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Fusion of Diaruga and Parukia


Boulder Trainer
Well,its been a while since I posted something around here...I wanted to show a Fusion I finished today...

Since Diaruga controls Time,and Parukia Controls Space,their fusion should control All Dimensions (That includes Space and Time on them of course)

As u can notice,I used Diarugas Head a LOT...Not only fitted perfectly,but gave him that "Armor-like" detail all over the Body...
For the Toe Nails I used Parukias Helmet ^^

The light effect was made with a Special program...

Another colors:

Of course,those Parukia/Diaruga sprites where made by Coronis...I just used them to fuse.


that is so kool probably the coolest fusion i have ever seen!!!!


baby tooth!

Wow, he looks so mighty, like a titan. Love the way you fused them :)


Boulder Trainer
OMFG, He`s Awesome ^^, could you make more of them please ^^


Tastes like chicken!
WOW there amazing!!! Keep up the great work! My favorites are the 1st and 3rd one on the bottom row. Keep up the fantastic work!

ΩOmega WeavileΩ

Skinning every bears
Definatly talent. Good job. But what kind of patience to you have to recolor the same huge pokemon 4 times!? Your good, but you must have alot of time on your hands.

Bonsly is pimp

that thing is awesome


Pokemon Shaman
You are very good with fusions, obviously. Have you ever tried scratching? ^^