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Future Pokémon White Team Rate


Future Pokémon White Team Rate

This is my planned first ingame runthrough team of Pokémon White. These six are likely to be my mainstays, although I am aware that I will probably begin to rotate members during the postgame. I do not wish to use Dream World abilities first time around, and so this is based solely off of ingame and what is available.



Serperior, Adamant @ Muscle Band
Ability: Overgrow

- Coil
- Leaf Blade
- Leech Seed
- Dragon Tail

Pretty self-explanatory. Use Coil to boost Attack and Defense to high levels, then use whatever moves are necessary. Jaroda's physical movepool sucks so I just decided to go for Dragon Tail and Leaf Blade, considering how even with Return the coverage is unimproved- Steel resists no matter what. Leech Seed is used to sap health whilst boosting.


Swoobat, Timid @ Expert Belt
Ability: Unaware

- Psychic
- Air Slash
- Charge Beam/Calm Mind/Thunder Wave
- Charge Beam/Calm Mind/Thunder Wave

More debatable. I kept Psychic and Air Slash for STAB, and also because of Air Slash's 0.3 chance of flinch, which with Kokoromori's Speed is likely to come in handy. Also due to speed, I could use Thunder Wave in order to get off a quick paralysis- but Kokoromori's Defenses aren't the best and so any attack could be a killer, meaning I would have to rely on a heavy dose of luck. Charge Beam raises Special Attack and adds a way to deal with other Flyers and Water types, whereas Calm Mind is the standard boostall remedy.


Reuniclus, Modest @ Life Orb/Zoom Lens
Ability: Magic Guard

- Psychic
- Shadow Ball
- Focus Blast
- Thunder

For me, the moveset is fine. I'm used to attacks not hitting, and this moveset allows Rankurusu to hit nine types super-effectively and every single type at least neutrally. My main problem is with the item- due to Rankurusu's Speed, a Zoom Lens is a good idea as it allows attacks to have greater accuracy when moving second- I doubt Rankurusu's going to be moving first any time soon. Alternatively, due to Magic Guard Rankurusu takes no damage from a Life Orb- and with that base 125 Sp. Atk anything Life Orb boosted is either going to be an OHKO or make a pretty big dent.


Swanna, Timid @ BrightPowder
Ability: Big Pecks/Keen Eye

- Surf
- Ice Beam
- Fly
- Air Slash

Once again, quite a gimmick set. The neutral nature is so Fly will actually do something worthwhile, and Swanna's offensive stats are even anyways. Surf and Ice Beam offer good coverage, and the last move is a sort of "anything goes" type thing, suiting Swanna's hodge-podge movepool. That's the one thing I need help with most on this team. Windstorm can confuse and offers a good, strong option in case of anything, Boiling Water and its Burn chance will bolster Swanna's defenses, Air Slash is a traditional STAB move with flinchhax and Brave Bird is a physical option with recoil. Depending on Boiling Water or Windstorm will affect the ability.


Chandelure, Modest @ Wise Glasses/Bulb
Ability: Flash Fire

- Flamethrower
- Shadow Ball
- Energy Ball
- Will-O-Wisp

The easiest for me, Shadow Ball and Energy Ball combined deal with all weaknesses aside from Dark, and with Flamethrower the only threat will be Houndoom- which can be dealt with by Swanna. Will-O-Wisp is to bolster physical defense and to irritate opponents. The Bulb boosts Special Attack when hit by a Water-type attack, an interesting thought.


Galvantula, Timid @ Wise Glasses/Choice Specs
Ability: Compoundeyes

- Thunder
- Volt Switch
- Bug Buzz
- Thunder Wave

A standard set. Thunder becomes 91% accurate with Compoundeyes, which is pretty nifty. Bug Buzz is for STAB, Thunder Wave is to get in a quick paralysis and Volt Change is a way of switching out whilst doing damage at the same time into an appropriate counter.


Thanks for any suggestions etc. that can be given.
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On Swanna
-Ice Beam
-Air Slash

Fly is an awful move used only for utility anyway. Timid for some extra speed.

Rankurusu@Life Orb
Modest/Magic Guard
-Thunder Bolt
-Focus Blast
-Shadow Ball

Thunderbolt beats thunder full stop and flash cannon doesn't do anything for this Jellybaby. Shadow Ball handles Ghost types, especially Goroogu.

Kokoromori isn't the best for your team, amplifying the ghost weakness and usinng attacks other team members have with less power. It also makes you highly special based.
Try this:
Warubiaru@Choice Band
-Stone Edge

Simple, efective and deadly. Doryzuu can use this except with Brick Break/Shadow Claw instead of outrage/Crunch.


Rankurusu cannot learn Thunderbolt. I guess Shadow Ball is more useful than Flash Cannon, so thanks for that.

Swanna set was what I predicted it would be in the end, but it was worth a shot. Thanks anyway. What's your reasoning for Air Slash over Boiling Water?

Sorry, but I kind of like Kokoromori as Koromori was my first ever favourite Gen V Pokémon, so I'm not budging on that. The Ghost weakness is dealt with by Shanderaa anyway, because its Defenses aren't that awful that it'll die from anything remotely Ghostly. Jaroda is also pretty bulky.