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G.A.T.E. - The Black Zone [SU]

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Avenger Angel, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. Avenger Angel

    Avenger Angel Warrior of Heaven



    Two weeks ago, roughly around midnight, an unmarked CH-148 Cyclone military transport helicopter had crashed in the outskirts of Jubilife City due to sudden engine failure. While the crash had only done minimal damage to the city itself, it was the plane's cargo that had caused the crisis that would shatter the peace.

    Onboard the CH-148 were six, light-blue spherical crystals called the Cyan Stars, recovered from a remote island a few miles northwest of the Sinnoh mainland. The research team that had recovered them had confirmed they had a strong and mystical connection to Pokémon, but in a way that could be felt by humans as well. However, much about the three Cyan Stars remained a mystery. The scientists that found them were not sure how they truly functioned or how to activate them, so they were being brought back for further research.

    What they didn't realize was those three crystals were activated by heat and fire. Unexpectedly, three of the six crystals were in fact shattered as a result of the fiery crash that had claimed the lives of the entire crew. When these three crystals shattered and released all of their energy out all at once, humans within a twenty mile radius that had been exposed to the transforming pulsation of the three shattered crystals had instantly turned into half human, half Pokémon hybrids called "Pokémorphs." They now have the bipedal shape of humans while having fur, tails, wings, scales, and other similar features of a single Pokémon covering their entire body. Those in the further reaches, somewhere between twenty and fifty miles from the crash, were only lightly affected. Unlike their less fortunate neighbors, these victims only had a few similarities to Pokémon, such as ears, tails, and wings, but still mostly looked human. They were later called Gijinkas to distinguish them from Pokémorphs and humans.

    In total, roughly about 10,000 Sinnoh citizens were transformed because of the pulse, 3,000 ending up as Pokémorphs while the remaining 7,000 ended up as Gijinkas. It didn't take long for the crisis to be noticed, but the resulting events were unusual. The affected area was quarantined and a warning was given out that any humans that refused to evacuate the city would not be ensured their safety. Meanwhile, those affected by the pulse from the Cyan Star Crystals and were turned into Pokémorphs or Gijinkas were forbidden to leave while those that had already fled the area were being hunted down. While the media is trying to get the latest on the situation, their efforts have been forcefully silenced and only a very few reporters have been able to get anywhere near the crisis site. Jubilife City is now a forbidden city to civilians, dubbed "The Black Zone." In the meantime, the Sinnoh government has become a police state in the time of crisis, and the military and police forces have turned the region into highly regulated district. Heavily armed troops, highly regulated checkpoints, and oppressive search and seizure actions have been employed throughout the region to control and monitor the situation.

    Lately, there has been some recorded evidence and eyewitness that reports the mutants are being rounded up, thrown into large, armored transports, and then taken to unknown locations, never to be seen again, all by an unknown and heavily armed paramilitary organization. However, no one in Jubilife knows who they are or exactly what they're after, but there is an obvious pursuit of the mutants. Anyone who has attempted to interfere with the operation or resist arrest has suffered the same fate.

    What the Red Resistance doesn't know is that this paramilitary faction is known as G.A.T.E., an underground operation that is determined to terminate the affected victims and attempt to retrieve the crystals. And they're willing to stop at nothing to do it.

    From the Red Resistance's perspective

    You are one of us. Just a local citizen of Jubilife that was affected by that strange pulse that came from that military chopper when it crashed. But it doesn't matter to us whether you're now a morph like so many others, or just a Jubilife citizen that has refused to leave and want to take the fight to these warmongers who are trying to kill the morphs.

    You're one of the few that knows about the Cyan Star Crystals. You know you came across the evidence that three of them were broken and unleashed a discharge of energy, but three others remain intact and still radiate with Pokémon energy. However, something doesn't make sense about the whole situation, and we refuse to back down until you find out what this unknown military faction is doing and why Sinnoh has been stripped of its soul.

    We will have to defend ourselves and the innocent Pokémorphs and Gijinkas while trying to survive. Escaping Jubilife City as a morph with the three remaining Cyan Stars at this point will be difficult with the heavily guarded perimeters and checkpoints in addition to the unknown heavily armed troops and armored military vehicles. But we have to do it. We can't let these guys get their hands on the crystals again. They need to be kept somewhere safe. But in the meantime, there's still hope if we fight back with whatever resources we can get and whatever you have, because already we feel horribly outgunned. However, the morphs themselves may already have powers and abilities that might just give us the edge. If we are to survive, they're going to need to make use of them.

    We've got to figure out who these people are and why they're doing this, and if possible, acquire help through some means. We may not know all the details behind what's really going on, but somewhere in the crisis, there's a reason and a purpose for all this.

    One thing is clear, however. The lives of the victims are in danger. You may be one of the only few that can help them now...


    These crystals are about the size of a grapefruit, and are perfectly spherical and indestructible save from being broken via fire to release their power. Meanwhile, they appear to be light-blue colored with mystical-like haze swirling within them. While three of them were broken as a result of the crash and have been completely emptied of their powers, three others were recovered from the wreckage, and now G.A.T.E. wants them back.

    They also have the following powers:


    • Allows the holder to understand Pokéspeech, as well as understand the thoughts and feelings of a target Pokémon.
    • Allows the holder to use any Pokémon move.
    • Long term exposure to the crystal can turn normal humans into Gijinkas, and then eventually into Pokémorphs.
    • The remaining three crystals can also be broken by means of a high-impact incendiary explosion, which can be performed by a fully-evolved fire Pokémon's fire-based attack or by high-explosive weaponry. This will trigger an area of effect that turns those surrounding the crystal into Pokémorphs within a ten mile radius, and those between 11 and 20 miles into Gijinkas. However, if this happens, the crystal is destroyed and will no longer function.


    • Allows the holder to progress their affected state to allow them to become fully Pokémon and revert back to their original Pokémorph form. However, they must be touching the crystal to change forms.
    • Allows the holder to communicate telepathically with any Gijinka, Pokémorph, or Pokémon, individually, in groups, and/or long-range with an effectiveness that surpasses psychic Pokémon powers.
    • In time, allows the holder to change their Pokémorph/Pokémon form into something else. Further in time grants access to legendary Pokémon.

    Rules regarding the use of the crystals

    • Three characters on the Red Resistance side will be owners of one of the crystals at the RP's start and must protect them. However, these three characters must be Pokémorphs, as the only way they could have recovered them is if they were very close to the helicopter crash site when the incident happened. You are welcome to reserve one of the holders of these crystals, first come, first serve.
    • If you hold one of the crystals, you must be active in the RP or you will be bunnied into losing it. I will send you a VM warning if you are running out of time. To address this, either keep active or hand the crystal to another member on your side.
    • Breaking the crystal to activate the transforming pulsation effect is the only instance where you're allowed to bunny those around you into being affected by it. Humans will potentially become Pokémorphs and Gijinkas and already existing Gijinkas could become Pokémorphs. Thus, through these means, you can give G.A.T.E. a harder time keeping the situation under control by affecting them as well. Many of G.A.T.E.'s members outright fear becoming a Pokémorph or Gijinka and just want the three remaining crystals recovered as soon as possible.


    • The RP will mostly take place around Jubilife City, though traveling throughout Sinnoh is perfectly acceptable. I will advise against going outside of Sinnoh, however.
    • Pokémorphs can use any Level Up move that the Pokémon they are a hybrid of can use. However, they suffer from the fact that they are easily distinguished from normal humans and are recognizable on sight. Gijinkas can evade most initial scrutiny if they hide their Pokémon features with clothing, but any kind of searching at a checkpoint or during a frisk search will reveal their true nature. Unlike Pokémorphs, Gijinkas are limited to three pre-selected Level up moves of their Pokémon.
    • Yes, characters on both sides that start off as humans could potentially become Pokémorphs and Gijinkas if a character holding a crystal decides to break it and unleash its effect. For G.A.T.E. operatives, this is especially bad as it means they will be disowned by the faction. For the Red Resistance, however, turning disowned G.A.T.E. operatives into mutants could be an opportunity to convince them to join the resistance and share their inside information.
    • And for the same reason as above, only particular squads of elite G.A.T.E. operatives and a few armored vehicles are being sent in, just in case the crystals are broken once again. Much more of the assault work is being done by UAV drones and other remotely controlled robots and machines. As alteration, G.A.T.E. consists entirely of NPCs.


    Name: (First and Last)
    Age: (Anything is acceptable)
    Gender: (Male or female)
    Species: (Pokémorph, Gijinka, or human)
    Pokémon Link: (The Pokémon your character becomes a hybrid of)
    Appearance: (What your character looks like)
    Personality: (Your character's emotions and attitude)
    Background: (Your character's history)
    Pokémon Team: (Choose any 3 Pokémon, non-legendary. For each of them, put-)
    Species: (what the Pokémon is)
    Gender: (Male, Female, or Genderless)
    Personality: (The Pokémon's emotions and attitude)​
    Carrier: (If they possess one of the Cyan Star Crystals. Note that if "yes," the character should be a Pokémorph and there needs to be an open slot available to be one of the carriers.)
    Weapons and Equipment: (What modern-day weapons and equipment your character has)
    Other: (Any further details you wish to include)



    CYAN STAR CARRIER #1: Desmond Olsen (Mightyena Pokémorph) - <Billy Mays>
    CYAN STAR CARRIER #2: Sol Teou (Garchomp Pokémorph) - <PokeLegend>
    CYAN STAR CARRIER #3: Colin Kess (Shinx Pokémorph - <33Whimsicott33>
    Jon Akagi (Feraligatr Gijinka) - <PokeLegend>
    Derek Maxwell (Human) - <Avenger Angel>
    Sergio Valentine (Human) - <Billy Mays>
    Amerlia Watson (Human) - <SpyroxPikachu>
    Ian Blackwood (Human) - <SoulMuse>
    Toby Kasey-Dawson (Noctowl Pokémorph) - <SpyroxPikachu>
    Gage McArthur (Aggron Pokémorph) - <ImAnOKIE13>

    [Gijinka] - <Reserved by Samantha Sparks>
    <Reserve by Skillfulness>
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2012
  2. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    Reserve a Human and a Pokemorph who is a Cyan Star carrier, both for the Red Resistance. Will probably get the sign ups done real soon, like a hour or so. Another good looking RP btw Avenger, you outdid yourself on this one. :p
  3. Avenger Angel

    Avenger Angel Warrior of Heaven

    You got it, great to have you aboard.
  4. SoulMuse

    SoulMuse Shadow of nothing

    Hm...looks good. Reserving a G.A.T.E operative.
  5. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    I'd like a Gijinka Reserve please.
  6. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    You just tempted me too much to use this character I had from another RP when this was based in Jublife City. Anyway, I'll get the other character done soon.

    Name: Sergio Valentine

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human

    Pokémon Link: Zangoose (If he were ever to be transformed, that is)

    Appearance: Sergio stands at 5'11 with olive colored skin and brown eyes. His hair is black at a semi-long length, and is thick and wavy; however, its usually covered by a red baseball cap. On the upper part of his body he wears a red letterman jacket with black sleeves and white linings, and black fingerless gloves. The jacket is worn for merely asthetic reasons, and does not have any emblems or symbols on it. On his lower body he wears faded blue jeans and worn out red and white sneakers.

    Personality: Sergio is an arrogant and cocky person, but in the end is well meaning. As much as he doesn't like the idea of being changed into something he's not, he likes the idea of having superpowers, so for the most part he's mainly just jealous of Pokemorphs and Gijinkas. He can't even begin to fathom G.A.T.E.'s reasons for their actions, which is somewhat because he is a slow learner. Despite this, he's a very capable battler.

    Although he appears somewhat shady, Sergio is surprisingly honest. He's up front and fearless, never being afraid to stand up to anyone. Sergio is protective of his friends, but keeps a close eye on them. He doesn't like trusting others, due to his father issues.

    Background: Sergio was born within the slums of Jublife City. His mother raised him on his own, as neither her or Sergio ever even knew who his father is. Never being one for caring about his education, he never was good with school. He was relatively unhappy until a trip to Sandgem at the age of ten.

    There, he met with Professor Rowan, the Pokemon professor who lives there. Seeing the potential of Sergio as a trainer, he gave him a Chimchar. Even Sergio was confused why Rowan would do such a thing, until he actually got to battle. He soon discovered not only that he enjoyed it immensely, but he also was good at it.

    So he went off on his own journey as a trainer, to become the best there ever was. He had even earned all eight badges in Sinnoh, and was planning on soon challenging the Pokemon League.

    That is, until a military helicopter crashed in Jublife and changed everything. Sergio immediately dropped what he was doing and rushed to his hometown, before they could even quarentine it. He found the whole place turned to chaos, and both his mother and best (and only) friend were now strange fusions of Pokemon. Now, he fights to protect his mother, friends (both old and new) and his beloved hometown from the engimatic G.A.T.E. faction.

    Pokemon Team

    Name: Blaze
    Species: Infernape
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Blaze is cocky and arrogant, much like his master. He loves a good fight, and lives and breaths decisive action.

    Name: Spike
    Species: Garchomp
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Spike is normally a quiet Pokemon who keeps to himself often, but if he is agressive when provoked.

    Name: Bolt
    Species: Luxray
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Bolt is normally lazy and relaxed, but in battle, he is energetic and serious, even a bit relentless.

    Carrier: No

    Weapons and Equipment: Sergio carries around a baseball bat for self defense. He liked baseball anyway when he was younger, and it makes a good blunt weapon. Its a fairly simple aluminum bat, with no markings on it.

    Other: Sergio speaks with a New Jersey like accent.
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2012
  7. Avenger Angel

    Avenger Angel Warrior of Heaven

    Gotcha, great to see you.

    You got it, great to see you too. :)

    You sure got that done fast! Looks great, no problems here. Accepted.

    EDIT: Just noticed one thing. For Pokemon Link, that's for IF your character becomes a Pokemorph or a Gijinka later on if someone happens to break one of the Cyan Star crystals. It may not happen, but that's just for stating it ahead of time.
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2012
  8. Truly Deceptive

    Truly Deceptive It is I: ME!

    Would you kindly reserve a Gijinka?
  9. Avenger Angel

    Avenger Angel Warrior of Heaven

    You got it, welcome to the crew.
  10. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Did an SU for just a regular human c:

    Name: Amelia Watson
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Pokémon Link: Eevee

    Appearance: Amelia is about 5’2” with pale white skin and bright green, cat-like, eyes. Her hair is black in color, parted over to one side while the other is shaved. She wears goggles atop her head, they get pulled down during battles or while going through the desert. She wears a brown scarf with a similar pattern to a deer’s pelt, along with a cream colored t-shirt, white leggings and brown and white high-tops.

    Personality: Amelia is prone to over reactions, she loves ‘shipping’, even trying to use her shipping skills in real life situations to hook people up. She talks about her ‘feels’ quite often, saying how much a television program or battle has upset her. “That battle hit me right in the feels guys”. She uses terms such as ‘weeping’ or ‘screeching’ in everyday speech, sometimes confusing quite a few people.

    She’s considered much more of an extrovert than an introvert, and will express her feelings if you irritate her or make her sad. She usually relies on her feelings more than her actual thoughts when making decisions so she can sometimes come off as slightly rash. Speaking of decision making, most of her battles are spontaneous rather than planned.

    Background: Amelia, was born a middle class citizen of Goldenrod City, Kanto; however at the age of 6, she moved to Jubilife City, due to her father and mother being able to find better work here. She went to a trainer school nearby her home, studying hard because she wanted to be the next Pokemon Professor.

    One day, her and her classes were taken to a breeder’s house; each student given the option to get a baby Pokemon that they had on hand. Amelia picked a small Trapinch as her first Pokemon, raising it into the powerful dragon Pokemon; Flygon.

    While training her Trapinch, she wanted to explore as much of the Sinnoh region as possible. However, when she came back to Jubilife for a get together with her mother and some of her old classmates, disaster struck. A helicopter crashed in the town, releasing a strange wave of energy that gave some people the fusions of Pokemon. Amelia and her mother were unaffected, but many members of the town now had odd Pokemon parts attatched to them.

    Pokémon Team:

    Name: Florence
    Species: Flygon
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Very sweet, is about just as protective of Amelia as her mother. She is like a motherly figure to Amelia and often treats her like a child; this kind of annoys Amelia but she honestly appreciates it. Florence has always wanted to be a mother but she cannot find a suitable mate.

    Name: Truxton
    Species: Leafeon
    Gender: Male
    Personality: He’s extremely apathetic, not really wanting to be involved in much of anything. He hates being around other Pokemon and prefers to work by himself.

    Name: “Kid A”
    Species: Raichu
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Kind, she cares very much for Pokemon and humans alike. She’s ready to give her life for the good of others.

    Carrier: No

    Weapons and Equipment: Amelia carries a backpack full of medical supplies for Pokemon, along with a first aid kit for human injuries. She has a can of mace in this backpack as well.

    Other: Basically, she looks like this
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2012
  11. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    And here's sign up numero dos. By the way I added Sergio's Pokemon Link, which is Zangoose, to his sign up. Of course he'll probably stay human, but hey, you never know.

    On a somewhat related topic: We need more people in this RP, dang it!

    Name: Desmond Olsen

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Species: Mightyena

    Pokémon Link: Pokemorph

    Appearance: Desmond is 6'0 (including ears), with the look of an anphromorphic Mightyena. He essentially looks like a Mightyena except his eyes are brown instead of red; one of the only remaining traits from when he was human.

    Desmond wears a white hoodie with a Pokeball symbol on the back of it, and a pair of blue jeans. He wears a pair of white sneakers that look surprisingly new, because they are. After his transformation his feet grew too big for his old shoes, so he had to get new ones that were several sizes larger.

    Personality: Desmond was never the one for being social, so wasn't very talkative to begin with. Of course, the events of the crash didn't help much with that either. He appears cold and uncaring at most times, mainly because he has mind off somewhere else. He probably won't be one making plans, but he'll probably the first one to call BS if he thinks it won't work.

    Desmond hates the idea of violence against most people, but openly supports the idea of killing G.A.T.E. operatives. In his eyes, they are the mutated monsters who have lost their humanity, and need to be cleansed from the earth; not the Gijinkas or Pokemorphs. He'll stop at nothing to protect others from G.A.T.E., and to wipe out the organization entirely. He cares deeply for his parents and sister, and his ultimate goal is to find them and ensure their safety.

    Background: Desmond grew up in the heart of Jublife. His family has always been on the verge of poverty, with both of his parents working full time jobs. Desmond did relatively fine in school; he wasn't bad, but he wasn't particularly smart either. He was childhood friends with another boy named Sergio, although at the age of ten Sergio went off on his own Pokemon journey while Desmond stayed in Jublife.

    He finally got his first Pokemon at twelve when he caught a Nincada by himself. He was content with only having one Pokemon for company, but was surprised when the Nincada evolved he turned into two Pokemon, with a Shedinja taking space in an extra Pokeball he carried around.

    The beginning of Desmond's day when the outbreak happened was relatively normal. He woke up, ate breakfast, then headed off to his job at an auto repair shop. He got home, and went to bed. Just another instance of the daily grind.

    And then it happened. His home was just a block from the crash site, exposing him and his family to the full effects of the Cyan Stars. Through the confusion, Desmond rushed off to discover what was happening, and found the crash site. There, just a few feet from the wreckage was a the dead body of one of the pilots. He appeared to be the only one who survived the crash, and because of this was the only one who was affected by the same thing that had affected Desmond. The other pilot died on impact, so his body was still human. The pilot had survived only briefly however, for he succumbed to his wounds and died after dragging himself a few feet from the crash site. What caught Desmond's attention though was the odd cyan colored sphere he was holding. Desmond took it, completely unaware at the time as to what it was.

    When he returned home however, the chaos had already begun. A strange military force was clearing out his apartment building. His parents were being arrested and shoved into the back of an APC, while his younger sister was nowhere to be found. They immediately took notice of Desmond and gave chase. He ran, but eventually ran into a dead end in an alley. It seemed like the end for him...until in his desperation he wished he could teleport...then teleported three blocks into a random house's living room. Through simple reasoning he figured out this was the work of the weird sphere in his hand. Hopefully, the power of the sphere will help him find his sister and parents, as well as protect everyone and everything he cares for...

    Pokemon Team

    Name: Flash
    Species: Ninjask
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Flash is incrediblely impatient and moves about constantly. He loves action, but hates waiting.

    Name: Shade
    Species: Shedinja
    Gender: Genderless
    Personality: Shade is the opposite of Flash, being slow moving, methotical, and patient.

    Carrier: Yes

    Weapons and Equipment: Currently he's carrying no weapon other than the Cyan Star, but he hopes to get his hands on a rifle or something.

    Other: He has a younger sister named Lilith, who is eleven. She was staying at a friend's place the night the crash happened, and Desmond hasn't seen her since. His first order of business before anything else is to find his sister.
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2012
  12. ImAnOKIE12

    ImAnOKIE12 Sexy Cowboy

    Reserve! Really interested
  13. Avenger Angel

    Avenger Angel Warrior of Heaven

    @ SpyroxPikachu

    Amerlia looks pretty good, no problems here. Just put in her Pokémon link though. I know she's starting off as human, and that's fine, but that just in case IF she becomes a Pokémorph or Gijinka. I just don't want people suddenly picking a Pokémon link that's convenient for whatever sudden situation they're in as a deux ex machina kind of thing.

    Accepted, just take care of that one detail.

    @ Billy Mays

    Yeah, I still need to do my own sign up. Anyway, Desmond looks good, no problems here. Accepted.

    Which side though?



    CYAN STAR CARRIER #1: Desmond Olsen - <Billy Mays>

    Sergio Valentine (Human) - <Billy Mays>
    Amerlia Watson - <SpyroxPikachu>
    [Gijinka] - <Reserved by Samantha Sparks>
    [Gijinka] - <Reserved by PokeLegend>


    [Operative] - <Reserved by SoulMuse>
  14. SoulMuse

    SoulMuse Shadow of nothing

    And in this i have proof I read to much warhammer.....

    Name: Ian Blackwood
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Pokémon Link: Gallade

    Appearance: Ian is slightly tall for a man, standing 6’3” and weight about 175 pounds, with longish brown hair and storm grey eyes. His skin is remarkable pale, doing an excellent job of hiding his only visible scar, which runs from his left eye to the back of his neck. At deployment, Ian chose to forgo any sort of highly advanced armor, choosing to rely on slightly improved tried and true combat armor, with added flexible metal plating in the back, this armor is protection against most small arms, and some assault rifle rounds. Over this, Ian wears the standard urban camouflage of a G.A.T.E soldier, but no marks to distinguish his rank. However with his recent defection, Ian has added a black leather jacket to his clothing.

    Personality: Calm collected, and highly analytical, which complements his ability to think rapidly on his feet; Ian somehow seems to always have some snarky remark, or highly improbably solution for everything. His squad mates often note that he doesn’t seem capable of losing his cool, a trait that is highly useful on the battlefield. As a colonel, Ian is a gifted leader, capable of inspiring both courage in his own soldiers, and the belief that he will get them out alive. Of course, this doesn’t always work, and when someone under his direct command dies, Ian tends to take it extremely hard, blaming himself, often illogically.

    Of course, not all of Ian can be defined as good and just. Ian has no moral qualms about anything, except for killing children. Beyond that, Ian will literally follow any order given, including but not limited to assassinations, mass murder, witness removal, or whatever needs to be done. This of course did not keep Ian from having qualms about what he was ordered to do, and in fact, he turned around and defected from G.A.T.E over the entire affair.

    Background: Ian was born into a poor family in Snowpoint City. Ian’s father was rather mixed up in some unpleasant underground dealings as a way to pay the bills. This was all fine and good, until some deal went south, resulting in the death of both of Ian’s parents, and his older brother, all when Ian was only four.

    Left to fend for himself, Ian was forced to live on the streets and a pickpocket, and general petty thief. Along the way he ran into a young girl about his age name Kiara, who he sort of became friends with. After almost a year of living on the street, stealing to survive, the duo accidentally ran afoul with a G.A.T.E Captain, who was in town for a mission, but trying to steal his wallet. Said Captain was somewhat impressed by the fact they found him hiding in the shadows, and decided that he saw potential in the duo. So at the age of five Ian was inducted into G.A.T.E.

    During training Ian was paired with Kiara, who trusted him implicitly, and a sociopathic young man named Aidan, forming the core of his squad ever since. Trained from induction as an officer Ian excelled in marksmanship, and tactics, but is not exactly the best and hand to hand fighting. It took nearly ten years before Ian actually was sent on a combat mission, but he performed well enough.

    Now six years later, Ian in a colonel, in direct command of his own squad, which still consists of Aidan and Kiara, and a laundry list of rotating members, as some else dies. When the news came in about the plane crash in Jublife, Ian was at the forefront of those deployed to the city. However after only twelve hours in the city, witnessing the brutality and ruthlessness of his comrades in arms, Ian was unable to take anymore, and killed and entire squad of G.A.T.E soldiers who were attempting to force a mother to give up her transformed child. Now he stalks the city, hunting down his former comrades, desperately trying to avoid his old squad members.

    Pokémon Team: (Choose any 3 Pokémon, non-legendary. For each of them, put:)

    Name: Jolteon
    Species: Jolteon
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Jolteon is as close to chronically depressed as a Pokémon can get. He looks down on his own abilities, and fights with a reckless abandon.

    Name: Absol
    Species: Absol
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Absol is the polar opposite of Jolteon, being extremely upbeat and cheerful about everything. She tends to fight more conservatively.

    Name: Salamence
    Species: Salamence
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Salamence is rather lazy, preferring to sleep over almost anything. However when he actually has to battle, he typically does so in a near berserk state, due to being so enraged at having his naptime disrupted.

    Weapons and Equipment: Ian was given a pair of contact lens with overlay a holographic targeting system for him to use, which also can overlay locations of objectives, text and more. While he might have G.A.T.E with a passion, Ian also recognizes the usefulness of the weapons and technology they gave him, and as such, is holding on to most of it.

    Ian’s weapon of choice is a “bolt pistol”, which fires a a solid .75 caliber slug. This “bolt” is self-propelled; it features its own integrated solid propellant that propels the bolt at high speeds, essentially acting like a miniature rocket. This rocket is designed to penetrate a target, and then explode for maximum damage. Ian also has a M4 assault carbine, which he uses at longer ranger situations. Both of these weapons are set to target via his contact lens.
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2012
  15. Avenger Angel

    Avenger Angel Warrior of Heaven

    Well, you could say this RP is proof I've played too much XCOM: Enemy Unknown too. :p

    Anyway, Ian is good to go, thanks for coming in. Accepted.
  16. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Alright, all fixed up! I believe everything is in order now c:
  17. Avenger Angel

    Avenger Angel Warrior of Heaven

    Gotcha, thanks for fixing that up.

    Name: Derek Maxwell
    G.A.T.E. Rank: Major
    Age: 34
    Gender: Male
    Pokémon Link: Dragonite

    Appearance: Standing 6'4" and weighing 240 pounds, Derek is a muscular beast of a soldier, which also cues in why his role is "Heavy Weapons Specialist." He has short blonde hair, blue eyes, firm and hardened muscles, and a firm and adamant expression in his face. He has various scars as well, but it proves he can take a hit and keep on fighting hard. In the meantime, he may not be fast and agile, but he is strong and endurable. Besides that, he wears the standard G.A.T.E. camouflage uniform.

    Personality: Gruff, bitter, and cynical, Derek doesn't need to be reminded that the world is a sick and dangerous place. He very rarely sees the beauty in anything, and the whole situation in Jubilife City is a clear example of the proverbial feces hitting the fan. Still, he can see why the council wants the mutants rounded up. He knows there's no way they could ever be incorporated into human society, and he doesn't see the mess with the crystals as G.A.T.E.'s fault either. In the meantime, he's already heard cases of mutants abusing their new powers and attacking civilians. He knows they've got to go down and he's prepared to do anything to ensure that.

    In terms of dealing with the children and innocent civilians that were caught in the pulse, Derek hates thinking about what needs to be done, but it has to be done. Knowing they'll never be able to live normal lives or ever be accepted back into society essentially means they'll be spared a lifetime of fear, chaos, hatred, and anger.

    Background: Derek was admitted into G.A.T.E. at the early age of eight thanks to his father being involved as a technician within the organization. However, Derek took on a different role after proving that even while young, he was almost completely immune to fear and had a strong tolerance for pain. And so, years of training had built Derek as a heavy weapons specialist, giving him the edge in using heavy machine guns, rocket launchers, and using suppression tactics.

    In the meantime, Derek is also very well trained in melee and unarmed combat, able to take down a large number of targets with his fists or with improvised melee weapons, such as a lead pipe, glass bottles, or any kind of hard, blunt object.

    Derek welcomed the opportunity to deal with the helicopter crash situation in Jubilife, seeing as how dire the situation had become and how badly G.A.T.E. needed operatives to act upon the crisis.

    Pokémon Team:

    Name: Flak
    Species: Nidoking
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Flak is an extreme, die-hard warrior that loves fighting and bitterly hates losing. Often known to go berserk and not know when to quit either.

    Name: Sledge
    Species: Tyranitar
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Sledge likes to take things slow and easy, but when it comes to combat, he hits like an angry casino bouncer on steroids.

    Name: Triad
    Species: Hydreigon
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Bitter and dishonorable, Hydreigon cares only about the fight and not about sportsmanship or honor. Like Flak, he also hates losing and despises the weak.

    Weapons and Equipment: Derek carries a holographic computer targeting system on his heavy JN-50 Gauss Cannon as well as his ANK-10 rocket launcher. In addition, the JN-50 has multiple ammunition types from explosive, incendiary, and corrosive rounds.

    Other: N/A
  18. ImAnOKIE12

    ImAnOKIE12 Sexy Cowboy

    A gijinka please. I should have a sign up today or tomorrow.
  19. Truly Deceptive

    Truly Deceptive It is I: ME!

    I actually decided to sign up as a Pokémorph Carrier first; I might also make a Gijinka character.

    Name: Sol Teou
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Species: Pokémorph
    Pokémon Link: Garchomp
    Appearance: He is easily taller than 6', and he actually has a notable propensity to lean forward (he actually grew in size substantially after the Cyan Stars shattered), and weighs 155 lbs. He has hair of a deep black coloration and black irides as well. His sclerae are extremely bright yellow, and might even be thought to be aureoles if one didn't see anything of him save for his eyes. He is in incredible physical shape. He wears a torn black t-shirt and khakis with torn grey shoes.
    Personality: Sol realizes that the condition of everything in the world and in life is so undeniably horrible. He knows from his life experiences that everyone deserves to go to hell, but has resolved that everyone should try to forgive each other, because they aren't any better themselves (this includes himself), because carrying hate for another person never accomplishes anything good, and because the pain and suffering of the world which people have had to experience could always be worse and so no one has any excuse for why they should desire the worst to happen to another person or not be willing to forgive and sincerely apologize. He sees that the world is really a complete ruin and so vain; what people get in the world in the end doesn't matter at all. Sol believes people shouldn't be too attached to physical objects; he has found how everything in the world is really some representation of everyone's spirits in some way, and finds that, although it's a noble and worthwhile thing to try to make life easier for others, that sort of happiness itself never lasts. Whenever he looks at the world and everyone in it (especially what people do), he sees nothing save a quintessence of dust. He realizes how all sapient life is born equally and people's/Pokémon's actions determine what they deserve. He distinguishes between what one deserves and what one should have to live through, and, above all, feels sorrow, grief, and human/Pokémon compassion. He doesn't want to have to harm people, but he will do so if others threaten him or anyone else. Sol realizes how he himself has committed a few atrocities in life and is truly sorry for having done them. He knows he will likely be cruel to others again in the future, so he doesn't expect himself to, but, rather, wishes that he would stop doing what's unjust to other people/Pokémon. He tries to convince everyone (both G.A.T.E. and the Red Resistance) to end the suffering and let everyone live peacefully, seeing how it's an option to either kill another or just let them live for every individual. Sol realizes that the world is always becoming worse, but he believes he might as well try to improve it for everyone else, and that this could really be the only thing worth living for. He has seen how the world could be good if people tried to make it so, although people won't. He doesn't hate or judge people who do screw up, but he does wish it would stop.
    Background: Sol was born and raised in Jubilife City. His parents were bourgeois citizens in complete honesty; they suffered occasionally in having to manage their lives, especially in the financial aspect, but they survived and moved on in life as kind middle-class people. Some moments were nicer and easier for them than others. His dad had to work exhaustively every day to ensure care for his family. His mom took care of him and his younger sister while he was away. They would usually get into loathsome arguments (fights which he endeavored to repress) over actions which the other had committed which caused severe hardship for the other. Eventually they divorced each other due to how much they hated to live with the other's lack of kindness and consideration for themselves. They haven't forgiven each other, and now moved out to different locations; his mother in Hearthome City, and his father in Eterna City. Gaining a social connection with other people wasn't easy for Sol; his early attempts to be friends with other people were always drowned out by how essentially everyone in the world really didn't give a d@mn. He abhorred life since he was a child and observed how utterly miserable the state of the world is, but, eventually, once he was 12 or so, shortly after his parents decided to divorce, realized that he should forgive other people, seeing how he has caused misery to other people as well, and be penitent for what he has done to others, which has become his reason to live and suffer the pains of life ever since, and he now has a resolute aim to make life better for everyone else in the world, even if it causes him pain and the world is still gradually becoming worse; he believes regardlessly of how terrible everything in life is, it's always worth trying to make better. Since he graduated from high school, he moved back to his old home to live and go to college in his hometown. When the helicopter which carried the Cyan Stars crashed, he was one of the closest proximity to be affected by the explosion. He quickly headed to the site out of curiosity shortly afterwards, wondering "What the fvcking hell just happened?!!!", saw the 3 mysterious crystals, and took one.
    Pokémon Team:
    Name: Hax
    Species: Haxorus
    Gender: Male
    Personality: He is very much like Sol; he would readily endure hell to do what he knows is right, despite how he has committed several vices in his life (he acknowledges them all, apologizes for having done them, desires to cease them, and forgives others who cause harm to anyone, but he will kill people before he would let them kill others).
    Name: Tyrano
    Species: Tyranitar
    Gender: Male
    Personality: He is remarkably powerful, and always tries to earn greater power; he frequently becomes enraged and upset at himself for making several mistakes and failing terribly, and laments over what he has done after he acts in an unjust manner, doesn't do what is right, causes any kind of suffering, or fails to prevent injury, strife, and pain from causing affliction to others.
    Name: Metaphysic
    Species: Metagross
    Gender: Neuter
    Personality: It is extremely capable in battle and even more kind than brutal when it's not having to attack, injure, or kill people; it tries to accomplish what it knows is just and right, discover more about justice, seek forgiveness for every wrongdoing it has ever done to another, work to improve the sad, painful state of the world, even if it would only temporarily cause ease or joy for others, and spread what it has discovered and learned.
    Weapons and Equipment: A 12" knife with an 8" tungsten carbide blade.
    Carrier: Yes.
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  20. Su

    Awesome premise. It's always interesting when Role Plays are more than just the straightforward fare of doing stuff one after another. The keep-away concept sounds really neat to play around with.

    ...I was thinking of playing devil's advocate in my mind, since the GATE soldiers seem to be the ones more in the wrong when I read the initial points of view. Buuuut... seeing as there's one more carrier slot, I think I'll just settle on having a character on the other side that would prove the GATE people and their fears to be correct.

    Name: Colin Kess
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Species: Pokémorph
    Pokémon Link: Shinx

    Appearance: He stands at 5 feet with a pair of decently strong legs in comparison to a mostly shrimpy build... although now it's hard to distinguish many of his details due to the layer of fur covering it all. His transformation into a Pokémorph has erased nearly all of his specific human traits in favor of Shinx traits. The only exception is the somewhat longer blue fur being what his hair used to be. Since his fur has covered him in essentially the same functions as clothing, he tends to do without traditional clothing aside from his Pokéball belt. He can wear a vest or shorts for the pockets, sometimes. Anything more covering would start to feel uncomfortably warm for him. After his transformation he's preferred to keep his stance low, as if waiting in ambush.

    Personality: Colin is a type of person who isn't really tied down to anything. All in all, he doesn't really care what the rest of the world thinks of him, although he does care about what the rest of it does. Colin is a habitual prankster with a knack for scheming. He easily gets ideas on how to make someone else's life miserable, and will all too often set those plans up and into motion. It's motivated by feelings ranging from "he had it coming", to something he thought would be amusing, to purposeful feelings of revenge, or to maybe just wanting to watch the world burn. It depends on how he feels. The practical jokes and revenge games that he's played have never crossed any definitive lines due to the rest of society keeping him in check. However, ever since the chaos of the helicopter ensued, civilization is all but crumbling down, and the more sadistic tendencies of his actions may start to surface...

    Background: Over his life, Colin has made friends, lost friends, made enemies, and lost them too. He's mostly been on his own, with his parents staying out of the picture of his life. His family has moved from Johto, to Unova, then finally to Sinnoh with a clean slate of relationships each and every time. He was annoying in Johto, infamous in Unova, but mostly unknown in his town in Sinnoh due to him learning to be less overt with his actions. Colin is accustomed to being chased, whether it was by angry schoolmates in Johto, angry gang mobs in Unova, or by angry wild Pokemon in whatever route was nearby.

    He was riding around town with a recently-purchased bicycle when the chopper crash-landed close to his proximity, instantly turning him into a Shinx Pokémorph. Startled yet curious, Colin pedaled in the direction of the accident in hopes of seeing something interesting there. He had bet on something outrageous- like aliens- but was disappointed to see just a regular-looking helicopter wreck at the crash site. However, searching the wreckage finally satisfied his expectations, as he found an pocketed a somewhat heavy orb from the wreckage. From the way it glowed eerily, Colin had high hopes it would be a mystical artifact with amazing properties... and he would be right about that.

    One of the biggest problems he faced with his new form was the denial of shelter; his parents refused to open the door for him when he came back, as he had no recognizable features and appeared at best a beast trying to break into their home. After it became public knowledge that an accident had caused it, they had moved out and he was cut off completely. Over the two weeks since the initial event, he's been hiding out in warehouses and coming out at night to steal Pokemon food. All the while, he's been growing accustomed to his changes, and properties of the crystal he holds.

    Pokémon Team:
    Name: Leprechaun
    Species: Whimsicott
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Mischevious; loves to mess with people and the attention he gets from it. Colin's first go-to Pokemon whenever he's up to some sort of antic.

    Name: Nester
    Species: Wormadam (Sand Cloak)
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Meek and submissive. Prefers no conflict. This is actually due to the fact that she's been the butt of many pranks of Colin and Whimsicott.

    Name: Drop
    Species: Marill
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Incredibly loyal with a good sense of moral direction. She is Colin's oldest trained Pokemon, of which the two understand each other very well.

    Carrier: Yes

    Weapons and Equipment: He prefers to smack people with whatever junk happens to be laying around. Aside from that, he has the bicycle for which he uses to travel around town with, and the backpack he uses to carry things with.


    Do the morphs or gijinkas have any Ability of the linked Pokemon? Cause I'm currently imagining how same-sex Rivalry would affect this guy's character interactions with foes... heh.

    Just to be sure, the crystals can turn a morph into a mon and back again, but no further (as in no Gijinka, or completely normal human).

    Can the crystal turn Pokemon into morphs (in the mention of the phase-changing ability)?

    Do the crystals turn humans into gijinkas or morphs in ways other than being shattered? (long-term radiation exposure, etc.) since a lot of the crystals properties seem to assume that the holder is already part-Pokemon in some way.
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