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Funny Things To see on the show! V.2

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Ridley-X4, Aug 20, 2004.

  1. Ridley-X4


    The old one got locked so I'm starting a new one. Sorry I caused the locking. (if I did)

    Let's continue where the old FTTSITS thread left off.

    Ridley-X4: Oh, man. I can't beat metal sonic on sonic heroes!

    Ridley-X4: Maybe I shouldn't have gottan rid of porygon. (sighs)

    *Porygon appears outta nowhere*

    Porygon: Uhh, look, I know how you like may and all and uh, you're a great couple and all so I guess I'll just need to look for somone else.....(sighs)

    *Lightbub appears over Ridley-X4's head*

    Ridley-X4: Wait, Porygon! I have an idea! I had a talk with the Porygon2 down the street, and I think you'd do fine with her!

    Porygon: Ok! I'll go over to there!

    Porygon and Porygon2 become a great couple, Ridley-X4 and May are a couple as well! THE END

    A pokemon commercial:

    Get the Masterball mutiplier! Before ya know it, you'll be getting hundereds of Masterballs!
  2. Why do we need two threads?
  3. Ridley-X4


    Because the old one was locked.
  4. LilMayfan

    LilMayfan Guest

    Well,This is a Message for Space Skitty and Musical Mudkip.

    I'll Contiune the story later,But here's a Commeracil.

    Hey!Ever wonderd how to get more Rare Candyies?Well get the Rare candy Muitplyer!!!!!!Get more Rare Candy in Mintues!!!!!!

    P.S:Thank you Ridley-X4 for Creating the Thread!!!!
  5. KyogreFan

    KyogreFan Guest

    Here's all my commercials from the first topic.

    Commercial One
    Brock: What do ya wanna do?
    May: Uh...
    Max: Character bashing!
    Crystal Togepi comes out of nowhere.
    Max: I'm still bored.
    May: Bash my shoe. Nobody likes my shoe anyway. (takes one of her shoes off and throws it on the ground)
    Max: (kicks the shoe and stomps on the show and beats up the shoe)
    Narrarator: Bash May's shoe! The only Pokemon character no one likes!

    Commercial Two
    May: I miss my shoe...
    Ash: I like the way she said that! Only if I could hear it again.
    Max: Well you need the time-rewinder! It rewinds what happens to what you point at!
    Ash: Ooh! (uses it on May)
    May: I miss my shoe...
    May: I miss my shoe...

    Commercial Three
    Ash: I love Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Fire Red, and Leaf Green! I need them all in one!
    Brock: Get this version then! Pokemon: RBYGSCRSEFRLG Version! All 386 obtainable, 24 gym leaders, and more!
    Misty: Well I'll show that anybody would do anything for it! (Misty does everything in the world) See? Now Pokemon: RBYGSCRSEFRLG Version please! (gets it) Yay!

    Commercial Four
    Ash: (playing Pokemon: RBYGSCRSEFRLG Version) Doh! I already got half of the legendaries and I never saw a shiny! Except the red Gyarados...
    Brock: Hey Ash!
    Ash: What's up Brock?
    Brock: Have ya seen the shinyfier?
    Ash: No.
    Brock: Well, it needs to be connected to the GBA SP to work, just wait a sec...
    Brock: There! Go to the 2nd floor of the closest Pokemon Center.
    Ash: (walks his character until the character's there) Ooh! That one thing there I never saw before!
    Brock: Put a Pokemon in it.
    Ash: (puts a Magikarp in it and it comes out - with gold as his color) Wow! It's shiny!
    Narrarator: Don't live without shiny Pokemon, make them shiny with the shinyfier!

    Commercial Five
    Misty: Hey, I have a marble in one of my hands!
    Ash: Yeah, so?
    Girafarig: Girafarig!
    Murkrow: Krow!
    Ash: AHH! CAMEOS!
    Misty: Anyways, guess which one has the marble correctly, appear in every commercial from now on!
  6. L100Meganium

    L100Meganium Guest

    Hi guys!! Guess who's back?

    Hi you guys! I'm back thanks to mou-mou!! And Crystal Togepi, of course...

    First, I want to say sorry for being a dope and not realizing that my posts could hurt someone's feelings. Can you forgive a stupid Grass-type? XD

    And second, I want to say that LET'S GET BACK ON WITH THE FUNNYNESS!! XD
    (note: Just to be safe, I won't add as much May in my posts. ^_^;; )

    Ash: CHEW MY SHOE!!
    Max: MAXARONI!!
  7. LilMayfan

    LilMayfan Guest

    Here's the story.

    Zapdos:Where's Porygon?
    Max:Where's May?
    Articuno:I don't know.
    Butterfree:Anyway let's get something to eat.
    *A Magmar comes by*
    Magmar:Can I stay here for the night?
    Butterfree:For as long as you want.

    More later!Welcome back L100Meganium!Just don't bash about May anymore.
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 20, 2004
  8. L100Meganium

    L100Meganium Guest

    Also, are we gonna continue our Story, Space Skitty and Musical Mudkip? I'd like to. ^_^

    O_O I'd buy it!! XD

    May: Anyone seen my shoe?
    Me: No.
    May: NO!!
    Me: Relax. I'm not going to hurt you anymore.

    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 20, 2004
  9. LilMayfan

    LilMayfan Guest

    Yeah,but they're not online.Try contiuning from my story the mean time!I'am so glad you're back!!!
  10. KyogreFan

    KyogreFan Guest

    Don't forget the deadline is August 25th!
  11. L100Meganium

    L100Meganium Guest

    I'm glad I'm back too! *cries tears of joy* And I'm also glad I was missed. I'm touched...*sniff*

    Okay, then, continuing from yours:

    Moltres: Where do you want to eat?
    Zapdos: Eh.....Burger King is all good.
    Articuno: There aren't Burger Kings in the Pokémon World!
    Zapdos: Who says there aren't?!
    Articuno: And besides, we can't order from Burger King! How would they understand us?!
    Moltres: He's got a point....
    Zapdos! Fine! We'll just go to the birdbath pub then.
    Magmar: Uh...what about me?!
  12. InfiniteBlue

    InfiniteBlue Guest

    ~During a Ash and Co. vs. Team Rocket battle, a random Shoujo Kakumei Utena duel song starts playing. Team Rocket acknowledge this and wander into the studio where the music is being recorded; they shoo everyone out of the room so that the original battle music can be brought back
    ~James ends all of his sentences with a random word. ANY word, ranging from "su" to "nyo" to "nyu" to anything imaginable.
    ~Instead of the usual TR motto BGM, the organ music that normally plays during a Student Council meeting in SKU. Again, Team Rocket acknowledge this and... you know the results. :p
  13. LilMayfan

    LilMayfan Guest

    ~Part 11 The return of May and Porygon!~

    Magmar:I would like a Big Mac please!
    *Magmar gets the Big Mac*
    Zapdos:That was good!Our trusty becks!
    Moltres:Let's go!
    Porygon:Hi guys!
    Butterfree:Your back!!!
    May:I'am back too!
    Zapdos:Everyone is back!
    Magmar:can I stay with you guys compley?

    More from Meganium!
  14. KyogreFan

    KyogreFan Guest

    Commercial Six
    Misty: SSBM characters, today is your lucky day! One of you will join the cast of Pokemon Commercials!
    SSBM Characters: Ooh!
    Ash: Just answer this ONE TRIVIA QUESTION. Only one will win this. Who is not an orca?
    1. Free Willy
    2. Shamu
    3. That Orca Over There
    4. Kyogre
    5. L100Meganium
    Marth: *japanese*
    Ash: No.
    Marth: *more japanese* (curse you dubbers!)
    Mr. G&W: Beep!
    Ash: No.
    Ness: L100Meganium!!!
    Ash: Looks like we have a winner!
    Ness: Sklee!
    Ash: Sklee?
    Ness: A word I found in Nickelodeon magazine.
    Ash: Oh.

    Commercial Seven
    Ash, Misty, Brock, May, and Max are in a forest when Jigglypuff appears.
    Jigglypuff: *sings*
    Ash, Misty, Brock, May, and Max fall asleep, and Jigglypuff stops singing when Ness walks in.
    Ness: Do you fall asleep to much? Spray this anti-sleep repellant on! You'll never sleep again! *sprays it on Ash, Misty, Brock, May, and Max and they wake up* Ta-dah! Stay awake forever with anti-sleep repellant!
  15. LilMayfan

    LilMayfan Guest

    ~Commercial 2~

    Zapdos:Ever wanted a Groudon?Here's your chance!
    Articuno:Answer the Q&A and get it right!
    Moltres:Who is the Pokemon that is a Sea Basin?


    Answer now!

    Butterfree:NNNOOOOO!!the answer was Kyogre!I win!
  16. KyogreFan

    KyogreFan Guest

    No, the answer is a Pokemon that's a Sea Basin! I win!

    Hey, LilMayFan, our positions are equal right now!
  17. LilMayfan

    LilMayfan Guest

    Butterfree:NOOOOOOOOOO!Kyogre is a Sea Basin Pokemon!!!!!!
    Zapdos:Calm down....

    Yes I see!I'am a Marsh Trainer!
  18. L100Meganium

    L100Meganium Guest

    May: Hey! Where's my food?
    Birds: Uh......

    Butterfree: They got birdseed! Do you want it?
    May: ECK! NO!!
    Butterfree: *winks at birds, who nod their thanks*
    Magmar: I didn't get bir--*butterfree knocks him over*
    Butterfree: He didn't get birthday presents!! hehe...
    May: Today's your birthday Magmar?
    Magmar: It is? *gets nudged by Butterfree* I mean, it is!
    Porygon: hold on a sec...*goes into a nearby P.C.; comes back out shortly with a gift*
    Magmar: Where did you get that?
    Porygon: I can move freely through cyberspace, remember? I got it off E-bay.
    Voice From Computer: Error. Error. An item has been stolen. E-bay will be down for a week or so.
    Porygon: *Destroys computer* Uheheheheheh....you didn't hear that. Open the present!
    Magmar: Uh...okay..*opens it* OH WOW!! TM 35!!
    Porygon: Yup. Thought you'd like that. It's Flamethrower, ya know. Hope you like it.
    Magmar: LIKE IT?!?! I'VE WANTED IT EVER SINCE I WAS A MAGBY!!! THANK YOU!! *hugs Porygon*
    Porygon: Owww...burning....heat....corrupting my data...ow..
    Magmar: Sorry...
    May: Uh...*searches fanny pack* Here! *holds out a red bandana* I always keep a spare!
    Magmar: Thanks!!! *puts it on, strikes a pose* Heheh! I feel cute!!
    May: I know!! It just has that effect, doesn't it? Mine makes me feel adorable!! *strikes a pose also*
    Others: o_O;


    Yay! I'm not an orca!! o_O;; XD!
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 5, 2004
  19. LilMayfan

    LilMayfan Guest


    Magmar:Let me try out flamethower!*Flamethwoers Me*
    May:I want a gift!
    May:What gift!!!Tell me!!!!
    Me:A musical box!Like it?
    May:I love it!Thank you!!*Hugs Me*
    Magmar:Romance...Something I will NEVER get...
  20. KyogreFan

    KyogreFan Guest

    That was short... You're a Soul trainer now.

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