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~Fusion,egg,pokeball shop~

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by Mystic Fire Trainer, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. emeraldsalamance

    emeraldsalamance GOMU GOMU NO!!!!!

    here are your request:
  2. Rixo

    Rixo Musical Trainer

    can I have another bolded Egg of...... Wynaut? Can you mix in its pointy ears? LOL
  3. futuramagirl

    futuramagirl Banned


    LUCARIO DUDE Well-Known Member

    one fusion please

    pokemon: pochma and kayouger

    base: anything

    add ones :anything

    and a pokeball

    ball: master

    pokemon: groundon

    thanx very much;006;
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2006
  5. do you mean the water lendeary from saphire?
  6. Red_Latias

    Red_Latias Member

    Can i Have a fusion plz?

    Pokemon:poochama and Togekiss

    Thxs in advance
    credit will go to person who makes
    pm when finished and ill come get it
  7. emeraldsalamance

    emeraldsalamance GOMU GOMU NO!!!!!

    your fusion red latias:
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2006
  8. I just made that wynaut
  9. Red_Latias

    Red_Latias Member

    Thx for fusion It looks really cool!!!!!! =)
  10. emeraldsalamance

    emeraldsalamance GOMU GOMU NO!!!!!

    what request you want me to make pochamma?
  11. I already pmed the groudon and I am not sure what Lucario Dude means so we are all good for now. but have you seen Mystic Fire Trainer here lately becuase his last post was like last week he doesnt know you guys work here
  12. ShinyMew202

    ShinyMew202 Expriment

    Mine done?
  13. I already Pmed it to you last week but I will do it again
  14. emeraldsalamance

    emeraldsalamance GOMU GOMU NO!!!!!

    we should make Tcs too, people is requesting em a lot
  15. emeraldsalamance

    emeraldsalamance GOMU GOMU NO!!!!!

    sorry -_-;

    there is a request wwe hasnt made yet?
  16. emeraldsalamance

    emeraldsalamance GOMU GOMU NO!!!!!

    i asked.. -_-;
  17. oh... -_-;
    hahahahah I copied you!!!!!
    just kinding is that really your main party where is the treecko dude?
  18. hey emeraldsalamence want to have a mix contest lets make the mix of u want to lets make it lapras and charizard and lapras readt set and go!!!

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