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future plasma/gengar


Kanto Region Champ
Since I don't have alot to work with and there is a possibility that with that set manetric could work alot better and or the trainers from that set could create a larger realm of consistency though were still in the dark about it.

2 snorlax PLS
2 thundurus EX
3 deoxys EX
1 lugia EX
3 gengar EX
2 mega gengar EX

4 electric energy
4 psychic energy
4 plasma energy

4 N
4 Juniper
2 shauna/colress
4 skyla
2 shadow triad
2 team plasma badge
4 colress machine
4 ultra ball
3 dimensional valley
1 scramble switch

Due to the engine it allows for quick and heavy dmg at the same time also offers the ability to mega evolve and not have to drop alot inbetween turns due to the mega evolution cost.