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G.A.T.E. - The Black Zone [RP]

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Avenger Angel, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. Avenger Angel

    Avenger Angel Warrior of Heaven




    Two weeks ago, roughly around midnight, an unmarked CH-148 Cyclone military transport helicopter had crashed in the outskirts of Jubilife City due to sudden engine failure. While the crash had only done minimal damage to the city itself, it was the plane's cargo that had caused the crisis that would shatter the peace.

    Onboard the CH-148 were six, light-blue spherical crystals called the Cyan Stars, recovered from a remote island a few miles northwest of the Sinnoh mainland. The research team that had recovered them had confirmed they had a strong and mystical connection to Pokémon, but in a way that could be felt by humans as well. However, much about the three Cyan Stars remained a mystery. The scientists that found them were not sure how they truly functioned or how to activate them, so they were being brought back for further research.

    What they didn't realize was those three crystals were activated by heat and fire. Unexpectedly, three of the six crystals were in fact shattered as a result of the fiery crash that had claimed the lives of the entire crew. When these three crystals shattered and released all of their energy out all at once, humans within a twenty mile radius that had been exposed to the transforming pulsation of the three shattered crystals had instantly turned into half human, half Pokémon hybrids called "Pokémorphs." They now have the bipedal shape of humans while having fur, tails, wings, scales, and other similar features of a single Pokémon covering their entire body. Those in the further reaches, somewhere between twenty and fifty miles from the crash, were only lightly affected. Unlike their less fortunate neighbors, these victims only had a few similarities to Pokémon, such as ears, tails, and wings, but still mostly looked human. They were later called Gijinkas to distinguish them from Pokémorphs and humans.

    In total, roughly about 10,000 Sinnoh citizens were transformed because of the pulse, 3,000 ending up as Pokémorphs while the remaining 7,000 ended up as Gijinkas. It didn't take long for the crisis to be noticed, but the resulting events were unusual. The affected area was quarantined and a warning was given out that any humans that refused to evacuate the city would not be ensured their safety. Meanwhile, those affected by the pulse from the Cyan Star Crystals and were turned into Pokémorphs or Gijinkas were forbidden to leave while those that had already fled the area were being hunted down. While the media is trying to get the latest on the situation, their efforts have been forcefully silenced and only a very few reporters have been able to get anywhere near the crisis site. Jubilife City is now a forbidden city to civilians, dubbed "The Black Zone." In the meantime, the Sinnoh government has become a police state in the time of crisis, and the military and police forces have turned the region into highly regulated district. Heavily armed troops, highly regulated checkpoints, and oppressive search and seizure actions have been employed throughout the region to control and monitor the situation.

    Lately, there has been some recorded evidence and eyewitness that reports the mutants are being rounded up, thrown into large, armored transports, and then taken to unknown locations, never to be seen again, all by an unknown and heavily armed paramilitary organization. However, no one in Jubilife knows who they are or exactly what they're after, but there is an obvious pursuit of the mutants. Anyone who has attempted to interfere with the operation or resist arrest has suffered the same fate.

    What the Red Resistance doesn't know is that this paramilitary faction is known as G.A.T.E., an underground operation that is determined to terminate the affected victims and attempt to retrieve the crystals. And they're willing to stop at nothing to do it.

    From the Red Resistance's perspective

    You are one of us. Just a local citizen of Jubilife that was affected by that strange pulse that came from that military chopper when it crashed. But it doesn't matter to us whether you're now a morph like so many others, or just a Jubilife citizen that has refused to leave and want to take the fight to these warmongers who are trying to kill the morphs.

    You're one of the few that knows about the Cyan Star Crystals. You know you came across the evidence that three of them were broken and unleashed a discharge of energy, but three others remain intact and still radiate with Pokémon energy. However, something doesn't make sense about the whole situation, and we refuse to back down until you find out what this unknown military faction is doing and why Sinnoh has been stripped of its soul.

    We will have to defend ourselves and the innocent Pokémorphs and Gijinkas while trying to survive. Escaping Jubilife City as a morph with the three remaining Cyan Stars at this point will be difficult with the heavily guarded perimeters and checkpoints in addition to the unknown heavily armed troops and armored military vehicles. But we have to do it. We can't let these guys get their hands on the crystals again. They need to be kept somewhere safe. But in the meantime, there's still hope if we fight back with whatever resources we can get and whatever you have, because already we feel horribly outgunned. However, the morphs themselves may already have powers and abilities that might just give us the edge. If we are to survive, they're going to need to make use of them.

    We've got to figure out who these people are and why they're doing this, and if possible, acquire help through some means. We may not know all the details behind what's really going on, but somewhere in the crisis, there's a reason and a purpose for all this.

    One thing is clear, however. The lives of the victims are in danger. You may be one of the only few that can help them now...


    These crystals are about the size of a grapefruit, and are perfectly spherical and indestructible save from being broken via fire to release their power. Meanwhile, they appear to be light-blue colored with mystical-like haze swirling within them. While three of them were broken as a result of the crash and have been completely emptied of their powers, three others were recovered from the wreckage, and now G.A.T.E. wants them back.

    They also have the following powers:


    • Allows the holder to understand Pokéspeech, as well as understand the thoughts and feelings of a target Pokémon.
    • Allows the holder to use any Pokémon move.
    • Long term exposure to the crystal can turn normal humans into Gijinkas, and then eventually into Pokémorphs.
    • The remaining three crystals can also be broken by means of a high-impact incendiary explosion, which can be performed by a fully-evolved fire Pokémon's fire-based attack or by high-explosive weaponry. This will trigger an area of effect that turns those surrounding the crystal into Pokémorphs within a ten mile radius, and those between 11 and 20 miles into Gijinkas. However, if this happens, the crystal is destroyed and will no longer function.


    • Allows the holder to progress their affected state to allow them to become fully Pokémon and revert back to their original Pokémorph form. However, they must be touching the crystal to change forms.
    • Allows the holder to communicate telepathically with any Gijinka, Pokémorph, or Pokémon, individually, in groups, and/or long-range with an effectiveness that surpasses psychic Pokémon powers.
    • In time, allows the holder to change their Pokémorph/Pokémon form into something else. Further in time grants access to legendary Pokémon.

    Rules regarding the use of the crystals

    • Three characters on the Red Resistance side will be owners of one of the crystals at the RP's start and must protect them. However, these three characters must be Pokémorphs, as the only way they could have recovered them is if they were very close to the helicopter crash site when the incident happened. You are welcome to reserve one of the holders of these crystals, first come, first serve.
    • If you hold one of the crystals, you must be active in the RP or you will be bunnied into losing it. I will send you a VM warning if you are running out of time. To address this, either keep active or hand the crystal to another member on your side.
    • Breaking the crystal to activate the transforming pulsation effect is the only instance where you're allowed to bunny those around you into being affected by it. Humans will potentially become Pokémorphs and Gijinkas and already existing Gijinkas could become Pokémorphs. Thus, through these means, you can give G.A.T.E. a harder time keeping the situation under control by affecting them as well. Many of G.A.T.E.'s members outright fear becoming a Pokémorph or Gijinka and just want the three remaining crystals recovered as soon as possible.


    • The RP will mostly take place around Jubilife City, though traveling throughout Sinnoh is perfectly acceptable. I will advise against going outside of Sinnoh, however.
    • Pokémorphs can use any Level Up move that the Pokémon they are a hybrid of can use. However, they suffer from the fact that they are easily distinguished from normal humans and are recognizable on sight. Gijinkas can evade most initial scrutiny if they hide their Pokémon features with clothing, but any kind of searching at a checkpoint or during a frisk search will reveal their true nature. Unlike Pokémorphs, Gijinkas are limited to three pre-selected Level up moves of their Pokémon.
    • Yes, characters on both sides that start off as humans could potentially become Pokémorphs and Gijinkas if a character holding a crystal decides to break it and unleash its effect. For G.A.T.E. operatives, this is especially bad as it means they will be disowned by the faction. For the Red Resistance, however, turning disowned G.A.T.E. operatives into mutants could be an opportunity to convince them to join the resistance and share their inside information.
    • And for the same reason as above, only particular squads of elite G.A.T.E. operatives and a few armored vehicles are being sent in, just in case the crystals are broken once again. Much more of the assault work is being done by UAV drones and other remotely controlled robots and machines. As alteration, G.A.T.E. consists entirely of NPCs.


    Signups don't close. If you're interested in the RP, sign up here:


    Just as a quick reference, put a header on top of your post indicating character name and location, like this:

    John Doe (Human)
    10th Street, Jubilife City

    This helps people remember your character name and helps them find your character in the setting as well. For this RP, assume Jubilife City's streets and avenues are like New York City's, given numbers starting at 1st Street from the south up to 90th Street in the north, while 1st Avenue starts from the west and ends at 10th Avenue in the east. The actual locations such as the radio tower and such can be on any street you like.

    And that's pretty much it. Enjoy the RP.


    Derek Maxwell (Human)
    38th Street, Jubilife City

    I had no idea who these asshats were. Only an hour ago, I had tried to save a mother and child morph only to be shot at by these maggots. The container truck I had was now riddled with bullet holes, a smashed left window, and something these maniacs had melted half the bumper off. Not to mention on the way here, I had seen they brought in at least one tank to a slaughter zone.

    A freaking tank. Against civilians.

    Whoever these maggots were, they were professional, bonafide badasses. And they didn't want anyone to notice what they were doing here. Even the media couldn't get in close. I had see them shoot one tank round into a press van before they even unlocked the doors and stepped out. Not even the truth would fight back at them at this point. That was the only reason why I was still alive. They shot at them rather than me and I managed to drive the hell out of there before they fired again.

    Phones were dead, Internet was cut off, and we had to work without power. Running water was also scarce. I figured these guys thought stripping civilization and modernization out of this place would have simply choked us all out, but no. When that failed, they had to go one step further. We were figuring out ways around it, but it wasn't getting any easier.

    38th Street, the Heights of Jubilife City, was an eerie shadow of its former self. Cars were abandoned in the middle of the road, and most of the civilians were in hiding, whether they were human or not. Either way, if you were caught aiding Pokémorphs or Gijinkas, these asshats didn't discriminate. They shot everyone. Like the murderous bastards they were. Most of us didn't even know what this was about, but I did. They were after something that was left behind in that helicopter crash I had heard about. The thing that caused all this in the first place. And now it was just a matter of cleaning house to them. Like the rest of us really didn't even matter in the end.

    Word had it that the ones who had arrived at the crash site first managed to find a few crystal spheres, some broken, some still intact. They were convinced those were what caused the pulse in the first place, which meant what happened during the crash could happen yet again if these remaining crystals were broken either by force or by accident. In the meantime, I had to find whoever needed shelter and refuge and get them underground to safety.

    Jubilife was a warzone, and it wasn't going to get any better. Not until one side was beaten back into understanding and acceptance. But it would take a lot of loss before that happened...
  2. Colin Kess (Shinx Pokemorph)
    In a warehouse on 8th Street, Jubilife City

    A feast fit for a king!

    Well... not really. It was just another freshly opened box of Pokemon food that Colin had broken out, but he couldn't complain. There was no such thing as a proper meal at this point, not with all the resaurants closed down and the power unreliable. To his Pokemon, it was the same kind of meal that they always had- it was just something that had become scarce over the last two weeks. Colin himself was fine with eating it as though it was his regular meal. It sure beat the taste of the hard rubber power lines he was always biting into to cut the power of the small shops he got his provisions from. In fact, it was two weeks since he had any "human" food to eat. He wondered if a pizza or hamburger would even be appealing to his new tastes at this point anyway...

    Three small piles of Pokemon pellets were dumped on the hard cement floor, one in front of each of his Pokemon. Whimsicott didn't hesitate to start eating, but the other two seemed reluctant this time around.

    "Mm... Hm? Is something bothering you, Drop?" Colin inquired, having just stuffed his mouth with a handful of Pokemon pellets.

    "Riill, riiill... riilliilulil?", the Marill replied curiously.

    "hm.. mm, wait, hold that thought," He stopped her, taking out the grapefruit-sized orb from his backpack. The dimly-lit warehouse was tinted with an eerie cyan as Colin held out the crystal ball in his paws.

    "Okay, what were you saying again?"

    "I said, I don't know if you should be feeding us this often... I mean, isn't it really bad out there?" Drop asked again, her meanings reaching perfectly clear into Colin's mind.

    Colin looked back into his backpack. One and a half boxes gone a day, from feeding everyone three times a day. It wasn't exactly a wartime ration, he admitted...

    "Oh, well. It's fine. I'll just go out and fetch some from an abandoned building somewhere. There's been more of them lately since all the humans have been clearing out. Hey, what about you?" he turned to Wormadam, who was staring intently at the food.

    "Well, I don't know..." Drop replied, "I've just been thinking, we can't spend the rest of our lives like this. Hiding away, dodging death. You're always in danger whenever you go out."

    Colin thought for a moment, debating hard whether he could back up saying 'Don't worry, everything's going to be okay'...

    "Hey!" Leprechaun joined in, "chill out! People have been after Colin's head for years! Remember the gangs in Unova? Listen, all we've gotta do is slip out of Jubilife City and maybe head for some secluded island or nature place."

    "It just needs to be somewhere no humans are to gawk at how he looks. Plain and simple," he said confidently.

    A pair of tiny fangs showed as Colin grinned widely at his Whimsicott's answer. "Good point, Lep. Yeah, that's exactly what we should do. Don't worry now, Drop, it's just another chase."

    He had no idea what the story was behind the crystal he was holding, but he didn't care. He had to thank its powers for allowing him to understand his Pokemon. Colin was convinced he ought to use it to listen to their words more often. They had good advice...

    "...Yeeooww! Hot, hot hot!!!!" Wormadam yelped, hopping about trying to cool her mouth.

    ...and hearing their exact reactions to his pranks was just priceless.

    "You put Tamato Berries in her share again, didn't you?" Whimsicott asked, clearly amused.

    "Yup, I sure di-"

    The slam of several vehicle doors resounded outside. Drop's circular ears perked up in unison with Colin's large Shinx ears. It was uncommon for anyone to be driving by this area, as most of the humans had already evacuated. What's more, if anyone was driving a vehicle at all, it meant that they weren't all that worried about being out in the open, unlike Pokemorphs.

    "Guys, we've got trouble," Colin warned, stowing the crystal orb back into his backpack and recalling Wormadam and Drop, "Leprechaun, stay with me. We'll see who might be out there..."

    "Whimsi-!" Leprechaun agreed in a harsh whisper.
  3. Truly Deceptive

    Truly Deceptive It is I: ME!

    Jon Akagi (Feraligatr Gijinka)
    Docks - Canalave City

    I'm waiting in Canalave at the location in which my boat for the Battle Frontier is going to be docked. As I wait for it to come, I consider the recent events which fell upon Jubilife as I visited the city. I was just passing through it when those cyan crystalline orbs which were discovered broke apart and caused everyone around them to transform.

    I see it; it's coming by. I'd better check whether or not I look scaly; I'm not right now, but I should probably use my store of water before they come. I'm creating a great mass of water now. It's flowing from all over me; I watch it fall onto the ground and spill into the water. My hair and eyes are turning back to their normal color; I look at my face from the reflection of my PokéGear. Fortunately, I managed to do it before anyone on the ship or along the road could see my face.

    It's here now. After everyone's off, I try to step onto it; a worker steps over to me and asks me what I'm doing. I don't know what's going on (no one else is even near, and it's somewhat odd that I'm the only person who's trying to get to the Battle Frontier from Canalave today), so I'll just ask.

    "Hey; what's up with everything? I'm just trying to get to the Battle Frontier." I decide to say.

    "Oh, yeah; passage from Canalave is prohibited. I'm sorry. It has something to do with the problem in Jubilife City and how it's too close." the employee replied.

    Of course.

    "Well; thanks."

    "It's no problem, but, by the way, why are you so drenched?"

    I'm leaving it; I suppose I'll just head back across town and try to reach it from Snowpoint City, in spite of how it'll mean I'll need to pass by Jubilife. I hurry through the crowds, trying to make it back to the other side of the city so we can Surf over to Jubilife. I've got to be quick to ensure no one will be able to notice me or ask questions.
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2012
  4. SoulMuse

    SoulMuse Shadow of nothing

    Ian Blackwood (Human)
    29th Street, Jublife City, Storefront

    Leveling my bolt pistol, I almost absently blew the head off another soldier. According to rumor, my former comrades in arms had brought in a tank, and I was looking to take it down. I didn’t care what those sonofa*****es in HQ did, but they were killing children while I was here. Had they asked me to kill adults, hell even parents would have been okay. But asking me to turn a weapon against a child? They should have known better.

    Ever since I had first turned my pistol against G.A.T.E, I had wandered the city, killing any of my old comrades I came across. The city had been decimated by the initial assault from G.A.T.E soldiers. Most buildings had bullet holes in them, and dead bodies were not an uncommon sight. Blown out cars, a news van, and more littered some streets. 29th was remarkably clear, and at first glance seemed almost as though nothing was going on, However if one looked closer you would be able to see that those few people who dared to brave the streets looked panicked at all times, burn marks on the streets, and more ominously, several crates in the streets. G.A.T.E had been here, and recently.

    The communications feed in my contacts was alive with chatter between Aidan and Kiara, who had apparently decided to try and find me not long after I snuck off. So far, I was staying a step ahead of them, but at some point we would have to fight, and it wouldn’t be pretty. I couldn’t help but snort. The pair didn’t seem to realize that I was reading everything they said on my contacts, and that probably the only reason I still evaded them. Those two, for all their faults, had the best grasp of my thought process of anyone in G.A.T.E, and much to my displeasure, where only a few blocks away from my currently location.

    “Target, G.A.T.E tanks. Range 1 mile.” I mumbled, pulling up the targeting system. The line green lines crisscrossed my vision, spreading out, placing red dots where various G.A.T.E soldiers were located. This was not ever close to foolproof, and I figured for every potential hostile I could see on the targeting projection, there were four I couldn’t. However what I was interested in was the large orange dot about two blocks forwards, which indicated my chosen objective, the tank.

    The war machine was surrounded by a fairly large number of troops, something that was to be expected.

    “Squad locations.” I mumbled. I turned in a circle slowly, waiting until the two blue dots appeared, marking the location of my ex-squad members. I holstered my pistol, suddenly realizing I still was holding the weapon. The street had emptied pretty quickly when I had popped the pair of idiots here, not that I really cared. I wasn’t in this for those people. I was in this for the sake of children, and nothing else. I didn’t care about the spheres, I didn’t care about my orders, or anything like that. G.A.T.E was nothing more than an enemy now, and I knew exactly what to do about those.

    Setting off at a brisk jog, I headed towards the location of the tank, newly determined to find my old commanders and end them as well. Hopefully before my squad found me.
  5. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    (OoC: I'm going to consider the lower east side of Jublife to be the slums in the city. Speaking of which, that's exactly where Sergio lives.)

    Sergio Valentine (Human)
    5th Street, Jublife City, Sergio's Apartment

    Man, has this town gone to ****.

    I mean, I knew it was going to be bad the moment I heard it happened back in Sunnyshore. But nothing could've prepared me for this. Those G.A.T.E. bastards...are killing people in the streets. I mean, not even Pokemorphs and Gijinkas at this point. Anyone that doesn't have the letters G, A, T, and E on their chest are kill on sight. What would make them want to do this? Honestly, I don't even care. I just know I will not until ****ing strangle every one of those bastards with my bare hands.

    At least when I'm more prepared. Its been a week since the crash, and slightly less than that since I've been in town. My mom, Maria Valentine, is a Pokemorph; a Lopbunny to be exact. My childhood friend Desmond is a Mightyena Pokemorph. Well, at least he got something awesome, right? If I ever...change, I hope I at least become something cool.

    Anyway, enough about what's happened already. As of now I'm in my apartment (or more specifcally my mom's apartment) down in the lower east side of Jublife. While I was out on the streets about two days ago I was getting chased by some of those G.A.T.E. guys after stealing some food from them when Desmond up and comes out of nowhere and beats the crap outta them. Turns out they took his parents and his sister is missing, so I agree to help him out. And since his house was just a block from where the crash happened and has too many of those G.A.T.E. bastards around it, he's currently staying at my place.

    Desmond's out right now, looking for his sister Lilith again. Poor guy, must suck so hard not knowing where his family is. Its akward for me, coming back and finding everyone I know to be half Pokemon, but at least they're still here. Apparently Lilith was staying with a friend up in the north side of the city when the crash happened. Seeing how that isn't too far from the crashsite, she's most likely a Pokemorph too, which doesn't bode well for her safety.

    But you know, I wonder what's with those Cyan Star things. I mean, they caused this whole thing in the first place, and Desmond is using one for some wierd super powers. Man, I want super powers too! But I guess that's the price I have to pay for still being Human. I just don't get why G.A.T.E. needs to kill everyone in Jublife over them. I mean, its not like everyone is in their way.

    Now that I think about it, Desmond's been gone all day. Even longer than he usually is. Hell, I outta go out and find him, the guy might have bit off more than he could chew this time. Heh heh, get it? More than he could chew, 'cause he's a Mightyena now?

    "Ma, I'm headin' out to find Desmond. See ya when I get back!" I grab my belt with my Pokeballs on it and put it on, then my baseball bat and head out the door.

    "Ok, but don't be out for too long, and be careful! Dinner will be ready when you get back!" My mom shouts as I head out the door. Man, even when we don't have running water she still manages to make dinner. I've always been thankful for how no matter how poor we were and how bad times got my mom still always managed to get dinner on the table.

    It just gives me all the more reason to do no matter what I can to protect her, and everything I care for. G.A.T.E. will regret the day they ****ed with Sergio Valentine!
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2012
  6. ImAnOKIE12

    ImAnOKIE12 Sexy Cowboy

    Gage McArthur (Aggron Pokemoprh)
    12th Street, Jubilife City

    This is such a damn mess.

    I was out searching for some supplies to patch up the windows in the gym i was currently residing in. I was on the next street over, 13th street, on the north side, picking up some plywood. When the two G.A.T.E. soldiers walked. I heard them a ways away and immediatley hid. It was difficult. Since i was now 6'8" and half Agrron. A little one though.

    I hood behind an old truck, positioning my self where my skin hid with the burnt parts, and my armor hiding with the still white parts. The operatives looked drunk. I decided to take them out, as they were to busy hammering on about what they were going to do to next hostile they saw. I picked up a rock and chunked it on the other side, drawing ther attention to the sound. as they walked towards it, i stepped out, positioned my horns, and charged.

    Right before i hit them, I let out a huge roar, causing them to turn to me, but it was too late. Before they could fire there guns, i had pierced both of them, on in the chest, one in the neck. I kept going till i hit the dead tree that was standing on the other side. I had toruble pulling my horns out, but as i did, my horns turned from the white that they are to the blood of the two operatives. I quickly picked the two up, and found a place within an old warehouse to hide them. I qickly left and headed home.

    As i arrived home, i cold hear the whurr of an heavy engine and machine.

    Dammit. What do they have now? I thought before heading inside

    I ha dug a way into the gym so i couldnt be found, since all the doors were made of reinforced steel, and locked with like 3 differnt locks. I know i couldnt take it down even if i started from as far back as i could. I quickly jumped in the hole, and pulled the latch shut with the dead bush and fallen log on it. As i slept in the basement on top of an old bed i found and carried here, i thought if us pokemorphs ever would have a chance in society.

    Oh well. i Thought as i dozed off.
  7. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Toby Kasey-Dawson (Noctowl Pokemorph)
    A Tall tree, Eterna Forest

    My talons gripped at the tree I was perched in, to the average observer, I probably looked like a pretty average Noctowl perched in a tree. I was slightly larger than the average Noctowl of course, but that was besides the point. I hated watching the regular humans walk under me, as if nothing was wrong with the world. Oh how oblivious they were, this bloody world. They’re walking along while G.A.T.E just... slaughters innocent people in Jubilife!

    I gritted my teeth underneath the scarf I used to cover my beak. I guess I wasn’t much better, I was just sitting in this tree while others, like myself, were being slaughtered for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    I hated this.

    This life, this body.

    I hated it all.

    If I didn’t have a bone to pick with G.A.T.E I probably would’ve disappeared completely, because of them, this world has literally gone to ****. Instead of helping the people cope with their dumb mistake, they’re killing them. I’d probably be shot on sight if I even so much as approached the city, and I can’t do much to hide myself. I have wings, and I have no bloody idea how I’m suppose to cover these bad boys up, same with my talons that rest where my feet used to be. It would be pretty damn hard for me to get into that city undetected.

    Although, I needed supplies. I needed food, and a better shelter for when the winter winds began coming through this desolate forest. I sighed, they needed me, and I knew it. I spread my wings, leaping of the branch before finally taking wing. Flight had come naturally for me when I had changed, and even though I hate to admit anything was good about this new body, this was pretty helpful.

    I flew over Jubilife, circling around, and coming to rest on the roof of a warehouse somewhere on 8th street. I made sure most of my body wasn’t exposed when I had landed, didn’t want to get shot down now. Not when I was so close. I had to try to find a way into this warehouse, or at least, one of the few buildings around it, hell, even an alley would do me good at this point.
  8. Colin Kess (Shinx Pokemorph)

    Warehouse at 8th Street, Eastbound

    "So this is where the energy reading leads to..." Colin heard a faint voice outside say, "figures it'd be a place like this. Perfect for hiding."

    "Reinforcements will be here in about eight minutes. Still, it looks like there's just one person in there... a Pokemorph, probably. What do you think?"

    "Shouldn't be a problem."

    Colin turned back to Leprechaun, "Okay, you know the plan, right Lep? I'll cover everyone with Discharges. You complement me with Stun Spore, and Leech Seed if there's nothing else to do."

    "Whimsi!" the cottony Pokemon cheered back.

    "Oh, and give yourself some cushioning just in case. Cotton Guard is good," he ordered, and Leprechaun puffed up the fluff around its body like a popcorn.

    Only two people. It shouldn't be a problem-

    A deafening explosion ripped through the doors of the warehouse, melting a gaping hole in the entrance and setting the borders on fire.

    "Hey!! What are you, crazy!? We can't just burn down the entire building with the Cyan Star inside it!!"

    "Now what do you mean by that?"

    "You'll trigger another Pokemon pulse like the crash did from two weeks ago! Use your brain, goddamnit! Do you want to be another Pokemorph they carry off to their labs and do "extensive invasive testing" on until it kills you? Well I sure as hell don't! The GATE commanders don't give a **** about whatever's holding it, but they want that thing back in one piece, and they don't want any more accidents!"

    Colin heard a smack, and stifled his laughter.

    "So, we do this the old fashioned way," then he heard two decisive rounds of gun-loading, and a pair of confident steps in.

    Those soldiers and their guns... always firing to kill everything in a straight line. What Colin was ready to show them was the properties of electricity, and how it loves to jump...

    Leprechaun flew out with a trail of yellow powder, while Colin grabbed a nearby wire and bit into it with electrified fangs. The charge traveled through and surged through the building. The entire warehouse interior had been rigged with conductive wires and sprinklers everywhere, which had just then gone live. They had walked into the electric lion's den, and there was no escape...

    The fires at the entrance were put out, and the entire interior of the warehouse became soaking wet. Colin wasted no time, dashing around the room, directing Discharge after Discharge in every direction he could find. Every round would find a way to its target, and cries of agony resounded in rhythmic response. Even when one of the voices was no longer screaming, he continued to Discharge until he was sure the other one had collapsed. When he had finally stopped to take a breath and look around, surely enough one soldier was dead, while the other was badly injured.

    Colin approached the remaining GATE officer, who laid on his back shaking uncontrollably from paralysis and bound with Leech Seed vines. Leprechaun had taken a few stray bolts of electricity as well, although he wasn't hurt as badly, and was now recovering off the damage at the soldier's expense. He was still taunting at the soldier, making the most infuriating faces one could imagine... if only he was still paying attention to him. He called back Leprechaun into his Pokeball, and firmly placed a foot on the man's body to make sure he had no chance of wiggling away. Colin took the orb out of his backpack, bathing them both in its mysterious glow. He flashed a sinister smile, looking down at the man with his piercing yellow eyes.

    "Well, well... you guys seem awfully interested in this little thing, don't you?" Colin teased, turning the orb around, "And you seem to know a lot about it too, judging from what you were talking about just outside..."

    The man scowled, but gave no response. Colin continued.

    "So this is the thing from that helicopter crash that caused the whole incident... Well, I gotta thank you, these big Shinxy ears you guys gave me sure do come in handy!" he said childishly, wiggling his ears back and forth.

    "Oh, you want this thing? Yes? Maybe spend some good time with it. After all, I'm sure that something with the power to turn thousands of the city's population into mutants would have some... interesting effects near humans." Colin bobbed the orb up and down to the man's face several times, amused by the rising fear every time it went within inches of his nose.

    "Oh, your humanity. Right, I forgot you guys still thought you had it," he gave the fallen soldier a swift kick on the side, "Oh, give it up. You know, there's nothing wrong with being half-Pokemon. You military clowns go around the place patrolling and purging, thinking that'll help control everything. But the truth is, civilization is just as wrecked as ever. It'll always be... there's no turning back after all that's happened."

    He held the orb steady now, slowly lowering it towards his face as he talked, "Every person has a monster hiding inside of them, trying to claw its way out. All of those orders from the squad leaders... those intense, strict drills. Don't they just tire you out? Being told what to do, and having no choice but to follow it... all those years of your life. You can do all you can to repress it, but the desire for freedom never goes away. Trust me, it'll feel a lot better when you release it. No limits, no boundaries, no restrictions. What do you say to that, human?"

    "G-go to hell, y-you filth-thy half-breed."

    Colin frowned; for a moment it seemed like he simply failed to understand what the man was telling him. He looked at the orb, then at the survivor, then at the orb, then at the survivor...

    "Oh well, if you wanna be that way..."

    A wicked bolt of lightning blasted the GATE operative square in the chest, with a force so hard it actually knocked Colin back a few steps. There wasn't even a final scream; the human's life was extinguished instantly, and his body left charred beyond recognition.

    Wait a minute, that wasn't a Discharge...

    Colin looked around, still unsure of the source of the powerful Thunder attack. But the warehouse remained death-silent, save for the staticy voices of the GATE receiver shouting for response. Colin looked at the crystal suspiciously before shrugging it off, and getting back to business.

    There were only a few minutes left until more GATE troopers came. He might've been able to handle just two of them, but larger groups would be real trouble. Aside from that, all of his traps had already fired; his element of surprise had expired. He couldn't hide, but he sure could run.

    Colin got ready to pedal out East for the slums, but not before stripping the dead bodies of all their weird gadgetry and stuffing it all into his backpack. Whatever seemed to be shorted out from the barrage of Discharges he left alone. Before leaving, he decided to put in one last touch for the GATE officers that would find the bodies. He scooped up the uneaten piles of Pokemon food that Drop and Nester didn't finish, and overstuffed the mouths of the dead soldiers until it was pouring out of them.

    "Dinner's here, boys. Come and get it..." He taunted into the receiver, and left it along with the bodies.

    Colin swiftly rode his bike out of the warehouse.

    (GATE people were too focused on Colin to notice Toby, Colin too focused on GATE to pay attention to Toby. He's on the move now. Toby can do things in the background unbeknownst to him, in which case he'll continue to face events in a given path. Or she can jump in at any time (if wanted), and take the developments in her direction.)

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