And I named my Marill Mousey, and it's stuck ever since.

Yeah, my stories are lame.


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The first time I played Silver (it was my first Pokemon game ever, so I was a noob), in my first ever adventure so, I used the Master Ball to capture a ****ing useless Arbok, while I killed Ho-Oh and all the three legendary dogs, terrible and funny at the same time XD
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