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Future Pokemon Ideas

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I'm not sure if this is where I should be posting this or not, so I apologize if it's not. Anyway, I was hopeing to create a thread where Pokemon fans can list/describe their ideas of a new Pokemon game. Here's mine...

Pokemon Topaz, Amythist, Aquamarine etc.

You would start out as you normally do and pick your name, and gender, then your opponents name (but your opponent will be the opposite gender you are). After that, you pick your "path" (i.e. Pokemon Trainer, Pokemon Breeder, Pokemon Resercher, watcher, or be a team rocket member).

Trainer- You pick one of three differen't pokemon, all of which are newly created. Then your opponent picks his/her pokemon. Your adventure begins with that pokemon, and differen't events are triggered depending on your gender and starter pokemon. This is just a briefing, if I got into more detail, this would be VERY long.

Breeder- You pick one of three pokemon and then your opponent chooses the same type (dif. pokemon, same type) with the opposite gender. You both are of different genders and your "opponent" is really your breeding partner. Once you pick your pokemon and its gender is set, that gender will be the only kind you can catch, while your partner can only catch the opposite gender. There's still A LOT of which I'd like to say, just post and ask me for more details, and I'll see what I can come up with ^.^

Resercher- You don't start off with just any pokemon at first, but as you meet the proffesor in your town (you pick which region, new ones would be there as well), he'll ask you some questions and based on those that will determine your first pokemon. You catch very few because you reserch new things and other stuff as well.

Watcher- You can pick one of three artistic pokemon to begin with. After thatyou set out on a journey to sketch as many pokemon as you can, and have them all in your sketchbook (kind of like a pokedex). There would be sidequests, events, even festivals (although that would be in all the dif. paths ^.^)

Rocket Member- You start off picking either a dark, psycic (however you spell it), or a ...help me out here guys. After that you go around stealing pokemon and battling your opponent trying to gain the most honorable title in all of rocket history.

Well i'm tired please feel free to post your ideas! ^_^


Mewtwo31 said:
My Game would start with you putting in your name then after that(befor the game starts) a list of starter pokemon would appeer. you pike your starter and the game begins. After the game starts you are attacked by a wild pokemon, such as drouzy, and the pokemon you picked jumps in and saves you. From there it would be the normal stuff. Halfway thrugh the game you would save a city from attack by a pokemon like rayquaza. After the townsfolk see your skills they ask you to be their gym leader. If you exept the game would go on like normal exept ow you have a gym that you can put stuff in(like a secret base in R/S) and every once in a wile you will get a mesage from the town that someone wants to challeng you! From then on i guess it would be sorta the same, travel from city to city beating up gym leaders execpt more exciting things would happen that would make you feel special, you know, like "you are the chosen one" and all that bull. Thats basicly it execpt for miner things. Like being able to catch Mew, and celibi and such.:)

to add on to Keiko's idea:
Theif-a strait up pick-pocket or perhaps robing the game corner. Your starter would be something such as a meowth. Your party would be mainly pokemon who could help you in your life of crime. Such as porygon who could hack into computer and security systems and Machamp for garding your butt. If you become a rich thief who has evaded the wanted lists(with the aid of a good psycic type to help "convince" the police of your inocence you could buy a sweet mansion to invite trainers to battle and perhaps pay you for the use of your facilitys. Simply put a relitvily non-violent Grand Theft auto(minas the auto) with pokemon... that would be sweet.


Pokemon Citrine:Thunder pokemon take to the skys and attack the land*insert reason*You must beat them.
Pokemon Movie Party!:It starts with you and your pokemon watching pokemon movies, when the movie characters become real!You must then find out why it happened and get the characters back.
Cool breeder idea.


Veteran Water Lover
Well, I say mine should be like Ruby, Saphire, and Emerald except with the option to have EVERY Pokemon known to man in the game. It would be a new game with new Pokemon along with all of your old favorites. It will also allow you to battle the original 9 versions as well as Fire Red and Leaf Green. And if they ever come out with a Stadium 3 (Not Collusseum), where you can battle with EVERY Pokemon, they will also come up with a controller that has something like the Transfer pak from an N64. A game like this would be awesome!

Besides, my ideal Pokemon team requires every pokemon imagineable.


Mine is simeler to keiko's but you get a designated starter
Artist-I forget its name but here it is ;235; i think its Smergul
Researcher-A unown
They all go to different regions and different hometowns like Breeder starts out in goldenrod.

p.s. if you fly it's simerler to diving but insead the clouds contain pokemon
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Thanks for posting your ideas, I hope more people will come and spread their ideal pokemon ideas as well. So if you have any friends on, please tell them, I am ancious (however you spell that ^.^) to know what other people think. And hey ya never know, if the thread becomes popular enough and some real devoted fans (or even the gamemakers themselves!) could create a game with a lot or even all our ideas! Don't get me wrong, I know that's a very slim chance, but hey, ya never know it could happen. ^_^


My game Idea

Keiko49 said:
Thanks for posting your ideas, I hope more people will come and spread their ideal pokemon ideas as well. So if you have any friends on, please tell them, I am ancious (however you spell that ^.^) to know what other people think. And hey ya never know, if the thread becomes popular enough and some real devoted fans (or even the gamemakers themselves!) could create a game with a lot or even all our ideas! Don't get me wrong, I know that's a very slim chance, but hey, ya never know it could happen. ^_^

I am trying to learn C++ Game Programming. I agree that having a fan-idea based game would be the coolest thing. Anyway, here is my idea for a game. It doesn't offer as many choices as the ideas the other members posted unfortunatly.

In my game, the main player, (either girl or boy) is a average student at a small town.. You always have wanted to be a Pokemon Trainer but there's no professor to give a starter Pokemon. (You then choose what is your and a friend’s favorite non-evolved pokemon, no legendaries! [I'll use the example of scyther.]) You're too weak to catch one yourself. Your father, (who left on a undersea voyage and never returned) gave you a Poke Ball to start out. The day begins just as a normal school day. Riding the bus that your rival (you choose name and either male or female) is really annoying. Then a flash appears before the bus. The bus drives over it. The bus stops and your favorite pokemon is badly injured. The bus driver commands everyone to get on the bus. You hesitate. The driver drags you on the bus.
When you get to school, your best friend is waiting for you. [Male or Female. You choose name. (I'll use an example of female, Name. Erin.] You have not seen her for a long time. She has been to a big town, so she received a starter pokemon, an Eevee. So, she and you run from school. You have to go through grass filled with wild Pokemon. She gets a chance to train her Eevee. The Scyther is even worse. Your friend says, “We need to take this Pokemon the center immediately. We have to carry it. A Poke Ball will make it even worse. The player and friend take it to the Poke Center through a thunderstorm. Once you get there, the nurse takes Scyther and examines it. She says, “The only way to save it is by electric shock. Trainer, do you accept this on your Pokemon?” You choose Yes or No [If you choose no, your friend says yes and well, the events take place as normal except your friend is less trusty, which is bad with the 2 on 2 battles you fight with them. (You and friend VS. Opponents)] If you choose yes, you will see Scyther zapped with electricity and the screen will turn white. After that you receive the Scyther and the nurse says, “Thanks for saving a wild Pokemon. I knew you weren’t a trainer but, I thank you. “ Erin asks, “ Can’t you get him a trainer’s license?”
The nurse replies, “I’ll see if I can.” She gets on computer. Then, you receive trainer’s license, six poke balls, and the Scyther. (Without using your own poke ball.) You look outside you think about the future and where it will take you. You look up in the sky you see a shooting star. Your adventure begins.

I could go in a lot more detail. But here is the basic storyline. You and your friend travel together through the different parts of a new continent (new to players) battling, sometimes 2 on 2 battling, and stopping the notorious Team Shinobi (I had to come up with a name) from taking over the world. (the team boss is a shocker to who it is.) Halfway through the game, you stop a Red Gydrados (created by Team Shinobi) from destroying a city with the help of a powerful trainer. You realize Team Shinobi is doing something evil up in space. Experimenting on Pokemon by using a space virus. (Anyway, the main legendary Pokemon is deoxys)
After learning of Team Shinobi's evil deeds in space, you decide you must go there. The problem is that the only way to get there is by a field trip to the Museum of the space institute. There you could board the ship that will launch soon. But, first you have to earn the trip. After all, you ran away. So you have to battle 10 clubs. (basically extra gym leaders and trainers). After doing this you fight the Principal of the school because he doesn't like you. Once you beat him, you go to the space institute. Get empty space suits around. And go to the moon. On the moon, Team Shinobi's base is.

Well, that's all the storyline I can think of right now. Here are some other added features of the game that I didn't mention. At your secret base, you hear about random Team Shinobi deeds and try to stop them. You could become a breeder, an artist, and other professions if you meet an expert. I thought that putting a chip from a great ball into a poke ball would be a great idea. A MMORPG would be cool, but I doubt it could be played on a game boy advance, (even the DS) However it would be cool.

Comments are welcomed. (part 2 coming soon.) (maybe) Created by Dylan

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My best game idea: an MMORPG. For those of you who aren't familiar with them, it stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. Just like Keiko said, you can pick diferent 'jobs', and you go around trying to complete them. The only things I'd change: 1. You don't stick with what you choose. As you gain more recognition for what you do and move further on your quests, you change what you are. Like you go from Dragon Taimer to Dragon Trainer and so on. 2. You don't 'catch' legendaries, but instead whenever you do something amazing, they willingly go to you. Like in Colo. when you get Ho-oh. For example, you're in Jhoto, and Team (w/e) is trying to capture Ho-oh, and you stop them before they do. Then Ho-oh comes down from the sky and you capture it in a pokeball. 3. You pick your appearence. No more tomatoes for me, thanks! 4. You can create and customize things. Like you can take a chip (or whatever powers a pokeball) from a great ball, and then strengthen it, and get an Ultra ball, or do the same to an Ultra ball and get a Master ball(It will be very hard to do this, and one mistake ruins the entire ball). Obviously you have to be a researcher for this, but since it's an MMORPG, you can just meet researchers and sell/buy them. Yay!
That's about it, but I have a lot more, so I'll be back here soon.


*Squeels* I love all your ideas *sigh* if only it actually happens, that would be SOOOO awsome ^.^ Anyway, please tell other Poke Fans to post, I really really REALLY am curious tto know what they think.

apurplepikachu2 v2.0

Pokemon Black and White, with their Rehash Grey.(These will have an International Version.)

Cities and their features:
Contienent:Darjo(I tried my best...)
Stem City-Guy's House, Girl's House, Prof. Pine's Lab
Sea-Salt Town-Gym (Walter, Kaylee, Mike; Tri-Battle), Devon Corp., Cutter's

More to Come.


Pokemon Bliss and Kangh.
You can only pick Chansey or Kaghaskan, and their both female (I think that's what they're supposed to be. I don't remember...)
A new country. Inya (I was thinking Hoenn, H, Jhoto, J, Kanto, K. H, I, J, K. Get it?)
First city: Plant based... umm... tumbleweed town? I don't know, I'm don't have organized thoughts!
Twist: You go East to leave the town. That damn northern thing anoyyed me... two out of three games, you go freaking north!
Uh... That's all I have. Chansey has preset evoluton levels, though. Every five levels starting at 15, she has the chance to evolve. And Kanghaskan lays eggs every five levels starting at 15, too.

This is my sig. I don't care for conventional means of signaturing.
What are the odds that, out of over seventy cards, I would get the ONE green one? And then, the only card that can destroy all creatures! And guess what? THEY WERE BOTH FREAKING LAST IN MY DECK! Thank god for cards that let you shuffel your deck...


Well-Known Member
Pokemon Ice and Dragon.

You start in your room. You go downstairs and your mum tells you to go to Professor Pine's Lab. Suddenly, the professor's son rushes in and tells you that one of his pokemon has gone missing. It is called Chipmook (normal type). You go to Professor Pine's lab and you will have to choose a first pokemon (Tuften, Grass type. Pondpon, water type. Flamenem, fire type). You have to go and find the Chipmook. When you find it, you have to make it walk around with you. Bring it to Professor Pine and he will let you keep the pokemon.

Next part soon.
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Pokemon Crimson/Violet

I must have posted this in two other threads, but since this is the "official" place for it and since I forgot to mention a few things...

I created a Pokemon game called Crimson/Violet. It has similar features to Ruby/Sapphire/Fire Red/Leaf Green, but with more...

New Pokemon: There are a total of 256 Pokemon found in the game, some of which are exclusive to one game. Out of those, about 170 of them are all-new! The old Pokemon that appear there are: Poochyena, Venonat, Chinchou, Skarmory, Cleffa, Igglybuff, Skitty, Spearow, Vulpix, Growlithe, Ralts, Zubat, Makuhita, Oddish, Roselia, Diglett, Magnemite, Geodude, Shroomish, Abra, Pichu, Feebas, Eevee, Murkrow, Misdreavus, Onix, Scyther, Tentacool, Staryu, Natu, Drowzee, Yanma, and Dratini, plus all their evolutions of course. The new Pokemon, well, you're going to have to figure those out when you play the game.

New Attacks: Since there is a new type, (described below) new attacks were added; there are about 100 new ones. Some of them have very neat effects, in battles and contests! The effects of some existing attacks, like Revenge and Kinesis, have also been changed.

4-Attack Limit: Now, when a Pokemon learns a new move, old moves that were deleted are not forgotten! They can be used for mini-games and such, or if they have a field effect, they can be used outside of battle! However, only four moves can be used for battle, and only four moves can be used for contests. But battle and contest moves don't have to be the same! There is a way you can "train" Pokemon to use their attacks for battle or contests if they have forgotten them in the past. Too confusing? Well, play the game to learn more...

New Area: The game takes place on the continent of Aquatissea, a region that lies directly south of Kanto. No other areas are accessible in the game. However, there are plenty of areas where you can catch Pokemon! There are about 16 cities, each of which has a gym, contest hall, lab, Pokemon league, or your house! However, one city has a true mystery behind it... There are also many different types of places where you can catch Pokemon...

Starting Out: When you first start the game, you first choose your gender. Then, you can choose an appearance--there are about 10 choices per gender. After that, you pick a name, then your rival's name (which is the opposite gender of your character), then you start! After that, you visit the new Pokemon professor (Professor Willow), and eventually, you get your first Pokemon. Your choices are Alola, a Grass type; Canlee, a Fire-type; or Finnow, a Water-type. Your rival will pick the starter who has a type advantage against yours. The third, well... that will play another part in the story.

Gym Leaders: Not only will you have to battle with your Pokemon to earn badges, but like in the Orange Islands in the anime, you have to also participate in certain competitions and games to get the badge as well. Also, the gym leaders will not use a specific element of Pokemon (Water, Fire, etc.), but instead they will use certain kinds of Pokemon. For example, the first gym leader uses baby Pokemon only. But like before, you have to earn eight badges before you can face the Elite Four.

New type: There's a Light-type! Also, certain effects of Pokemon attacks and the effects of their attacks are changed, especially the Dark-type's characteristics.

PokeRobots: This is a new addition and will test how you perform against certain elements of Pokemon, like the old gym leaders. Before you enter, you choose a type out of the 18 available types, then you choose the Pokemon that will enter the battle--this can be any number. Then, you face against a trainer with only that type of Pokemon. In each battle, one Pokemon faces another in a round. The number of rounds is equal to the number of Pokemon the trainer with the most Pokemon has, with a minimum of three and a maximum of six. Both Pokemon are healed after the round, then the next round starts. You can use the same Pokemon for two or more rounds, as long as you use all the Pokemon you registered for the battle. If you win the majority of the rounds, you earn a chip, and when you earn all 18 chips, something special happens... There are 18 Pokerobots, and each has Pokemon of different levels which get higher as you earn more chips. More will be explained when the game comes out...

New Berries: Yes, and some old berries exist as well. Some new berries have some neat effects--for example, some not only restore a status problem, but also prevents the Pokemon eating it from getting that same status problem for the rest of the battle! (A Feeco berry cures sleep, then prevents the Pokemon eating it from falling asleep until it's switched out or something.) Berries can still be planted/picked the same way as in Ruby/Sapphire... and the same goes for Pokeblocks...

Smoothies: I'm still not sure what these do, but they take exactly four berries to make. Certain combinations of berries create good smoothie flavors, and others don't... (a Tamato and a Pecha wouldn't taste good together...) They can have different effects, like maybe they can boost stats or conditions for a day, or they can produce the effects of Pokemon Abilities... or something...

Contest Battles: The contests will improve in some way; I'm not sure what yet... maybe appeals can have different effects, or there can be a version of STAB there (get a better appeal if a Pokemon uses attacks of its element?), or something...

3-on-3 battles: Now three Pokemon can battle side by side! This is sort of an expansion on 2-on-2 battles, though...

4-way battles: Four Pokemon face off against each other, and no-one teams up! Every participant has three opponents to worry about instead of one! This kind of battle is quite rare...

Train Mode: This is where you can learn about the effects of attacks or test out different types of battles with your own Pokemon. The only downside is, your Pokemon can't gain experience or evolve during a battle in this mode.

Pokemon Out of Balls: Like with Pikachu in Yellow, you can let one Pokemon at a time outside of its Pokeball! In the Summary section, each Pokemon has a certain size (1-9) and land speed (slow or fast). Fast Pokemon can travel behind you when you run. Pokemon size 1 or 2 can be carried (and taken with you on a bicycle), and you can ride on Pokemon sizes 8 or 9. And a okemon is automatically out of its Pokeball when it's using an HM move or field move. More of this will be explained in the game...

Weather/Time of day: You can tell in the game whether it's morning, day, or night, and when weather conditions such as rain appear. Also, when certain conditions are met, your Pokemon can change the weather by using moves such as Sunny Day and Sandstorm!

Pokemon Rainbow: Another addition to the game for Game Cube or something. All the above features, plus a little bit more! Included are certain big-mini-games. There's a mini version of Pokemon Snap, complex contests and different gym competitions, etc.

There are a lot more features, but I won't go into too much detail...


Before I get started I just want to throw a couple of things out here: One, I like Keiko's idea of different paths for each person as it allows for a good amount of variety from player to player in the games. Also, I would like to thank everybody that participated in this thread just for letting me see other people's ideas for the Pokemon series. Finally, this post will be LONG as most of this idea was meant to fill an entire design document. I URGE you all to please read it, as I would like some feedback. Enjoy and thank you.

Tentative Title: Pokemon Online
Genre: MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game)
Players: 1000-3000 per server (number of servers TBD)
System: Next Generation Nintendo Console or afterwards generation
Estimated Playtime: 200+ hours (results will vary with players)
Estimated Development time: 2+ yrs
Concept: Players will start the game by creating a character in a mode similar to common create-a-player seen in sports games, wrestling games, etc. but with much more of an emphasis placed on individuality so that it is excedingly rare to see players similar to one another. Things such as skin tones, hair lengthing/shortening tools (including facial hair), height/weight manipulators, thousands of textures for different clothing types, and maybe a Animal Crossing style texture workshop. After creating a player the character is given the option of logging onto the network or not, but the result remains the same regardless; they are in usual Pokemon style dropped into their own house (of which each player is given their own unique house which will be surrounded by other homes occupied by other players) from which they must go to receive their 1st Pokemon. (The choices of Pokemon depends on the region that the player starts in; more details shortly) From here the journey depends on the region of the player.

The regions included within the game include KANTO, JOHTO, HOENN, and the TBA 4th gen location and the player may choose which region they prefer to hail from during the initial player creation. (This will affect of course which set of starters are given, but not necessarily what Pokemon can be caught at that time of the game as Pokemon from different regions will be interspersed in other regions than their natural one)

The Online quest itself is similar to the GB generation ones that we all have come to know and love, but what seperates it is essentially the ability to truly be challenged at any and every time by trainers within the same server as the player in a PvP manner. (For the most part, players can be challenged to battles in any place on the world map except for inside of homes of NPCs, Pokemon Centers, and Pokemon Gyms) Also of importance to note is that the players are the only two who can see the battle unfolding in real time as to conserve server speed and save cluter on-screen. (The players battling will be appear to be inclosed in a transcluent Pokeball to viewers) However, if there are those who wish to view the match, they can walk up and hit the action button to look on. (There will be a cap on viewers) There will of course be battling NPCs within the game as well which serve as training purposes as always. On a side note, both real players and NPCs will be able to support the cell phone which makes a return from Gold/Silver. This will allow for players to talk with one another from across the server without being near one another to reschedule for rematches, meetings, etc. Gyms, will remain the same for the regions but will be properly tuned to offer a challenge for each individual player. Also, the towns/routes of the islands will remain relatively untouched except for the obvious jump to 3-D and the introduction of true side-quests into the Pokemon Universe that will net the player useful prizes. (Rare items and potentially Pokemon) The main difference this time around is that rather than fighting the Elite Four after earning the 8th badge, in similar fashion to the show the player will have to register with their Professor and be eligible for the annual Pokemon Conventions which will work as such:
The first 512 registers will be allowed to compete in each convention which will be held every two weeks from the end of the last one. Each will battle in a one on one match (which means 256 battles will take place to be placed in a final field of 16 battlers. The winner of the convention will be given a trophy along with other TBA prizes; the two runner ups will also recieve merit. (A side note of this is that anyone who desires to can still watch the tourney can do so and full voice will be enabled for the crowd; the crowd's voice channel will be on a different one of the competitors as to create a effect of distance and not to disrupt concentration)
Each island will have a seperate competition and once the player has earned the corresponding region's badges they will be able to compete in that one. Should the player manage to complete in the top 100 in each region's convention, they will have the honor of being introducted into the Pokemon Hall-of-Fame and a chance to win real world prizes. Once the player has earned all 32 official badges, they will have the opportunity to face the E4 which is now a completely new bunch that represents the best of each region. Upon winning, the player has the option of defending the title of Champion in sactioned matches. (Which must be approved before they can unfold and can only occur between players who already have the necessary 32 badges and wish to bypass the E4)

The Offline game is obviously very similar with few exceptions: The Pokemon Conventions now occur bi-weekly and have only the final 16 field; The Elite Four challenge can no longer be bipassed and instead of being able to challenge the champion (b/c it is you), you will have the option of starting a gym and taking challenges against randon NPCs at certain times of the day. (A schedule can be devised around the player's wishes, but a minimum of 5 battles a day must be met if this is desired) In the gym defense mode, the player is given a set of badge designs to choose from to represent the gym and is given the option of naming it to their liking. Also important to note about the offline game is that it works in complete conjunction with the online game, wherever the player stops playing offline transfers to that spot online and vice versa. Also, all expierence and items are transferable as well.

Battling in the game is still very similar to the turn based system we have come to be accustomed to for simple necessity purposes; changing this too much would alienate Pokemon fans. However, the 2D problems which would cause problems occur in the water and these are the proposed changes: For one, the size of Pokemon that can be surfed on must be reasonable. While certain pokemon will be able to utilize Surf in battles, (called Surf pokemon) only Surf + pokemon will be able to be riden in water. (For example, Poliwag would be a surf pokemon, but Poliwrath would be a Surf + Pokemon) Also when water battles occur in the ocean, the player's pokemon are to be placed within the water which of course has an adverse effect of Fire attacks but strengthens things like Electric and Water attacks. (This fire weakness can be countered with things like Sunny Day of course) This Surf and Surf+ method also applies to Fly and Fly + (for example: Pidgey and Pidgeot) To clear up any confusion, this does not mean that they are seperate TMs; just that they have seperate effects on certain pokemon.

Trading in the Pokemon world is a very vital part of what is accomplished. By no means will the players be able to capture each and every of the Pokemon in existence, but instead Pokemon Online will come in two seperate version which is in accordance to usual Pokemon style. The pokemon will of course be fairly distributed between the two versions. Trading will be accomplished via the options menu that occurs when the player hits the start button. This menu will allow a trade option that becomes enabled when another player is near. When selected the nearest player is given an invite to trade with the inviter. Also, trades are possible within the Pokemon Center's upstairs department as usual.

Other side notes: The contests will return and in a fashion similar to the newly announced Battle Frontier in Emerald. The Contest Park will contain a Pokemon Contest Challenge Hall, Salons to improve the grooming on Pokemon, and Berry Greenhouses where players can get special berries for improving the looks of their pokemon. (The berry greenhouses are normally locked and can only be opened with keys that correspond to the winners of that rank; this is to prevent hoarding of these berries)
-The day/night features of Gold/Silver are retuning in this game to compliment daily events that are TBA as well as weekly events and contests. This systems also goes hand in hand with an enhanced weather system to of-course affects battles on the world map. (Things like rain dance and Sunny Day can change the weather, but only during the course of battle)
-Each player is given given the ability to choose a city to hail from in the beginning of the game and is assigned a random house in that city to be their own place. (There are 500 house devoted to online players in each city, in other words the cities are huge... as to keep each player with an individual home. This feature may change based on feasiblity) They have COMPLETE customization of that house once the game begins and is given a key for accessing it. It acts as a sort of secret base for the players.

I think this is enough detail for this title, and besides I'm not sure how close to the limit i am on this post. So I hope anybody who read this enjoys it as something a little different and ambitious.


the final pokemon game.....pokemon rainbow!!u will be able to start with 1 of 9 pokemon(or more) from all the starters!!! it would have kento,johto, etc.ect.every pokemon is in the game even mew celebi,ect. ect.and every league will be in it. and when u beat the game u can unlock the order pokemon games like red and blue ...........................................................

Endless Dark

here are mine:

1. become friends faster with your pokes by patting/rubbing/stroiking them
2. stick to a 2d world with 3d battles
3. be able to interact with the arena
4. rub eggs so they hatch faster
5. attacks that require you to rub the screen (like static shock)
6. voice commands maybe...
7. more than 4 moves
8. new pokemon
9. you decide which region u start in (this would dictate which starters, you got to choose from) but you can still get to the other regions.
10. follow a good story line
11. be able to trade with the GBA versions
12. have smarter AI, that exploits weaknesses
13. have pokemon that always look different, ie different markings/colours
14. make shiny pokemon more common
15. have more dual types like: dark/dragon
16. have de-evolutions of: sneasel, heracross, pinsir, kangastan and some others
17. have steel evos of rhyhorn/don, graveler etc
18. have evo's of: Mawhile, jynx, sneasel, mr mime and some others
19. you can have certain pokemon follow you (like pkmn yellow)
20. pokemon natures have an affect on their weaknesses, resistances, and the way they react to certain attacks. (like ashes taillow in the anime resisting electric atks)
21.pokemon, regardless of weakness and strength have resistances of their own
22. variations in size of the pokemon of the same type
23. you choose where to release pkmn, and in that area that pokmn becomes available to catch (and more produce there if you release a male and female)


A little problem I see with BlkStarr's idea:
How would you overcome the time differences? Would you have something like every different time zone has a different server, or, for the US, would you just put in three or four servers with times based on the time zones of everywhere they work? Or would you just have every server on the same time, but not connected? I read your entire post, so if I missed it, I probably just wasnt looking hard enough (I lost my glasses recently), but I don't recall seeing anything about time problems. You obviously can't have players set their own times, because that would create countless servers, which would end up causing one person for server, which I think would be funny, but a little boring/stupid.
Beside the time thing, I have one last problem:
How can you allow people to choose where they begin? First off, city wise, you would have to add labs in EVERY city in EVERY country, and every one of them would need an infinite supply of every starter pokemon. I see that as a little farfetched. Secondly, country wise. That sounds good, but a little problematic. What if a champion from Jhoto went to Kanto and kept fighting newbies coming from Pallet Town? Easily solved by adding in a system where moderators have ultimate pokemon, say level 200 Charizard, Dragonite, Salamence, and a few wild card pokemon, and a system where trainers can communicate with them when their in trouble, but that would take a lot of money, and who would you get to moderate a pokemon game who would actually care? I'd suggest adding in a system that allows trainers to tell what pokemon the person challenging them has, or atleast their levels, so they can pick whether or not to fight.
Of course, that's just what I think. You most likely already thought these problems out and just didn't add them in because you thought you were about to exceed the limit, but you should've just gone through, and posted again by saying "Sorry, I ran out of room. I'm going to try to finish it here, though," But once again, just my opinion. Still, a good idea. Just like mine with the MMORPG.


First off thank you for the constructive criticism. I honestly hadn't thought of some of these things and I needed to. I'll try to counter then the best I can off-hand.

-If the game runs off a Pokemon based time similar to the Pokemon Gold/Silver games that is set the MOMENT the player hooks up to the network and is tracked throughout the course of the game then that might circumvent the problems if I understand your complaint correctly. In theory, by this way all the players would have the same time regardless of area. (Since it probably wouldn't account for DST since that would create problems)
-The whole allowing people to choose where they hailed from in the game was problematic for me in the beginning since it brought up the exact problems that you mentioned. The quick workaround that I can think of is that the player still has the option of choosing where they are from HOWEVER the game doesn't log on until you have alreaday journyed to your local professor and pick up the starter pokemon. After doing this the professor instructs the player to a nearby machine which allows them to pick a permanent server position that has a slot open for a home in that hometown. If the player would rather have the game search for a server with a house open in that town it would be possible to have it do so. This does depend on the number of servers and players however, so would be constantly revised to allow more space.
-As for champions battling weaker players I would like to introduce the idea of allowing only a 15 level difference between the two competitiors, although this could be bypassed in the options screens for those daring enough. Also, anyone who finishes in the top 16 of the Pokemon Conventions will have an icon floating over their heads which symbolizes this feat. (Icon TBD) Mods are a definite solution as well and would probably be determined during the beta testing phase for those willing to endure such a job. The most likely option would be giving a different set of mods dominion over each region in the world map and the characters who are from that region have a random mod chosen at first log from that part of the world assigned to their phones. Also, the levels of the pokemon were to be displayed in a screen asking if the challenge is to be accepted, similar to NetBattle. Also similar is the fact that some trainers may allow for only levels but not the Pokemon to be displayed.

Again thanks for the criticism, I needed that
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BlkStar, that sounds awesome! But the thing about Pokemon is its mobility. What about an actual GBA+ version of this game that you can hook up to it i.e. collosseum. What would be even better would be if you could upload your data from your GBA cartridge and begin a game with it (i.e. you create a character in the GBA game, then you can basically upload your game onto the GC+ game and have your GBA character on your GC.


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Few other cool ideas, you should verbally tell your Pkmn which attacks to use, to dodge, (increase chance of dodging) or to return. Your Pkmn should be stored on re-programmable E-Reader cards, as well as items. That way, just log on at any PC, hook up E-Reader, and to battle, just swap card. The card will hold stat data, gender, shinies, attacks, nature, memo, EXP., ect. ect. No graphics. Graphics are stored on the Nintendo server.
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