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Fustrations With the Elite Four. Your thoughts?


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In FireRed, I couldn't get past Lorelei. Slowbro and Lapras were beasts against my team. I finally got through with my overpowered Kadabra, who turned the rest of the Elite 4 into a joke.


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So my first Pokemon game was Diamond back when I was like eight. By the time I was at the E4 I had like a level 70-something Infernape and the rest of my team was probably low to mid 40s. The E4 themselves weren't too challenging if I remember correctly, but Cynthia was freakin' Devil's Spawn. Just the fact that half her team knew Earthquake was enough to smash me. I literally spent weeks on her hoping to just beat her SOMEHOW. I don't how I did it, but eventually I was able to magically beat her.


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I did have a bit of difficulty against the elite four when first time playing it in Red version, especially against Lorelei's Lapras, Agatha's Gengar & of course Lance's Dragonite... It took me like 3-4 to rechallenge them I remember back then.
On the onward versions I didnt really have much trouble again though. I just needed to level my teams more...


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Pokemon HeartGold's Elite four rematch was tough, especially with Lance's three dragonites.

Also, Lucian's bronzong would tank everything I would attack, since I didn't carry a fire type in my party.


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The only problems i ever had were Caitlin's Sigilyph, Shauntal's Jellicent, Lance's Dragonites, Drake's Salamence and Iris' Haxorus
Hmm... Some e4 members/champions really have bothered my greatly. One example that always seemed to cause my a spot of bother was Aarons Vespiquen. Its order attacks wer3 fruastrating (especially the sound) especially as i had nothing specific to counter it. Also cynthias garchomp destroyed my team as they were underleved.


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Anyone complaining here must really suck at RPGs. I've never had much difficulty with any elite 4, although I recently completed a black 2 nuzlocke without losing any guys in the elite 4. I also swept all 3 of Lance's dragonites in soul silver... And I was underleveled.

You guys would have a hell of a time trying to beat the final dungeon in Final Fantasy III...


I remember when I was eight I was playing through my first Pokémon game, Sapphire, and had swept through the whole game like an idiot by only using my Sceptile so he was Lv. 78 by the time I got to the Elite 4. The Elite 4 themselves weren't the problem the fact that Steven had both a Skarmory and a Metagross were. Instead of doing the smart thing and training up one of the fire types I owned instead I trained Sceptile up to Lv. 100 and eventually managed to defeat Steven by spamming Leaf Blade until I got Critical hits.


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I kind of get what you mean with it being the elite 4 + a champion, but I've never had much trouble with it. Forward planning is key and I find the challenge at the end of the game both fun and a good way to wrap up the story.


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I've never really had an issue with any AI in any of the pokemon games. I've only whited out once. That was in firered in my first battle with my rival when he got a lucky critical hit in.

I tend to be over leveled with a diverse team for everything else.

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Never really had too much trouble with the Elite Four. I think the only difficultly was again, with Lance's Dragonites, but that was mostly because of not memorizing the type chart back then and not running into very many dragon-type Pokemon to know what their weaknesses are. Once you know ice attacks make Dragonite lose sleep at night, it's usually smooth sailing from there are in.


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I've never really had a problem with any elite fours, or champions, except cynthia and Iris. But I can't really remember the Sinnoh elite because i haven't played pearl in a while.
The time I've probably found hardest beating the elite four was when I was training on SoulSilver. I was battling koga's swalot with my empoleon, which was the only pokemon I had left. And Swalots only attacking move is poison type. it had raised it's defense loads with amnesia, and i only had one physical attack, which did little damage. Every time i got Swalot's HP low, it would pain split, putting me back at square one. I battle against him all night, and didn't sleep at all. Before I got so annoyed I rage quit.
Lance is the easiest champion I have ever faced

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I've never really struggled with the E4, or the Champion. I struggled a bit on LG, but then I only had a Blastoise and a couple low levels against them. Cynthia is easy provided your team has decent coverage (or you have something with Ice Shard to rip the Garchomp to shreds). Lance is always easy. I beat him with a Politoed. That easy. Iris wasn't that hard either. Not as much as everyone was saying. Alder was a pushover, and I've never finished R/S/E.


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Most of the elite four are easy. I actually wish they made it and the game harder.


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GSCHGSS: Freaking Lance. Stop cheating. Just stop. I had so many problems, even with a Vaporeon knowing Ice moves in SS.

RSE: I don't remember it being very hard, honestly. But my Swampert was MAJORLY overlevelled by the time I took them on so...

DPPPt: Diamond was rather difficult for me, actually, since I didn't have a lot of Pokemon on my team with type advantages (Had some for Bertha and Flint, that's it). Platinum was easier as I had a Fire type, Grass type, Water type, and Dark type in my team.

BW: Easiest ever. I'm not complaining!

B2W2: Still easy, but Iris was challenging.


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Anyone complaining here must really suck at RPGs. I've never had much difficulty with any elite 4, although I recently completed a black 2 nuzlocke without losing any guys in the elite 4. I also swept all 3 of Lance's dragonites in soul silver... And I was underleveled.

That's kind of a harsh way to put it, but I too, always fight the E4 underleveled and never had a problem. Except Ruby, but that's was only because I was new to Pokemon then. Really, though the only problem was the level gap in the early games, especially the abomination that is Johto's level curve.

You guys would have a hell of a time trying to beat the final dungeon in Final Fantasy III...

Fire Emblem Awakening's Lunatic+ and all of Thracia 776 make that dungeon look like a cakewalk, but that's off-topic.
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Definately Fire Red Rematches. I have once beaten that gauntlet of torture, and only because I traded stuff from Emerald. There's no good place to really train

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I couldn't even get past Loreleis first Pokemon. When I did, I got beaten by the second. I stopped playing for a week before trying again when I got frustrated >.>


Lucians' Brongzong was actually the difficult obstacle. So many times I tried ;^;


Lance pretty much. Three Dragonites were too much for my team, which were barely in the 50s. Frustration >:c