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~Fusion,egg,pokeball shop~


oh... -_-;
hahahahah I copied you!!!!!
just kinding is that really your main party where is the treecko dude?
actually i have to update it, now my team is magneton, piloswine, lickitung, magby, togepi and misdreavus!!! =P

hey emeraldsalamence want to have a mix contest lets make the mix of u want to lets make it lapras and charizard and lapras readt set and go!!!
i dont understand


okay emerald salamence lucklily I have a friend that let me use his name its me treecko pochama master JUST DONT BLOW MY COVER DONT WORRY I AM ONLY BANNED FOR 4 MORE DAYS
Emerald this Treecko Pochama Master I made a new name did you quit this thread because who is lv 100 charizard and where is mystic fire traniner?
I have learned to do ipod pokemon! Yay and I also have a new idea called Electrode's lunch have a look at this example