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Funny Things To see on the show! V.2

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Ridley-X4, Aug 20, 2004.

  1. L100Meganium

    L100Meganium I'm back!

    Whew, haven't been on in a while. XD I have no doubt May would jump at the chance to dye Harley's Cacturne pink. XDXD

    -Ash and friends go to the fires of Mt. Ember to destroy the One PokéBall to Rule Them All.

    -The show becomes a melodramatic soap-opera of romantic entanglements
    [Combusken finally confesses its love to Pikachu, but Pikachu is too immature...er....unevolved for it! Meanwhile Ludicolo, Bulbasaur, and Grovyle are involved in a love triangle, as well as Squirtle, Munchlax, and Skitty! Swellow is all caught up in its strange affection for Max, and Glalie continues to try to win May's heart! What will happen next? Tune in next week on All My Pokémon!]

    -Max's usefulness is ultimately questioned and he is kicked off the show (though don't get me wrong; I like Max just fine XD)

    -Misty and May get into slapfights over Ash each time they meet. Ash and Brock have a slapfight over Max.
    (Misty: *springs on* I'm here for Ash!
    May: *springs in front of Ash* Not on your life!
    *the two glare at each other intently and move their hands to their belts as if to pull out a PokéBall or weapon*
    Pikachu: Pi! Pika pik pikachaaaa!!! [Oh no! They're gearing up for a huge, intense battle!]
    Misty and May: ..........*start slapping each other's hands feebly while emitting high-pitched squeals*
    Pikachu: ......*facepalm*
    Ash: Wow, they're fighting over me!
    Brock: Good thing there's no contest over my Maxie! *huggles Max*
    Max: Get the [insert naughty word here] off me!!
    Ash: Hey! Stop mauling him! *cuddles Max* It's okay, Max...
    Max: It sure as heck isn't! Get off me!!
    Brock: You're hurting him!
    Ash: Am not!
    *the two size each other up*
    Ash and Brock: .......*start slapping each others' hands and squeaking*
    Max: ....Imbeciles.....hey Pikachu, wanna fight over Munchlax?
    Pikachu: *shrugs* Pi.....pika cha. [Eh...What the heck.]
    *the two slap each others' hands*)

    -Pikachu wins the slapfight for Munchlax.
    (Pikachu: Pika, Pipi....pika PI cha pikachu cha!! [Okay, Munchlax...you're MY Pokémon now!!]
    Munchlax: Munch....lax....lax....Munch....[Food....food....food....food...]
    Pikachu: Pika! Pi-CHA pika chu pika pi pika?!! [Come on! Can't you think of anything besides food?!]
    Munchlax: Muuuuuunnn.....chhhh......laaaaaax..... [....Foooo-ooooooo-ooooddd....]
    Pikachu: PIKA! Pi cha pika chu pika chu pika...[Dammit! I knew I should have fought over Skitty instead!])

    -Everyone acts like they can't see Ash anymore
    (Brock: Where's Ash? He's been gone for days!
    Ash: I'm right here! Are you poeple nuts?!
    Max: I don't think he ever came back from the potty...
    May: OMG! It's just like that one story!!! I told Ash he shouldn't go!!
    Max: That was a sugar-induced dream, May; not a story....And what do you do when you have to go, then?
    May: .....*shuffles feet* Um, you know that mud in Brock's bag?...
    Max and Brock: Ew! Sorry we asked!
    Brock: Wonder what happened to him? D'you think Misty kidnapped him after winning that slapfight?
    May: She wouldn't dare!!
    Max: Y'know, I can almost hear his voice...telling us how important we are to him...*looks sad*
    May: Me too, Max...but it's just the wind...*snuggles a sniffling Max close*
    Brock: Hey Max, don't I get a snuggle?!
    Max: NO!
    May: I thought Ash won the slapfight?
    Brock: *mutters resentfully* Yeah, he did...But he's not around! *snatches Max from May*
    Max: Ew! Gross! You're kooky! *struggles*
    Ash: HEY! Let go of him!!
    May: *snatches Max back, who quakes from the trauma he's just experienced* I wonder what we'll do now that Ash isn't around? We were just kinda following him around as he went to the Battle Fronteir.
    Brock: I suggest we get drunk, smoke--
    Ash: And I won't be there to do it too?! MAN!
    Brock:--and auction Ash's badges off on e-bay.
    May: Cool!
    Max: Who gets Pikachu?
    May: Me, right? I won the slapfight over him.
    Brock: What? There was no slapfight over Pikachu!
    May: Oh yeah...well, I think Pikachu's taking it real hard...
    Brock: Don't tell Pikachu, but I think Ash was kinda in love with Pikachu.
    Ash: *flushes* You shut up!
    Pikachu: Pi....pika pi pichu pik pikachu, PI CHU CHA!!! [Um, in case you guys haven't noticed, I'M RIGHT HERE!]
    May: *jumps* Oh, Pikachu! H-How long were you there....?
    Pikachu: Pi, piKA CHU! Pichupi...[Um, the WHOLE TIME! Imbeciles...]
    Max: Still, I wonder if Ash is out there still...
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2006
  2. ShinyFufu

    ShinyFufu Arriving glacially.

    WTF? Did that really happen?
  3. DarkerShining

    DarkerShining Well-Known Member

    Pikachu: Ready to eat?
    Munchlax: WHAT? I eat, I sleep, isn't that all I do?
    Pikachu: Uh... Don't you battle in Pokemon contests too?
    Munchlax: *Ignores Pikachu* Am I sleeping right now?
    Pikachu: Calm down!
    Munchlax: Is there a "Z" floating above my head right now?
    Pikachu: o_O

    - Harley's sixth Pokemon turns out to be a Clefable.
    - Meowth marries a Raikou.
  4. L100Meganium

    L100Meganium I'm back!

    XD No, it didn't really happen!
    XD EeveeandKirliafan! Munchlax retaliates! XD
    You know, I miss writing sagas with people...siiiigh...
    Anyway. Funnies; right.

    -Ash and friends encounter a blocky Pokémon. The PokéDEX Says, "Missingno. Everybody knows about it but professionals like to pretend it's mysterious. No other data available."

    Nurse Joy: Thank you! Hope to see you again!
    Ash: What? What the heck does that mean?! Do you hope my Pokémon will get hurt again? Do you hope they'll faint again? What kind of a sick, twisted person are you?! Do you stick around just so you can tell people you hope they come back with more hurt Pokémon?!? You're SICK! SICK! *stomps out the door*
    Nurse Joy:........O_____O;;

    -Ash and friends encounter the same sorts of obstacles as in the games
    Ash: Well, I can't go to Saffron City from Vermilion.
    May: What?! Why?
    Ash: The stupid guard kept complaining about how thirsty he was! Sheesh!

    Ash: Pikachu! Use Flash!
    Brock: What'd you tell it to do?!
    Ash: .....That wasn't funny.
    Brock: *giggles strangely* I DISAGREE! AND SO DOES PINKY!!!! *holds out the plush*
    Pinky: Nee-hah. I shall destroy you all.
    Ash: O__o;;;

    -Ash and friends visit Glitch City
    Ash: Dude! There's numbers everywhere!
    May: OMG; there's a bush on that house!!
    Max: Lookit me! I can walk on this cave entrance! Wheee!
    Brock: Whoa! There's a gaping white hole where the roofs should be!!

    -Ash and friends discover the numerous other glitches from the old games
    Ash: Whoa! Look, I hooked a Gyrados in this statue! OMG! Now I'm surfing in the statue!!
    Max: There's an invisible PC here!
    May: Look! I'm standing on a tree!
    Ash: What the heck is this attack? "Cool Trainer"?! What?....
    Pinky: Neeee-haa.
    Alice: I hate you all.
    Others: OH NO!!

    -Pokémon actually make their game cries
    Pikachu: *makes strange electric noise*
    Ash: The heck was that?!
    Pikachu: Oh, excuse me; I sneezed...
    Ash: O___O;

    -The gang meets Pokémon #626....Stitch!!
  5. Ranger Registeel

    Ranger Registeel orly n00b?

    -Torkoal takes over cooking for the group in Shinou
    -May's Combusken evolves into Tommy Pickles
    -Donphan sprays everyone in the world with Air Freshener
  6. DarkerShining

    DarkerShining Well-Known Member

    Pikachu: Let's see... I used to be a Pichu... Then I evolved... Then Professor Oak kidnapped me... My parents think that I joined the circus... Are you paying attention?
    Munchlax: Zzzzzzz...

    - May realizes that the colour pink crashes with the red colour of her clothes and starts dying all her Pokemon red instead.
    - Max captures a Tyranitar.
    - It turns out that May's least favorite month is the fifth one.
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2006
  7. L100Meganium

    L100Meganium I'm back!

    XDXD May dying all the Pokémon red...

    Combusken: *now red* Great! Now I look like the little red hen! Darn it all!
    Squirtle: *red too* Great; just great....now I can't be the mascot for Pokémon Blue anymore!
    Munchlax: *red* FOOOOOOOOD!! *steals food*
    Combusken: Stop right there! We've caught you red-handed!
    Squirtle: That was a poor attempt at a pun.
    May: RED! RED! *pours red paint on everyone else, including herself*
    Pikachu: *red*....Well, it matches my cheeks...
    Grovyle: *red* It clashes with my belly!
    Pinky: *red* Pink is not a feminine pony color. It is the color of BLOOD. I am fond of this new look. I shall keep it.
    Alice: *red* I agree. Red is dangerous. Neeeeeee-ha.
    Others: O____O;;;
    Ash: OH NO!! NOT THIS AGAIN! *stumbles by, red* ....Well, I was called "Red" in G/S/C....
    Brock: *red* Ack! I'm seeing red!!
    Max: *red* You can't see anything!
    Brock: Oh yeah...
    Max: *talking to me* Hey, Meganium! If we're red, why isn't our speech?
    Me: Um......*runs off*
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2006
  8. DarkerShining

    DarkerShining Well-Known Member

    May: Is Munchlax awake yet?
    Ash: No, there's still food on the table.


    Pikachu: I'm getting the feeling that someone is watching us...
    Combusken: That's because Pinky is hiding in that tree.
    Pinky: Okay. Next time we'll try to hide underwater like you suggested.
    Alice: Yay.

    - Groudon appears and starts throwing pies at everyone.
    - May trying to give Combusken a bath.
  9. L100Meganium

    L100Meganium I'm back!

    HeeHee! This is funny!


    Pinky: *under water with Alice* Hiding underwater is quite difficult. I do not have gills.
    Alice: I do *flaps them*
    Pinky: Then I must as well. *sprouts them* Aha. I've done it.
    Squirtle: Man, I have the feeling two scary pink ponies are watching me....
    Alice: Oh no. He's onto us.
    Pinky: Neeee-ha. Let us fly. *sprouts wings and flies away with Alice*
    Squirtle and Combusken: O_____O;;;
    Munchlax: FOOOOOOOD!!! *SNARF*
    May: Stop it, Muchlax! That was my new Tyranitar's!!
    May: It's on your hand, stupid!
    Max: I think he meant the pony plush, May.
    May: Oh....
    Brock: PINKY!! *cries* NOOOO!! SHE IS MY ANTI-DRUG! WITHOUT HER....*smokes and coughs*
    Ash: Gak! This is a children's show!
    Max: Oh, and I suppose two demonic ponies aren't scarier than drug addicts?
    Ash: You have a point there.
    Pinky: Alice. Neeee-ha. We must devise a diabolical plan to destroy the brats.
    Alice: I agree. Neigh. What of the rest of the Pokémon and humans of the earth?
    Pinky: They too must be destroyed.
    Alice: And then what will we do.
    Pinky: We will....oh darn. We will have to leave behind a few living creatures to use as slaves.
    Alice: Pinky, I believe our host is not pleased with us.
    *Scene gets bigger to show that they're on top of a Wailord underwater*
  10. DarkerShining

    DarkerShining Well-Known Member

    Munchlax: *Eats May's bandana*
    May: Hey! Give that back! *Forces Munchlax's mouth open and starts searching for the bandana*
    Ash: So, what are we going to do about Pinky and her... Uh... Sister?
    Max: I don't know...
    Ash: Where's the other Pokemon?
    Max: Combusken, Squirtle and Mudkip went shopping. Pikachu is taking a nap, and the others... Well, haven't seen them all day, so I have no idea.
    May: *Still searching for her bandana*
    Ash: Wait... Where's Brock?
    Max: I don't know, and I don't want to.
    May: Hey, guys! I found an amusement park in here!
    Ash/Max: o_O

    - A Plusle that carries a chainsaw with it wherever it goes becomes a new recurring character.
    - Lucy kidnaps Jessie's Seviper.
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2006
  11. shadowofdreams

    shadowofdreams SEXAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -torkoal becomes the supreme ruler of spain!
    -glaile uses sheer cold!
  12. Ranger Registeel

    Ranger Registeel orly n00b?

    Donphan: I must take over the world by spraying everyone and everything with air freshener!
    Pikachu: We already have two krazed up froot loop ponies, a gluttenous and hoggish prevo, and a girl obsessed with painting and ruling months. We don't need you too.
    Donphan: Too late *sprays Pikachu in face with Febreeze*

    Feel free to pick up from where i left off
  13. DarkerShining

    DarkerShining Well-Known Member

    Pikachu: If we are ever going to beat Pinky and Alice, we need a plan.
    Mudkip: What is the plan?
    Pikachu: I said we need a plan, not that we have one.
    Mudkip: Oh.
    Corphish: This is boring...
    Munchlax: I didn't get any breakfast this morning...
    Pikachu: Guys... Focus!
    Mudkip: I'm female.
    Pikachu: ... Hey? Where's Combusken?
    Mudkip: She is on a date with Grovyle.
    Pikachu: ... And Squirtle?
    Mudkip: She is training some new move for a contest or something...
    Corphish: As for every other Pokemon... I dunno... It's just us four...
    Pikachu: Okay... Any ideas?
    Munchlax: I thinking of creating a new Pokemon species by breeding a Furret and a Metagross.
    Pikachu: ... Any ideas on how to beat the ponies?
    Mudkip: Hmm...


    Max: Where's your bandana?
    May: I got distracted by the amusement park, so I forgot to search for it.
    Ash: Max, Brock is trying to wear your sleeping bag as a hat.

    - Team rocket finally captures Pikachu, only to find out it is a robot.
    - Combusken uses sacred fire instead of flamethrower.
    - Meowth starts speaking backwards.
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2006
  14. L100Meganium

    L100Meganium I'm back!

    Ahhh, I feel like I'm doing sagas again...*nostalgia*

    XDXD!!!!! Amusement park!! XDXD

    May: You guys, there's an "It's A Small World" ride in there!!!
    Brock: *wearing sleeping bag* HAAAAAAApinkyandaliceAAAAT!!!
    Ash: May! Grab him before he eats the fire-starting charcoal again!
    Max: OMG, he's got a panty in his mouth!
    Brock: ARARARARARARF!!! *runs off on all fours, flinging spittle on everyone*
    Pikachu: Geez! When will Combusken and Grovyle get back!?
    Mudkip: Actually....I think they eloped.
    Munchlax: If Grass types ate grass, would they be cannibals?
    Corphish: D'you think Pinky and Alice are planning to use Brock to destroy us?
    Brock: *runs by barking with a panty in his mouth* ARARARARARARARARF!!
    May: YOU STUPID MORON! GIVE THAT BAAAAAAAAACCKK!! *runs after him with a frying pan*
    Pikachu, Corphish, and Mudkip: .....
    Munchlax: You know, I still haven't been fed.
    Pikachu: Brock could destroy us even without the ponies' influence...
    Munchlax: Ever notice Pikachu's tail is shaped like a lightning bolt?
    Pikachu, Mudkip, and Corphish: THAT'S THE POINT, IDIOT!
    May: *runs back through chasing Brock* DON'T YOU DARE SWALLOW THAT!!!
    Pinky: Alice. We must use weapons of mass destruction to destroy everyone.
    George Bush: *pops up* I KNEW THEY EXISTED!!
    Alice: Neeeeee-ha. *kicks him out*
    Pinky: Thank you for removing that disturbance.
    Alice: Neeee-ha. I'm sure the United States will be thankful as well.
    Mudkip: So what do we do? We can't just go up to them unarmed!
    Corphish: I have lots of arms...
    Mudkip: -_-; That's not what I meant...
    Pikachu: We might have to train the humans to attack them.
    Corphish: You think that'll work?
    Pikachu: Sure, why not?
    Munchlax: Mmmmmm.....Loooobbsteeerrr...*eying Corphish hungrily and drooling*
    Corphish: OMFG; get that think away from me! *hides behind Pikachu*
    George Bush: *crawls out of the bush all mangled and looking very much like a monster* Weapons...mass...destruction...
    Mudkip: EEEEEK! Kill it; kill it!! *hides behind Pikachu too*
    Pikachu: DIE DEMON! *zaps; they all go closer*
    Mudkip: .....Hey....
    Corphish: .....Isn't that....?
    Pikachu: OMG; I zapped the President of the United States!!!
    Pikachu: I'm a hero!!!

    Is Pikachu really a hero? Will Munchlax eat Corphish? What are the ponies planning? Just why are boxing rings square? Tune in next time for (maybe) a continuation from EeveeandKirliafan!! ^__^
  15. DarkerShining

    DarkerShining Well-Known Member

    - Meowth is seen chasing a Houndoom.
    - Pikachu evolves into Ho-oh.

    May: Brock! Hiding wont help! I'm gonna find you!
    Brock: *Hiding in a random tree* WHEEEEEEEEEElinooneswillruletheworldEEEEEEEEE!


    Grovyle: ... Do you think vegetarians eat Oddish?
    Combusken: I'm not sure...
    Pinky: Well. Look what we got here.
    Alice: A chicken and some salad.
    Grovyle/Combusken: O_O


    Munchlax: Need food... *Starts chewing on a nearby tree*
    Pikachu: Maybe I should wear a crown...
    Mudkip: Can I be your queen?
    Pikachu: Of course.
    Corphish: Since when did he become a king? I should be king!
    Pikachu: Why would anyone want a king that throws pies at other Pokemon?
    Corphish: Are we bringing this up again?
    Pikachu: I guess so.
    Corphish: Okay. *Throws pie at Pikachu, then runs off*
    Munchlax: This tree seems to be strawberry flavoured...
    Mudkip: o_O

    *Somewhere else*

    Ash: Where do you think May and Brock went?
    Max: I dunno...
    Ash: Should we look for them?
    Max: Maybe...
    Ash: Why do we wear the same clothes every day?
    Max: Because Plusle is scary...
    Ash: What?
    Max: Well... You see... When I was younger I saw this Plusle... It was holding a chainsaw and it had red glowing eyes.
    Ash: o_O Are you sure that wasn't just a nightmare?
    Max: It really happened! I still remember that evil laugh...
    Ash: Uh... Whatever... Let's go find them...

    What will happen to Grovyle and Combusken? Will Ash and Max find May and Brock? Will Linoones rule the world? To be continued...
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2006
  16. L100Meganium

    L100Meganium I'm back!

    XD This is FUN!!

    XDXDXD That made me laugh out loud!
    -A Growlithe, Houndour, and Snubbull are seen in a dog show, but a Persian beats them all
    -Pikachu develops a fetish for macaroni and cheese

    Brock: GRRRRRARF! *bites May's arm*
    May: .....OMG; it bit me!!
    Munchlax: .....Syyyyrrup...*chewing on maple tree*
    Pikachu: How did the subject of my wearing a crown come up anyway?
    Mudkip: I dunno....but I've got a bad feeling about Combusken and Grovyle...what if--
    Corphish: Yeah, I thought so too!
    Mudkip: o_O; What did you think?
    Corphish: I thought Combusken was male too!
    Pikachu and Mudkip: O_O;; What?!
    Combusken: OMG; it's the evil ponies! Hold me, Grovie!
    Grovyle: *shields Combusken from Pinky and Alice* State your business, demons!
    Alice: Neee-ha. We wish to enslave you and use you to defeat the other brats.
    Pinky: Neeeeeeigh-ha. And don't think about resisting or we shall kill you.
    Grovyle: Grrrr! I'll rip the stuffing outta you if you threaten my woman!!
    Combusken: *blushes* Oh Grovie; you're so brave!
    Alice: Neeee-ha. This is disgusting.
    Pinky: The love must be destroyed. *they both pull out bazookas*
    Grovyle: Ha! *pulls out bigger bazooka*
    Combusken: O_O; Where'd you get that?!
    Grovyle: ....Oh, um....*shuffles feet*
    Pinky: Nevermind that. *shoots bazooka and misses*
    Grovyle: Ha! A mere plush can't handle such a large weapon!!
    Pinky: Grrr. But can a mere plush do this? *leaps onto Grovyle and starts biting his head and stamping plushie hooves on his neck*
    Grovyle: OMFG; GET IT OFF!!!! *flails around*
    Combusken: .....*plucks Pinky off Grovyle and uses Flamethrower on her*
    Pinky: Aaaaaaaah. I am singed.
    Alice: You will pay, wench. *leaps onto Combusken and does something weird to her head that makes Combusken's eyes glow white* Ha. Now I am possesskng this hen. She is merely my puppet.
    Combusken: *does a can-can*
    Alice: Ahahahaha. You see?
    Grovyle: GET OFFA HER! *punches Alice*
    Alice: Neeeeeeha. I am wounded. *falls off*
    Mudkip: *walking through the forest with Pikachu, Munchlax, and Corphish* You guys, I seriously think Grovyle and Combusken--
    Corphish: --are both guys?!
    Mudkip: NO!! Are in danger!! >_<;;
    Pikachu: What makes you say that? *bops Munchlax, who is nibbling Pikachu's tail, off*
    Mudkip: *points over to a clearing in the trees in which Combusken, Grovyle, Pinky, and Alice scuffling*
    Pikachu: ....Oh.
    Corphish: We gotta save them!!
    *the Pokémon charge in*
    Munchlax: FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! *starts eating Pinky's leg*
    Pinky: NEEEE-HA. GET IT OFF.
    Back at the Camp...

    Ash: .....nice day, huh?
    *Brock and May go running by, barking and yelling, respectively*
    Max: ...*sips from stew bowl* Yep.

    Is it a nice day?Will Munchlax eat Pinky? All will be answered--next time!
    And now back to you, EeveeandKirliafan! =D
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2006
  17. DarkerShining

    DarkerShining Well-Known Member

    Alice: Something is wrong.
    Grovyle: Combusken... Are you okay?
    Combusken: OH MY GROUDON! You are Grovyle from the Pokemon anime!
    Grovyle: o_O
    Alice: So his memory...
    Grovyle: HER!
    Alice: So her memory has been altered.
    Pinky: Can someone get him off me.
    Munchlax: *Still chewing on Pinky*
    Alice: Oh. *Throws a rock at Munchlax*
    Pinky: A rock. That's it.
    Alice: Oh. *Throws a bigger rock at Munchlax*
    Munchlax: Grrrr...
    Alice: *Throws an even bigger rock at Munchlax*
    Munchlax: *Eats the rock*
    Pikachu: Surrender, ponies!
    Mudkip: Yeah!
    Combusken: Pikachu and Mudkip from the Pokemon anime? OH MY GROUDON! I must get their autograph!
    Grovyle: o_O
    Corphish: Doesn't he...
    Grovyle: SHE!
    Corphish: Doesn't she want my autograph?


    Max: I think someone is watching us...
    Ash: It's probably just your imagination...
    Max: Yeah... Huh?
    *Something is seen moving the bushes*
    Max: AH! PLUSLE!
    Ash: What?
    *A blue creature appears from the bushes*
    Stitch: Aloha, cousin!
    Ash/Max: O_O

    Is Stitch in the wrong TV-show? Where is May and Brock? Will Combusken be okay? To be continued!

    - Meowth speaks a different language in every episode.
    - A Groudon with Skitty's voice.
    - Mewtwo is seen wearing a pink scarf.
  18. Goth_Guy

    Goth_Guy Volcano Trainer

    If it got locked than that means that someone was offended, so you should not have posted this thread.l
  19. L100Meganium

    L100Meganium I'm back!

    XDXDXDXD!!! Meowth speaking in a different language every episode would be hilarious!! XD It should be in a different voice every time too XDXD

    Um, this thread has been around a LONG time. *points to Page numbers*
    If it was offending anyone, it would have been locked by now ^ ^;

    -Ash and friends steal Team Rocket's Pokémon
    Team Rocket: Which way did they go, Meowth?!?!
    Meowth: Non so, lei gli idioti!
    Jessie: ....Was that Spanish? I took Spanish in high school.
    James: You went to high school?...Um, but...I'm sure it was French, though...
    Meowth: È Italiano, gli idioti!
    Team Rocket: ......?!

    Pinky: Ek. There is now a large rock in addition to my head in this brute's mouth.
    Munchlax: Mmmmmm Stuffing...reminds me of Thanksgiving....
    Alice: *throws tree at Munchlax*
    Combusken: Oh my! Those ponies seem somewhat....evil...
    *everyone slaps a hand/paw to their foreheads*
    Grovyle: Of course they're evil!!! *bops Alice, who is gnawing his arm, off*
    Alice: Neee-ha. He--
    Everyone except Corphish: SHE!!
    Alice: --she doesn't remember. MwahahaNEEEE-ha.
    Pikachu: ....That was possibly the oddest sound I've ever heard.
    Mudkip: Grr! You'll pay for doing that to our friend!
    Combusken: Oh my!! A friend? I'm flattered!
    Mudkip: *blasts Alice with water*
    Alice: NEEEE-HA. Oh no. I am not machine washable. *falls over, waterlogged*
    Others: .....Well that was easy.
    Corphish: .....*walks up to Combusken* So...why don't you want my autograph?....
    Combusken: You called me a guy! HMPH! *turns around huffily with arms crossed*
    Pinky: *head still in Munchlax's mouth* NEEEE-HA. I'M STILL IN HERE.
    Ash: What the heck are you?
    Stitch: Me #626! Me Stitch!!
    May: Ack! Just what are you going to stitch?!
    Max: It must be a new species! Ash, check your PokéDEX!
    Ash: R-right! *gets out PokéDEX*
    PokéDEX: Stitch. 2002 Disney character. This small blue alien may look cuddly, but is vicious and deadly if provoked.
    May: "Disney"?! What's "Disney"?!
    Max: Maybe he's a scientist who created this....thing!
    Stitch: .....Aloha. *walks away*
    Ash: Hey didn't it already say that?
    Max: It means 'goodbye' too...
    Brock: *runs by with panties on his head* HAHAHAHAHA!!! NOW I'M EVEN BLINDER! *crashes into tree*
    May: BROCK! GIVE THOSE BAAAAAAACCK!! *chases after Brock with frying pan*

    Will the gang find out what Stitch is? Will Pinky and Alice be defeated? Will Combusken recover her memory? All to be found out!
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  20. DarkerShining

    DarkerShining Well-Known Member

    Grovyle: Your name is Combusken, your trainer is named May.
    Combusken: May... Wait... You mean I'm in the Pokemon anime too? Oh my Groudon! I must get my autograph!
    Grovyle: o_O How is that possible?
    Pinky: A little help here.
    Munchlax: There is too much in my mouth... Can't swallow...
    Pikachu: Chew the food before you swallow!
    Grovyle: Do you remember me, Combusken? We're married, you know!
    Corphish: Wonder if Combusken will remember that he...
    Everyone else: SHE!
    Corphish: I give up! *Runs away*
    Pikachu: Come back here before I have Munchlax eat you too!
    Pinky: *Manages to get her head out of Munchlax's mouth* Time to battle.


    May: Of course you do! You've been there, right?
    Brock: I HAVE? OH YEAH!
    Ash: ...
    Max: ...
    Experiment 624 AKA Angel: ...
    Max: ... Your boyfriend went that way.
    Angel: *Walks off*
    Ash: If only I had a Pokeball to capture those creatures with...


    Meowth: Hey, look! It's those ponies again! If we capture them, I might get a chance to become Giovanni's favorite cat Pokemon again!
    Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!
    Meowth: I'm sure the boss can use their powers somehow! Do you agree?
    Wobbuffet: Wobba!
    Meowth: ... I don't understand a word of what you are saying...

    Will the ponies be defeated? Will Combusken get her own autograph? Or will she at least get her memory restored? Shouldn't Meowth understand what Wobbuffet is saying? To be continued.

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